King Von: The Soft-Spoken Assassin

May 22, 2020
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  • Ganng members teach their homies all the court, jail and murder hacks

    GrimReeferGrimReefer4 hours ago
  • 6:01 Lamar Jackson?😂

    RoseGottHumourRoseGottHumour5 hours ago
  • Say king con can’t can go out country...😏 meets with lil loaded and makes avatar

    Shad OtaShad Ota5 hours ago
  • Nobody talkin bout how a nigga had a bazooka on ig

    nobody9nobody96 hours ago
  • The clubs open till 4am wtf you talking about

    jj7 hours ago
  • jojo was not a GD..

    King KKing K14 hours ago
  • niggas made more then 100 mil every year, shii crazy

    Jason AguileraJason Aguilera18 hours ago
  • then devote my life to following and making videos about these pos, im more inclined to devote the entirety of my being to eliminating them. all of their ways are inclined to death. they seek to lay a net for the innocent for their own entertainment he said , "im tryna kill." into that very destruction let them fall. if only i had the resources to travel around and systematically eradicate this virus. oh well.....maybe ill hit the lotto :)

    nero augustusnero augustus18 hours ago
  • Human pollution, mama should be very happy she had these things just to get welfare. Double tap to the forehead, bLDM.

    Stephen MoanStephen Moan22 hours ago
  • King Von

    WandzileWandzile23 hours ago
  • What's the population in Chicago with all these people killing, killing, killing?

    Lanre OshisamiLanre OshisamiDay ago
  • Correct me if I’m wrong but ain’t BDs and GDs Supposed to be under folk nation ? Ain’t they supposed to be allies ?

    Edward SterEdward SterDay ago
  • “Smoking on that took pack that shit LOUD ASF😈🚨”

    Judah RomeJudah RomeDay ago
  • not from 63rd

    iHoopMLiHoopMLDay ago

    Random CitixenRandom CitixenDay ago
  • He needs more subs

    KamiKamiDay ago
  • Killing people over tweets smh

    Snazzy DomzSnazzy DomzDay ago
  • 1:44 when ynw bslime is A adult

    13-BitCaleb13-BitCalebDay ago
  • He’s probably a snitch

    Dope ChickDope ChickDay ago
  • There's only one way i kno mfers beat so many cases...ikyk jus saying

    Angelo M.Angelo M.Day ago
  • Damn doing 28 yr for him he’ll na I’ll bust a 69 move really quick in a heartbeat lmao it was king von he a little bitch if he ain’t got a trigger in his finger lmao he can’t fight lmao

    Jesse LugoJesse LugoDay ago
  • Damn is our generations to come seems like they gonna vanish is disaster

    Jesse LugoJesse LugoDay ago
  • Do Lil Reese

    Michael KalpokasMichael KalpokasDay ago
  • This why ZOEH G STAY MAD 🎯✅

    CrackerMazurCrackerMazurDay ago

    Mercenary GhostMercenary Ghost2 days ago
  • Who watching this after how it go

    YrnJayDeuceYrnJayDeuce2 days ago
  • He snitching bro idc

    Joshua SantiagoJoshua Santiago2 days ago
    • Who?

      drE idrE i2 days ago
  • gadman shit crazy von rlly ain say shit for 3 years den his homie how 28 tuff

    kj15kj153 days ago
  • Why you made it hot for my guy?😤

    Showtime EGShowtime EG3 days ago
  • Yo what has the world become . Mf's really killing people for bull SHT

    Everything Tt wayEverything Tt way3 days ago
    • You’re like 10?

      YouLoveJamariYouLoveJamari13 hours ago
    • The Guest ong LMAOOO

      PeterPeterDay ago
    • Not hating but what do you mean what the world came to you look like 11

      The GuestThe GuestDay ago
  • K.I didn’t start drilling until Tyquan got killed

  • Sorry bro but i always have to skip song of the day💫

    𝐉𝐨𝐫𝐝𝐚𝐧𝐉𝐨𝐫𝐝𝐚𝐧3 days ago
  • real bad boys ain't posting videos on USkeys.

    Oscar PintoOscar Pinto3 days ago
  • peaceful music

    Jennifer MoodyJennifer Moody3 days ago
  • Tf is this, Call of Duty? Cause why TF Rondo need a bazooka 😭

    Tay the prodigyTay the prodigy4 days ago
  • Chiraq has some crazy ass rappers bro. Grim Von, The Boogyman, RondothaReapa, Sosa, Lil Jay, Duck, and so many more.

    Lil KingLil King4 days ago
  • O block is a bad sport lobby 💀

    NoahNoah4 days ago

      Russ is an LRuss is an L3 days ago
  • I love vonnnnn

    Poti QuanPoti Quan4 days ago
  • Anyone know that song at the beginning?

    0dum0dum4 days ago
  • King vonnnn 💯

    Brandon CochranBrandon Cochran4 days ago
  • Is Wooski polo g friend?

    Zaki GhematiZaki Ghemati4 days ago
    • Nah polo a bd

      drE idrE i2 days ago
  • Tookah pack

    FAV MODFAV MOD4 days ago
  • crazy how king von made arrybody hate 63rd

    FA stormFA storm4 days ago
  • its simple. he was smart. never left any evidence. keeps his mouth completely shut. had troy and big a to make sure witnesses dont dare show up. problem solved. sad thing is...big a and troy are dead now. so he figured he had to gtfo asap. and started rapping. his rep on the southside was enough to launch him. plus folks wanna hear the 'story'

    Ron McDonRon McDon4 days ago
  • Mark battes been hard, been following g since like ‘17 on twitter

    RJ DRJ D5 days ago
  • Do a vid on J mane @Trapgeek

    Nicolas YounaNicolas Youna5 days ago
  • 3:30 Lmao blueface pops ?

    smoka hontassmoka hontas5 days ago
  • long story short von not from 63rd

    GlixyGlixy5 days ago
  • Stoopid, he telling you but y'all wanna give him his strips???, Black people please pay attention not these other's narrativing false shit

  • Soft?? He is related by blood, but he soft cause everyone know the real BD is gone but keeping scores is blasfamy?? They coming home but I bet the OGs coming out will kill them cause they all fake?? Respect the OGs, let the OGs out to bring structure to this pussy shit

  • U da police

    Jordan MorrisJordan Morris5 days ago
  • Fuck ,12 long live Von

    TY4k DaBornTruthTY4k DaBornTruth5 days ago
  • Ok damn USkeys recommended, don't show me this shit again

    last firstlast first5 days ago
  • 😴😴🥱

    Ji tJi t5 days ago
  • Honestly y’all solve murders better then the police lol

    mack mcentiremack mcentire5 days ago
  • Wow so sad you did a great job like I lived in Chicago for many many many years and it's very rough and tough there and I don't know but you did a great job sad out here that's very very sad

    Tracey LucasTracey Lucas5 days ago
  • Bro got them all wrong lil jojo bdk and chief keef gdk

    J BallJ Ball5 days ago

    Jay SuttleJay Suttle5 days ago
  • Blm dont mean anything to yall. Just a bunch of victims with guns who can't read or write cuz ur parents didn't raise u right

    irontuth 11irontuth 116 days ago
  • Where is blm when u need em

    irontuth 11irontuth 116 days ago
  • They will be planning King Von's funeral next Chicago is truly a lost city.

    Wise OwlWise Owl6 days ago
    • The mayor is a joke . They need leadership in Chicago

      Benjamin MarquezBenjamin Marquez2 days ago
  • Pathetic

    TooKay 7TooKay 76 days ago
  • yeah he murdered someone...supposedly. but y’all never take into account how many people have actually killed someone...a lot of people have killed some. gucci mane has killed someone...he’s a free man.

    Aries LanaeAries Lanae6 days ago
  • The dumbest people on planet earth.

    Optimus PrimeOptimus Prime6 days ago
  • 1:22 “iont play”

    CaliberCaliber6 days ago
  • Smh that tooka pack shit run down here in Tx too

    free mefree me6 days ago
  • You should do lil jerry

    Samuel JaramilloSamuel Jaramillo7 days ago
  • Do Kodak

    Kyran BullardKyran Bullard7 days ago
  • Please be careful about who you talk this big cap too. Everybody is not willing to play with you.... period

    Walter HarrisWalter Harris7 days ago
  • Bro u know nothing about structure.

    A Smoke D.A Smoke D.7 days ago
  • Satanic contract gets you out of all if u bend over.

    A Smoke D.A Smoke D.7 days ago
  • Song of the day..time to double tap

    Slime BennySlime Benny7 days ago
  • my boy went on tour with mark battles

    Jamison BugbeeJamison Bugbee7 days ago
  • Mark Battles been fire since like 2010 fr. Making drops with lil Wayne and shit

    Im SepTIm SepT7 days ago
  • funny how they feed of death of gangster's when cops do more all the gangsters.

    Omar CruzOmar Cruz7 days ago
  • What goes around comes right back around

    Mrs. SweazerMrs. Sweazer8 days ago

    iWantSmokeTViWantSmokeTV8 days ago
  • What is the intro song called ?

    Eddie JimenezEddie Jimenez8 days ago
  • What’s that song in the beginning

    RT V6RT V68 days ago
    • I was looking for it too

      AmirAmir4 days ago
  • So technically Bd’s are polo Ralph Lauren and Gd’s are Polo assn.

    Let’s EatLet’s Eat8 days ago
  • “If you ain’t from here don’t come here” 69 went there TWICE and clowned your dead homies 😂😂😂😂🥴🥴🥴🥴

    Fredo BullFredo Bull8 days ago
    • He clowned the city made it look SOFT ASFK

      Quan DuboseQuan Dubose5 days ago
    • Boss Koba he know 69 fans are just a bunch of bitches who will take anything they can to help his narrative

      Prod. By Ermak RomProd. By Ermak Rom5 days ago
    • It them niggas clip 69 they going fed that man stay wit 12

      Boss KobaBoss Koba8 days ago
  • Lil Reese @Trap Geek

    WunnaWunna8 days ago
  • The best under ground from Chicago is fbg duck🤷🏾‍♀️🤣

    Life as JahkeciaLife as Jahkecia8 days ago
  • LMAOOOO “idk how king von is a free man”💀

    Kaissa PierreKaissa Pierre9 days ago
  • he really need to be ghost if they bring that nigga back

    East_atlanta GangEast_atlanta Gang9 days ago
  • How come melly get the penalty death when he killed 2 people

    Bae RehBae Reh9 days ago
  • Lil jojo was BDK

    alpha menacealpha menace9 days ago
  • I get it when you're young you're in fear of what people think of you and you want to stand out as something greater, bit I'm 28, when I was young if it wasn't the elders we didn't really care what our Pears thought if anything we was out there teaching each other new s***we picked up from one of the older heads. like I don't understand this s***, why is the youth so mentally weak?

    M WISM WIS9 days ago
  • No such thing as a silent assassin- what if you get left and--can’t make it back home safely- spotters,,,etc. we have no president-haven’t had one for years. It’s all a nightmare in real time. #texas

    Antwan WimberlyAntwan Wimberly9 days ago
  • ......

    jay Mjay M9 days ago
  • Ain't from sixty third

    Trey MormTrey Morm9 days ago
  • Can any of them fight?? The easiest shit in the world is pulling a trigger..that doesn't make us look at you as look like a murder case or victim to me...its sad most of those lil boys won't make it to see 26

    mark banksmark banks9 days ago
    • Von can fight but where hes from the guns fight

      GLOWBOYSGLOWBOYS9 days ago
  • This gun violence is pointless. Stop seeking revenge, and leave everything to Jesus Christ. He will judge everyone according to their deeds. It's time to love your enemies, and do good to those who mistreat you. Bless those who curse you. Do not retaliate because of hatred and revenge killing. Jesus Christ will repay. He is coming back very soon. I've seen Him and He's real. If you seek Him you will find Him. It's not His will that anyone perish but all repent to receive eternal life. Many people are perishing, and entering hell everyday. I don't want to see anyone disappointed for all eternity. Hell is not a place for anyone. Hell is unbearable. So many people are in eternal regret in hell, but it's too late for them. Those of you who are still alive have a chance to inherit the kingdom of God. I don't want to see anyone disappointed for all eternity. Seek Jesus Christ with all your heart until you find Him. He will reveal Himself to you. I've seen Him and He's real. He looks nothing like the famous pictures. We must come together as one people, and stop the hatred, and violence. Revenge killing will never end until people forgive, and give the hatred in their hearts to Jesus Christ. He is the Prince of Peace, and the only Savior of the World. Without Jesus Christ there will be no peace.

    John DoeJohn Doe9 days ago
    • @Jade Lees It's not God's will that anyone perish but all repent to receive eternal life. Jesus Christ is God. Those who die without Him are in eternal regret. Heaven and hell are real places. There are many testimonies of people who've experienced the afterlife.

      John DoeJohn DoeDay ago
    • Wrong get your cult beliefs out here

      Jade LeesJade LeesDay ago
  • Shameful

    Chris AdkisonChris Adkison10 days ago
  • Whats the song in the beginning

    Rob2xRob2x10 days ago
  • And another thing is..don't let them fool you that Von got out of trouble because he has money...and don't believe the police really wants to get him...THE TRUTH OF THE MATTER IS..AS LONG AS HE KILLING BLACK PEOPLE THEY DON'T GIVE A SHIT...DON'T FALL FOR THE OKAY DOKE...

    Cedric JonesCedric Jones10 days ago
  • Bro i never realized Lil JoJo was 18 when murdered... GDs and BDs need to stop that stuff

    CandoCando11 days ago
  • Duck was murdered in August too... wtf

    CandoCando11 days ago
  • FBG Duck Rip

    BRBJoshuaBRBJoshua11 days ago
  • Jojo didn’t last long 🤐

    Xavier TorresXavier Torres11 days ago