TRY NOT to FLINCH TikTok Challenges & Last to Leave Pranks from Mr. E Reveals New Spy Ninjas Clues

May 16, 2020
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After Chad Wild Clay made the video "WHO is the REAL CHAD? FAKE CWC vs Spy Ninjas Challenge Surprising Tricks & Pranks like Twin Brothers", Vy Qwaint created "BABY HACKERS? Vy Qwaint Reacting to Old Project Zorgo GKC School Videos & Funny Daniel Tik Tok Dance", Regina filmed "REGINA vs CHAD WILD CLAY BATTLE ROYALE! Escape Project Zorgo Trap in 24 hours with Funny DIY Hacks", and Daniel uploaded "TESTING TIK TOK PRANKS & Life Hacks to See Who Wins Dance Challenges! Regina vs Project Zorgo Hacker" to the Exposing Project Zorgo USkeys channel, we return to the safehouse to find that the ever so mysterious Mr.E has left three buckets filled with water balloons in our living room. How did he even get access again? With the strange buckets, we find a note, telling us to complete three Mr.E challenges in order to reveal more clues about the enigmatic GKC that we've been studying. The first challenge is a water balloon obstacle course, which would explain the strange buckets in the safehouse. The second was to create something viral on Tik Tok, and finally, a Try Not to Flinch challenge involving even more water-filled balloons. Mr.E sure has a weird taste in challenges! At least they're super fun! And it's all to find out more about the Gifted Kids Class, or the GateKeeper Corporation, or whatever else it could possibly mean! What does he have in store for us? Could this all be an elaborate prank? Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy vlog videos in 2020!
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  • Hey Spy Ninjas! Which of these challenges do you think you would be the best at and why?

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    • Really

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  • Spy ninjas there was a red glove when you came in from the cup game ave a great day bye!!!

    Arsalan WaheedArsalan Waheed7 minutes ago
  • I love your vids

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  • Vy qwaint i love you

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    bobavaleriebobavalerie16 hours ago
  • I feel bad for Daniel because of Regina

    Carina MorochoCarina MorochoDay ago
  • 7:56 Maybe Mr.E is watching so he can see if you are doing or not

    sabah shuaibsabah shuaibDay ago
  • VY!!!!!!!!!how dare you

    Alicia GavinAlicia GavinDay ago
  • You can do this your the best you can do it

    Jennifer SniderJennifer SniderDay ago
  • I think that Regina‘s and Daniel our brothers and sisters shout out my name Bryden

    Jazmine RamirezJazmine RamirezDay ago
  • I eat chicken nuggets

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  • My Brother say daniel is soft

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  • The code to the is 10011

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  • You are SO cool

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  • Vy cheated

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  • So if you are afraid of water how do you take showers vy qwaint

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  • gkc stans for grateist hacker claas

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  • mr.e was at the door

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  • Did anyone see mr E at the door that red thing

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  • Pretend Friends

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  • Watch this Video chad by Regina

    Nabila IshfaqNabila Ishfaq4 days ago
  • I see mr e of your Frat door

    Nabila IshfaqNabila Ishfaq4 days ago
  • On the letter mr e bu letter come like if you sor

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  • i think the code is 1252

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  • I love you vy

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  • does Regina like Daniel

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  • mr.e was spying on you when you came in from the cup game he has a red glove and the glowing from the front door

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  • Cwwcfgfdfrvcgvf😱🤬🤯😭🤩🥳54556

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  • Uhhh guys do u realized when vy was at the flag vy was screaming and then she say bad word

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  • Why is vy is scared in water how vy will bath

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  • Chad stop being like a girl ur dance I won't watch if u do that ur so a girl Chad is a girlgirl

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    • You’re so rude. Let people be who they want to be. He has 11 million other spy ninjas watching so it doesn’t matter.

      Doris WuDoris Wu5 days ago
  • vy i 'm rachel

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  • Who’s the first spy ninja

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  • Guys I saw red glowing gloves in the door I think it is mr.e

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  • The water Challeng vy

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  • So cool cahd

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  • Mr. E he’s trying to take you down

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  • No no no vy flinched

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  • By your such a scary cat with water it wouldn’t hurt you 😕😕

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  • But i really love the dance

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  • That was not a tik tok i wanted to follow you guy but it was not....

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  • Chad is with project Zorgo

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  • I saw a red think in the red thing in the front door IS MR.E

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  • Chad as tall as a inflatable man

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  • I. I LOVE YOU. Chad and Vy and. Ragnu. And. Dan. Friends. Love

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  • Are the hackers real???? Be honest

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    CWC Ved10CWC Ved108 days ago

    CWC Ved10CWC Ved108 days ago
  • Vy are you pregnant?!?!?!?😐😶

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