Victoria Beckham's Son Used His Mom's Girl Power to Get More TikTok Followers

Nov 25, 2019
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Victoria Beckham explained to Ellen that her son Romeo made her dance to a Spice Girls song just so he could get his TikTok numbers up. Plus, the star showed Ellen how to do her signature pose, and talked about her brand new beauty line.

  • This is the first time I see her laughing

    Leonardo MezaLeonardo Meza21 hour ago
  • Thank you so much, its fantastic, it was really a success! Its great) Victoria is speaking like reading an etiquette book. It's very beautiful and nice, but doesn't look real. In any case, I respect her, she really achieved a lot in her life.

    Tanjusha08Tanjusha082 days ago
    • @Thomas Smith well, she is in every life area on the top.

      Tanjusha08Tanjusha08Day ago
    • What did Victoria Beckham achieve? Money and fame? Yes. Children? Yes. But she contributed nothing to music. And as for fashion, her vanity project has losses of millions.

      Thomas SmithThomas Smith2 days ago
  • A mother of 4 children and a father of 8. She is such a shallow individual that she forgave her husbands affairs and now takes his money to prop up her loss making fashion hobby.

  • No tiktok pls it is originated from china its part of their propaganda to spread their designed news and disinformation...

    Christy YuenChristy Yuen4 days ago
  • Katy Perry sexy Benetton

    Mesut JetliMesut Jetli6 days ago
  • Follow my tik tok sports talkers

    Twitch YoumissedTwitch Youmissed6 days ago
  • Botox,botox.

    Katarina VelickovicKatarina Velickovic6 days ago
  • She’s always been my fave spice girl, she’s such a lady 💁🏽‍♀️

    Katstacked8Katstacked87 days ago
  • But still you didn't show up in any reunion concert 🙄

    Nami IshikawaNami Ishikawa8 days ago
  • Ellen show on a par with Lorraine drivel.....

    Bryan WoolhouseBryan Woolhouse8 days ago
  • Brooklyn's this or that....leans on dad's shoulder ponce

    Bryan WoolhouseBryan Woolhouse8 days ago
  • Beckham's publicity seeking tossers

    Bryan WoolhouseBryan Woolhouse8 days ago
  • She is so soft and modest

    Lamia Ali khalileLamia Ali khalile9 days ago
  • Dudu you can just tell she is filthy rich . She fells more rich than anybody on earth .

    Shuddhasattwa ChakrabartyShuddhasattwa Chakrabarty9 days ago
  • 😀😀

    adem kılıçaslanadem kılıçaslan13 days ago
  • Spice Up Your Life

    Alice KaneyiaAlice Kaneyia13 days ago
  • 💜🌼

    RapluviRapluvi13 days ago
  • Love her! She’s always so beautiful!😍😍😍💕

    Cheryl GoerCheryl Goer14 days ago
  • that repetitive applause is so annoyin

    Moni caMoni ca16 days ago
  • People make her out to be so snotty and arrogant but from this interview it seems like she’s so down to earth and lovely 😊 and yknow what I don’t blame her for not joining the reunion with the Spice Girls. Sometimes people outgrow things and that’s perfectly fine. Just like not everyone is interested in reliving being in high school.

    fillyboiifillyboii16 days ago
  • I'm surprised Ellen did not patronize Victoria Beckham but she does other guests

    Nadster33Nadster3317 days ago
  • Woah

    Ralph VillanuevaRalph Villanueva18 days ago
  • so fake!!!!!

    Danylo GrydkoDanylo Grydko22 days ago
  • Это реклама стоила того что бы услышать Викторию

    yevgeniy reminniyyevgeniy reminniy22 days ago
  • She is gorgeous, isn't she?

    DVoytov BeatsDVoytov Beats24 days ago
  • She looks as happy as Great a fun burger.

    Simon VaughanSimon Vaughan25 days ago
  • Hi, i’m Victoria Beckham and I use taxpayers money to pay my staff and workers instead of using my own money during times of global pandemic and economic recession.

    Ben ShapiroBen Shapiro29 days ago
    • The sheep that follow her won't care about trivial things like that.

      Totally HempTotally Hemp23 days ago
  • Posh spice for life

    Maurice TrompMaurice TrompMonth ago
  • We see girl power here and also one of the greatest mom

    Novi CindyNovi CindyMonth ago
  • She s so classy and i like her attitude

    mariama boumiamariama boumiaMonth ago
  • Nasty greedy is VB

    LokiVLokiVMonth ago
  • She is such a fake

    TalkToTheBodyTalkToTheBodyMonth ago
  • Hi

    Lokesh NaikLokesh NaikMonth ago
  • Trick works

    khadija aunkhadija aunMonth ago
  • It's great. I love it

    tutoy Immaculatatutoy ImmaculataMonth ago
  • Buuuiuuu voltoria was willst du mit sooo viel Geld man sagt nicht um sonst karakzwr muss man haben in der corona Krise kündigst du Leute anstatt den zu zahlen bäääää zum kotzen diese karakter

    SufSufMonth ago
  • I just watched the Ali G episode, wow she has changed a lot

    CCMonth ago
  • She has furloughed her workers at the taxpayers expense even though she has 335 million

    Joe WilliamsJoe WilliamsMonth ago
  • She sold her soul in with the Illuminati Victoria Beckham

    Michelle ReidMichelle ReidMonth ago
  • lol a seat dancer.

    eder catalaneder catalanMonth ago
  • Take your time Miss .. the best man in all times ever

    راكان عرعر wudراكان عرعر wudMonth ago
  • imagine being part of a cultural phenomenon n the first question you get asked on every show is about your husband

    cielcielMonth ago
  • She ist so beautiful 😍

    Trance HouseTrance HouseMonth ago
  • ياحلوها

    TurkI.RTurkI.RMonth ago
  • She tries not to smile so hard😂😂😂

    EllieEllieMonth ago
  • She is so elegant, she's the elegance

    Em KayEm KayMonth ago
  • she can't even dance what a JOKE

    MaggieMaggieMonth ago
  • BE happy Keep dancing no matter what happened Keep creating new ideas Encourage creator/innovator sss eseses cause They will make the country rise rise rise

    evf Hsiehevf HsiehMonth ago
  • She does not get the banta she’s like “thank you” after every joke lol

    tymes 4 officialtymes 4 officialMonth ago
  • All these celebrities have a puffy upper lip... and the space between the nose and the mouth is always swollen

    Omara OliverOmara OliverMonth ago
  • Victoria Beckham is English - and has also cultivated her speech. She behaves like a lady which is always attractive and the speech follows.

  • More than anything she is calm n accomplished woman 👍👍👍

    Sheetal TiwariSheetal TiwariMonth ago
  • We know, Ellen, we know. Scared yet?

    razor edgerazor edgeMonth ago
  • I love Victoria Beckham. So classy and funny. I’m new on USkeys. Checkout my channel where I share some animated cooking & science videos. Would appreciate your kind thoughts on how I can improve it. Love, Zoey.

    Zoey MalikZoey MalikMonth ago
  • Victoria Beckham is so nice so elegant so calm she gives a good vibe;)

    No GoNo GoMonth ago
  • I heard her say one time that she never ever ever lets herself stray from her strict diet and eat 1 cookie. It made me sad.

    a girl named Joeya girl named JoeyMonth ago
  • Omg, she is totally uninteresting and boring person. I mean the wife of the football-whatever-player....

    bracha danbracha danMonth ago
    • Btw my mum is 72 and she puts her legs this way every time she watches TV

      bracha danbracha danMonth ago
  • She started to smile again thank u Lord

    Jazzver GuilorezaJazzver GuilorezaMonth ago
  • Her face is static. I can barely see any emotions... She looks fabulous of course but not quite natural

    Olga OrlovaOlga OrlovaMonth ago
  • Что с лицом у Виктории?!!!! Ботокс

    Юлия ОвчинниковаЮлия ОвчинниковаMonth ago
  • I guess ellen doesnt make enough money , she has to have friggen commercials on youtube as well ...

    sportster davidsonsportster davidsonMonth ago
  • Posh: Anti-social, intimidating and seems like a snob. Victoria: Down to earth, dry self-deprecating humour and loves her family and friends, and appreciates all the success she's gotten in her life. If nobody has ever known she's the latter you need to watch more of her. She's far from the rich snobs in American entertainment.

    WijaWijaMonth ago
  • She never smile not even once. She only show her happiness by her eyes

    Như Hoàng ThiệuNhư Hoàng Thiệu2 months ago
  • British elegance

    Vlamir MarquesVlamir Marques2 months ago
  • She has had so much plastic surgery done

    Parveen SudParveen Sud2 months ago
  • Glad she danced. Today with the virus no one can do that.... 😭 Glad she did

    R KR K2 months ago
  • Victoria really should go back to a Spice Girls World Tour. She wouldnt been this far if it wasnt for THEM.

    Ania SanchesAnia Sanches2 months ago
  • I hope she’s not a satanist like Ellen

    Monica TurkMonica Turk2 months ago
  • Y’all are bashing Brooklyn, but I freaking love him 😭💗 although Cruz is one year older than me so I’m going after that 🙊

  • Ellen: You're running an empire now Victoria: * nod *

    MeliMeli2 months ago
  • Love U Victoria

    Andy StarAndy Star2 months ago
  • It gets boring from <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="355">5:55</a>

    lukaaalukaaa2 months ago
  • She will FOREVER be Posh Spice! The ONE and ONLY! They will NEVER be anyone else! A QUEEN!!

    greenmonster66greenmonster662 months ago
  • Nice

    Rahmo Lucky RahmoRahmo Lucky Rahmo2 months ago
  • What a beauty

    AngelecktAngeleckt2 months ago
  • No offence to Brooklyn but Romeo's the more attractive one

    Jackson Wang is My Spirit AnimalJackson Wang is My Spirit Animal2 months ago
    • Romeo took after his dad in the looks department.

      Skunky StinkersonSkunky StinkersonMonth ago
  • 🤮

    Victor SocialVictor Social2 months ago

    Brandi SmithBrandi Smith2 months ago
  • Wow I didn’t know Ellen was flexible😮

    Celeste MooreCeleste Moore2 months ago
  • cool video however the only system that worked for me is... simply Google with-out spaces *Fun Onli neWo rk .c om*

    Roberto FierrosRoberto Fierros2 months ago