2018 Brazilian Army MRE Operational Ration (6 Hours) Review Meal Ready to Eat Tasting Test

Jul 30, 2020
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This Brazilian 6 hour ration is used during training, or on missions that do not require a full 24 hour ration. With minced beef as the main course, it's made twice as nice by that mandioca powder. And bananana - a delectable sweet treat made from cooked & rendered ripe bananas and formed into a bar. Huge thanks to Safariman1 for making this review happen!
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you enjoyed this one, as I certainly did making it!
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  • Steve: tastes Brazilian MRE Brazilians: N I C E HUE HUE BR BR

    KriefferKrieffer2 days ago
  • My dude’s tastebuds are so refined he can taste electrolytes

    Juan D. FloresJuan D. Flores3 days ago
  • Farofa temperada e sempre muito bom😀

    Monjardim LopesMonjardim Lopes3 days ago
  • I love It when Steve gives the MRE’s a description of what they taste like and look

    Peter MonaghanPeter Monaghan5 days ago
  • Farofa militar!

    MrNinjaSasquatchMrNinjaSasquatch7 days ago
  • I'll take my Farina with cream and sugar please. Or even some sweetened condensed milk.

    Sherry KSherry K8 days ago
  • Agora sim, tu aprendeu a por a farinha no feijão. uehauehaeuh :D muito bom

    Bryan SantosBryan Santos9 days ago
    • @Evequina Na MRE da marinha do Brasil, ele não colocou a farinha no feijão kkkkkkkk. O gringo não sabia, agora deu certo. Kkkkkkkkkkk

      Bryan SantosBryan Santos8 days ago
    • Kkkkkkkkkkk

      EvequinaEvequina9 days ago
  • Alright, cool.

    Marcelo BrunkenMarcelo Brunken14 days ago
  • 😂😂😂😂😂 comeu tudo

  • So simple yet it seems quite natural, I think many countries go overboard with shelf-stable food stuff chemicals. Keep it simple, I bet it is healthier than eating so many preservatives.

    Schmidt54Schmidt5416 days ago
  • Mah boi speaking Spanish?👀👀. Ok, I see you Steve

    Tyler JupiterTyler Jupiter16 days ago

    OzzymandiasOzzymandias16 days ago
  • 4:40 that's just a best before, it will last way longer just like 1945 ww2 cheese spread 😁😁😁

    N GunisN Gunis16 days ago
  • im mildly confused on why farina goes on the rice. its like the same stuff almost

    mark kaymark kay17 days ago
  • 7-1

    Vernon GovenderVernon Govender17 days ago
  • Came just to point that you can, in fact, use "farinha de mandioca" to make porridge by mixing with water (and salt). We call it "pirão" or "pirão d'agua" (water porridge), a common dish in south Brazil (eaten with smoked sausage)

    BigudsBiguds18 days ago
  • More plz , seems too good I wanna see more !!!!

    Watch NakaWatch Naka18 days ago
  • Wonderful little tune from our lemonade 6:11

    Sargeant.Sargeant.19 days ago
  • New sub so I may be missing key info, but would you consider lighting 1-2 matches from packs when you get them? I feel like that would be satisfying. Also, I love how you say "right off the bat" and "nice." Great, entertaining channel.

    Leah PropstLeah Propst19 days ago
  • Steve, your music is so unique and tranquilizing. I need some longer videos of those. Thank you for the video, as always. Respect and blessings from Germany

    Urukosh !Urukosh !19 days ago
  • 12:28 Look.. at.. this.. sexy gentlemen already!!!

    Urukosh !Urukosh !19 days ago
  • 10:59 A Chef presenting his redefined dish to Steve after some harsh critique of the last attempt. This time, Steve is positively surprised as you can hear

    Urukosh !Urukosh !19 days ago
  • *Casually eats barrel of cheese balls while watching MRE videos*

    82rising82rising19 days ago
  • twerk

    brad bryantbrad bryant20 days ago
  • this looks delicious!

    Anthony KoeslagAnthony Koeslag20 days ago
  • Brasiiiillll 💪💪💪🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    Rodrigo VieiraRodrigo Vieira21 day ago
  • (PLEASE READ IF POSSIBLE )+!Steve, I haven't watched any of your videos in a while due to being here in Solice (Mission Hospice Hospital) in Asheville, NC. I feel like you may have gotten upset with due to the Christmas Card I sent you. I know I wrote a lot in the Card but I just wanted you to know the happiness you have brought into my life since I was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. Guess what? No more feeding tube. I can eat what I want but I don't have a appetite. My brother brought me 2 MRE'S and I had do much fun videoing them to send to my family. I did try a bite of everything. I got a Maple Pound Cake in one and a Marble Muffin top in one and I ate it all but no type 2 coffee. Nevertheless, I hope the Christmas Card didn't upset you or bother you with what I wrote. While battling this you have helped me through much more than you will ever know. I am still going to try to order a tshirt or something from you and use it as a gown since I don't wear street clothes anymore. I want to.thank you again for being a inspiration to me through this battle. I hope this comment finds you well. Never ever stop what your doing. I was going to send you a Pancreatic Cancer Awareness tshirt to possibly wear on your show but I couldn't. God Bless You and your Family. May your channel grow and grow. I am posting this on a few of your videos hoping you will receive it soon. Please take care. Bye for now. Your #1 Fan, Julia Young

    Julia YoungJulia Young21 day ago
  • Steve, Is there ANY North Korean rations videos or even info on them? I can't find NOTHING. Stickyfingaz did one out it was one of his trick rations that gets me everytime. You guys need to go there and watch his NK ration even though I spoiled it He is so funny. Anyway, I learned that the North Korean Military was unhealthy and malnourished and was fed mainly potatoes. They have almost 2 million soldiers but they would be to weak to fight in a war. They go home for a month and recuperate then back to their job. I know I have 2 comments on here but if I put this one on the one I want you to read, it would be REALLY LONG. Thank you Steve for any Info on the NK rations. I just can't find a video of one.

    Julia YoungJulia Young21 day ago
  • I came for the history, stayed for the sexy arms.

    Hooplayeah7Hooplayeah722 days ago
  • Até q enfim um do Brasil 💚

    fabricio amaralfabricio amaral22 days ago
  • 7:03 alien confirmed. Who tf doesn't know what a gumdrop is?

    sirdzl710sirdzl71022 days ago
  • pls review Malaysian Army MRE ty

    iMoxy GamingiMoxy Gaming22 days ago
  • Steve, I love you and your channel. I have to know: have you ever been hospitalized for anything you have eaten? I have watched nearly all of your videos. I have seen some where you put on a hazmat type suit with respirator. Do you have any stomach issues from your diet? I was on the military and love some of the mre's I had. I would love to try some of the ones you have shown. Love what you do.

    Micheal WhiteheadMicheal Whitehead22 days ago
  • NGL, I had to mentally fight back the urge of using the alcohol gel to clean my hands before fueling the stove. The results would have been rather...incendiary.

    CantorOfLengCantorOfLeng23 days ago
  • I call bs. This is way more than a lunch in the field. Way too costly for a second world army. They are issuing one of these per day max.

    dynoclausdynoclaus23 days ago
  • Man i just gotta say this is legit one of the best channels on USkeys. Just so wholesome and relaxing, especially considering what's going on in the world. Just a celebration of the universal joyful community activity of eating. And at the same time it forces us to confront the logistical brutality of war through the eyes (well mouths) of people we might have once called enemy. And because you review foreign MREs we can imagine WE might have been considered the enemy aggressor. Regardless of your thoughts and nationalism and war, we can all agree these were often just kids, bravely fighting for their country, their friends and family. Homesick, scared, hungry, exhausted, yearning for a reminder of the comforts of home. Keep up the great work. I know I'm not the only one who gets so much joy from your vids. I could watch for hours.

    EJ StarkEJ Stark24 days ago
  • Great video Steve. The food looks real good. The Brazilians take good care of their soldiers.

    Mark MunroMark Munro24 days ago
  • O gringo descobriu farinha de mandioca kkk

    B SouzaB Souza24 days ago
  • Farina = Cream of Wheat

    J C VAUGHNJ C VAUGHN24 days ago
  • Is that the back to the future almanac?

    Frank CanslerFrank Cansler24 days ago
  • forbidden lube

    ZeroslitZeroslit25 days ago
  • 9:42 that’s a real juicer

    PWRFLPWRFL25 days ago
  • wait brazil still has food?

  • Dude, this is about the most wholesome channel I've ever encountered.

    Concerned CitizenConcerned Citizen25 days ago
  • Brazilian food is legit garbage. It's rice and arroz. That spread is designed to obscure the fact that the meat is not edible without it. Gulp down the goblets and pray.

    AndreasAndreas27 days ago
  • Dude, One of the channels (Discovery or whatever) stole your idea here. They call it eating history . Shit.....should of somehow patented the idea or concept somehow.

    Michael SMichael S27 days ago
  • Steve. What is the best way to determine the difference between artificial and natural flavors when you taste them?

    SkaterptaterSkaterptater27 days ago
  • I dont want to go to Brazil

    brenskii 101brenskii 10127 days ago
  • This is not just mre opening video also asmr. Annoying

    Furkan DilmeçFurkan Dilmeç27 days ago
  • haha can you just read Portuguese?!?

    john markjohn mark27 days ago
  • I want 2 live in a world where Somone notices Steve's passion and knowledge and puts him on the board that designs future ration packs also that countrys have been slipping growth hormones and military grade superdrugs into rations for years and Steve now has the attributes of 2.5 men

    Jimmy puffbuzJimmy puffbuz27 days ago
  • The thing that i like the most in this channel is that he always finishes up all the food. He not just taste the food for the sake of the review

    Hilmi FirdausHilmi Firdaus28 days ago
  • Is Steve a veteran? What's the origin of these videos? I love them, tho8gh

    AndyMAndyM28 days ago
  • Are you fluent in Portuguese

    Vio-Noob _Vio-Noob _28 days ago
  • looks way too sugar heavy

    S1nwarS1nwar28 days ago
  • "ill be back in a sec. Gonna let this heat up." Comes back, candy is missing hahaha

    Metal 4AllMetal 4All28 days ago
  • "That's lit!"

    bwc1976bwc197628 days ago
  • Steve's all excited about the napkins...😂 I haven't watched many of your videos, but I think this is the first time you've completely finished a military ration.

    Kurt M.Kurt M.29 days ago
  • Watching him try the Brazilian rations reminds me a lot of my late father. He served as a commando in the Brazilian Special Forces in the early 80s until '85, when the country was no longer ruled via military dictatorship. Of course, according to him, rations were whatever you could hunt down in the forests in those days. As for meal comparisons? Well I never saw my dad eat feijoada without farinha or farofa if we had it at home.

    N7Infil95N7Infil9529 days ago
  • I love the idea of him having experience like going to an interesting restaurant

    justin arsenaultjustin arsenault29 days ago
  • Farina is cream of wheat right?

    justin arsenaultjustin arsenault29 days ago
  • Beverage is from the 1930's

    Ross MunroRoss Munro29 days ago
  • "Beverage" It is called a drink.

    Ross MunroRoss Munro29 days ago
  • Uma delicia.

    DileanDilean29 days ago
  • 🙂🤔👀👍💻👍👨‍🍳😋🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    Vladimir OrlovVladimir Orlov29 days ago
  • Yeah, my mother used to cook me a lot of this. Always loved it, with potatoes and olives as well.

  • Who else was triggered when he said, "it's packed with electrolytes".... Like how on Earth do you taste Electrolytes

    Lil SxavageLil SxavageMonth ago
  • Love this

    Wayne BarfootWayne BarfootMonth ago
  • omg your skin is so clear. what soap do you use?

    Rachel RosenRachel RosenMonth ago
  • I love these videos

    Rachel RosenRachel RosenMonth ago
  • You know that nerd in the tie who reviews fast food? Steve is his brollock little brother

    DoctorMeatballDoctorMeatballMonth ago
  • "This taste like lemonade and really delicious lemonade that is." -Steve 2019

    Jay DeMarcoJay DeMarcoMonth ago
  • Fry some scrumbled egg with Olive oil and onion rings, on Cassava flour and viola: FAROFA is. Great energetic food. With that lemonade, nobody gets You in a Jungle.

    TomasnokTomasnokMonth ago
  • Some could live a few days on that 6h MRE. Wipping is for sure a prep 🤣

    TomasnokTomasnokMonth ago
  • Hope you get some vintage stock again soon, I miss cringing rather than salivating as you chow down :)

    Drunk3nMas7erDrunk3nMas7erMonth ago
  • That's it. You're fighting for Brazil.

    Daniel SánchezDaniel SánchezMonth ago
  • Shiny!

    Anthony PetersAnthony PetersMonth ago
  • That alcohol fuel can be used as sanitizer too. Nice.

    DragonAuroraDragonAuroraMonth ago
  • You are awesome brother 💪

    Gary TaylorGary TaylorMonth ago
  • Steve, please sit and discuss history with me! I'll treat you to any MRE you want! I love Russian MREs.

    Gary TaylorGary TaylorMonth ago
  • ASMR.... ration style.

    Ashley KleinAshley KleinMonth ago
  • He might go to Brazil.

    JMadden 64JMadden 64Month ago
  • Hey man great vídeo. I m from Brazil and i really enjoy your work. Nice to see an brazilian ration on the chanel. Few years ago i was in the army, and this food kept me and the boys ready to face the days in trainning. Thanks for reminding me some good times i spend in the exército brasileiro. 👌👍🔝🇧🇷

    Luiz Henrique Goehl PintoLuiz Henrique Goehl PintoMonth ago
  • me: "hey Steve, why can't I get a girlfriend?" Steve: "you're not thirst provoking"

    Andrew DeLongAndrew DeLongMonth ago
  • Fucker always goes to the corner to eat. Why?

    one 808one 808Month ago
  • Comendo da nossa ração, né, mano?! kkkkkkkkkkk

    Ismael RodriguesIsmael RodriguesMonth ago
  • Alcohal fuel gel? I have that too, it's called hand sanitizer

    1000 subscribers challenge1000 subscribers challengeMonth ago
  • 2:00, clearly states gumdrops.. and they're not jelly.

    S RS RMonth ago
  • Gosh! Your voice is sooo relaxing.

    ClarisseClarisseMonth ago
  • I think it's jasmine brown rice. I don't think I could convince myself to eat a banana like that. 😂

    Lieutenant BaconWafflesLieutenant BaconWafflesMonth ago
  • Steve is the Bob Ross of taste testers.

    Lieutenant BaconWafflesLieutenant BaconWafflesMonth ago
  • I love how Stevie can understand every language on a ration but he calls them "Assorted fruit jelly candies" when in fact the package actually said "gumdrops"...almost as if he was brought up on rations and MREs and never had them as a kid. Love the site for its nostalgia that re-awakens my destroyed taste buds....was in from 1982 to 2012 so had more than my share as a grunt of C-rats and the 'Bag Nasties'.

    sarge0351sarge0351Month ago
  • I'll wager that the generous napkin pack is also to be used as toilet paper.

    Patriot_next_doorPatriot_next_doorMonth ago
  • Nice! you should taste the “feijoada” menu, the best of the best

    Bolsas NaraBolsas NaraMonth ago
  • That's fine, don't even mention your about your EDC Pocket knife.

    Hunt For AdventureHunt For AdventureMonth ago
  • I love the Ken*L Ration T shirt. Is that your next review???

    JBJBMonth ago
  • Cara o arroz não cozinhou direito

    york_ TDYyork_ TDYMonth ago
  • Just wondering what tipe of mess kit you like best

    tayuyaluver42tayuyaluver42Month ago
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