Libby Discovers The Real Reason Why Andrei Left Moldova | 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?

Oct 9, 2020
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Elizabeth's family has been investigating Andrei's past. Now that they know he didn't leave his country willingly, they question him about it.
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  • Why are they so keen on getting dirt on this guy?

    Temporary BakeryTemporary Bakery2 days ago
  • I really understand that her family cares about her but they have been coming after that dude from since they came on the show and they are already married with a whole child out here and they still doing the same thing her sister and her brother need to find their own relationship and worry about it on self is ridiculous now it’s like y’all won’t stop until you get rid of him for life shit pathetic and lame asf

    Synañom BrownSynañom Brown2 days ago
  • I’m confused - why is this a problem? What’s the issue? He didn’t tell her that he quit a corrupt police force? I’m confused....seems like drama is manufactured here.

    Mauricio RanoMauricio Rano3 days ago
  • un dement, si profitor😡🤬👹

    Mariana PolucciuMariana Polucciu3 days ago
  • "good logic, jen" best sarcastic remark by Andrei 🤣🤣

    Adam WhiteAdam White3 days ago
  • Chuck every time I see Russian I see a thing called mafia say mafia my language mafia stands for human shit (poop)so don't investigate Andrei instead go online and see the lifestyle of the big names in that country. There yu will have a clue what they hide from all of you.?I just hope whatever he did doesn't cause trouble for him in future.

    Evelyn LyimoEvelyn Lyimo5 days ago
  • He should have said that a LONG time ago. I don't get what there was to hide. That's why I don't believe him. Based on his story there was nothing to hide from libby or her family. There's more.

    KeepTrying2UnderstandKeepTrying2Understand5 days ago
  • lib your on camera and he cant say when he is in his country!

    o eo e6 days ago
  • Its her husband, she does not have to let her family judge him

    chucky chuckychucky chucky6 days ago
  • Her family is ridiculous

    Kellie BenavidezKellie Benavidez7 days ago
  • In Post-soviet countries like Moldova straight-up corruption is not uncommon. It happens from the police force up to the higher ranks of the government. Many men like Andrei leave their country because they're used (and coerced) as pawns for the officials to do their corrupt activities. Elizabeth's family doesn't just understand what's going on in these countries, and they're using their ignorance as an opportunity to sabotage their relationship.

    AJ CAJ C7 days ago
  • As much as I don't like Andre I believe him

    Petty LabellePetty Labelle8 days ago
  • What a liar. Corrupt Police only exist in the movies. #backtheblue

    Alex 10 years ago • UpdatedAlex 10 years ago • Updated10 days ago
  • ive always liked andrei..

    Penny GPenny G10 days ago
  • She's so lucky to have a family that has her back

    Celeste AmourCeleste Amour10 days ago
  • I am convinced Tlc is behind this plot aren’t they married let them be

    Kat509diva MKat509diva M10 days ago
  • The way that her parent and siblings get involved just because he's from another country but if he was American he wouldn't be getting treated the same. What he has gone through to be with her, she should be thankful he is still there.

    Shazzy DealShazzy Deal11 days ago
  • Andrei, sincer, nu se merita!!!! O familie de increzuti si paranoici... pe bune acum.... imi pare rau de tine, mai bine veneai in Romania... nu este America, asa este, dar stii cum se spune... noi intre noi cu mamaliga noastra!!!! Diferentele astea culturale isi spun cuvantul.... Asa ceva nu am mai vazut, te umilesc asa cum vor ei doar ptr ca traiesc intr-o tara cu mai multe posibilitati!!! Pe bune???? Chiar puteai mai bine... acum este prea tarziu pentru ca este un copilas nevinovat la mijloc si trebuie sa traiesti pentru acel copilas si pentru sotia ta... dar oare... o sa fii fericit? Nu are ea vina ca are asa o familie... te iubeste, asta este clar... dar incearca sa ii explici ca sunt foarte toxici si nu va vor impreuna... tu esti acum familia ei... ar trebui sa inteleaga asta!

    Alice AlessiaAlice Alessia11 days ago
  • He loves Libby ❤️🙏🏼

    ArrowArrow11 days ago
  • He got caught being a corrupt. He doesn't like to work yet he wants to living the high life and finding Libbey he found the perfect target for it.

    La bella VidaLa bella Vida12 days ago
  • Good logic Jenn🤣

    Doogan LouwDoogan Louw12 days ago
  • Bulshitts,What Andrei is saying are just storys

    Magda MikailMagda Mikail12 days ago
  • Libby’s sister and brother are not angrls.they have double standars and they have no upbringing and no morals.they think they are better than other.(they are worst)🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

    Tone-lise HellandTone-lise Helland13 days ago
  • The father should be worried about his kids having been arrested in the past. As an old expression goes, you look for in others what you find in yourself.

    nwjgoodguynwjgoodguy13 days ago
  • That is what happened when you don’t get out of your country you walk with blinders on . How rude the world doesn’t just consist of america how ignorant and they have no respect . Libby’s in-laws greeted them invited them into their homes made all the homemade food how inviting and respectful they were . Who did and made Libby’s family king awful.

    Sylvie RoySylvie Roy14 days ago
  • Andrei doesn't look smart enough to be an investigator.

    cornell drajancornell drajan14 days ago
  • Her family needs to but out of their marriage. They are trying so hard to break them up but they already have a kid and are trying to make a life. So sad for them.

    sasha Guevarasasha Guevara15 days ago
  • He's very lazy. I don't understand why he doesn't feel ashamed of himself.

    Barbara RomeoBarbara Romeo15 days ago
  • I feel bad for him been up against a family like that ...she never takes his side against her family she hangs up on him with them .....I tink he's a good person everyone have a past ....y do he have to please their's always d topic of conversation...sad people he shud get out of that relationship she's just as bad he deserves's none of their dam business.....

    Beatrice Ann Elizabeth Geraldine DunphyBeatrice Ann Elizabeth Geraldine Dunphy15 days ago
  • Awww I believe he really loves her 🥰

    Cassandra NCassandra N15 days ago
  • Why don’t they SHUT UP ALREADY?? 😤

    Cassandra NCassandra N15 days ago
  • Jenn kind of looks like Zoe Sugg

    HeyIzzyHeyIzzy15 days ago
  • I can't stand libby. Y? Because she lets a Foreigner use her dad. Dumbo girl. He comes to america to sit on his ass. Less then a man Andre. Y Y Y. Girl low self-esteem.

    Vernora ShackVernora Shack16 days ago
  • I believe him 100% corruption is a huge problem in some other countries and it is so unfair that they were stupid and made him have to explain this illegal stuff on television now there is a chance that his country might want to investigate him and people associated with him while he was working as an officer. All this is super super dangerous these Americans are so ignorant.

    hugeoleen whitehugeoleen white17 days ago
  • Wow This family is f***** dumb! I wouldn’t even explain myself haha

    SelmaSelma18 days ago
  • He is telling the truth ,and if he didn’t opened up completely not because he was dishonest ,men in that part of the world keep their problems to them self ,they don’t make their families to be worried ,and he didn’t tell her because he left that in the past ,I do know very ,very well that part of the world , so you must believe he is telling you the truth

    Ana KAna K18 days ago
  • Elizabeth who use to smile so much in season 1 looks miserable and unhappy all the time now she needs to drop that ahole🤮 she is with a disrespectful arrogant meat head ... sometimes I think she's staying with him to try and prove her family wrong. I'm sorry Elizabeth they were right this time🤮 no need to stay in a miserable marriage ... get yourself a hero while your child is still young🙏🏼💗

    Lady Sweet PumpkinLady Sweet Pumpkin19 days ago
  • Corruption is in every countries police agency and political agency.

    Claudia CClaudia C20 days ago
  • Honestly that's a pretty damn good reason why he didn't want to talk about it. Having a sledge hammer like that above your head and not knowing if they'll come after you or not.

    The Evil Milk PuddingThe Evil Milk Pudding20 days ago
  • Libbys family is disqusting

    Landon RogersLandon Rogers21 day ago
  • My first time to hear Andrei Apologising

    Gabofetane PhuuGabofetane Phuu21 day ago
  • Libby looks like her dad. So unfortunate.

    The Fat CatThe Fat Cat21 day ago
  • I’m not a fan of Andrei, but in this scene I feel bad for the guy

    Lina MyaLina Mya21 day ago
  • Why would tlc show this?!?!?! I get it’s good drama but why put peoples lives at risk? Wow

    Lina MyaLina Mya21 day ago

    Samsung A20sSamsung A20s23 days ago
  • So at the end Andrei is the honest one! 🤣

    ChrystelChrystel23 days ago
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    Juanse JuhnJuanse Juhn23 days ago
  • The way he describes law enforcement in Moldova is like Hong Kong triads in the 1990's lol...hope nothing bad happens to his sweet dad since he's on a national tv show openly talking about corruption. smh

    RubiiRaeRubiiRae23 days ago
  • Afraid for my life, need to go for Ireland ok. afraid But in a reality show, all family on TV? Mom dad etc...

    Vanessa MaurícioVanessa Maurício24 days ago
  • They need to leave him alone. They are forcing him to share his story which could be trauma for him.

    Jennifer KlaholdJennifer Klahold24 days ago
  • Stupid family and girlfriend, if Andrei has something problematic his K1 visa won't be approved, dumb ass siblings

    Mytrio BorenMytrio Boren24 days ago
  • Andrei is a lazy liar, if he runnaway how is he now back there putting in danger his wife and baby? Really? He is a proud "man", and hates his father in law but survive with their money and doesn't want to work. He doesn't respect his wife and call her "stupid", Her father was very pacient with him. If he was my daugther's man he won't allready be in my family. He is so idiot that he invited them to the moldova's wedding and now he wants her father to pay for it!!!????

    Graci RebGraci Reb24 days ago
  • Did you have to cover Plahotniuc or Dodon? Or both of them? 😁

    Sunshine18 Sunshine18Sunshine18 Sunshine1824 days ago
  • The criminals are investigating a crime 🙄

    M PM P25 days ago
  • Check with the Maldonado authorities stupid.

    Eileen FlemingEileen Fleming26 days ago
    • Maldova

      Eileen FlemingEileen Fleming26 days ago
    • Malvova

      Eileen FlemingEileen Fleming26 days ago
  • Wake up Libby, he’s a liar 🤥

    Eileen FlemingEileen Fleming26 days ago
  • Andrea is FOS

    Eileen FlemingEileen Fleming26 days ago
  • Hod who would even put up with this on either side god he has supposed mafia shit and honestly the girl looks like a Karen in the making along with her familys backwards ways

    Mckenzie Copeland_ DawsonMckenzie Copeland_ Dawson26 days ago
  • These trash a** people keep harassing him when they all have criminal records

    Wendy SanchesWendy Sanches27 days ago
  • u can tell that andrei loves her, by the way he looks at her

    itsmeFabitsmeFab28 days ago
  • Her family is just unbelievable.

    itsmeFabitsmeFab28 days ago
  • This guy is a traitor to his country, you do not expose internal problems to yankees so they can say look at those ex soviets still in shit...cykka blyat

    AghelyasAghelyas28 days ago
  • Good logic Jen 🤣

    Heartless WomanHeartless Woman29 days ago
  • I don't like Andrei but damn, her family is out of line. They need to stop taking money from her dad, that's inviting the whole family to meddle in their life and marriage.

    Amber KellyAmber Kelly29 days ago
  • He is a liar!!!

    Ivonne Pacheco de CharlinIvonne Pacheco de Charlin29 days ago
  • Andrei is right. Same shadow government BS in his country too...

    Barbie CoffeyBarbie Coffey29 days ago
  • Omg !! The past is the past . Let it be. Sometimes it’s better to not know.

    Jennie LeJennie LeMonth ago
  • Past is past.

    Graf JudgeGraf JudgeMonth ago
  • Andrei😈

    A jel se Znamo ! BBA jel se Znamo ! BBMonth ago
  • Libby and her family are frustrating

    KeanuuKeanuuMonth ago
  • I mean I never thought I was gonna say this but lately I am with Andrei.... Libby's family is crazy, rude and just horrible

    Mălina DumaMălina DumaMonth ago
  • The mafia look suits Andrei ngl 👀

    Lottie MaeLottie MaeMonth ago
  • Andrei is a horrible husband and Libby is a horrible wife.

    j annaj annaMonth ago
  • Libby’s family got half a chin between them all

    bowwowmusic8bowwowmusic8Month ago
  • I think you got a great man. Open your eyes. Wow. Your brother is a punk.

    Deanna AdkinsDeanna AdkinsMonth ago
  • I don't think Andrei was completely honest with her. He had made a comment that she would never know.

    Connie DahlinConnie DahlinMonth ago
  • Did they break up ? And re marry?

    Moises GonzalezMoises GonzalezMonth ago
  • Lieve Andrei alone people

    Sandra TorresSandra TorresMonth ago
  • Why didn't her family look into his background before they married the first time.!!!!!

    Mary waldenMary waldenMonth ago
  • I can understand his hesitation to talk about it. It's dangerous, especially when mafia connections run so deep...

    MartinaMartinaMonth ago
  • Libby needs to realize where he comes from is corrupt, and he is doing the best to leave an honest and healthy lifestyle. He chose not to be a criminal, and to do the best for him, and for her. Much respect,

    Rachel QuintansRachel QuintansMonth ago
  • I think people really over look how hard this couple tries to work together. Most couples when it comes to being in different countries with different accents they tend to demean them or think they are higher than them (libbys family). I believe that Libby and Andrei are actually a healthy couple, but stuck between the social and corrupt system of family morals (Her families side) , and his (Adrei's) country. Her family needs to stop be-ratting Andrei and realize how hard he is trying to be there for her. Realize how little he has come from, and realize the beauty of Libby seeing that and being with him and supporting him. That is a real relationship, and a real marriage. I come from an educational background of psych and relationships, and I think that what I say can be seen credible. But that is just my theory, and or perspective.

    Rachel QuintansRachel QuintansMonth ago
  • Libby been knew🤦🏻‍♀️ Her acting is terrible

    To FuTo FuMonth ago
  • Elizabeths sisters are ratchet i doubt they cheated before They need to mind their own business

    Gingin 1736Gingin 1736Month ago
  • What is wrong with this people? Leave them alone, if she is happy... It feels like they don't want them being together just because he is from another country... They so stupid, if they love each other let them be, they not doing it for her, they only don't like him they don't care if she is happy or not

    Diana GheorghiuDiana GheorghiuMonth ago
  • I literally can't stand Jenn ✋

    Arelys RiveraArelys RiveraMonth ago
  • These GD ppl make me sick w this poor guy! He's in the family NOW, leave him alone, OR wonder why he mistreats your daughter!!

    Sharon RybakSharon RybakMonth ago
  • I love how investigating her family is while at the same time being respectful.... Well accept Charlie but that's only a brother protecting his sister

    Laloni ChesterLaloni ChesterMonth ago
  • I cannot stand her husband

    Anna RodriguezAnna RodriguezMonth ago
  • Leave my baby Andrei alone:( her family is so annoying and he doesn't have to answer them! He's trying to make his life better and get a better job and it all starts by leaving the corrupt police force. Why is that hard to understand?? Andrei deserves better

    烏龜烏龜Month ago
  • Andrei he thinks is big thing he's not l don't like his actitud at all

    Vilma RamirezVilma RamirezMonth ago
  • God Bless Moldova

    kaustubh sapkalekaustubh sapkaleMonth ago

    Star NailStar NailMonth ago
  • Fat face is acting poorly!!😂

    Antoaneta SlavescuAntoaneta SlavescuMonth ago
  • He says everything right its hard to work in moldova , fucking police can take you if they want without reason and they take money from you, 10.000$ paid for my friend but he dis nothing in moldova just was a tourist

    SimiSimiMonth ago
  • The family is loser they always think badly for andrie this kind of people are not good.

    daniel hwangdaniel hwangMonth ago
  • If he was forced 2 do bad stuff all he had w do is say that. If he has been avoiding the subject then he is hiding something. I agree with the family that they want the truth. Their daughter & granddaughters life is @ stake.

    louise lloydlouise lloydMonth ago
  • This corrupt family should worry about themselves.

    D KalishD KalishMonth ago
  • Andrei is not perfect but i do believe him on this...corruption is bad and serious. They are just oblivious to this fact

    DiDiMonth ago
  • They really seemed to be a good couple. They're happy and okay. But the problem is, Libby's happy. They insert themselves so much in their relationship. Base on Andrei's personality he would totally be defensive and insecure if they continue being aggressive to him. And they should know how to respect a person's privacy. Let him open up on his own. Not force him. Now he will always feel that the family's ganging up on him.

    AngelicaAngelicaMonth ago