The Professor Suffers Career Ending Injury... 2v2 vs Athletic Hoopers Miami Hood

Jul 29, 2020
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More to come on the injury... Thank you for supporting me so much Live Fam! I love you!
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Thank you to Joel Marion for accommodating us out in Miami!

  • get well, prof! big fan!

  • It my tripping or he’s camera man in this video it’s the same dude 1v1 and he made him get inside the beach ?

    _felixx_18_felixx_1820 hours ago
  • Get well soon star may God bless you

    Henry BuanaHenry Buana2 days ago
  • God bless you...

    QingQing4 days ago
  • Is he a Chelsea fan

    Dennis james 2000Dennis james 20009 days ago
  • I blew my Achilles in those exact shoes!!! The PENNY'S!!!

    lron Bearlron Bear10 days ago
  • Dude proffeser you gotta put your arms up at least

    Phil BarengoltsPhil Barengolts11 days ago
  • Yea once he landed on the guy. You can see him slow down and keep trying to walk it off for the next few plays

    Kingpen GamesKingpen Games21 day ago
  • And this is why I play video games.

    ExtraExtra24 days ago
  • 11:05 professor losing focus cause he’s offended ??

    TrexulaTrexula25 days ago
  • Damn bro...I knew it was gon happen and it still hurt to see...glad u bacc ghee✊🏾💯502

    Tj HarbinTj HarbinMonth ago
  • Grant Cardone lives up in that building

    Esoteric FitnessEsoteric FitnessMonth ago
  • I hope you guys know this was a year ago, he had enough content to post while recovering from his injury

    KevoKevoMonth ago
  • I wouldn't show this. Need to have privacy when it's something like this bro. I feel terrible for you.

    MetalHeadZMetalHeadZMonth ago
  • Coincidence that the punk-fressor gets this 'injury' after I challenge him. Pussy much?

    Life GoalsLife GoalsMonth ago
  • boy needs some milk

    19931993Month ago
  • we love you professor Get well soon

    RV The ChampionRV The ChampionMonth ago
  • Professor: injured himself, drops the ball and lays on the floor Black guy: takes ball and starts dribbling! 😂

    fn hugzfn hugzMonth ago
  • Professor claims he wasn’t playing D so the defender could close in on him leading to a easy crossover a 5th grader could do. How cheap

    Adam WrzesinskiAdam WrzesinskiMonth ago
  • You were too good man

    mcghanny dultramcghanny dultraMonth ago
  • Achilles

    White RavenWhite RavenMonth ago
  • NOOOOOO he can t wakl ): ):

  • Dang! He crossed his own self hard man!

    K GamerK Gamer2 months ago
  • Hey 2020 wtf is this?

  • that got me worried a lot.. take care Professor

    Erickson lanuzaErickson lanuza2 months ago
  • 13:09 is where he is injured

    Aidans AnimationsAidans Animations2 months ago
  • 13:06 The Injury

    ZoggyZoggy2 months ago
  • He's so good he broke his own ankles

    Christopher RobinsonChristopher Robinson2 months ago
  • I tore mine the exact same way!! Same move and everything!! 🤦🏾‍♂️

    cander145cander1452 months ago
  • It's not just that he has age. He said moving left while using the right leg in that fashion caused the tear to happen while showing how Kevin Durant got injured the same way. Now I'm gonna be overly cautious and plan every move when I play ball. You can tear stuff up if you get caught up with the game.

    MaestroKongMaestroKong2 months ago
  • Nobody could break his ankles so he had to do it himself

    XR VariousXR Various2 months ago
  • Most likely he strain his calf

  • that’s crazy

    PatPat2 months ago
  • 13:10 the part where his foot got injury

    Can you subcribe for no reasonCan you subcribe for no reason2 months ago
  • This is so sad 😞😞😞😞😞 1 like = 1 prayer for Professor Live

    Mr. Funny videosMr. Funny videos2 months ago
  • 2020, Anything can be expected to happen to anyone.

    Quarter MilerQuarter Miler2 months ago
  • 0:57 kinda sounds like the p hub intro.

    Wazza BopWazza Bop2 months ago
    • 🤣

      Nextupp_ejayyNextupp_ejayyDay ago
    • Woah

      Dwyane WadeDwyane Wade2 months ago
  • I will pray for you my brother we need the professor back hope you get better

    Emanuel DeJesusEmanuel DeJesus2 months ago
  • Prof such a prolific ankle breaker that he even broke his own

    Just Some Guy With No MustacheJust Some Guy With No Mustache2 months ago
  • It happens... injuries are bound to happen in any sport. Also one thing I noticed in all your 2v2 or 1v1 videoes where you challenge competitors none stop sometimes. I see you don't drink any water? As someone who competed in Muay Thai or just general intense workout you gotta constantly be drinking water. Which I don't think you did enough, and there for may have led to this injury.

    fpshooterfullfpshooterfull2 months ago
  • Crazy to no Kobe walked off with this same injury man , r.i.p 🐐

    StunnaColeStunnaCole2 months ago
  • 13:05 is when it happens if you’re wondering

    Craven FivesCraven Fives2 months ago
  • Got his own ankles broke

    CBVCBV2 months ago
  • I've had surgery on both achilles.. Didn't know Professor injured his. Tough recovery

    Victor DVictor D2 months ago
  • Scripted af

    Lorenzo HonradoLorenzo Honrado2 months ago
  • 😢😭😭😭😢😪

    Hhjh GhjjhfHhjh Ghjjhf3 months ago
  • I've watched you since you where on that show And1 trying to make the team@professorLive !! Damn that was a long time ago. You had to do good to even get on the bus for the next show..

    Shaun CapehartShaun Capehart3 months ago
  • Speed always first thing to go in athletes All that herky jerky faint & move inertia stuff Professor does is a lnee surgrons dream

    Bob BelsonBob Belson3 months ago
  • He speaks ebonics too .Not impressed. ,makes ya sound contrived and stupid

    Bob BelsonBob Belson3 months ago
  • big chance its achilles, u drop even no one touched you

    John Westley SicangcoJohn Westley Sicangco3 months ago

    Jerum ViernesJerum Viernes3 months ago
  • Wish u the best man. Much love brutha

    Infinite FlowInfinite Flow3 months ago
  • Is that grace memorial park?

    Addy DokesAddy Dokes3 months ago

    AroundTheWayGirl88AroundTheWayGirl883 months ago
  • Get well soon Professor!!!

    MigzPHMigzPH3 months ago
  • Who ever disliked is a b)

    WilliamSheltonWilliamShelton3 months ago
  • This happened in 2018 we will see it in 2031

    AU demiAU demi3 months ago
  • Called 911 for a leg injury? Smh

    Rage.against.the.regimeRage.against.the.regime3 months ago
  • This is how many ankles The Professor has broken:

    DarioDario3 months ago
  • Always take a couple of months off if you are highly active to let ur body heel.

    theory816theory8163 months ago
  • Get well soon🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

    ImThirstImThirst3 months ago
  • take a look 12:05 bad player

    Darius WoenDarius Woen3 months ago
  • Karma for breaking everyone else’s ankles lol

    Mr SuperzzzMr Superzzz3 months ago
  • Sorry professor but I had to unsubscribe today, just dont say god bless if your going to where a blm shirt because it’s telling me you support all the riots burning of businesses taking down of statues killing of cops, little children. People are so sensitive now days and have to get out of the state of mind of they owe me this they owe me that. Look at you, you went out and got what you wanted not felling sorry for yourself. Obama gave hope for the black community that they could become anything they wanted but did nothing for people of color, only did everything for him and his Hollywood stars rappers pastors not the regular people. I’m not telling you what to do because I’m actually nobody but I am a child of god, good luck and be well. God bless

    Bones NaapsBones Naaps3 months ago
  • I haven't watched the vid I'm kinda scared did he tear his ACL?

    Miguel GaviriaMiguel Gaviria3 months ago
  • 13:12 he put his right foot far back and then try to run with his left

    ZerkzZerkz3 months ago
  • Yo no disrespect but let my man Zack get the ball like geez he was just the guy that sat there

    Rexyboy FeildmanRexyboy Feildman3 months ago
  • Lol

    William QinWilliam Qin3 months ago
  • 12:06-12:09 🧐🧐 Did anyone else noticed he was hurt and kinda limping?!?!

    David TelllezDavid Telllez3 months ago
  • 13:06 your welcome

    Nicky MarcoNicky Marco3 months ago
  • 13:09

    Cee LeeCee Lee3 months ago
  • Nobody gonna talk about at 7:08 he yelled he needs some milk

    Anudeep 113Anudeep 1133 months ago
  • one like = heal his leg

    Tiger and CatTiger and Cat3 months ago
  • Same thing happened when I popped my calf muscle. You go down and it’s pretty much blackout. It was sad watching this injury. Hope he fully recovered.

    Devilfish303Devilfish3033 months ago
  • 😥😭 So sad

  • 12:05 - Pause right here and use the "," and "." keys to step through frame by frame and look at his left ankle. Was the damage done here?

    NytronNytron3 months ago
  • This was made 1 year ago

    DreamzBTWDreamzBTW3 months ago
  • What sneakers is he wearing

    jacob Brunojacob Bruno3 months ago
  • You can tell by the half of the game..look at his face and the way he is moving

    Obi KanobićObi Kanobić3 months ago
  • Probably and Achilles

    The Original BarronThe Original Barron3 months ago
  • Hello professor I seriously believe that you should put subtitles in Spanish because many of your fans are Latino and it is a bit difficult for us to understand what you say in your videos ... THANK YOU, greetings

    diego medinadiego medina3 months ago
  • Bruh

    THEMaNIsWOrTHitTHEMaNIsWOrTHit3 months ago
  • Tragic

    GMF XTGMF XT3 months ago
  • My heart literally dropped when i first saw him go to the ground and say ah

    Abel MolinaAbel Molina3 months ago
  • 😞💔🙏🏽❤️😓

    Steve ArceSteve Arce3 months ago
  • What is wrong with his toe nails there so weird but fr hope u the most luck

    Ethan ChamberlainEthan Chamberlain3 months ago
  • you will be good men

    plaminiBG gringoplaminiBG gringo3 months ago
  • I was there I'm the kid the blue that happened in my park get better

    Mr_Chuby YTMr_Chuby YT3 months ago

    J KINGJ KING3 months ago
  • I also shoot alone and act like I am playing pick up

    SplasherzVlogzSplasherzVlogz3 months ago
  • I’m sorry this had to happen to you. You seem like a really nice dude who just loves the game of basketball. I’m hoping for a speedy recovery!

    GreenTeaRexGreenTeaRex3 months ago

    Reap NudiusterianReap Nudiusterian3 months ago
  • 2020 is such a bad year. Stay strong update us always Professor

    Orangey the CatOrangey the Cat3 months ago
  • 2020 makes me cry no joke

    Encounter33Encounter333 months ago
  • The worst part of the video is not knowing when blah

    MARC MARCMARC MARC3 months ago
  • Beautiful thing how they helped him. They wont tell you this in the media.

    Matthew 123456Matthew 1234563 months ago
  • Does anyone really think racism is still a big problem in america?

    Matthew 123456Matthew 1234563 months ago
  • He tasted his own medicine

    tinkledooot doottinkledooot doot3 months ago
  • Beginning:All sad and emotional. Intro: PrOfEsOr LiVe

    10K subs from comments10K subs from comments3 months ago
  • Damn it brü. . . Sorry to hear about your injury! Get well soon, G. That sucks. Little homie sitting down jinxed you. 🤔

    Nfamous LeeNfamous Lee3 months ago