Victoria Beckham Answers Ellen's Extra Spicy 'Burning Questions'

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Ellen put Victoria Beckham in the hot seat to answer her Extra Spicy "Burning Questions"! Find out the strangest thing she's afraid of, the fashion trend she doesn't understand, and her first celebrity crush.

  • Ital otros España mundial mente. Ital una gota. Bueno. Uy. Ba. No puedo. No. Te. Olvides ok sólo dire eso ok no puedo nos. Algo. Si. Se gracias. Uy me uy mys. Comer. Fue así. Ok. Te algo. Te. Guste. Ok. Ol divo live. Ya no. Puedo gracias saludos. Mundial mente te llege envió así. Viviré. Viviré. Viviré. Ellen y ella gracias todos y as. Mundial mente

    Almudena CarneroAlmudena Carnero9 days ago
  • This is probably one of the few times we see Victoria smile.

    smallfire93smallfire9310 days ago
  • You gotta love Victoria ❤️

    Anjitha P CAnjitha P C11 days ago
  • Oh so i have a crush on a star and i have planned everything...see you on Ellen's show in lets say 2-3 years 😚😂

    Zara KimZara Kim12 days ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="248">4:08</a> "That's posh."-- "It is posh." LOL the way she says this.

    imaginationunrealimaginationunreal12 days ago
  • so we are going to ignore the fact that she smiled in this?

    Lina RamadaniLina Ramadani13 days ago
  • The game was suppose to be first answer and then hit the button. But then Simon Cowell messed it all up. So Ellen just gave up 😝

    Shilba BaiddoShilba Baiddo17 days ago
  • Love her & Ellen

    SavannaTheSavageSavannaTheSavage18 days ago
  • Queen of tact.

    trinitrini18 days ago
  • This is the first time that I see Victoria Beckham smiling.

    Marcella TelesMarcella Teles19 days ago
  • She’s so beautiful !!!!

    Johnny WongJohnny Wong20 days ago
  • Her favorite words are creative visualization 😍

    aileen kris villaraileen kris villar20 days ago
  • Love to see / hear her laugh

    Comme Des GarçonsComme Des Garçons21 day ago
  • I mean doesnt she know the Queen??? How is Bekham the most FAMOUS person in her phone?

    Peter N.LPeter N.L22 days ago
  • Her personality though! So strong!

    Alauddin AhmedAlauddin Ahmed22 days ago
  • maybe one of the most Posh things about her sore accent

    Erin Kaur Love's Sabrina CarpenterErin Kaur Love's Sabrina Carpenter22 days ago
  • The first time i see victoria smiling

    Arantxa Dark'sArantxa Dark's22 days ago
  • Oh! Posh spice! She became a great inspiration! Love her! ❤️

    SofiaSofia22 days ago
  • 💖💖💖💖💖

    Mariam SalehMariam Saleh22 days ago
  • I've never watched Victoria beckham talk and its actually amazing

    Megan CowellMegan Cowell23 days ago
  • Fake celebrity

    R GR G24 days ago
  • I really her eversince 😍😍 and we have the same name

    badgaltoribadgaltori24 days ago
  • apparently Ellen doesn't know Victoria is from the spice girls... LOL

    Brian TeoBrian Teo24 days ago
  • Whats wrong with her lips

    greenh2oblackgreenh2oblack24 days ago
  • That is so Posh Spice

    Duchess RoyalDuchess Royal24 days ago
  • Victoria is so sweet when she is relaxed

    Sidra SiddiquiSidra Siddiqui25 days ago
  • Ellens starting to bore me

    Nora BerggrenNora Berggren26 days ago
  • First answer was a lie. She had a crush on Ryan Giggs. There was a documentary with the spice girls when they just started out. She had posters of giggs, Beckham admitted later he got a bit of stick in Man Utd dressing room for it when he eventually got with her

    Stephen ConnollyStephen Connolly29 days ago
  • She is always nicer and comes across as more genuine than I think she is going to

    Patsy HookerPatsy Hooker29 days ago
  • Her lips makes me nervous

    omar selaweomar selaweMonth ago
  • Selena Gomez and the scene

    Pratik PanchalPratik PanchalMonth ago
  • Italian wine is the best

    J LokiJ LokiMonth ago
  • You do know is that I do with you right and it seem to be mean I’m just being nice about it is it

    MrNikkimaxineMrNikkimaxineMonth ago
  • At first glance of the picture, I thought it was Halle Berry

    Myrna ShoultsMyrna ShoultsMonth ago
  • I only watched this to see if Victoria would smile, and she did.

    I Play One On T.V.I Play One On T.V.Month ago
  • They try to hard to look like they're not trying... this is so BERLIN!

    Jana NystenJana NystenMonth ago
  • Nice to see her smiling for a change! She seems sincere too.

    Cheryl OldladyCheryl OldladyMonth ago
  • Wow she’s scared of space even though she’s got so much of it between her ears

    James BrollyJames BrollyMonth ago
  • "I've seen someone recently do that." *Ariana Grande on Ellen has entered the chat*

    can you be my nightingale?can you be my nightingale?Month ago
  • She oozes money

    LindebergLindebergMonth ago
  • 00.47 FULL operation.

    Martina OchoaMartina OchoaMonth ago
  • She is way more charming that I was expecting

    Sydney BrittSydney BrittMonth ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="142">2:22</a>😂

    RôyalediamondRôyalediamondMonth ago
  • She is a perfect women 💚💚💚

    Anita ElangsAnita ElangsMonth ago
  • I love her accent

    Dracu LaDracu LaMonth ago
  • She's looks better than when she was young 😃

    AM HOTAM HOTMonth ago
  • She is amazing 🥰

    Марина ГлущенкоМарина ГлущенкоMonth ago
  • Love this!!

    Anita HardestyAnita HardestyMonth ago
  • I enjoyed seeing the real Victoria, she is normal, not how the media present.... so please I saw this side of her:)

    Sas BroSas BroMonth ago
  • The video is so funny🤣🤣

    _iste ccyi__iste ccyi_Month ago
  • She's afraid of space🤣🤣😭

    _iste ccyi__iste ccyi_Month ago
  • She’s really funny and she has a great personality. I love her! ❤️

    প্রদীপাপ্রদীপাMonth ago
  • Victoria is so lovely. ❤️

    প্রদীপাপ্রদীপাMonth ago
  • "It's hard to narrow it down" :)

    Pawan Kumar JhaPawan Kumar Jha2 months ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="53">0:53</a> What a boring answer lol.

    fabb4i2fabb4i22 months ago
  • I love her. 🥰🥰

    leeyoungjaesshileeyoungjaesshi2 months ago
  • The most posh thing”THE LITTLE GUCCI DRESS!!!

    Jacky N DavidJacky N David2 months ago
  • She kind of reminds me of Scottie from Suits

    VictoriaVictoria2 months ago
  • She's so nice, and fun. Very polite, and put together.

    Jan KowalskiJan Kowalski2 months ago
  • Victoria is so funny

    christian gallochristian gallo2 months ago
  • 👍👍👍

    MrAJWorksMrAJWorks2 months ago
  • What does posh mean actually? Somebody explain

    Faa 98Faa 982 months ago
  • I love her

    SunethraSunethra2 months ago
  • Very lovely woman and just realized she is so English

    Aseel AadosseryAseel Aadossery2 months ago
  • She actually smile it just people bug her to take photos

    Aseel AadosseryAseel Aadossery2 months ago
  • She really talks posh 😍😍😍

    Mohammad DhofarMohammad Dhofar2 months ago
  • This is the first time i saw Victoria laughing

    Deliana AlanDeliana Alan2 months ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="128">02:08</a> *She wore a jacket this way on London fashion week I think*

    oh im just a kidoh im just a kid2 months ago
  • 😤💔😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

    Kira AkiraKira Akira2 months ago
  • Eeeeeeeellllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeennnnnnn sir

    Bipin solankiBipin solanki2 months ago
  • First time I see her smile and even laugh. But she tries so hard not to...

    BrendaBrenda2 months ago
  • I didn’t make like thank What tank that back what I said I didn’t mean it

    MrNikkimaxineMrNikkimaxine2 months ago
  • She obviously isn’t a “Space Girl”

    Hugo LealHugo Leal2 months ago
  • Literally have the same irrational fear of having to go into space. 🤣 I thought I was alone haha.

    Sarah KingSarah King2 months ago
  • This is the first time I've seen her laughing this much

    Kamrunnaher BithyKamrunnaher Bithy2 months ago
  • She’s hitting that buzzer like there’s a bug on it

    Tiberiu StanculescuTiberiu Stanculescu2 months ago
  • She is so adorable 🥰

    FrenchAlex XavierFrenchAlex Xavier2 months ago
  • Coocoo

    Fernando TFernando T2 months ago
  • "enjoy the ride, enjoy the journey." Can she have a recording, reading yoga phrases??? Her voice is soooo soothing... I now decided when I start working again I will do the calming Victoria Beckham voice!!!

    loo legaspiloo legaspi2 months ago
  • She seems lovely. I would love to be her friend !

    Space UnicornSpace Unicorn2 months ago