2020 US MRE Menu 20 Sausage Peppers & Onions Review & 2019 Hashbrowns w Bacon Taste Test Comparison

Jul 30, 2020
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The newest US MRE menu for 2020 is a hit - but is it better than the previous Menu #20, Hashbrowns with Bacon? Witness the duel of Menu #20's & find out!

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  • UH Nice

    A JA J11 hours ago
  • Watching those snacks get open was thinking those would be nice mixed...

    Stuart NicholsonStuart Nicholson16 hours ago
  • Lmao he said they tasted like freshly mowed grass

    criminallyvulgarcriminallyvulgarDay ago
  • The fact that hashbrowns are leaving is going to piss off a shitload of people

    Dylan ClarkDylan ClarkDay ago
  • Poolie: do the MRE's me you constipated? Sgt: no they are just dense.

    MOOG BOOGMOOG BOOG2 days ago
  • wut are 2 tihings you need in a mre

    Tyler CordovaTyler Cordova2 days ago
  • Man I’m upset they got rid of the hasbrowns... I’m more upset about no more blue berry granola :(

    0xide10xide12 days ago
  • 1:45 is what we all came for.

    Dakota StoneDakota Stone2 days ago
  • Where can I get that shirt?

    Donnie BrazkoDonnie Brazko2 days ago
  • what's with the zoom on the coffee? 15:22

    Karl KraussKarl Krauss2 days ago
  • Where do you buy MRE

    Professional PlayerProfessional Player3 days ago
  • He must be so glad an episode without getting the sheeeiiits

    Dave ArreolaDave Arreola3 days ago
  • Do you use hot or cold water when you have coffee?

    NinjaNinja4 days ago
  • The Russian rations look better.

    Joseph CrispinJoseph Crispin4 days ago
  • I'm only here for the spoon taps, and the as many "nice hiss!" as I can get. Thank you Steave

    Look at DatLook at Dat4 days ago
  • His videos spike my appetite! It's almost midnight and now I want food!

    Cyrus' guitar and liftCyrus' guitar and lift4 days ago
  • I work overnight security at a hotel and I mostly watch you eat mre's

    Hunter AlbertsHunter Alberts6 days ago
  • *my girlfriend queefs* Me: Nice hiss

    Danny GDanny G6 days ago
  • Only the best for our troops 🇺🇸

    allcaps562allcaps5626 days ago
  • “Smells like a strong tang” 😂😂😂😂

    everythingsbetterwithbreadeverythingsbetterwithbread7 days ago
  • 8:50, nice.

    Mehdi AhsanMehdi Ahsan7 days ago
  • I remember there is a french toast in the older version of menu 20, tasted really good but they get rid of it in newer version, pretty sad😕

    Nick NSWNick NSW7 days ago
  • I get outdated food at the foodbank. It would be nothing to Steve.

    James GoetzkeJames Goetzke7 days ago
  • the cranberries were my favorite when i was in tbh

    Dbars19Dbars197 days ago
  • That shirt though, luv it

    Victor FariasVictor Farias7 days ago
  • Awesome t shirt

    William GutierrezWilliam Gutierrez8 days ago
  • 4:27 I almost had a heart attack

    A thousand subscribers no vidsA thousand subscribers no vids8 days ago
  • How much water is needed for the heater pack to work

    forrester paigeforrester paige8 days ago
  • No sweets for dessert? MRE influenced by Michelle Obama.

    dakotadakota9 days ago
  • Steve: (opens cashews) “Wow, smells like grass”

    Man of WarMan of War9 days ago
  • How about those jalapeno cashews.. hmm, smells like grass 😂😂😂

    Chetna- DetheChetna- Dethe10 days ago
  • I haven’t had an mre in over 14 years and now I can taste them watching you eat them. Great job on the videos!

    Steven JenkinsSteven Jenkins10 days ago
  • Who has ur time to make mre

    Eddie DavisEddie Davis10 days ago
  • 2020 MRE comes with a mask😂

    Salim benmlih fathSalim benmlih fath11 days ago
  • Steve , you’re a good man

    Anthony LucenteAnthony Lucente11 days ago
  • With his diet of old rations, he must be very regular.

    Vagina DoctorVagina Doctor11 days ago
  • Who misses the original freezdry mre....

    Robin StrongRobin Strong11 days ago
  • Looking good for you

    Wolf3000 WolfyWolf3000 Wolfy12 days ago
  • so good. i wonder if the makers of these products watch his review.s

    ElijahHeyokaNobody ?ElijahHeyokaNobody ?12 days ago
  • Hes like the gun jesus of MREs

    Mr.Panda ManMr.Panda Man12 days ago
  • I dig that Rambo music on the intro.

    genom27genom2712 days ago
  • i wanna live off of these

    stanky dummystanky dummy12 days ago
  • Omg the cheese sauce is good ????? Wth is going on

    Longsandwich BLTLongsandwich BLT12 days ago
  • The hash browns was my favorite mre!

    ry bourry bour12 days ago
  • Lol I love your "51st State of Jefferson" patch in the backgronud hahaha

    J. Alexander Gonzales, Jr.J. Alexander Gonzales, Jr.12 days ago
  • *Girlfriend queefs* Me: Hey, nice hiss

    Jamie JohnsonJamie Johnson12 days ago

    24secondsperframe24secondsperframe13 days ago
    • LMAO

      stanky dummystanky dummy12 days ago
  • “Nice! M’kay.”

    Merrick NicholsMerrick Nichols13 days ago
  • I am very surprised he hasn't done beef ravioli yet

    MrMrRubicMrMrRubic13 days ago
  • Nice....

    Langdon MesserLangdon Messer13 days ago
  • 16:10 nice one :D

    StarFury2StarFury213 days ago
  • Sitting here watching Steve make trail mix...wondering if I have trail mix in the house...O yes I do!!! ...sitting here eating trail mix with Steve...

    Andi.DykstraAndi.Dykstra13 days ago
  • I was wondering why I couldn't find the hash hashbrown while in the field

    Tommy RiddellTommy Riddell14 days ago
  • I really like the earthy flavor of roasted jalapeno. Seems like they replace a breakfast item with a dinner item

    First LastFirst Last14 days ago
  • You’ll see the sausage

    R RR R14 days ago
  • I was going to suggest mixing all those snacks just like you did lol.

    Eric SalidbarEric Salidbar14 days ago
  • October 11th anybody?

    chardanae kapea kapeachardanae kapea kapea14 days ago
  • The shirt is epic

    Krackhead420 MethKrackhead420 Meth14 days ago
  • Seems like a downgrade in both the main and the sides.

    Peasant of PontusPeasant of Pontus15 days ago
  • Sausage peppers seems like a great new addition to the MRE family. Just wish it wasn´t replacing Hashbrowns w Bacon. Why couldn´t they have replaced one of the other, more disgusting sausage menus like sausage and gravy

    Austin MatiasAustin Matias15 days ago
  • I’m going through MCT in the Marine Corps right now and I’m having fun seeing what I’ll eat tomorrow.

    I Can’t Think Of A UsernameI Can’t Think Of A Username15 days ago
  • Im thinkin Steve is a school teacher.

    Angelo BovaraAngelo Bovara16 days ago
  • swamp water and freshly mowed grass lol

    gsxr419gsxr41917 days ago
  • He must starve himself for days before he eats these so he actually enjoys them. Because honestly I hear these aren't too great. But when you are hungry anything taste gourmet

    • The potato hash brown is my absolute favorite

      brycen davisbrycen davis9 days ago
  • Makes me SO HUNGRY every time!!

    Henry ChinaskiHenry Chinaski17 days ago
  • hungry....🤤🤤

    EVanimatezEVanimatez18 days ago
  • “That was a nice little hiss”

    Tomoko KurokiTomoko Kuroki18 days ago
  • samantha bee

    manuel fernandezmanuel fernandez18 days ago
  • The peanuts are probably separate so that people with peanut allergies can still have the mixed nuts.

    Eliyahu MahlerEliyahu Mahler19 days ago
    • Well, you're blind. There are obviously peanuts in the mixed nuts.

      Jon BeckhamJon Beckham18 days ago
  • You make MRE's look so freaking good

    Fun DetectorFun Detector19 days ago
  • I have 3 of the hash brown MREs in my stash.

    Triple 675Triple 67519 days ago
  • Ohh, nice hiss.

    Kim SchneiderKim Schneider20 days ago
  • Can someone explain to me how the heater things work? Are the older ones the same technology as the new ones? Thanks

    325aliceI325aliceI21 day ago
  • My favorite part is when he taps the glasses and mixes them

    ExtensialExtensial22 days ago
  • "Nice Hiss" I'm gonna put that on a t-shirt

    Onan - Son of Judah Brother of ErOnan - Son of Judah Brother of Er22 days ago
  • “Mm.. noice hiss”

    Hayden ConeyHayden Coney22 days ago
  • The granola in the hash browns MRE is god tier in the field.

    JawsFan27JawsFan2722 days ago
  • Now, do the MRE Challenge. Get a case or two of the things, and only eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, until they're all gone, and of course film each meal, :)

    Sean TuSean Tu22 days ago
  • It’s Satisfying when you open the package.

    Smile LifeSmile Life23 days ago
  • Steve created the new American food tradition: Crush crackers and pour cheese spread on your entree

    Handsome RobHandsome Rob23 days ago
  • Just made some Taster’s Choice instant coffee cuz I wanna be just like you Steve

    Handsome RobHandsome Rob23 days ago
  • so where do you get your mre's from i keep trying to find sites that sell them but i can't find any

    crazy kid cool the channalcrazy kid cool the channal23 days ago
  • Steve’s T-shirt: ALL HE WANTED WAS SOMETHING TO EAT. Moral of the story: Give Steve something to eat or he will go Rambo.

    Sam AndersSam Anders23 days ago
  • How do you make your spoon sing while stirring and tapping?

    Sam AndersSam Anders23 days ago
  • peanuts and trail mix...weak lol

    Jeremy MarceauJeremy Marceau23 days ago
  • nothing abnormal in the way it tastes is abnormal

    notsoserious09notsoserious0923 days ago
  • game over man xD

    corbeaucorbeau24 days ago
  • Sodium is in the outer limits

    Capt NemoCapt Nemo24 days ago
  • Did you play Star Trek with the spoon?

    Kameron AntonKameron Anton25 days ago
  • 22:35 - Yes Sir! Just hopped on eBay and bought a bunch of Menu #20!

    Rodney MartinRodney Martin26 days ago
  • love the t shirt

    zuseablezuseable26 days ago
  • Damn....my mouth is watering alteady

    Tank Tang keTank Tang ke26 days ago
  • That made me hungry, great stuff mate

    Dean MackaDean Macka26 days ago
  • Anybody knows where l can buy the tshirt of Hudson!!!!💜

    Jorge GuancheJorge Guanche26 days ago
  • I truly love watching these videos but honestly he looks nothing like I thought he would based on his voice

    Brooke MitchellBrooke Mitchell26 days ago
  • I always watch and think how much preservatives are in em.....as I’m eating McDonald’s and drinkin a large coke

    FreeseFreese27 days ago
  • better than school food

    PoweringUrDadsWalletPoweringUrDadsWallet27 days ago
  • I reeaaally want to eat that trail mix lol

    S’moredrey HarsleyS’moredrey Harsley27 days ago
  • Almost makes me wish I were active-duty again... almost.

    DeanDean27 days ago
  • Please get yourself a tall table or stand to rest your tray on already!

    Zerstoren HeartzZerstoren Heartz27 days ago