Rep. Karen Bass on the Progressive Resistance in Congress • BRAVE NEW FILMS (BNF)

Sep 5, 2018

Rep. Karen Bass (D-37) stopped by the Brave New Films office to share how her work in activism led her to a career in politics.
Congressmember Karen Bass was re-elected to her fourth term representing the 37th Congressional District in 2016, which spans a number of Los Angeles neighborhoods. She currently serves on the House Judiciary Committee and the House Committee on Foreign Affairs where she is Ranking Member of the Subcommittee on Africa. She also serves on the Steering and Policy Committee and as Second Vice Chair in the Congressional Black Caucus. Throughout her career, Rep. Karen Bass has maintained a focus on our nation’s foster care system, co-founding the bipartisan Congressional Foster Youth Caucus.
Outside of her work on Capitol Hill, she is the founder of Sea Change Leadership PAC, an initiative aimed at flipping the House in 2018 by supporting the resistance movement and progressive candidates for office. Prior to serving in Congress, Rep. Bass made history as the first African American woman to serve as Speaker of the California Assembly.
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  • thats what we need. Activists as politicians.

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      R CR C2 days ago
  • So Brave. Stop it, the “bravery” is overwhelming.

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    Jim HeidenJim HeidenYear ago