2016 Australian CR1M 24hr MRE Meal Ready To Eat Review Military Combat Ration Pack Taste Test

Feb 13, 2017
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The Australian Defense Force Combat Ration 1 Man is one of the best all-around 24hr MREs ever made. Extensive in variety and packed with high quality components, this 4 pound, 3,500 calorie Ration Pack is highly sought after for good reason.
Huge thanks to Oldsmokey & Spot87 for this amazing Ration!
Also, check out RC Gusto hot knife an MRE (it's really satisfying!):
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you enjoyed this one, as I certainly did making it!
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  • Am I the only one who got triggered on how he cooked the mi goreng? Hahaha

    dwayne durangodwayne durango15 hours ago
  • I thought its a loath of bread in the thumbnail.

    Matthew PMatthew P2 days ago
  • its pronounced Bee - Gar :)

    LucyLucy3 days ago
  • ive had one of those

    gunther gaminggunther gaming3 days ago
  • The way he broke the bread in half was so satisfying

    tat boitat boi5 days ago
  • Great MRE, Australians. Greets from Rīga!

    George ChernovGeorge Chernov10 days ago
  • Worth about $20 worth of seafood when you trade as emergency food with fishermen

    Go back to Botswana RamaposaGo back to Botswana Ramaposa11 days ago
  • 3:31 Mi Goreng? Why was there Bahasa Malaysia/indonesia?

    ShashaShasha11 days ago
  • “Fruit cake? Nice😏”

    Andrew PhippsAndrew Phipps11 days ago
  • You're watching mi goreng with water

    Tian ChaiTian Chai12 days ago
  • "Oh yeah"...😂

    Gregarious BugGregarious Bug12 days ago
  • I love the cr1m.

    Steven GuySteven Guy13 days ago
  • So fucking gross

    Lethal_JewLethal_Jew14 days ago
  • The tuna sandwich is for lunch !!!! Wait !!!

    Mc Floater07Mc Floater0714 days ago
  • Ive been to Bega (the place where the cheese is made) and that cheese brand is common in Aussie supermarkets 😄

    Ashley WhitearAshley Whitear15 days ago
  • Here in Australia, it’s pronounced ‘Bee-gah’ 😚

    TheSimManTheSimMan15 days ago
  • Aussie rations are awesome.

    New AussieHunterNew AussieHunter15 days ago
  • 29:06 isn't it something? yea...like something out your ass.

    Jason RigoneJason Rigone17 days ago
  • Wonder how many of these were consumed in the great emu war.

    Meko UnknownMeko Unknown17 days ago
  • It's actually enough for a good 2-3 days.

    adnan Sabbabadnan Sabbab17 days ago
  • Mmm. Your making me so hungry

    Mini MooseMini Moose17 days ago
  • MRE Steve is the only man who thinks MREs are delicious

    RamflowRamflow17 days ago
  • That frigging MRE is awesome.

    JustAnotherGruntJustAnotherGrunt18 days ago
  • Why are MREs brown?

    Annalise NoeltnerAnnalise Noeltner18 days ago
  • Where's the beer? 2 cans; per man, per day.

    Big YinBig Yin20 days ago
  • Its pronounced beee gah cheese

    The MongooseThe Mongoose20 days ago
  • The cheese brand, "Bega", is pronounced "Beega". Bega is a town surrounded by dairy farms, you'll be surprised to hear😏.

    Big YinBig Yin20 days ago
  • You should do top 10 videos for each year.

    DileanDilean21 day ago
  • Anyone else feeling full after watching breakfast. I might need to come back for lunch later on.

    Christian PetersenChristian Petersen21 day ago
  • I love that most of the Australian ration pack is made in New Zealand

    drmatt1984drmatt198421 day ago
  • Рацион совсем разнообразный у этого сухпойка, российский номер 7 нормальный

    Ринат НурутдиновРинат Нурутдинов22 days ago
  • This man has the voice of a pilot

    TheDisneyDude 1928TheDisneyDude 192822 days ago
  • BRB moving to Australia and enlisting in the military.

    The Chaos DragonessThe Chaos Dragoness23 days ago
  • That Moroccan lamb was rockin. That belongs on tshirt.

    Nerdcrafter ColeyNerdcrafter Coley23 days ago
  • I've had 3 Australian MREs and that bread is insanely delicious.

    broms316broms31624 days ago
  • 3:30 Wait, what? Mi Goreng?

    Fyz HaFyz Ha24 days ago
  • Should have saved the bread for the dinner.

    patrick davispatrick davis24 days ago
  • After 5 years in the ADF, I never knew that the FRED was a field ration eating device. I was always told it was a fkn ridiculous eating device.

    Marty LMarty L25 days ago
  • For the noodles, the packets of ingredients should be mixed with the noodles After the noodles cook. So you would strain the noodle so it is as dry as possible and mix in the ingredients

    Peepplayz_YTPeepplayz_YT25 days ago
  • 7:50 Finally, it seems like the bread became a military food with chewy texture. I've never eaten it, but at least I can see it like that

    cloudcolumn catcloudcolumn cat26 days ago
  • Steve goes nuts for the sweetened condensed milk, every time.

    karlmoles65karlmoles6527 days ago
  • A spoon full of vegemite only Aussie can do that 😂

    MyBreno1MyBreno128 days ago
  • Let me try this bread.. Leaves one bite

    andrew Sohnandrew Sohn28 days ago
  • Whats wrong with msg. Msg makes everything taste better

    Zach mZach m28 days ago
  • Way more than i eat in a day

    Zach mZach m28 days ago
  • 28:41 Cardi B stew

    princessaprincessa29 days ago
  • Luv this guy he knows more about Vegemite than me and hes not even Aussie

    0venSteamedChicken0venSteamedChicken29 days ago
  • in indonesian,the instant noodle your put in boiling water,and you pour your powder in the tray,and you mix it,thats call mie goreng love from indonesian

    Bayu ArzaBayu ArzaMonth ago
  • Marmite is the poor inbred backward 2nd cousin of vegemite

    Raymond NeckeRaymond NeckeMonth ago
  • Easily 2 days worth of food if in a pinch...maybe 3 days. WOW!

    Ratty McCattyRatty McCattyMonth ago
  • Moroccan lamb was my favourite meal, absolute delicious hot or cold and the chocolate was good too.

    The Shoe Shiner Kid on Wall Street.The Shoe Shiner Kid on Wall Street.Month ago
  • Mi goring is meant to be eaten dry, you remove the water then add seasoning

    ArisocrayArisocrayMonth ago
  • I want to be this guy eats mre/imp for a living all i would have to do is explain my meal and eat it all 🤤

    René Jacques L'HeureuxRené Jacques L'HeureuxMonth ago
  • "Looks pretty gourmet... The spoon part" 🤣

    Will BeaminWill BeaminMonth ago
  • "He likes Vegemite?" *All of Australia subscribes*

    jerb deytookemjerb deytookemMonth ago
  • I have never heard anyone say "Nice spill" ever in my life, but steve... Oh boy he is on another plane of existence

    AtomBomb GamesAtomBomb GamesMonth ago
  • Bro this is more than I eat in a day lol

    Zacs GearZacs GearMonth ago
  • The way he made the Mi Goreng gave me anxiety. Haha!

    ch0pst1xZ1ch0pst1xZ1Month ago
  • *Steve, eating ass* "Now, appearance-wise, this does not seem like it should be that appetizing. But man, the smell, and the taste *mmhm* I just gotta go back for more"

    Zach RichardZach RichardMonth ago
  • When he make the noodles I died when he put the seasonings in the hot water instead of in cooked noodles with no water

    Eli VlogsEli VlogsMonth ago
  • What's for din dins

    Sean KaatzSean KaatzMonth ago
  • And you put the tuna into the ramen noodles and make a tuna casserole..tuna and ramen is really good. Cmon man all these years with food and i thought you'd be more creative! 😂

    diddle the poodlediddle the poodleMonth ago
  • The australian, british, French, canadian rations are all waaaay better then US MRES. It pisses me off because they are so expensive to buy in bulk. One of each is expensive. I love these rations while being out backpacking\camping. Light enough to bring several days and still bring all your gear and actually have meals to enjoy while out in the bush. Nothing worse then eating a shit ration when youre relaxing and enjoying and fire!

    diddle the poodlediddle the poodleMonth ago
  • Jaaaaaaaam! Oh yeaaah

    diddle the poodlediddle the poodleMonth ago
  • Steve, as an Indonesian the way you eat that supposed Fried Noodles is so Heretical.

    CappaldCappaldMonth ago
  • Nice

    Caroline BaumisCaroline BaumisMonth ago
  • 26:56 i think those are called indomie it's famous on my home country, those are from Indonesia and you cooking a fried noodle You cook it by boiling the noodle for 3 to 5 minutes and separate the water and the noodle, then you mix the ingredients together with the noodles (with out the water) and enjoy! It's very delicious

    Constantinus DTConstantinus DTMonth ago
    • They're well known here in Australia too, the mi goreng noodles are godly stuff.

      xerrofootxerrofoot21 day ago
  • :)

    AstralbodiesAstralbodiesMonth ago
  • He looks like shaggy lol

    This channel will get 10k subs no vidzThis channel will get 10k subs no vidzMonth ago
  • That lamb/rice looked really good

    Willem DaFuckedUpWillem DaFuckedUpMonth ago
  • that first packet for the mi goreng, the white, thick stuff, that's fat/lard isn't it?

    John HuynhJohn HuynhMonth ago
    • It's oil and garlic

      Eli VlogsEli VlogsMonth ago
  • I think we can agree that sweetened condensed milk is Steve's cat-nip, isn't it?

    Simon CuthbertSimon CuthbertMonth ago
  • 26:12 .....A wet glistening...................what?????????? You edited it lol 😆 😂

    Operation 660Operation 660Month ago
  • That's alot of food for one person

    Operation 660Operation 660Month ago
  • I still remember eating MRE’s in ots.

    Jimmy GrahamJimmy GrahamMonth ago
  • noodles-mi goreng the “mi” means noodle, the goreng means “fried”, or fried noodles. indonesian or malaysian in origin. the language is bahasa...

    johnsarangeljohnsarangelMonth ago
  • Split the bread in half, spread the Vegemite (Yeast Extract) over one half, scoop the cheese into thin slices as best you can using the FRED onto the Vegemite, lay the other slice of bread on top and you have a cheese and Vegemite sandwich! brilliant out field..

    Kevin WilliamsKevin WilliamsMonth ago
  • Thermo Stabilized Retort Pouch.....

    G MoneyG MoneyMonth ago
  • When he didn't have the vegemite on the bread for breakfast the Australian in me was crying

    NeircoNeircoMonth ago
  • Bro this is like a 2 day ration

    BeastBomber23BeastBomber23Month ago
  • i believe with the ramen its supposed to be like dry. So like you’d cook it in the water but then you’d dry it then add the seasonings and stuff. I may be wrong.

    KingVIIKingVIIMonth ago
  • Australian CR1M are good for 4 person actually, if they are not big eaters. I had the 2018 ration and shared it with the homeless in Brisbane, Australia. We all had a hearty meal with that just 1 big pack. Thats why Australia combat forces are very generous with their ration. Sharing is caring........😍😘👍👍👍!

  • I love his voice

    Jared GroganJared GroganMonth ago
  • mre fruit cake.... turd in a bag

    Darryl WindleDarryl WindleMonth ago
  • 11:06 oof

    asdf 567asdf 567Month ago
  • theres more food in one MRE then i have entirely at home

    lil cordnai gachalil cordnai gachaMonth ago
    • @Kallins b r e a d is the body of c h r i s t

      A unusually large catA unusually large cat3 days ago
    • No simp September

      R JR J10 days ago
    • @Kallins Y E S.

      Dylan VelocaDylan Veloca12 days ago
    • Same. All I have is b r e a d

      KallinsKallins12 days ago
    • @Dylan Veloca n o

      KallinsKallins12 days ago
  • No one: Me: filling out the Australian army application form

    BMOBMOMonth ago
    • Duuuuuude same

      AtomBomb GamesAtomBomb GamesMonth ago
    • 🤣

      LeppifyLeppifyMonth ago
  • Australia be doing it right

    Ranger BoomerRanger BoomerMonth ago
  • He's using dulche de leche like ketchup.

    Based PatriarchBased PatriarchMonth ago
  • Oh the mi goreng eaten like soup. Hit differently

    Michael KuochMichael KuochMonth ago
  • Did he just eat a spoonful of vegimi- he’s insane....

    NymphNymphMonth ago
    • Holy shti he just ate it from the tube

      NymphNymphMonth ago
  • OMG a P38 super sized can opener

    XarchtXarchtMonth ago
  • Fun fact: someone killed a taliban member in hand to hand combat with an mre spoon

    John LeeJohn LeeMonth ago
  • Guys we found Gordon freeman

    Owen The PythonOwen The PythonMonth ago
  • Seems like everyone's rations but ours (US) knocks us out of the water. I mean, 2005 timeframe, the MRE was fairly decent. Then it has gone back to garbage. I'm glad I was able to score some Canadian IMPs for my SHTF storage.

    Bill SellsBill SellsMonth ago
  • I want a pack. So rich!

    Joueuse JoyeuseJoueuse JoyeuseMonth ago
  • 6:35 (cringes at the sugar in tea and coffee)

    Joueuse JoyeuseJoueuse JoyeuseMonth ago
  • Aren't tins healthier than plastic retort packs?

    Joueuse JoyeuseJoueuse JoyeuseMonth ago
  • Ive had dinner already....but now im hungry again....

    RDPprojectRDPprojectMonth ago
  • this is quite a hearty ration

    wildcard749wildcard749Month ago