r/Maliciouscompliance How I Got Revenge Against My Evil Teacher

Jun 30, 2020
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r/Maliciouscompliance In today's episode, OP has an incredibly obnoxious teacher who thinks that her word is the absolute law. And to make things worse, the teacher is a complete hypocrite who thinks that the rules don't apply to her. The teacher thinks that she can crush OP's spirit, but OP gets sugary-sweet revenge in the nicest way possible: with malicious compliance! If you like this video and want to see more, subscribe to my channel for more daily Reddit videos!
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  • 9:14 I would’ve asked my daughter what the hell is going on that I don’t know about, because what your doing is morally wrong

    OKpokeloser_radiohead06 BOKpokeloser_radiohead06 B11 hours ago
  • You are such a kind guy your boss was a dick and you now promote people like him to over a million people.

    LiL TeaPotLiL TeaPotDay ago
  • Rslash, could you also post your podcast on SoundCloud please

    Elias RivasElias Rivas3 days ago
  • 10:50 I also have bad memories of catholic schools, it was always a bunch of preppy shits getting a power trip off of bullying the less fortunate or people in lower grades

    BVWB 123BVWB 1233 days ago
  • Mrs. M was a damn good teacher. Using clever psychological tricks to make a kid study her classes so hard.

    ShizlgizlShizlgizl3 days ago
  • When my 4yo asks me hard questions I give her the full unabridged scientific/theological answer. It works quite well and she often goes quiet and things about it..... until the next/follow up questions :P Needless to say she will hopefully be very well informed and use the knowledge her mother and I can share to grow into a health adult.

    Phillip Torricke-BartonPhillip Torricke-Barton5 days ago
  • How on earth can it be legal for a school to not teach proper sex Ed? The US really is strange

    The ProclaimedThe Proclaimed6 days ago
  • if god doesn't approve of incest, then adam and eve weren't the first humans to repopulate?

    Clo vereClo vere7 days ago
  • Hard to believe the banana story is real because its difficult for an ADULT to eat that many, let alone a child. Calling r/quityourbullshit on that one.

    Rene WillemainRene Willemain8 days ago
  • It’s because religion is fake it is only designed to control the masses, people base their face on a story book written by man is no different and people thousand years from now worshiping Harry Potter

    Cody JacobusseCody Jacobusse11 days ago
  • Is no one going to talk about the fact that the thumbnail is from Mean Girls?

    Kamryn C.Kamryn C.13 days ago
  • As for the Able and Cain question? Jews were considered "Gods chosen people"... everyone else was not. So Cain went to OTHER humans.... not racism. Fact.

    Gerald OgdenGerald Ogden14 days ago
  • Pretty sure one of the girls left with Cain. Don't pin me with le crazy sex ed teacher though for knowing that xD

    CassiaCassia14 days ago
  • i love this because its like TELL MY STORY or ACTUALLY HAPPEND but its real

    Flameraker48Flameraker4814 days ago
  • It honesty pisses me off that kids are getting yelled at for asking questions. The teacher could’ve said “idk the answer to that” or “how bout we ask someone else who might know”. But instead the teacher allowed her personal feelings to influence ( and potentially damage) the education of a child. I once failed a whole class just because my teacher didnt like me. And ive met many people with similar experiences. The education system NEEDS to be fixed

    Brooklynn MyersBrooklynn Myers16 days ago
  • So who did Cain marry?

    rj1982iirj1982ii16 days ago
  • Cain and Abel married their sisters. Cain killed Abel because Abel chose the sister Cain wanted to hug passionately. Religion is horrible.

    Matt SweeneyMatt Sweeney16 days ago
  • wait he said pateronn at the start wrong

    codi watsoncodi watson17 days ago
  • Christianity is one of the most evil Man run institutions on this planet: they preach love and acceptance by the tip of a sword and shun all who don't think their same narrow view

    Coyne NyquistCoyne Nyquist17 days ago
  • Religious people are incredibly stupid and annoying. And most of them are creeps. Most pedophiles also derive from religion.

    DxnnyLyDxnnyLy17 days ago
  • Shall we discuss how he pronounces patreon?

    Da BanananananaDa Bananananana18 days ago
  • I recall that according to Old Testament God had created more humans after the banishment of Adam and Eve from the Paradise, Cain and Abel just didn't have contact with them until Cain did what he did, Adam and Eve also had other children, including a third son named Seth who was born after Abel's murder, the other children are not named, according to scriptures Cain's descendants all died in the Great Flood because of Cain's crime.

    dimapezdimapez18 days ago
  • I’m broke can’t join ur patron

    LgDekuDragneelLgDekuDragneel19 days ago
  • Supposedly, Cain had sex with their sister, who had been Abel's wife and was married to another of their sisters. This is according to Wikipedia, so it should be taken with a grain of salt, but it does make sense that if humanity started with there only being 2 humans, of course their children would commit incest.

    First Name Last NameFirst Name Last Name19 days ago
  • I'm Catholic but I am not like these crazy people. The answer that I am aware of for the adam and eve one is that they actually had hundreds of children besides Cain and Able. Supposedly they lived for hundreds of years too

    KayskolAKayskolA20 days ago
  • “I told them to tell me if they needed anything.” “How about no!” Most epic ad timing.

    mwtoZPmwtoZP20 days ago
  • Living well seems to be a nice kind of revenge...

    Zachary and mom's Vlogs and vids SEASON 5!!!Zachary and mom's Vlogs and vids SEASON 5!!!20 days ago
  • We're so fragile that, instead of trying to come up with a thoughtful answer to your question, or admitting that we don't know the answer, but at least saying that maybe there _is_ a good answer even if we can't think of it right now, we just immediately kick you out for being genuinely curious, to prevent you from causing the others to question things, even though it likely has the opposite effect, as it makes us look childish, ignorant, and totalitarianist.

    Aislee Love GreenwoodAislee Love Greenwood20 days ago
  • I'm sorry, but we can't have you asking genuinely good questions that we don't have answers to, so we were gonna suspend you, but instead, to make ourselves look good, and to placate your attack-dog mother, we will simply prevent you from causing the other children to think for themselves by forbidding you to attend these classes where you can ask such questions in front of them.

    Aislee Love GreenwoodAislee Love Greenwood20 days ago
  • 17:15 Genesis 5:4, Adam and Eve had other children. Cain married one of his sisters. The rules against this didn't come into play until the time of Moses a long time after that. Isaiah 1:18 "Come let us reason together. . ." We were never created to be robots and asking questions is part of the deal. Feel sorry for the girl with the vindictive sex ed teacher. P.S. I really enjoy all iterations of this channel.

    Mtandazo MoyoMtandazo Moyo21 day ago
  • the most likes ive ever got is 35, try to beat that here!! :D Please? lol

    mason weckermason wecker21 day ago
  • Obviously Adam and Eve could have more than just 2 kids.

    MasterLelouchMasterLelouch21 day ago
  • who gift a 12 years old 12 bananas and don't expect him to eat it?

    DewDew21 day ago
  • Oh, no, _The Bible_ pretty clearly lays out that humanity was started by a ton of inbreeding. Adherents to the Judeo-Christian origin story just don't like to think about it. Incest is generally considered not acceptable by most religious groups, and it's pretty well-known now that 2 people could not sustain the species, so thinking about the Adam and Eve thing too hard is too embarrassing for them.

    bloodgainbloodgain21 day ago
  • My Spanish teacher once caught me sleeping in class, they shouted at me to wake up and said ‘DON’T FALL ASLEEP IN MY CLASS OR I WILL HAVE YOU SUSPENDED’ or something like that, anyways she hates being ignored or being answered completely perfectly and also hated being wrong so I said ‘suspend me with no homework and I’d be able to get some sleep so I wouldn’t fall asleep’. Needless to say I was suspended so after that I had an idea, it was a piece of homework that I HAD to do to get better than a D so I HAD to get it done. They were multiple pieces and I figured out that the last was 90% OF THE GRADE! so I decided to do that as it was the easiest but the longest so I was asleep that whole time and she got really angry at me and said on multiple occasions I would fail, the way I found out was that the vice principle were good friends with my parents and close to my Spanish teacher so he decided to help me. I also wasn’t the only person she was like this to so he knew what I was doing. On the day that it was meant to be in I handed in the longest and most descriptive piece of work out of the year so she was red with anger and probably had steam out of her ears, plus I got the best grade bc I was the only one that knew of it. She took me to the vice principles office to ‘accuse me of cheating’ and he just said, the best thing in my life, ‘Well he didn’t fail’ and she yelled at me to go out the room and back to class. All the way back I could hear yelling and the class was laughing bc you could hear her ‘HE’S IS NOT GOOD IN CLASS AND DUMB’ and the vice principal, obv purposeful, yelled back for the first time ‘AND YOUR NOT’ the class then proceeded to all fall asleep when she came back just to pi*s her off and she later decided to cancel class half an hour earlier everyday after that

    EpicMeerkat 16EpicMeerkat 1621 day ago
  • Catholic sex-ed. Always show them a picture of the Virgin Mary and say that abstinence is 99.999% effective.

    PiedPiper11PiedPiper1121 day ago
  • *passion hugging*

    UltrapikaUltrapika21 day ago
  • pat-tree-on did you mean patreon

    tfiamdeitfiamdei22 days ago
  • rSlash can you cover r/rpghorrorstories in the future please

    Captain EvildjdudeCaptain Evildjdude22 days ago
  • Legal name:****** Preferred name: Agent

    warx24warx2422 days ago
  • 5:35 I feel ya bro on the whole no-one-remembers-my-birthday thing.

    Joshua Ethan BaconJoshua Ethan Bacon22 days ago
  • Yes

    Mr Crocodile Alligator Man1938Mr Crocodile Alligator Man193822 days ago
  • did you that ser is not how you pronouce patreon

    likikoarilikikoari23 days ago
  • last story, i have asked a question DURING CHURCH and asked, if god made everything and everyone then who or what made god. answer that reddit.

    Rylee CampRylee Camp24 days ago
  • This is why I don't believe in religion. there are so many holes in what they think happened and most of what they believe is a hate crime towards gay people, people's hobbies or even race

    Liam Nii-sanLiam Nii-san24 days ago
  • Wow, experience in religion can be very different. Our School was basically just telling us about Morals and how conflicting they can be and more about Empathy, etc. and not as much about god. I'm glad about that because pushing religion onto a person is the worst thing that can be done.

    FilzhutFilzhut24 days ago
  • The last add on story. The perfect answer was that able would not have been important to the teaching of christianity beyond his betrayal and those was not discussed. Complete bull shit of course. But I wish these people could at least strike back and be a tad bit clever

    MC_KoopaMC_Koopa24 days ago
  • Pay-tre-on not pat-re-on

    A AnimationsA Animations24 days ago
  • That last one is why I at the age of 8 became an antheist, despite my mom's best efforts.

    Hugh JazzHugh Jazz24 days ago
  • An unsupportive boss is how my husband got his personal business started, too. He went from being miserable all the time, to doing what he loves. It's a lot of work, but his customers love him and he's happy again.

    Jenny St PierreJenny St Pierre25 days ago
  • “pat-re-on”

    Shaggy StudiosShaggy Studios25 days ago
  • patran,lol 0:06

    Nexus PalmNexus Palm25 days ago
  • Not sure if it’s broken, but I got five Trump ads before this video

    Admiral SandAdmiral Sand25 days ago
  • that isnt what trans means

    BiotechnusBiotechnus25 days ago
  • Paptran Not patreon Paptran Diktonery Smort Speel Klok Debat Mesagiss

    Mad JMD VlogsMad JMD Vlogs25 days ago
  • every time i watch a video my soul dies a little hearing rslash say pa-tree-on instead of pay-tree-on t~t

    animecheezeanimecheeze25 days ago
  • Wow. that turned out much more funny than what i expected. XD

    Thurman PerdueThurman Perdue26 days ago
  • Seeing how Adam and Eve where the only humans. Cain would have to marry his sister. Also since his entire lineage was also cursed I assume he was already married with children before he killed able. Also they apparently lived for nearly 1000 years so. Plenty of chances for children.

    jhon smihjhon smih26 days ago
  • Procreate isnt a purpose of marriage. Its the purpose of life ffs

    Oliver S9Oliver S926 days ago
  • In response to the last stories reply, I was kicked out of Sunday School countless times for similar reasons. My particular form of autism makes it nearly impossible for me to comprehend emotional feelings, forcing me to rely almost entirely on my logical thought. Because of this I was constantly asking questions the teachers didn't like. Eventually it got to the point where they outright refused to have my in their sessions.

    Spence MateSpence Mate26 days ago
  • I was from a different country called jordan which means that most people in my country speak english badly but i was a *one in a million* and spoke english well when i went to esl i got out of there in 1 week my family gave me praise and a pat on the back and bragged about it it was a fun time

    Hussein ToubehHussein Toubeh26 days ago
  • Some how this guy can correctly pronounce Reykjavik but not Latios or latias..... thats kinda weird.

    Savitar 724Savitar 72426 days ago
    • Lol have you seen his name

      Mad JMD VlogsMad JMD Vlogs25 days ago
  • Mrs. M kind of won here. She got the disruptive kid out of her class, AND her class' average mark went up a bit. It'd be great if all her outrage was an act, and this was her plan all along 😆

    UpNorthUpNorth26 days ago
  • Go Bobbbbb!!

    Osher AtiasOsher Atias27 days ago
  • We had a sister for our religion teacher. (For the last comment) me and my friends all wondered the same question. For a little backstory - (we’ll call sister “MC”) MC was strict and hated most of us girls in the class. Especially my friend group. We also never had a sex Ed class because she personally thought “it wasn’t necessary for our grade”. Mind you we were 8th graders. Back to the story, since we didn’t have sex Ed, this was during religion (which we all hated) during a strict lesson about being gay and “why it was wrong an a very bad sin that led you into hell”. I decided to ask the same question about Cain and Able and you should have seen her face. She went beat red but yet still tried to contain her anger. She then tried to say something before giving me an evil glare and then going completely silent. As I was about to ask another question she then yelled at me that I was “ a disgrace to the Catholic Church” and dragged me to the principles office. My mother then came in after being called and the situation was explained. MC wanted me expelled but due to the fact of us having no sex Ed what’s to ever and being “curious” enough to ask about two and two together all I got was an out of school detention. Btw i love RSlash and MC was also very entitled so (I’m not promoting anything but this i think it’s wild be cool To tell my story to people who watch this stuff and enjoy it as much as I do) if you want to hear that story to leave a like or a comment on this and I will gladly do so 😂😅

    CaramelCaramel27 days ago
  • Im catholic but im certainly glad i went to public schools instead of a catholic one. Sure public schools are fucked but still the stories ive heard...

    Bent RodBent Rod27 days ago
  • The banana story the next year he said a huge bag of oranges he’ll be having a surgery soon

    Schmieth XeroSchmieth Xero27 days ago
  • I'm learning Icelandic so I can speak to my family but I haven't done it in a while. GIVE ME MOTIVATION, PLEASE

    ItsReallyRosaItsReallyRosa27 days ago
  • I loved the ELS one! 😂 I would do exactly the same thing the history teacher did! But my favorite was the last one! 🤣

    Rose PuppyRose Puppy27 days ago
  • One thing that I dont see people talking about is the pronunciation of patreon

    Drew CollinsDrew Collins27 days ago
  • 13:00 why is a biology teacher suddenly talking about the bible

    Val MoeVal Moe27 days ago
  • actually to answer your last question about kain marrying someone that was not his parents... adam and eve lived apparently up to 900 years old. (!!!) and they had many many many children. and apparently back in their day incest was not as bad because their genepool was better(?) like, kain grabbed one (or more) of his sister(s) and pissed off to another part of the continent.

    DennisDennis27 days ago
  • I went to a Catholic school too for primary school. It, its horrible students and staff (bullying and favoritism), etc, and my life experiences and observations outside the school made me lose faith in the religion every single year (my main question was why God allowed such horribleppl to exist and why he allowed horrible things to happen). I am now a zoologist, an atheist and pansexual lol 😂😂😂

    LO AngelLO Angel27 days ago
  • so basically, they want to brainwash them into being "good catholic girls". creepy.

    Madeline BernalMadeline Bernal28 days ago
  • i simply do not understand how people can just trust a book written by some random people 2000 years ago, and not a fucking vaccine

    amazingamazing28 days ago
  • My Catholic school sex Ed was a yearly thing, despite nothing changing to basic sex.

    Janet DillinghamJanet Dillingham29 days ago
  • "ßoßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßß

    Jerry ChenJerry Chen29 days ago
  • Also I’m pretty Kain was born after Adam and eve

    Under FallUnder Fall29 days ago
  • It's written in the bible that any sin commited with true love in mind is forgiven in the eyes of god. God also said to love above all and within the ten commadments love thy neighbor

    xXTetsumiKattyXxxXTetsumiKattyXx29 days ago
  • Fun fact: it’s encouraged a lot in the Bible to ask questions about the faith, it shows interest after all. Usually when an adult refuses and punishes a child or otherwise for it it’s because they themselves aren’t doing it for the faith and don’t actually know the answers to your “bothersome” questions. And instead of admitting it they tell you “you shouldn’t ask questions about the faith” which only makes it look more like a cult....

    ZorarkaZorarka29 days ago
  • this. this right here is why religion sucks. people just falsely follow a ''god'' but dont even know what they praise.

    MicisoMiciso29 days ago
  • pa tree on

    Ultimate Explosive GamingUltimate Explosive Gaming29 days ago
  • As someone who loves bananas I can vouch that a batch of 12 bananas would definitely overload them w/ potassium. That Sh## can cause some scary side effects.

    Unknown humanUnknown human29 days ago
  • i to asked that adam an eeve thing but asked more and was asked "your satan arnt you?

    mr shadow Brightmr shadow Bright29 days ago
  • if you don't say happy birthday than u dont get bananas? got it!

    Cal McCruddenCal McCrudden29 days ago
  • For the question at the very end. I was told by my religion teacher that they weren’t the first humans. It was just a representation for people to understand. They probably were tribes or more people

    Mr. SpoonMr. SpoonMonth ago
  • Ok so If I heard a teacher ever say that gay marriage is wrong I'm just going to straight up tell them to fuck off and if they start going off on my probably get physical not the right thing to do ik it's not but I also know what I would do in the moment if they pissed me off enough and wouldn't be able to hold my self back and most if not all of my friends wouldn't even try to hold me back

    _derick_kun__derick_kun_Month ago
  • If nothing was there before god Who created god?

    GMilkManGMilkManMonth ago
  • can you help me learn how to get started on youtube?

    Elijah MerciersElijah MerciersMonth ago
  • There are a lot of issues with Christianity. Their origin myths being wrought with many controversial themes and contradictions.

    Galen JonesGalen JonesMonth ago
  • When in the post that girl said “I study online” for SexED, what could that mean

    MrGuyoMrGuyoMonth ago
  • Pait-tree-on

    Logan ConreyLogan ConreyMonth ago
  • Making all foreign students take ESL by default is dumb af. Like, would they have put an Australian or Canadian kid in ESL too? After I said that, I just imagined Mrs ESL scolding some poor Canadian for 'mispronouncing' about.

    Brooklyne HurleyBrooklyne HurleyMonth ago
  • So a little biblical history for ya, Cain was married to his sister before being kicked out. The early Jewish people's, while very clear about being able to trace ancestry, didn't really keep records that far back. The reason we can conclude this is because geneticists have concluded that Adam and Eve had around 10 sons and 18 daughters. In Genesis his wife is mentioned once when she bore him a son. Other religions have more about her but hey, I grew up Christian so I can't really speak on that.

    Sigurd UrsineSigurd UrsineMonth ago
  • Dude nuns don’t make children either what’s so wrong with gays

    Genji ShimadaGenji ShimadaMonth ago
  • “Pat ren” rSlash r u kidding me???

    AidanAidanMonth ago
  • Yes

    NSC D34thJNSC D34thJMonth ago
  • "Where you have to be carefull what you wish for" well I wish for and yandere not on my enemies but on me Let's see how screwed I am

    Aaron JeffafaAaron JeffafaMonth ago
  • 10:41 need to rewatch

    Dorothy JamesDorothy JamesMonth ago
  • The adam & even + cain & able question is easily answered if you use older bible translations, it's the modern versions that completely screw it up and leave out the fact that other tribes existed. most modern churches have failed to use accurate translations.

    Vincent BeersVincent BeersMonth ago