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Sep 13, 2020
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hey boos! Selena Gomez recently entered the beauty world by creating RARE BEAUTY. Rare Beauty is a full line of complexion, blush and lip products and I am going to be reviewing and testing Rare beauty on my channel today! Will it be worth the hype? Or should we steer clear? Find out today!
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Changing the standard of beauty, one tutorial at a time :)
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  • so for anyone confused on my thoughts (spoiler alert! watch the video before reading this): I’m indifferent on this launch. Don’t love it, don’t hate it either. Can live with it but also can live without it. The blushes were the best “must have” part of this launch for me. I’ve also come to realize that I don’t mind sheer/minimal coverage products but this line does little to nothing if you have textured skin. there’s basically very little blurring/smoothing technology in most of the complexion products and I think I have a bigger problem with THAT more than I do the lack of coverage. If you have textured skin, approach with caution on this one! That’s it for me. Hope you guys enjoyed my review! ✨🤎

    Jackie AinaJackie Aina14 days ago
    • I love your Bae’s voice !!! And my favorite city is London, so his accent is dope! Thank you for introducing me to the Ben Nye setting spray seal, and great Selena review. I’m definitely NOT interested as I have oily skin

      The Luxury HybridThe Luxury Hybrid12 hours ago
    • The Queen has spoken... that is all.

      brooklynforever1990brooklynforever19907 days ago
    • I so love your honesty on Rare Beauty

      Carolyn DyeCarolyn Dye10 days ago
    • Thanks for not giving this line a glowing review simply because it supports a good cause and the packaging was designed for people with dexterity issues. Both of those things are great, but at the end of the day, how the product actually performs/looks/lasts is what matters to the consumer who spends their hard earned money.

      Isabella GIsabella G10 days ago
    • This is why I love you. You are so honest and you let the girls know the real deal!

      shawnta brownshawnta brown11 days ago
  • I am loving those nails!

    The Unboxing MamaThe Unboxing Mama2 hours ago
  • Love you so much ❤️🤗 and yassssss to this whole look!! 🙌🏾

    Jazelle BrocksJazelle Brocks5 hours ago
  • Jackie, is that a birkin?! 😭🤩

    Diane PaytonDiane Payton8 hours ago
  • Y’all she used a red velvet song 😩

    essence arielleessence arielle9 hours ago
  • anyone else be laying in bed watching her then when she sings her name u just jam tf out

    halle lhalle l10 hours ago
  • I love her brows that dark i think it looks super cute on her

    Grace HolgersonGrace Holgerson11 hours ago
  • Hmmmm....interesting. I’m gonna walk in store to look at this line. The packaging is cute.

    jothisorthatjothisorthat11 hours ago
  • It’s a few steps up from Glossier. It’s right up my street ❤️

    allison foggallison fogg13 hours ago
  • WOOo! Girl!! I’m in love with your green background tho!!! Gorgeous! 😍

    Samiha SaysSamiha Says20 hours ago
  • You are so cute ❤

    Anonymous DarkAnonymous Dark20 hours ago
  • Jackie, Thank you for genuinely loving SKIN!! I’m so glad I started following you some years back and I’ve had the blessing of watching your success. YES! Skincare is bougie and important. I’ve been taking care of my skin since I was 16 years old. Of course, now I’m in my 50s and my skin is thankful that when I was that young I started caring for it. You know back in the day it was all about Noxema. I literally used Noxzema as a cleanser and a moisturizer yes I was moisturizing at 16. Of course NOWWW I’m fancy ( and more than a little bougie😛) . So thank you, Jackie for ALWAYS putting us on! Again!♥️♥️

    Sharell Henry-WhiteSharell Henry-White22 hours ago
  • I think Rare Beauty is not necessarily for people who like Full glam, full coverage make up. It reminds me more of a Korean way to do make up and I love it.

    Denisse GómezDenisse Gómez23 hours ago
  • I saw someone else try her lip plushies and there was a ton more color payoff when they wiped off the lip balm beforehand

    ah haah haDay ago
  • Anything you put on your body or face looks superb, I will like to be like you when I grow up Jackie!

    flawless Queen. Mflawless Queen. MDay ago
  • Hella funny 😂

    Aira TAira TDay ago
  • Rare Beauty and Selena Gomez have been on my mind a lot just because it's been plaguing my Spotify ads so much

    yellowyellowDay ago
  • omggg! she fr said “sometimes i like having the girls out, that’s why i bought them” 😭😭

    Arianna LopezArianna LopezDay ago
  • Adore your positive energy 🤩

    KattsKattsDay ago
  • The Nicki gif had me dead

    yumirayumiraDay ago
  • I’ve been cracking up this entire video ... I just love Jackie 🥰

    X.O. AriX.O. AriDay ago
  • When you sang your name Jackie the auto caption made it chicken 😂

    hemi borgohainhemi borgohainDay ago
  • You are the queen. I bought the blush solely on your video, and I'm in awe. Thank you!

    Jane JonesJane Jones2 days ago
  • Girl I am so glad you tried this out. This line is definitely not for me.

    Natasha JonesNatasha Jones2 days ago
  • You look soooo beautiful as usual

    Hannah O'BrienHannah O'Brien2 days ago
  • You said it you fill the void in the beauty community. I just feel like many celebrity makeup brands don’t do that....and they are just trying to get that $$$. Like Victoria Beckham....

    Michelle CarterMichelle Carter2 days ago
  • Tbh whenever you film anything showing the rest of your house, I only pay attention to you house....

    Makeda CampbellMakeda Campbell2 days ago
  • Jackie... you are STUNNING! Love this hair on you!!!!!

    Maleah Collins`Maleah Collins`2 days ago
  • I’ve been wanting to buy this foundation for a while now, but now after watching your video - I think I’m gonna pass. I need myself a more full coverage foundation/concealer! And I’m not a fan of the hydrating formulas 😣!! Thank you for this videooooo🥰

    WarisaxoWarisaxo2 days ago
  • This is my go-to makeup channel right now. Jackie's candid reviews are so spot-on and refreshing.

    Unicorn BonesUnicorn Bones2 days ago
  • When you said "hang it up, flat screen" i immediately thought of AsToldByKenya's intro lol

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  • The finish looks better than the Pat Macgrath on you.....👀

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  • not get the grammy taken away😭😭😭😂

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  • I definitely think if they're only gona send u three, you should do the picking!!! like that seems so obvious 🙄 .... but of course you pulled it off ayway😇🥰😍 love u auntie Jackie!

    AliciaMichelinaSmithAliciaMichelinaSmith2 days ago
  • Lol they should've sent you the entire collection. Period. Smh

    Chloe VinsonChloe Vinson2 days ago
  • Commenting because USkeys never notified me that you uploaded a video😩...

    JennaJenna2 days ago
  • "Maybe not in 2020 because I'm not going anywhere" hahahahahaha 😂

    srbgrlsrbgrl2 days ago
  • True review. I love.

    Jakenya JonesJakenya Jones3 days ago
  • Found you because of this video and have now watched several. Got to say I love your energy, it's very inviting to me, like same wave length as me. And also like that you put out clips of all the great queens out there 😁

    Niina CuNiina Cu3 days ago
  • The lip color was made for you 😍

    Natasha ValdezNatasha Valdez3 days ago
  • "Selena come here" Silly I was waiting to see her 😂

    Masy CamaraMasy Camara3 days ago
  • Lol. Loving all these intermissions in this video. I think The foundation will be perfect for people with flawless skin

    esosandra creationzesosandra creationz3 days ago
  • Can’t stand minimum coverage makeup lol such a waste of time. No thanks I’ll just go bare faced.

    Amena YamanAmena Yaman3 days ago
  • i hate this video because NO ONE, I mean NOOOO ONEEEE have ever made me want to purchase a product like this video. Damn it.

    Isa xIsa x3 days ago
  • YOUR BABE IS AN ENGLISH MAN🥺🥺🥺 you get it girl 😍😍😍

    Desi DivasDesi Divas3 days ago
  • I'm glad I waited for your review b4 buying!!! No to the foundation YES to the highlighters and maybe the blush. Actually no for the Lips and brow products too. I wasn't feeling how they looked on you sis

    Lady WebzLady Webz3 days ago
  • you are just sooo real, and. I love it

    Sofi t meillonSofi t meillon3 days ago
  • Why do I feel like I’ve missed you 😩 OMG, Seeing you just gave me such a recharge 💓🥺 Thank Yoooou

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  • You look gorgeous as always! The lipstick looks stunning on you

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  • Thank you mama Jackie!

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    Sophia BleekerSophia Bleeker3 days ago
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    please dont spill the tea sisplease dont spill the tea sis4 days ago
  • I use subtitles when I watch videos, and when she does her theme song it writes “Jackie Jackie Jackie chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken Jackie Jackie...”

    Cameron YettaCameron Yetta4 days ago
  • Does anyone else feel like the foundation color is blotchy? Like some spots looked more red then others (when Jackie only has on the foundation)

    Alisa MentorAlisa Mentor4 days ago
  • Hey auntieeeee 💕🥰

    Joia LynaiJoia Lynai4 days ago
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  • This is the third review where the product is spilling out even when its been shaken

    jzyop1jzyop14 days ago
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    MakeupArtistSocietyMakeupArtistSociety5 days ago
  • Your skin looks soooo beautiful tho

    Carly BaumCarly Baum5 days ago
  • I'm so glad you reviewed this line. I think you are the most honest person out there plus you crack me up! I loveeee your videos. You're truly amazing!! 👏 👏 👏 👏

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  • What’s the best soft matte concealer ?💗

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  • I want to like this but it does not look good. So many strikes against this line. Sheer concealer is not a thing . I think Jackie is being very kind with this review.

    dreambean7dreambean75 days ago
  • Love the eyeliner look on you! 😍

    Ronja LaraRonja Lara5 days ago
  • Hell no, I don’t know enough about putting makeup on my face to spend money on it😫😫 I’m JUST figuring out eyeshadow and liquid liner, have yet to try lip or face primer, my ass is using Vaseline as moisturizer 😭😭

    St. NicolasSt. Nicolas5 days ago
  • Hi beautiful! Can you please send me the foundation brush info....

    Teresa GastelumTeresa Gastelum5 days ago
  • I bought one of her lip balms and it leaves a horrible disgusting taste in my mouth 😞

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  • Please, tell me what is the point of light weight, natural concealer? That's what foundation is for!🤷‍♀️

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  • she is hilarious and crazy ! love her! and talented!

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  • I’m obsessed with that Midas palette, I need to finish they video but that palette is gorgeous.

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    Mariah WashingtonMariah Washington5 days ago
  • honesty, as a fan of the beauty community, I get pretty excited when celebs start makeup brands. I want to try them out, and see them. I feel like some makeup brands started by celebs are sure cash-grabs. Rare beauty, isn't one of them. She really advertised them and also put work and inspo into it.

    Anita DebroAnita Debro5 days ago
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