This Kid Runs So Fast, People Are Calling Him the Fastest Child in the World

Mar 25, 2020
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On the internet a common viral trend is seeing people with amazing skills show off what a lifetime of training and dedication allows them to do. Most people would assume that you’d have to work well into adulthood to pull off some of these incredible antics, but those people couldn’t be more wrong. There are some incredible kids out there who have incredible talents, and in many cases could even outcompete adults in their same fields. Ready to meet these extraordinary kids?
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Coolest and most amazing kids in the world! Featuring the world's most talented and fastest kids on earth. You better check out these incredible kids with your own eyes.

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  • I was riding quads at a competitive level at age 2, most of the time these skills to carry into your young adult life, and then you end up with someone like me who ended everything at 16 on a wreck separated my femur from my hip, at the age of 36 it causes me pretty harsh pains. Its always good to help your child pursue the things they enjoy doing, but keep in mind that things will usually happen when you participate in a sport for a long time

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  • And Collin tjin your form of jump shot is cold

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  • Collin tjin I think any age can be in basketball I’m on my grandpa phone anyway I was in basketball I was 3 years old now I’m 10 now hope you grow up and have my dream to be in the nba

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