How To Restore a Rusty Knife

May 21, 2020
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Today I show you how to restore a Rusty knife. Have an antique knife that you'd like to restore to mint condition? Watch this video to learn how! You'll be amazed and incredibly satisfied when your warned down blade looks good as new! It's incredibly easy to do - and you only new a few simple everyday household items.
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  • Who wants to see him make a proper video

    Aang panget moAang panget mo4 hours ago
  • U didn't said those ingredients were needed

    Vijayan NairVijayan Nair5 hours ago
  • How to basic is one of the characters from Tom and Jerry

    OscarBeast29OscarBeast295 hours ago
  • Me: * shows this video to a mechanic * Mechanic : Finally, a REAL mechanic

    NovaNova5 hours ago
  • *CleanMate Left The Chat*

    Satisfaction SatisfiedSatisfaction Satisfied5 hours ago
  • 'why do I smell eggs'

    KlickKlick7 hours ago
  • I'll called this guy 🥚man

    Elysia HDElysia HD8 hours ago
  • 2:13 just leaving a time stamp to finish the tutorial, I am going to take a nap. (Edit) ok im back does anybody know how many eggs he threw at the knife?

    ClandestineClandestine10 hours ago
  • I just wasted 3 minutes of life.

    Bush LoverBush Lover13 hours ago
  • It worked a bit but not egg cellent

    Sebastian CartwheelSebastian Cartwheel15 hours ago

    ToxicGamerRBLXToxicGamerRBLX15 hours ago
  • Im scared... Those tomatoes were probably that knife's last victim

    ArcticNovaArcticNova16 hours ago
  • In every video I slowly start chanting in my head “where’s the egg”

    C BuongiornoC Buongiorno16 hours ago
  • Best asmr channel

    楓零楓零18 hours ago
  • imagine just default citizen wanted to know how to restore a rusty knife

    Mood MadiMood Madi18 hours ago
  • 1:30 *P A N I N O C O N LE* *F O R B I C I*

    ChopuchiChopuchi21 hour ago
  • Me being my first time watching this: OML POOR KNIFE Also me: lemme just...anyone watching.....*presses subscribe* ohhhh McDonald’s chicken nuggets let’s see how to make those >:3

    Inferno GlacierInferno Glacier21 hour ago
  • An alle die schreiben Essens Verschwendung jeder muss ja irgendwie sein Geld verdienen er macht es halt mit Eiern

    Julius ReckhornJulius Reckhorn22 hours ago
  • Just buy a another

    Ging gingGing ging22 hours ago
  • *Pregnant chicken watches* Chicken: umm child please stay there till the guy died I promise it will be safe

    PrincePrince23 hours ago
  • how to cook a knife.

    coolchesseitcoolchesseitDay ago
  • Roommate: have you seen my toothbrush

    Jonathan JohnsonJonathan JohnsonDay ago
  • Is it just me. Because i wanna eat that spaghetti

    Lord dioLord dioDay ago
  • He just bought a new one

    Mr BentaygaMr BentaygaDay ago
  • Ci ho provato Non ha funzionato

    KolodKolodDay ago
  • Ah yes very effective

    Littledemon uvuLittledemon uvuDay ago
  • How dose this work

    BroSkillzBroSkillzDay ago
  • I tried this! Perfect and works

    Sofia Ariella Vivienne Ilina-MironenkoSofia Ariella Vivienne Ilina-MironenkoDay ago
  • This was the first htb vid i ever watched, i thought it was real lol

    suratman suratmansuratman suratmanDay ago
  • Whatever it is but dont waste food items broo . It's feels bad

    Akshay KAkshay KDay ago
  • yeaaa tried this and it works :D

    EaEaEaEaDay ago
  • Finally a good restoration video. As said by the video title

    Mr. TheRaMr. TheRaDay ago
  • He good

    eizzat4RBLXeizzat4RBLXDay ago
  • I swear a good portion of these views is unsuspecting civilians who think they're watching a legit instructional video

    SilverWorks StudiosSilverWorks StudiosDay ago
  • Im looking at this video as if it was educational 😂😂

    •Bluex Moon••Bluex Moon•Day ago
  • Thanks bro🔥🔥😁

    MindProBe 58MindProBe 58Day ago
  • are you mad

    Parthiv RParthiv RDay ago
  • The title should be: How to make a knife curry

    Ranu TiwariRanu TiwariDay ago
  • How to do what the title said to do

    RubyienRubyienDay ago
  • How To Ruin a Rusty Knife Better Say lol

    Genaro ZubiriGenaro ZubiriDay ago
  • Dont waste food🙁🙁🙁

    Muhammed SuhailMuhammed SuhailDay ago
  • This man will single handedly boost the economy with how many eggs he’s buying

    Scott NilsenScott NilsenDay ago
  • This isn't "how to clean your blade." This is "ways to use a blade"

    Litteral MilkLitteral MilkDay ago
  • I love how the videos always start normal and then... Things happen.

    Kike_RKike_RDay ago
  • Am I the only one but this might be the most normal how to basic video ever

    Daniel FrometaDaniel FrometaDay ago
  • Bruh the way the bread just explodes

    Jam’ntJam’ntDay ago
  • i tried it does not work:(

    Beckett DillardBeckett DillardDay ago
  • Wow it actually worked 😑😐 but I have a messy kitchen and my mom is gonna smake me in a min

    Alfaacadamy PresentsAlfaacadamy PresentsDay ago
  • Should we actually do this?

    HarkuHarkuDay ago
  • 2:42 human guts

    Alexa furryAlexa furryDay ago
    • You can't comment 3 time s

      NutNutDay ago
  • 1:20 this is how you boddle flip with a bread

    Alexa furryAlexa furryDay ago
  • 0:12 just throw an egg

    Alexa furryAlexa furryDay ago
  • He just bought a new knife

    Dean SatterfieldDean SatterfieldDay ago
  • That was really work most of the times it doesn’t work but that really worked

    Romin GamerRomin GamerDay ago
    • You are a legend at flipping toast

      Romin GamerRomin GamerDay ago
  • Imagine if some Karen did this... Well that's dinner sorted, I guess...

    SniffyCatsSniffyCatsDay ago
  • Music?

  • Imagine the egg smell in his house

    Sergeant Fluffy Mc Flufferton The ThirdSergeant Fluffy Mc Flufferton The ThirdDay ago
  • In the beginning we can see the knife before and after but its the opiset the clean its before and the dirty its after

    Diamond TvDiamond TvDay ago
  • Im actually impressed that it ended up working

    Questinator 485Questinator 485Day ago

    Canal Play ChannelCanal Play ChannelDay ago
  • Hi guys,I tried this out! I highly recommend it because it actually works. I suggest you make a video on how to clean a bed. Thank you,

    Lovepreet PataraLovepreet PataraDay ago
  • This help a lot! Thank you so much! 😊👌

    P01son._P01son._Day ago
  • He actually did it...holy shit he did

    Liam ChiassonLiam ChiassonDay ago
  • Everything at least needs good hygiene to fix

    MasonGamingYTMasonGamingYTDay ago
  • Just why

    Dominik ZárubaDominik ZárubaDay ago
  • For some reason I actually want to try Jello Pasta

    Jony ジョニーJony ジョニーDay ago
  • HowToBasic

    عثمان حكميعثمان حكميDay ago
  • I’m using this

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  • This is just like 5 minute crafts and troom troom-

    ・CuddlyMilkii・・CuddlyMilkii・Day ago
  • **Papyrus and undyne joined the chat**

    Shay FrielShay Friel2 days ago
  • Its More Likę Before Was After And After Was Before That's How Knife Became Rusty 😂

    xNightmareXxNightmareX2 days ago
  • How tu cook knife

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  • He taught us how to cook spaghetti correctly, with a dash of rusty knife

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  • HowToBasic: How To Restore A Rusty Knife Also HowToBasic: Shows Us How To Make A Sandwich

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  • When someone finally talks to me: What are you usually doing home alone? Me: uhhhh nothing much But actually, I'm doing exactly this:

    Draxy CZDraxy CZ2 days ago
  • The fact that in the end the knife is actually clean is wonderful

    Fernando LeonFernando Leon2 days ago
  • How did the thing actually get good again?

    Bobs IbrahimBobs Ibrahim2 days ago
  • So funny😂

    vu do quocvu do quoc2 days ago