Isiah L. Thomas' Basketball Hall of Fame Enshrinement Speech

Mar 12, 2012
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Chuck Daly introduces Isiah L. Thomas as he delivers his speech upon being enshrined to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame as part of the class of 2000. To learn more about Isiah L. Thomas take a look at his official Hall of Fame bio at

  • Really like how he was a small guy to lead the team to championships, really makes you think about what is possible

    Cedric SCedric S9 days ago
  • Daddy Rich still looking clean.

    A2ronSA2ronS11 days ago
  • Great man, didn't like him back then I was a Knicks fan, but great Player.

    Phil2:10Phil2:1012 days ago
  • us fans called Isiah Thomas - 'the Truth'

    SiM RSiM R17 days ago
  • I.Thomas claims hes from Chicago, but born in Mississippi 🤔. Where you are born is where you are from.

    Randy WhiteheadRandy Whitehead22 days ago
  • He was a great player. But he tried to bring racism to Larry Legend but Larry killed that and when Magic got sick I.Thomas no support but Larry. That's messed up. Just want to get that out.

    Randy WhiteheadRandy Whitehead22 days ago
  • MJ the GOAT of all Times

    Sope RassoulSope RassoulMonth ago
  • I'm a fan

    Lance Chhuana RalteLance Chhuana RalteMonth ago
  • NBA is always going to sell their nice or good looking good players. Thomas on the other hand, was treated by NBA like a dirty player and on. Other thing, Thomas was the President of the NBA Players association.

    Marvin BrandoMarvin Brando2 months ago
  • To bad he didn't learn sportsmanship. He was the mastermind behind walking out on the Chicago Bulls with out congratulating on winning. He will be ever know as a looser with no stile or grace. He deserves all the heart achs that he lives with for walking out on Chicago. What a looser he is.

    Shawn SalisburyShawn Salisbury2 months ago
  • MJ the GOAT

    Sope RassoulSope Rassoul2 months ago
  • The most spiteful egoistic little man to ever play in the NBA.

    Thinker manThinker man3 months ago
  • Awesome brother 💪

    Morris BroomerMorris Broomer3 months ago
  • Gülmek bir insana ancak bu kadar yakışırdı...sen çok yaşa küçük dev adam...!

    Mustafa_34Mustafa_343 months ago
  • Jordan rates this guy as the best point guard after Magic.

    Thabo MkwananziThabo Mkwananzi4 months ago
  • Isiah Thomas was better than Magic period. Magic gets more hype because he played for a star studded team, played for a fan favorite team and was in the spotlight more. FACT-Isiah Thomas from Day 1 was the star and go to player in Detroit in clutch moments. MAGIC WAS NOT!!! In fact, Magic BECAME the star player and go to player in 1986-1987 for the Lakers-his 8th season. Isiah never had that luxury. Isiah was a better jump shooter, better one on one player, better ballhandler and better defender. People get caught up in stats like shooting percentages when Magic got easier shots closer to the basket or when Worthy and Jabbar were doubled. Isiah HAD to take the toughest and biggest shots for Detroit to win.

    Devi LisaDevi Lisa4 months ago
  • FACTS-Nate Archibald, Tim Hardaway, Kevin Johnson, Jason Kidd, Chris Paul, John Stockton, Derek Harper, Fats Lever, Michael Ray Richardson, Stephon Marbury, Terry Porter, Allen Iverson, Chauncey Billups, Gary Payton, Kenny Smith, Jason Williams, Damien Lillard, BJ Armstrong and Maurice Cheeks on the college level COMBINED to lead their teams to ZERO Final Fours. Isiah Thomas in just 2 years on the college level WON a NCAA title. FACTS-of all those guards I just named, they either never won a NBA title or PIGGYBACKED their ways to titles as journeymen along for the ride-like Kidd (Dallas), Billups (Detroit his 5th team), Payton (Miami after Seattle and LA choke jobs), Smith (Houston, where a rookie named Cassell took his job), Armstrong (Chicago reserve) and Williams (Miami riding Shaq). Cheeks was the only one winning a title in a starring role. NONE of them were the star of their teams LIKE Isiah was. Saying John Stockton is better than Isiah Thomas is like saying Elton John had had more hits than Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, R Kelly and Babyface (4 Midwest legends). LAUGHABLE!!!!!

    Devi LisaDevi Lisa4 months ago
  • Los Angeles Lakers win that finals in 1988 whem Isiah Thomas injured in game 6. *ISIAH THOMAS HAVE A LION HEART.*

    Capitan FuturoCapitan Futuro4 months ago
  • I watched all his speech but Jordan's one i didn't🤷🏻‍♂️

  • The NBA hardship went into effect in 1971. Did you know that the first NBA superstar to leave college early and still earn his college degree while still playing was Isiah Thomas? Did you know that the first NBA hardship player to leave school early and still graduate on time with his graduating class was Juwan Howard? Both guys are from Chicago and played in the state of Michigan. Isiah has since earned a master's degree in education and Howard now coaches at Michigan. IMPRESSIVE!!!!

    Devi LisaDevi Lisa4 months ago
  • Vicksburg, MS, the area that produced Larry Hoover, Ellis Burks, Lindsay Hunter (Utica), the families of both Magic Johnson and Isiah Thomas and some of the most prominent folks in black American culture.

    Devi LisaDevi Lisa4 months ago
  • ``He did it time and time again''! In the last 50 years, no NBA player had a higher scoring NBA debut than Isiah Thomas did in October 1981 when he lit Milwaukee up with 31 points, 11 assists and 5 steals as a 20 year old.

    Devi LisaDevi Lisa4 months ago
  • Fantastic speech from a fantastic player. Thank you Isiah, from a Piston fan.

    jhaberdasherjhaberdasher4 months ago
  • As a Piston fan, isiah thomas was a pistons legend

    Detroit Made 313Detroit Made 3134 months ago

    Maasai JoshuaMaasai Joshua4 months ago
  • I do watch this video many times to see how Zeke appreciated his mom. God help me one day I appreciate my mom this way.

    elijah aywagoelijah aywago4 months ago
  • Damn yo this is a tear jerker no doubt I thought dennis rodman had a really touching speech man ofcourse I.T. takes the cake man. Much love man

    Thizzelle WashingtonThizzelle Washington4 months ago

    Matthew RuizMatthew Ruiz4 months ago
  • IT one of the games most competitive/passionate players. 👊💪 A legend of the sport, with a legendary speech.

    xxxxxJAYMILLZxxxxxxxxxxxxJAYMILLZxxxxxxx5 months ago
  • Iv gone on a binge of these speeches the last couple days, Isiah is IMO the most poetic speaker I'v watched. Very powerful words.

    Mia ForaMia Fora5 months ago
  • Strange, not much hall of famers were to watch Isiah .. he really burned a lot of bridges thn

    Bruce PerezBruce Perez5 months ago

    313DETROIT313DETROIT5 months ago
  • Chuck Daly said something interesting. He said that if Isiah Thomas was 5 inches taller he may have been the greatest of all time. I agree. No doubt. Definitely 1/2 right there with Michael Jordan.

    Fernando AngeloneFernando Angelone5 months ago
    • @Ahmad Gunradi 👍🏻👌🏼🏀Yes.

      Fernando AngeloneFernando Angelone11 days ago
    • just like Kobe said that we're lucky Allen Iverson is just 6 ft tall..

      Ahmad GunradiAhmad Gunradi11 days ago
  • Larry Bird Magic Johnson and MJ were not there. What a damn sad shame. No respect. All hate. Can't let things go. Pathetic. Isiah Thomas!!🏀

    Fernando AngeloneFernando Angelone5 months ago
  • Great speech

    Ravi ShergillRavi Shergill5 months ago
  • Lol

    Lil DrezzyLil Drezzy5 months ago
  • Ha

    Lil DrezzyLil Drezzy5 months ago
  • Note... Those Pistons are Family... Sat At Hall Together... Much respect from this Laker!

    Trenton Ayers Hands of FireTrenton Ayers Hands of Fire5 months ago
  • Wow Daly was great speaking about Isaiah. I wish they kept this format of the sponsor introducing the inductee but would probably be a timing nightmare

    Christopher ThomasChristopher Thomas5 months ago
  • So much respect for you sir, especially after watching the LAST DANCE. what a player. Probably the most underrated.

    wellington makombewellington makombe5 months ago
  • Why all people hated detroit pistons ? They are relly warriors i could forget isiah bill rick dennis ... NBA for relly men

    Benbrahim KhalidBenbrahim Khalid5 months ago
  • Poor isiah i love you man

    Benbrahim KhalidBenbrahim Khalid5 months ago
  • spectacular speech. Amazing player

    Leandro PiñeroLeandro Piñero5 months ago
  • Bill Laimbeer should be in the Hall of Fame. But the Pistons should have given Adrian Dantley a ring. He was eligible even though he was traded. They would've won even if they hadn't traded for Mark Aguirre.

    G LG L5 months ago
  • Greatest Point Guard to EVER play the game.

    Jay ShaJay Sha5 months ago
  • Dennis Rodman didn't show up.

    Curtis MayeCurtis Maye5 months ago
  • Never liked this guy

    Flexx WhiteFlexx White5 months ago
  • Respect!

    Wes Smith LTWes Smith LT5 months ago
  • Great speech & articulate . Iam South African let me tell you I love the South especially Mississippi.i feel I know then even though I never been there... Their history hits right at home with most of Us here...

    Makgoka LekganyaneMakgoka Lekganyane5 months ago
  • Fuck Scottie pippin fuck michael Jordan I think a lot of fans walked out with the bad boys Detroit Pistons that night and for him not to be in the dream is fucked up. It was ok for Dennis Rodman to play dirty when he was in the bulls but not when he was in the pistons every team played dirty back then the pistons just embraced it my respect to Isaiah Thomas

    Jose OlivaJose Oliva5 months ago
  • Jordan was a better basketball player. The best in history. But Isiah is a person with a bigger heart. This is how champions supposed to be. Respect!

    José CobáJosé Cobá5 months ago
  • 5:17 look at the scar tissue on his face you would swear he was a boxer! This guy was the greatest competitor. The stakes were always so high when he was playing on the other team

    TendinitisTendinitis5 months ago
    • I was thinking the same thing!! I'm from Detroit....I'm gonna ALWAYS LOVE those BAD BOYS!!

      A. PerkinsA. Perkins5 months ago
  • Teared with you Thomas, cuz u were telling my story

    abdrazaq yusufabdrazaq yusuf5 months ago
  • One if the dirtiest and most awful players in the league. Jordan and the almighty bulls hate them so deservedly so

    Justin WakelingJustin Wakeling5 months ago
    • So awful that he was unanimously voted president of the Players' Association. Don't believe the BS about him.

      jhaberdasherjhaberdasher4 months ago
  • This man finished a season wtih 14 assits and 21 points on average...Its like saysing 50 points of his team was from him....this is unreal!!!

    Kostas Mad1Kostas Mad15 months ago
  • RIP Maria Thomas...

    PaulNat360PaulNat3605 months ago
  • The best player ever, under 6'2"

    Timothy WhiteTimothy White5 months ago
  • Don't forget Kobe Bryant gave you guys a run for your money and he got hurt somehow but he took it with Knowing that he would come back full throttle congratulations

    Cherie SmithCherie Smith5 months ago
  • Of all the HOF speeches I've heard, this is my favorite.

    Jones JerryJones Jerry5 months ago
  • I can’t believe we won’t see Kobe on that stage

    KaziKazi5 months ago
  • Best Point Guard..Small But Terrible!!! 👉

    Aaron De claroAaron De claro5 months ago
  • Zeek! My favorite basketball player! So happy Chuck Daly was able to speak!

    Laquita JonesLaquita Jones5 months ago
  • Strange speech.

    leon diversleon divers5 months ago
  • why the wife looks like she's in mourning...??

    Funk O'MaticFunk O'Matic5 months ago
  • Greatest PG ever and top 10 all time at least

    87crimson87crimson5 months ago
  • the best speech i've seen thus far.. so well spoken. Legend.

    Skylar JSkylar J5 months ago
  • My favorite player ever

    Skylar JSkylar J5 months ago
  • His son has his entire face. Once he said generational I instantly knew I was right about the respect I give this dude.

    media hub RNmedia hub RN5 months ago
  • Great player 💯 Legend

    ShiftTeamSergeantShiftTeamSergeant5 months ago
  • If he were 5 inches taller, he would have been the GOAT!!!

    joshua lawsonjoshua lawson5 months ago
  • He is an eloquent speaker

    S JurjansS Jurjans5 months ago
  • Love him as a analyst! He is entertaining and has a good way with words unlike many former players that get jobs in the media today

    z zz z5 months ago
    • He even has given high plaudits to Jordan, Pippen and Malone during the 98 Finals; even though he personally dislikes these guys. Much respect.

      Gregory RowlersonGregory Rowlerson5 months ago
    • @Mari Jata ¨hehe Shaq also has a high education :) lol but i guess he payed for it.

      z zz z5 months ago
  • That bad boys team was very deep. They remind me of the next Pistons team winning the chip

    z zz z5 months ago
  • Fuck him he won back to back ok and bulls always respect them and when he lost 1991 sweep by the bulls he walk out like str8 bitches like Horace Grant said on the last dance documentary and to me that's is a coward way that why he didn't get change to be 92 Olympics and they never talk bout this man ever!!!!

    • Top5NoQuestions he always was bs and I didn't search him is goofy azz pop up like fb looking azz

    • Bruh you search his hall of fame speech just to say that BS.

      Top5NoQuestionsTop5NoQuestions5 months ago
  • Steph Curry better than him though

    45ginola45ginola5 months ago
  • I thought Pippen might of inducted him 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Rosco PekoTrainRosco PekoTrain5 months ago
    • And Isiah could have made his speech whilst laying on a couch 🤣

      Gregory RowlersonGregory Rowlerson5 months ago
  • Im glad laimbeer attended this. It's the closest he'll ever be in the hall

    triple dtriple d5 months ago
    • He’s a back to back NBA champ, and a three time WNBA champion I think he’s good.

      Advice GiantAdvice Giant5 months ago
    • Sad yet True

      Dre Murf 313Dre Murf 3135 months ago
  • Saying he'll be the greatest of all time if he were 5 inches taller was not only unfair to the other greats, but also an idiotic comment. How the F could you know how he'll play at 6'5? Just another daly jab at MJ.

    triple dtriple d5 months ago
  • All I know is that, he used to post Jordan up.

    Rah-Saan NagaRah-Saan Naga5 months ago
  • I couldn't hold back my TEARS! WOW! LUV UR LIFE!😘

    MZ BIG TRAINMZ BIG TRAIN5 months ago
  • Where's Jordan?

    Emtu MillzEmtu Millz5 months ago
  • Without Isiah, there is no Bulls dynasty. His Bad Boys made the Bulls a team not to reckon with.

    Eli ChoEli Cho5 months ago
  • Dishonest man 👎

    Igor RacicIgor Racic5 months ago
  • underrated

    ufilmeufilme5 months ago
  • Didnt know they inducted wrestlers to the Hall of Fame as well. What a surprise. Who is this midget anyway?

    Siddharth BalaSiddharth Bala6 months ago
  • Long video 🍻🍷🍸🍹

    B DB D6 months ago

    Urban Change WithinUrban Change Within6 months ago
  • He got shafted by the Dream Team(Jordan). He was a beast at point guard.

    Greg AndersonGreg Anderson6 months ago
  • Isaiah did you forget you were a dirty thug in the NBA? your talking about values?

    Term InatorTerm Inator6 months ago
    • @jhaberdasher actually I was. He is a dirty thug!

      Term InatorTerm Inator4 months ago
    • @Term Inator You weren't alive to see him, were you?

      jhaberdasherjhaberdasher4 months ago
    • @Top5NoQuestions I know enough to know Isiah was dirty as hell.

      Term InatorTerm Inator5 months ago
    • You know nothing about basketball

      Top5NoQuestionsTop5NoQuestions5 months ago
  • Pound for pound the GOAT

    SN2903SN29036 months ago
  • He a bug

    joseluis beltranjoseluis beltran6 months ago
  • Underrated and incredibly well spoken. Last dance doesn’t give this incredible personality the appreciation he deserves regardless of how he is received from how he played the game

    Madman MilesMadman Miles6 months ago
  • Great speaker, story teller, no prepared speech. The reason s lot of the guys don't like him is because he is brutally honest, and many people don't like brutal honesty, they like facade

    olijaduolijadu6 months ago
    • they dont like him because jordan dont like him and they are MJ dickriders

      G EvoG EvoMonth ago
    • The funny thing is that all these same players voted him to be the president of the players' association. If if they didn't like him, they still respected his intelligence.

      jhaberdasherjhaberdasher2 months ago
    • Oh and dont forget they were dirty players

      Stacy HuntStacy Hunt4 months ago
    • Jose Aviles 💯💯💯💯💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿

      Spiffy KayySpiffy Kayy4 months ago
    • I want to say isiah Thomas is underrated and overlooked because of magic and bird what people fail to understand he had to go thru the bird and magic gauntlet to win the chip and for all you Jordan bandwagoners isiah has a better win loss record against jordan. Greatest performance by one man injured in the finals he refuse to quit

      Jose AvilesJose Aviles4 months ago
  • There should be tissues on the podium for these guys. When unexpected deep emotions surface, they shouldn't be slobbering.

    Ralph ThornhillRalph Thornhill6 months ago
  • This brother should have been on the dream team! Bad Boys for life!!!

    Jamar RippyJamar Rippy6 months ago
  • wow great speech great man great athlete and alive

    Greg FanGreg Fan6 months ago
  • Glad Chuck Daly Was Alive To Go To Isaiah Thomas Hof Ceremony.

    Tio TazTio Taz6 months ago
  • Classy and one of the best induction speeches I've heard!

    Tara WebbTara Webb6 months ago
  • I find it interesting how some people actually think that this guy deserves recognition. Yes, he was a great player, certainly hall of fame material. But he was captain of dirty team, that used violence and othe rule breaking to suceed. They were a bunch of cheats and they wouldn't have been that successful if they had played by the rules. I think that doesn't deserve recognition.

    nelty mindnelty mind6 months ago
  • He racist

    Rubber DuckRubber Duck6 months ago