Remembering Shad Gaspard’s WWE career: WWE Playlist

May 20, 2020
2 489 170 Views

A collection of the most entertaining moments and best matches of Shad’s career in WWE as a member of Cryme Tyme alongside JTG.
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  • When William Regeal joined I couldn’t hold my laughter in anymore

    rasheed robinsonrasheed robinson9 hours ago
  • How can this be.. Poor kid.. I can't imagine his pain.. A truly heroic death, fighting off the current to save his son with all his power. God may rest his soul peacefully, and bless those lifeguards. Hope his kid stays strong for his hero dad. I wish i could give my life to him.. Amazing and underrated wwe superstar, R.I.P. Shad.

    The OpinionistThe Opinionist3 days ago
  • Shad Gaspard should recieve The Warrior Award and in years to come perhaps go into the Hall of Fame. Even if Cryme Tyme never got the titles, They were entertaining as hell to watch.

    mattiasmollermattiasmoller4 days ago
  • Still doesn't seem real...

    Bryant20PBryant20P10 days ago
  • Rip shad gaspard

    Playb00i 3xPlayb00i 3x11 days ago
  • soooooowwe

    Muhammad RohailMuhammad Rohail12 days ago
  • @2:10 3 outta 5 of those legends are gone rip to all

    Polo Ralph ShawnPolo Ralph Shawn14 days ago
  • The one with Cena damaging JBL’s car was my childhood

    Eggman429 069Eggman429 06914 days ago
  • i could imagine if wwe made a feud between cryme tyme and the street profits

    X_ theraptor97X_ theraptor9716 days ago
  • Rip man

    Mario the GMario the G18 days ago
  • Wht cause he dead??

    ape oi oiape oi oi19 days ago
    • Yeah

      fish manfish man18 days ago
  • Its kinda weird shaq is so much things lol hes also a police officer lol

    Wolfy VRWolfy VR19 days ago
  • R.i.p Shad xx

    Aloo’s R The BestAloo’s R The Best21 day ago
  • Crymetyme, Morrison,haas and Shelton, back when we had amazing talent

    Gavin JamesGavin James21 day ago
  • Shaq makes Shad look small and shad is 6'7 😂

    Gavin JamesGavin James21 day ago
  • Anyone remember when they sold litas underwear to the crowd? Lol

    Gavin JamesGavin James21 day ago
  • They had such amazing chemistry as a team you could tell how they knew each other inside and out. Very under utilised and deserved title run for their skills rip shad a true hero

    Gavin JamesGavin James21 day ago
  • I didn’t think they would show lance cade

  • Goodbye shad gaspard

    Quir MalinauQuir Malinau21 day ago
  • For his family and son that man I see is a real life Superman and a great dad RIP Shad

    Marissa BermeaMarissa Bermea23 days ago

    Eddie MyersEddie Myers26 days ago
  • RIP. Great father, great person.

    HysazeHysaze29 days ago
  • RIP. Will be missed....

    Henry ParkHenry Park29 days ago
  • Warrior award for 2021. Love you shad rip.

    Skelton PittsSkelton Pitts29 days ago
  • When Regal joined in on that money chant I lost it.

    Soluminia0GSoluminia0G29 days ago
  • I love cryme tyme

    bobby bennettbobby bennettMonth ago
  • 01:21 03:53 03:12

    Violet PurdueViolet PurdueMonth ago
  • may Shad Gaspard R I P a WWE legend save his son from and Died Like a Hero Him George floyd May R I P

    David John AncenoDavid John AncenoMonth ago
  • Remember watch this tag team while growing up. RIP Shad...

    Tyrece The CreatorTyrece The CreatorMonth ago
  • RIP Shad Raspard. 😔

    Sexy AbsSexy AbsMonth ago
  • Rip Shad gaspard

    Ravi MahiraRavi MahiraMonth ago
  • Yo yo yo!

    Mara DalaMara DalaMonth ago
  • Rest In Peace u were loved and always will be

    wsox fan luis zavalawsox fan luis zavalaMonth ago
  • Rip shad

    OG LOCOG LOCMonth ago
  • It's funny how Vince hardly cared about this legend, but now he's dead he will 🤷🤦

    Zer0 FettZer0 FettMonth ago
  • Fly high Shad 🙏🏽

    CrezixCrezixMonth ago
  • Cryme tyme vs street profits would have been a good match but sadly we won't see that now. R.I.P SHAD

    drpepper1756drpepper1756Month ago
  • Cryme Tyme was legit opponents not gon lie 🤘🏽

    Ohh Berto2FFOhh Berto2FFMonth ago
  • 🥀🌹He was a true hero prevented a robbery, tried to save his son first 🌹🥀R.I.P he was a true legend and hero

    zijuiy wttuyzijuiy wttuyMonth ago
  • R.I.P. Shad Gaspard & Lance Cade 🙏🏽

    DreamsDreamsMonth ago
  • Rip shad

    Sean HoareSean HoareMonth ago
  • Mannn “Brooklyn Brooklyn” the memories rip shad 🙏🏽

    Ask to seduce MissAsk to seduce MissMonth ago
    • To believe after his debut 10 days later I was born.

      zijuiy wttuyzijuiy wttuyMonth ago
  • Gets 2 black men. Vince McMahon; hmmm let’s call them cryme tyme 😑

    Bradley MinkBradley MinkMonth ago
  • Hall of Fame 2021

    baltimorecrewbaltimorecrewMonth ago
  • RIP

    KyletheSportsWizardKyletheSportsWizardMonth ago
    • Shad Gaspard is the example of what a father can do for his children and family.... R.I.P. hero 😢😢

      Ask to seduce MissAsk to seduce MissMonth ago
  • Last words “Save my son” A legend, n will always be a legend.

    bofooit gojobofooit gojoMonth ago
  • 6:54 is he said PewDiePie?!

    Harsh NHarsh NMonth ago

    lil doodleslil doodlesMonth ago
  • RIP Shad

    Wrath Upon EdenWrath Upon EdenMonth ago
    • bofooit gojobofooit gojoMonth ago
  • Love the dance with regal

    dabomb Bolaindabomb BolainMonth ago
  • Good man

    dabomb Bolaindabomb BolainMonth ago
  • What a beautiful soul, god bless this man and his family. Vince McMahon wastes this true talent.

    Lloyd ChristmasLloyd ChristmasMonth ago
  • Back to thee Ash of the Land...

    Michael GrayMichael GrayMonth ago
  • Rip Shad

  • 5:31 making their way to the ring, from Brooklyn New Yorch! Cryme Tyme! 😂🤣

    Fizz YFizz YMonth ago
  • His moment with Cena🔥

    Afzal ElahiAfzal ElahiMonth ago
  • To believe after his debut 10 days later I was born.

    Johannes MinniesJohannes MinniesMonth ago
  • I don't watch this garbage show anymore but I am curious if they did the 10 count for him on RAW?

    AmishRiotAmishRiotMonth ago
  • Cryme Tyme was so over back in the mid 00's then WWE burried them

    Gonzo BallsGonzo BallsMonth ago
  • Shad Gaspard is the example of what a father can do for his children and family.... R.I.P. hero 😢😢

    Κώστας ΜαλαματένιοςΚώστας ΜαλαματένιοςMonth ago
  • 6:24 That was best technique 👌

    JimmySon98 GamingJimmySon98 GamingMonth ago
  • I’m so sad 😞

    SamManTorres SMTSamManTorres SMTMonth ago
  • He deserves WARRIOR AWARD and HALL OF FAME ring, i hope you consider it. He acted as a criminal in wrestling, but in real life he was a high class human being and died like a true hero giving his life for the sake of his son, he's a true inspiration to everyone.

    Captain ReaperCaptain ReaperMonth ago
  • KabzKabzMonth ago
  • I wasn't ready for this to end... This really put me in a good mood.. I miss him... I miss them... Hopefully JTG can make a singles return in his memory. CRYME TYME FOR LIFE!

    Miko TruStarMiko TruStarMonth ago
  • Wow

    Tuana Mina YİGİTTuana Mina YİGİTMonth ago
  • RIP Shad “Brooklyn Brooklyn” Gaspard 😔

    Görkem GürkanGörkem GürkanMonth ago
  • Just imagine how awesome a rivalry between the Usos and Cryme Tyme would be

    Timothy ChatelierTimothy ChatelierMonth ago
  • old wrestler mostly entertainment, it just best technique

    LavenderLavenderMonth ago
  • I never understood why Lance Cade was in WWE, the dude was super unsafe and stiff in the ring

    Mick HackMick HackMonth ago
  • And here i was hoping he would return for the new NWO

    prison mikeprison mikeMonth ago
  • HOF....

    MX 22MX 22Month ago

    Stephen VaagbayStephen VaagbayMonth ago
  • RIP Shad 🌹⚰️ Edit: My favorite Cryme Tyme moment was after Lita lost her farewell match at Survivor Series 2006 and Cryme Tyme started selling her clothes and belongings to the crowd.

    Faysal MursalFaysal MursalMonth ago
  • RIP

    Alper SöğütAlper SöğütMonth ago
  • Man Cryme Tyme was something else. Always loved seeing these guys whether it was a match or a simple promo clip. RIP big man ..

    LastPlace GamerLastPlace GamerMonth ago
  • Where's Shad heel turn?

    Alex HavokAlex HavokMonth ago
  • R.I.P HERO

    Junior WtfxckingBJunior WtfxckingBMonth ago
  • 6:20, damn both guys in the ring now gone. So young too

    M SM SMonth ago
  • Rip

    That gangThat gangMonth ago