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May 22, 2020
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  • Ok but Rosalina's outfit is the strait up the coolest thing I have seen on this series.

    Chai HillChai HillDay ago
    • Commandant Rosalina!

      Zachary HolzgenZachary Holzgen20 hours ago
    • Hell yeah.

      Mr. AxeMr. Axe23 hours ago
    • It reminds me of Captain Harlock's cape, but whatever it is its really nice.

      cj jonescj jonesDay ago
    • @Chai Hill Are you not exactly right?

      Andrew MaciasAndrew MaciasDay ago
    • lol

      alanhasmemesalanhasmemesDay ago
  • Roslina is evil. Not surprised

    fawful the great gamerfawful the great gamer41 minute ago
  • 0:16 i think what that code says because i couldn't find anything to translate it

    chairchairHour ago
  • Firstly: it's Wahoo, not Mario. Second: I really hope this is gonna be something really long. Third: This is gonna top cory in the house for best anime.

    happyfaces_ 321happyfaces_ 321Hour ago
  • The dislike is from metal knight troops because they doesn't have any home

    My English badMy English bad8 hours ago
  • Sonic or Samus?

    Slasherr FarSlasherr Far9 hours ago
  • it will be released in my favourite season, *E P I C C*

    awesome animeawesome anime11 hours ago
  • Something About Super Mario Galaxy - ANIMATED (Loud Sound Warning)

    wye ttwye tt15 hours ago
  • The bridge reminds me of the Resisty ship from invader zim lol

    Music MongerMusic Monger16 hours ago

    Bartłomiej SochaBartłomiej Socha19 hours ago
  • Geno may have not gotten into smash, but hes in for a heck of a ride(cant wait to see what happens!)

    BoombitsBoombits22 hours ago
  • coming winter 2020... the world ending disasters: "I THINK NOT!"

    ima lemonima lemon23 hours ago
  • Omg that looks cool

    KingKingDay ago
  • ??????????? I’m so confused

    papa wariopapa warioDay ago
  • Best cliff hanger since Series of unfortunate events

    Mark St. John EricksonMark St. John EricksonDay ago
  • My dog trying to find that treat she hid away

    Adrian PerezAdrian PerezDay ago
  • I really wonder if this is gonna culminate into something not as jokey but much more serious?

    Dryvi VibebiDryvi VibebiDay ago
  • I love this. New entertainment. More screams. More more. *Kirby*

    The Screaming BirdThingThe Screaming BirdThingDay ago
  • ⊂((・▽・))⊃

    Fabian BalancaFabian BalancaDay ago
  • Give. It. To. Me....NOW! ^_^

    CyphrussCyphrussDay ago
  • A something about mario galaxy vid would be more than appreciated

    Andrew MaciasAndrew MaciasDay ago
  • What

    Maria das neves araujo da silvaMaria das neves araujo da silvaDay ago
  • WHAT?

    Martin PadillaMartin PadillaDay ago
  • PARASHOCK X ????

    Noé RaoulxNoé RaoulxDay ago
  • Wait if it said 0 genies collected, does that mean game genies? Because they were mentioned in the end credits animation in the sonic episode

    YoshiRidingYoshiYoshiRidingYoshiDay ago
  • Wut?!

    Dr. MarioYTDr. MarioYTDay ago
  • I swear if this does not feature an epic battle between the two speed demons Mario and sonic then I will be very upsetSince this trailer was released not too long after something about sonic the hedgehog and we all know what happened when he absorbed the chaos emeralds

    Le Plant BoiLe Plant BoiDay ago

    NoLifePatrick is cool roblox user follow mNoLifePatrick is cool roblox user follow m2 days ago
  • Which winter?

    Basilist17Basilist172 days ago
  • Now is that mario or is it samus?

    WooIn Louie YANGWooIn Louie YANG2 days ago
  • ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    João Oliveira PereiraJoão Oliveira Pereira2 days ago
  • Since all of the "every copy of SM64 is personalized" thing is pretty popular rn, I think it would be cool to see speed demon mario face off against the wario apparition in future "story" videos I guess. Or maybe you already had that in mind? idk

    IzofdoorsIzofdoors2 days ago
  • ?

    Leon AlbínoLeon Albíno2 days ago
  • Something abóyate súper Mario galaxy

    Jimena MicucciJimena Micucci2 days ago
  • The non liked Brigade

    Bad Times GodBad Times God2 days ago
  • Uhhh... Is that Super Star Shooter in terraria journey's end reference?!

    Hasoni GamerHasoni Gamer2 days ago
  • ?????

    Technical Fun-DipTechnical Fun-Dip3 days ago
  • Can someone please tell me what that was?

    Nade ColesNade Coles3 days ago
  • Imagine if mario used all of his power oh boy the whole milky is his property

    Leyton KeelLeyton Keel3 days ago
  • I never played past Galaxy 1 so all I see is Admiral Mama

    Alpha TangoAlpha Tango3 days ago

    Lore DominguezLore Dominguez3 days ago
  • I love how this is literally a series now

    Meta MatterMeta Matter3 days ago
  • Something about Mario galaxy

    RunawayFoil GamesRunawayFoil Games3 days ago
  • Man said winter 2020 as if decembers not the only winter month

    CrysolaCrysola3 days ago
  • Smg4??????

    Arrow LooperArrow Looper3 days ago

    djmini tydjmini ty3 days ago
  • Please tell me that is not a reference to "Winter 2014" Please don't let us down.

    Noel ColonNoel Colon4 days ago
  • this video would be really cool if i spoke wingdings

    Diamond king koiDiamond king koi4 days ago
  • I'm gonna take a wild guess and say that's either Sonic after getting the Emeralds OR Mario entering a new dimension.

    QuikravenLIVEQuikravenLIVE4 days ago
  • Hmmmm Mario as a demon is a god

    Aston TranAston Tran4 days ago
  • Considering there’s something about the legend of Zelda, and that one is about Ocarina of Time, (And the most recent something), does that mean in that world it’s 1998?

    LouLou4 days ago
  • *Visible Confusion*

    MyBigYoshiMyBigYoshi4 days ago
  • so about that sableye

    Karma's CommentaryKarma's Commentary4 days ago
  • This Something Series is becoming my favorite anime, and fast. There's so much lore here. I have profiles to make and stuff to say about those individuals that links many things together. This will be a big read. ---- Speedrunner Mario/Wahoo/Uaaahooo: Mario is already dead as shown in the Super Mario World video when his ghost is seen in the Ghost House and King Boo mentions he is already possessed, later revealed to be a Speed Demon. However, he faces off against Fox (it is unknown if that video was canon or not) and reveals the demon along with later apologizing to his brother for his list for speed. He's complicated. Luigi/Green Mario: Mario's underdog excorcist brother, who truly cares for his brother and wants to save him from his demon. Luigi tries to stop him in the Super Mario World video, but ultimately the demon possessed Mario escapes. He also saves Mario from King Boo who seems to be conducting a ritual related to Mario and his speed demon. What the ritual was supposed to do, we don't know. Cast out the speed demon to let King Boo possess Mario? Let both the speed demon *and* King Boo possess Mario? I don't know. Star Fox/Melee Fox: he had a music video and he is fast cool also krystal haha controller sounds he lost to speed demon Mario. Samus/Spamus: all endings are canon, so depending on the PU she is either somewhere in space with Slippy or racing with Captain Falcon. The Pokémon Universe: It is unknown if it is in a separate universe or not this multiverse stuff is complicated I just know that everyone is dead thanks to Necrozma and I REALLY want to see Necrozma in the Winter thing. It would be cool. Along with Trainer Red and Ditto. Peach: On the surface, she seems to be neutral, but as seen in the Luigi's Mansion video, she puts Mario inside the painting on a wall. The castle is shown at the beginning of this with the holes he previously left in this, and she gives Luigi a FAT stack of cash for the painting, so perhaps this was her plot for revenge all along*? She's a princess and has tons of both political power and also weird princess heart powers in smash and floating okay whatever. She could have convinced King Boo to plot the thing all along and used Luigi as well. Lenk/Lunk/Lonk: saves Hyrule, blah blah blah excuuuuuu- Kirbo: A devout Christian, who spends most of his time spreading the good news like peanut butter until his planet inevitably erupts into chaos and he has to fix it. He still hasn't fixed the gaping whole in the center of his planet. Just use Flex Tape or Flex Seal. World of Light: it happened, I guess. *Mario left Peach in a cage so this may be why she put him in a painting along with destroying her castle. Marx was there. Mario turned into a hand and defeated Galeem/Darkhon/whatever by using parallel universes (as said in super Mario world video). Edit: also Sonic happened and he could definitely stop speedrunner Mario And that concludes most of what I know of the Something Series Cinematic Universe. What will happen this Winter? Will Jeremy see my comment? Am I baby? the end

    Aquarion 237Aquarion 2374 days ago
  • Well..."that"...very obvious ship for you has "landed". I'm angry. I don't like this. I don't want to talk to anyone. I'm maaaad. And you're funny. I love you. Like...just "more"...you can't quantify that. Good show. I loved slowing your subliminal messages about this ridiculous world down and reading it at slow speeds. I pay "attention" from this standpoint anyway lol. You're cool in my book

    SPWATHYSPWATHY4 days ago
  • (Rosilena) is the monster here? (Geno in his head)...........y e s (sound from DK) (hearing mario's backjump) (rosilena) activate the bombs (idk if they have bombs) (mario dodges) (mario) u think I can be (demon voice) D E A D !!!! (Hits the wing) (the luma screams) (rosilena) We need to run NOW (To be continued....tomorrow)

    Peyton CaplingerPeyton Caplinger4 days ago
  • Y A H O O

    El DootEl Doot4 days ago
  • Best referense to Gurren lagan

    atomic manatomic man4 days ago
  • Year 19XX And earthbound is set in 199X... Coincidence? I THINK NOT!

    Well The simulationsWell The simulations4 days ago
  • to ansioso !

    AlechaNineAlechaNine4 days ago
  • @Terminalmontage did I just spy a Chrono Trigger 19XX?

    Dark WarlordDark Warlord4 days ago
  • ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    kancadolankancadolan4 days ago

    LucenikenLuceniken4 days ago
  • Has anyone noticed geno is in the background of most of the something abouts

    Chalana GodboldChalana Godbold4 days ago
  • TerminalMontage 5 years ago: Geno 4 smash!!!!1! TerminalMontage now: YOU HAVE FAILED ME FOR THE LAST TIME.

    Maza AziMaza Azi5 days ago
  • im assuming something about super mario galaxy? just by seeing those luma

    N16N165 days ago
  • Uh da mai

    Sara TinessiSara Tinessi5 days ago
  • hmmmmmm the fact that the animations get more stupider and better I like it

    lazier _pizzalazier _pizza5 days ago
  • Remember back when all Geno had to worry about was Luigi turning everyone into Luigis?

    Literally Your CatLiterally Your Cat5 days ago
  • "Something about Mario Galaxy" if that my title guess

    Hii Electric HereHii Electric Here5 days ago
  • *? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?*

    Daven LambertDaven Lambert5 days ago
  • Vat ist goink on in here

    Menk 2005Menk 20055 days ago
  • this looks epic

    Kronoz ToaztKronoz Toazt5 days ago
  • What?

    Christian AguileraChristian Aguilera5 days ago
  • in a part of this series there will be the geno fighting with a shadow in a place where it happens in Something about Sonic the hedgehog, you can ask me later.

    Davi BezerraDavi Bezerra5 days ago
  • turns out sonic and mario will have one final battle to see who's faster and end up destroying the multiverse

    João JoaquimJoão Joaquim5 days ago
  • ?

    рен ТVрен ТV5 days ago
  • What’s this supposed to be?!? Something About: The Movie?

    Yoshi Nerd32Yoshi Nerd325 days ago
  • In Mario RPG Geno is an action figure possessed by a spirit. So if you use the Geno Mii Fighter costume with the Geno Spirit, and WISH HARD ENOUGH

    DoctorTopperDoctorTopper5 days ago
  • Be one serie of this NOW!

    betuber selmikatbetuber selmikat5 days ago