2020 US MRE Menu 20 Sausage Peppers & Onions Review & 2019 Hashbrowns w Bacon Taste Test Comparison

Jul 30, 2020
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The newest US MRE menu for 2020 is a hit - but is it better than the previous Menu #20, Hashbrowns with Bacon? Witness the duel of Menu #20's & find out!

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  • We need a Styxhexenhammer cameo

    Alexander PateAlexander Pate11 minutes ago
  • Think about it years from now there's gonna be a new "Steve" reviewing MRE's from 2020

    Sk2NeatSk2NeatHour ago
  • I am 7. I Love your videos

    Richard FelixRichard Felix2 hours ago
  • i bet if you gad a griddle or something handy you could make that into a potato cake of sort. only speculating

    trenchcoatbandittrenchcoatbandit2 hours ago
  • i think all steve eats for breakfast, lunch, and dinner are MRE's

    MaccarooniMaccarooni5 hours ago
  • You sld give us a tour of your collection. I bet a lot of ppl wld love that.

    The Nightmare Before youThe Nightmare Before you5 hours ago
  • I loved the hashbrowns and bacon. Was one of my favorites.

    CarbonCuber314CarbonCuber3145 hours ago
  • Of course they get rid of my favorite MRE. 2020 just keeps getting worse.

    IanIan5 hours ago
    • Also, Trail Mix Recovery & Roasted Peanuts in the same meal??? Wtf.

      IanIan5 hours ago
  • I had about 19 of those a year ago, and i ate them all.

    vikings528vikings5286 hours ago
  • 5:39 2020: Bold of you to assume there will be 3-5 years Jokes aside, hope everybody's as fine as instant coffee type 2.

    FrostblastsFrostblasts10 hours ago
  • Look at the mre bag closely. I think it's the 2005 series design, it's Trump and Kanye.

    Matt JonesMatt Jones12 hours ago
  • There’s so many menu items they could have gotten rid of before the hash browns. That’s pretty upsetting

    ARCblooper2ARCblooper214 hours ago
  • I love how Andrew Rea just quoted you in his Bao Buns episode:) Nice. Let’s get it out on a tray:) So cute!!

    Leslie HaonLeslie Haon14 hours ago
  • Hey Steve. Do any of the MRE have a multi vitamin in them?

    Ao1968Ao196816 hours ago
  • Its way better than most of the cooking channels out there

    Parmeet SinghParmeet Singh17 hours ago
  • Hey Steve can you get us a discount code for MRE mountain. Something tells me MRE mountain owner could benefit...Mr. Obvious

    S BlackS Black18 hours ago
  • "Something you'd get off a food truck" Whelp time to get my wallet and buy a few pallets

    Timothy DexterTimothy Dexter19 hours ago
  • Am I the only one that thinks that Steve sounds like a really chill and sober version of Shoenice enjoying food? Surely beats shoe drinking bleach

    tom fintontom finton20 hours ago
  • MRE Reseller: How much do you want? Doom hoarders: Yes

    VedrfölnirVedrfölnir21 hour ago
  • I’ve watched them all 😢 oh well, guess it’s time to start at the beginning and watch them all over again lol

    RealDeal5685RealDeal5685Day ago
  • Do the modern MRE instructions still reference the infamous "Rock or something?"

    AirPhforceAirPhforceDay ago
  • One thing that hasn't changed since the 70s is the amount of sodium in these meals. The main course has 1210 mg. Holy crap!

    Jim WhiteJim WhiteDay ago
  • Love the Rambo t-shirt slogan...All he wanted something to eat!

    X-MenX-MenDay ago
  • I winced a bit when he put the turnover on top of the jalapeño cashew dust. That wouldn't make for a good mix.

    JasperKazaiJasperKazaiDay ago
  • Steve, where do you get your shits?

    Spleen XSpleen XDay ago
  • The auto-generated subtitles said “applause” when you emptied the craisins onto the tray.

    Captain MagazineCaptain MagazineDay ago
  • MRE report of the week?

    CATZCATZDay ago
  • 19:17 that’s what good p***y sounds like 😂😂

    Felix HazeFelix HazeDay ago
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    Laurence WillLaurence WillDay ago
  • Nice little hiss

    Aaron CoxAaron CoxDay ago
  • It’s all about that *CHICKEN CHUNKS*

    ThatBoi _NuggetThatBoi _NuggetDay ago
  • idk why but I feel like Steve is skinnier. Please stay safe 👌

    GrayHoodieeGrayHoodieeDay ago
  • The taste of I.B.S.

    Ace consciousAce consciousDay ago
  • Read the ingredients.

    Ace consciousAce consciousDay ago
  • Love that shirt

    JK TacoimJK TacoimDay ago
  • Were these onions part of the recall? Lol

    Web DevWeb DevDay ago
  • That old hashbrowns mre was nasty. Definitely an upgrade

    Shaun SmithShaun SmithDay ago
  • 3:48 who knew Steve was a musician?

    MBienceMBienceDay ago
  • I was so relieved when he mixed the cranberries and peanuts with the trail mix.

    nate gnate gDay ago
  • cheeky sports almanac in the background

    Tom BudinTom Budin2 days ago
  • Where do ya get the MRE’s?

    Yuchong LiuYuchong Liu2 days ago
  • i mean... is it any good?

    Apt AlbatrossApt Albatross2 days ago
  • open the cranberries pour a small amout off water in reseal then heat in your main heat bag...

    J ShawJ Shaw2 days ago
  • Your accent almost sounds like you are mocking the surfer dude American stereotype.

    Mckinley ShinkleMckinley Shinkle2 days ago
  • I would like my iPhone more if they’d switch Siri’s voice to Steve’s voice.

    ICrailfannerICrailfanner2 days ago
  • Do the MREs still have peanut butter as a alternative to Cheese? And where's the bottle of Tobasco Sauce? lol You'd be surprised what you could trade that little bottle for.

    PatraicPatraic2 days ago
  • I just came here for the nice hiss

    Bryan JayBryan Jay2 days ago
  • Ugh 19:17 🤢🤢🤢

    austin0384austin03842 days ago
  • I love your videos. I bought the hash brown and bacon one and loved it. I also tried a chicken and rice meal from 1983 I think.

    William MooreWilliam Moore2 days ago
  • nice hiss

    agiuggio1agiuggio12 days ago
  • 4:20 Me during health class (blaze it)

    John RamirezJohn Ramirez2 days ago
  • Steve's a marketing genius with those shirts. 😂

    diddle the poodlediddle the poodle2 days ago
  • "Daddy would you like some sausages!" 😂

    diddle the poodlediddle the poodle2 days ago
  • No cookie? Nothing sweet?

    Snap MalloySnap Malloy2 days ago
  • It seems strange to have two nut-based items.

    General Jack RipperGeneral Jack Ripper2 days ago
  • "you see that sausage"

    Carter LastnameCarter Lastname2 days ago
  • I only watch these videos to hear the different pitch melodies when he stirs the beverages! :D

    ZombieHorror666ZombieHorror6662 days ago
  • Me: What's for eat? US: Deez Nuts!!

    Frank SánchezFrank Sánchez2 days ago
    • Lmao “what’s for eat”

      Parker -_-Parker -_-12 hours ago
  • "Using the sides to your advantage"

    wgooetrikwgooetrik2 days ago
  • those spoons look like you could hide it in your butt if you got captured and use it to make a prison shank

    GreensOplentyGreensOplenty2 days ago
  • 1900 MREs: c i g a re tt es 2020 MREs: n U ts

    Phoebe BananaPhoebe Banana2 days ago
  • Why would the get rid of the hashbrowns??? I just back from the field and, as always, it was my favorite one. There's plenty of other menus they could've replaced.

    Grayson McCrearyGrayson McCreary2 days ago
  • Gimme a can of Campbell's chicken and sausage gumbo and a pack of Twinkies and I'm good.

    the left wing mobthe left wing mob2 days ago
  • I remember being out on tour in the Philippines (Luzon) in 2008, my MRE was finished within 4 hours, we had to catch a rabbit and stew it

    Abu IlyaasAbu Ilyaas2 days ago
  • 16:12 i need that for my notifications

    Gataga YGataga Y2 days ago
  • Steve is a man of culture

    Joseph StalinJoseph Stalin2 days ago
    • Indeed

      Sebastian NanceSebastian Nance2 days ago
  • Legend has it Steve hasn’t taken a poop in over 14 years from the MRE digestion blockage

    Nicholas LindNicholas Lind3 days ago
  • Instant coffee with any mre is always my favorite. Nothing beats a nice hot cup of instant coffee.

    Deer BambiDeer Bambi3 days ago
  • *I love it when he says “...nice hiss”*

    Tomioka GiyuuTomioka Giyuu3 days ago
  • Can we get some "Nice Hiss" t-Shirts??

    Ryan GibsonRyan Gibson3 days ago
  • 580,000 Just love to sit there and watch you eat. Me too !!!!

    Shaun DanielShaun Daniel3 days ago
  • Steve has to be reviewbrahs big brother...

    Mobile Gaming USAMobile Gaming USA3 days ago
  • *Poisonous viper hisses* Steve: oooo nice hiss

    mchoh sholivismchoh sholivis3 days ago
  • love mres we packed them for a 15 day hike and one called chicken chunk was my favorite

    bruhhh manbruhhh man3 days ago
  • Nice Mkay

    RatRat3 days ago
  • Was, uh, "RECCOMONDED" by someone from a April 2014 GOOD MYTHICAL MORNING: TRYINGG 40 YEAR OLD HAM AND EGGS. THat poster sent me.

    Steve CarrasSteve Carras3 days ago
  • Buff reviewbrah

    Qaseem TakQaseem Tak3 days ago
  • These videos are so calm and relaxing. I love how Steve describes everything in so much detail. As well, I fully enjoy the little memes and things.

    puff222001puff2220013 days ago
  • wtf? did MRE's get an upgrade for 2020? all my 2015-2019 MREs were basically filled with processed crap... that actually looks quite legit man... trail mix, nuts, dried fruits, some crackers, and a decent main? damn...

    David SharpDavid Sharp3 days ago
  • For us civilians what's the difference between spray dryed and freeze dryed???? And which is better??

    SuWrathSuWrath3 days ago
  • Steve, how do you usually store your MRE's?

    MrBRazzMrBRazz3 days ago
  • Where is the best place to buy MRE's

    donnie farrelldonnie farrell3 days ago
    • You could find them in a army-navy store If your lucky🤔

      Richard BeckRichard Beck3 days ago
  • 9:00 that's what she said

    Rogue AllianceRogue Alliance3 days ago
  • seems like a repetitive rip off when you get trail mix as a side, then get peanuts and dried cranberries as a separate side.

    matt parkermatt parker3 days ago
  • Ah man, my hashbrowns......Goodbye sweet prince, taken before your time

    ETFRossETFRoss3 days ago
  • Contents aside, why do the new MRE packages look like the front cover of a Farmer's Almanac ?

    bofooit gojobofooit gojo3 days ago
  • Anyone suffering with depression, anxiety or OCD, these videos are so therapeutic. Steve1989 is the only antidepressant you need.

    Broseph HBroseph H3 days ago
  • Awesome videos

    • Anon. Channel •Q•• Anon. Channel •Q•3 days ago
  • Remember when Steve wouldn't post for a few months and we would all think he was dead? 😂

    BarBar3 days ago
    • But no smokes.....!

      bofooit gojobofooit gojo3 days ago
  • Love the T shirts

    TheWibboTheWibbo3 days ago
  • 1210mg of sodium. That'll keep ya goin'"

    DeejayDeejay3 days ago
  • Why do people do these it's just food what's the big deal

    Gary DimaggioGary Dimaggio3 days ago
  • S T R O N G T A N G

    J E N KJ E N K3 days ago
  • 14:38 my child humor level brain giggled at that as a poop joke

    sebastang_5.0sebastang_5.04 days ago
  • looks like the sides are better in the old mre but the main is better in the new

    mrhappyfootmrhappyfoot4 days ago
  • Those look nothing like a hash brown. Hash browns are that but like a fried or baked patty form

    Christian WoodhouseChristian Woodhouse4 days ago
  • Steve is TheReportOfTheWeek for MRE’s

    pRoJect 45pRoJect 454 days ago
  • Cheese spread in the frh? You beautiful mad man!

    OtterOtter4 days ago

    Mitchell HooverMitchell Hoover4 days ago

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