Kitchen Nightmares Uncensored - Season 3 Episode 2 - Full Episode

Apr 24, 2019
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Chef Ramsay travels to West Babylon, New York. Debt-ridden eatery Classic American is owned by two former waitresses, and things are so bad in the kitchen that Ramsay holds an intervention to address leadership and communication problems.

  • I like the texting waitresses... and the accents...

    ken senopoleken senopole49 minutes ago
  • I don't know how much the narrator gets paid but damn sure is not enough 👏👏👏

    Victoria GastelumVictoria Gastelum4 hours ago
  • The video says its uncensored but the swear words are censored

    Riponai GamingRiponai Gaming15 hours ago
  • Naomi?

    Mason MarshMason MarshDay ago
  • That was the smoothest service on relaunch night, no food was sent back, there was harmony in the kitchen. A job well done and what a swift turnaround!!!

    Pumla NontiPumla NontiDay ago
  • People who are on their phone all the time are the most annoying creatures on earth

    Darth FishDarth FishDay ago
  • 12:50 throws cup with authority.

    alex alexalex alexDay ago
  • This was about people who were not organised (or trained?). They must of had the basics right though as Ramsay didn't ransack the food stores showing us crap food, they just needed help with confidence and they knew it, they accepted Ramsay's words with grace and acted upon them. The former brickie would of have had clear instruction and supplies on building sites and just worked at his job. Although he was not use to managing he had worked as a part of a team (on sites you don't last if you dodge work or standards because others end up doing your work for you and call you out). He was the first to say he didn't know about many of the things going on there but, he was first to see the teamwork was not there and he knew he was out of his depth hence hisfrustration and temper. He needed instruction and training.

    AnotherAJAnotherAJ2 days ago
  • The intro is so cringe lol

    Mr PugMr Pug2 days ago
  • 12:50 f this soda

    Noah JohnsonNoah Johnson3 days ago
  • Did it survive the riots?

    dahkneelahdahkneelah3 days ago
  • I feel for the owners hope they do well they deserve it x

    Isba AhmedIsba Ahmed3 days ago
  • 1:10 gordon achieved ultra instinct

    ارجاع كوكب تاريخ Bring back planet historyارجاع كوكب تاريخ Bring back planet history4 days ago
  • Dominick is the nicest dude, just don't piss him off :D

    WicklowWicklow6 days ago
  • He turns the corner and sees her texting. lol No! No!

    Sam ReillySam Reilly7 days ago
  • Gordon has his work cut out for him here.

    Sam ReillySam Reilly7 days ago
  • Really what you learn in this show about running a successful kitchen is that its about simple flavorful food 90% of the time that you can do all the prepwork for beforehand. Professional kitchen work really is mostly prep with a high intensity period of execution.

    Frankie WarmanFrankie Warman7 days ago
  • 12:47 Woman: He's right, you know. We lost our heart....and I feel so bad. Me: Dude......don't fucking litter.

    Nigel CastelinoNigel Castelino7 days ago
  • 8:18 "What'd he say?" "He said it was gross." "I just hope he doesn't run to the bathroom." Colleen must have seen the Finn McCools episode. lol

    CabbitCabbit8 days ago
  • Alright who gave Gordon Ramsay Kraft man n cheese?

    kittensandkats mkkittensandkats mk8 days ago
  • Damn the previous owner really screwed them... 250,000 dollars. A quarter mill for what? Chairs tables and a grill wtf

    Humble WordsmithHumble Wordsmith9 days ago
  • Straight up thought that was the start of a halo reach song at 21:58

    Billy ZBilly Z9 days ago
  • how in the name of mutherfucking god & jeezuz bitchass christ our savior does one restaurant go 1million in debt??

    Eric JamesEric James9 days ago
  • This is episode isn't uncensored

    DevanDevan9 days ago
  • Watching dominic spazz at a tiny bit of criticism is rlly sad, ur a grown man u shud be able to hear something u dont like without breaking shit🤦‍♀️

    steph baybiiesteph baybiie10 days ago
  • That's how you make a comeback

    Taj RolleTaj Rolle10 days ago
  • you really wanna know what's gotten so bad? ..well take a look at 12:50 ..that right there is a tremendous out of control major big time problem..!

    ZipZaptdZipZaptd10 days ago
  • Well this episode is different. I felt bad for the owner from the start

    unknownunknown11 days ago
  • After every episode I daydream about my restaurant and then I get mad at my wife for screwing things up in the restaurant I don't have

    Carlos UlloaCarlos Ulloa11 days ago

    PallomemberPallomember11 days ago
  • I'm surprised nobody's commenting about how the manager looks/sounds/acts like a perfect Italian mafioso stereotype.

    mhm izmemhm izme12 days ago
  • This is the one episode where I have respect for the owners

    Emelie WidingsjöEmelie Widingsjö12 days ago
  • 27:27 I swear I've seen this lady in more episodes

    Victor SpricigoVictor Spricigo12 days ago
  • The "I think he's gonna love this " never gets ild

    Kaiden SneaksKaiden Sneaks12 days ago
  • Kind of seems like the old owners might have taken advantage of these 2

    William HahsWilliam Hahs13 days ago
  • Dominick the MORON

    Dopey TripodDopey Tripod13 days ago
  • I'm glad they showed the busboy. I feel like most people who don't work in the restaurant industry underestimate just how much work dishwashers and busboys have to do. "Oh you're just clearing tables and washing dishes." Yeah you try washing dishes at a constant fast pace for 8-10 hours straight with maybe 5 mins to sit down if you're lucky. Cleaning and lifting heavy shit. I'm 24 and already have issues with my feet and back. Then a lot of us do food prep on top of that.

    Vic CooperVic Cooper13 days ago
  • Legend Says that They spilled Coffee On the New Ticket Machine.😂😂😂

    The KnightThe Knight13 days ago
  • This isn't an uncensored episode....😡

    222supergamer222supergamer13 days ago
  • >"uncensored" Uuuhhh, sure about that?

    Big ScootBig Scoot15 days ago
  • The restaurant closed in 2013, this was recorded in 2010.

    Seano The*POP*Seano The*POP*15 days ago
  • why tf is this episode was labeled uncensored when they censord even the word FUCK u donkeys!

    Loli MegaJuiceLoli MegaJuice15 days ago
  • What the hell happened from 16:42?

    Fran WFran W16 days ago
  • 12:44 he threw his whole drink to comfort and hug her, get me someone like this🥺💕✨

    leela sneedleela sneed16 days ago
  • For all those looking for the uncensored US episodes, try searching for KNU on USkeys, it has a British narrator, but no Bleeps!!

    Della HicksDella Hicks16 days ago
  • It is an insult to this Canadian that they tried to pass KD off as anything but KD! Plus I made a box yesterday, does that mean I can open a restaurant now? At 37:12, would Gordon have been alright with it if they'd been smoking something else?

    Della HicksDella Hicks16 days ago
  • who buys any business outright for nearly 1mil!? the previous owner definitley conned them unless they thought it was that succesful and made the offer, in which case they deserve it

    Stalwart ShinobiStalwart Shinobi16 days ago

    mayo nayesmayo nayes16 days ago
  • A quick update, i had googled the thing and it is closed this is what i found on few websites "It is with a heavy heart that I tell you all that Classic American Restaurant has closed. I would like to thank all of our employees, friends, family and loyal customers for your support and patronage for the last 13 years. It has been our pleasure to serve you! Thank You! Colleen We will still be offering our catering services and can be reached through facebook."

    Panav The GamerPanav The Gamer16 days ago
  • imagine u are going to have a great day by watching Gordon but spoilers be like: nope nt today

    Panav The GamerPanav The Gamer16 days ago
  • Half it put two away Me:hm so 6÷2=3 3-2=1 So one is the answer- (1/10)

    ----16 days ago
  • Just once I can’t help but think some master chef should use a microwave and blow his socks off so much that he is like. “I have respect for your skill.” But then if a master chef was that good I’m sure the restaurant wouldn’t be a nightmare

    Kara KingKara King17 days ago
  • Did they serve Gordon Ramsay Kraft macaroni cheese?

    TheFourNobleTruths2TheFourNobleTruths218 days ago
  • Some of these episodes when censored must sound like Morse code

    Blurred ShinobiBlurred Shinobi18 days ago
  • Where is the fucking swearing?

    Way to SacramentoWay to Sacramento18 days ago
  • Gordon Ramsey: “I’ve never met a woman who has that much on her shoulders like Colleen.” Every amazing single mother managing to get by: 👁👄👁

    GRCLGRCL18 days ago
  • "Kevin if that's normal, you're abnormal." -do they give Michelin stars out for ZINGERS?

    Qq PieQq Pie18 days ago
  • Uncensored

    aij vergaraaij vergara19 days ago
  • i find it odd that a lot of these people rate the food 10/10 yet don't want to even touch it when it's on the plate

    doozydoozy19 days ago
  • Whereever I see microwave RED FLAG!!!!!

    God ZeroGod Zero19 days ago
  • For uncensored...sure are a lot of bleeps

    Joe DarmonJoe Darmon19 days ago
  • And they're shocked that Gordan didn't like the food? You would think they would know and expect that by now. Even if he does like it, he's not going to admit it.

    Kansas JayhawkKansas Jayhawk19 days ago
  • the most honest comment at 10 : 50 . what a nice guy!

    sebial ssebial s20 days ago
  • Ah yes uncencored

    Anubis- is-my-petAnubis- is-my-pet20 days ago
  • Says "uncensored" then the first conversation beeps buddy swearing about closing the doors lol

    The HockeyGodsThe HockeyGods21 day ago
  • Oh my God i’m having a real nightmare! With Kitchen Nightmares. Is this still normal??

    CaduceusCaduceus21 day ago
  • 12:50 whose gonna clean that up

    MikeMike21 day ago
  • how are you ? im Ashleigh !

    ll-HoLeStEn-llll-HoLeStEn-ll21 day ago
  • Basically they make gordon refurnish and design it and then they sale it

    Life with BaileyLife with Bailey21 day ago
  • I'm sure 1000's have asked this. But why are these called "uncensored" episodes?

    Gary LucasGary Lucas21 day ago
    • *clickfuckingbait*

      ChelunzuakboChelunzuakbo5 days ago
  • Yo I mean it says “uncensored” but they censored Gordon a few times

    Sawyer WeathersSawyer Weathers21 day ago
  • Gotta love that brick layer

    Sawyer WeathersSawyer Weathers21 day ago
  • "uncensored" Yea...

    Vorment VormentowyVorment Vormentowy22 days ago
  • i can fell them happend to me same my business make me i lose everything even my house untill he took last pound in my bank i have to cloth it and kill my dream and run get a job before i got homless .so bless them i wish they win

    mahmoud alagwymahmoud alagwy22 days ago
  • "Personally I like the food. But what the fuck do I know, I was a bricklayer. Know what I'm sayin'?" classic

    X TopherX Topher22 days ago
  • Every Kitchen Nightmare episode is exciting to watch if you see 1. Disorganized dirty fridge 2. Microwave 3. "My food is the best"

    krepnata kadarakrepnata kadara22 days ago
  • Ramsey ....can’t things that don’t go together ☝🏽☝🏽☝🏽🤨

    Natasha KringleNatasha Kringle22 days ago
  • Not to put a damper on this good episode but did anyone else cringe when Collen kissed her son on the lips ?!?! Always found that weird when parents kiss their kids on the lips. Just throws up a red flag for me 🤣

    Brent GustafsonBrent Gustafson23 days ago
  • Ashleigh said the fried calamari was her favorite when taking Gordon's order but wouldn't eat it when he asked her to try it. Wtf ?!? Lol 😂

    Brent GustafsonBrent Gustafson23 days ago
    • She was uncomfortable eating it during her job since it isn’t normal to just eat someone else’s food, especially off the plate of a renowned chef.

      Window4503Window450319 days ago
  • I can only imagine how shit the food my mom used to make if that burger looks better than the average meal I used to eat. Grey cooked/boiled meat balls with nearly grey cooked potatoes, on the plus side it was nearly flavourlous...

    DaraygonaDaraygona24 days ago
  • Very impressive service at the end. These girls are very talented ! May god bless them and bring them prosperity.

    Peace of NaturePeace of Nature24 days ago
  • 12:49 he throws a full drink away lol

    mewtwo633mewtwo63324 days ago
    • Soo funny!!!

      aronaron24 days ago
  • What's with all the bleeps?!? Not uncensored??

    Miami BaTMiami BaT24 days ago
  • Gordon is the dragon of all dragons.

    Joseph ChambersJoseph Chambers24 days ago
  • The two owners look like such sweet kind ladies

    CrunchyCrunchy25 days ago
  • What's with the sons voice??? 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

    Noble Cyborg-SavageNoble Cyborg-Savage25 days ago
  • Knightarts production

    knightarts productionknightarts production25 days ago
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    Rick KloekRick Kloek25 days ago
  • Waitresses GODDA GO.....CYA

    my waywaymy wayway26 days ago
  • would’ve laughed in the previous owners face if he asked me for 700k for THAT place.

    didsdids26 days ago
    • It is sad to see that photo of the previous owner with his arms around them, then knowing he hosed them when he sold it!

      Della HicksDella Hicks16 days ago
  • This is another place that i feel bad for. What you cook at home and what you cook to people (for money) is two different things. I can eat most (sub)par food and be fine. But on a restaurant scale, it needs to be better. Fresh ingredients and home cooking. Not microwaved and frozen meals

    crealkillrcrealkillr26 days ago
  • 4:45 this is comedy gold omg Gordon: "now you look like you've been at this business for 30 years" Guy: "I haven't" Gordon: "really?" Guy: "6 years" Gordon: "what were you doing before that" Guy "laid bricks" Gordon: Just stares lmao

    LucasTheBrazilianDudeLucasTheBrazilianDude27 days ago
  • I like Naomi. She is cute.

    fra lufra lu27 days ago
  • Regarding the remodel: Honestly, as a graphic designer - The front sign logo is bad. It's way too condensed and the type really doesn't stand out. I'm not an interior designer, but the interior was ugly in my opinion. The dark blue utensils on a red background really worked against each other. I get that they were trying to go for red/white/blue, but their designs were just plain bad. Even the tables didn't match the intended theme. They were trying to be fancy (even with roses on the tables) and they were seriously clashing with the failed casual look they were trying to present. The chairs for those tables looked like cheap grade school desk chairs pushed up against their 'fancy' tables. The original look wasn't the greatest - but it was definitely better than the remodel, in my opinion. In general, I also hate when they go all out on flowers and plants in their restaurant makeovers. It's just additional upkeep to maintain. In this episode, if I was going for a burger, I'd hate some big ass rose in an ugly vase hanging over my water glass. Also, having a strong rose scent wafting over every bite I'd take would have made the meal disgusting on it's own.

    N JN J27 days ago
  • Never have I seen someone like Naomi who looks so cross-eyed without being cross-eyed.

    ToxihexToxihex27 days ago
  • Isn't this season 4 episode 2 not seapsn 3 episode 2?

    sharts lawsharts law27 days ago
  • The woman in the video main picture resembles a lot to Dianne Wiest. In that picture she has got the very same Dianne’s expression as in the famous picture with Meryl Streep

    carlo rusticocarlo rustico28 days ago
  • Uhm, uncensored?! Is that a mistake!? Bruh.

    City Morgue \m/City Morgue \m/28 days ago
  • 24:03 insect running in the plate

    Pankaj DhakalPankaj Dhakal28 days ago
  • R.I.P Camara man 1:18

    Asian rice MilkAsian rice Milk29 days ago