Jun 28, 2020
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5 fun quarantine date ideas that range from terrible to amazing! We took our girlfriends on funny dates, underground bunker date, and much more!
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  • Remember that guitar Jeff had from don’t activate wrong trap door lever

    It’s Nisa, LovesIt’s Nisa, Loves21 minute ago
  • Ellieolkiu

    Katie OrmsbyKatie OrmsbyHour ago
  • I love your vids

    N AN A20 hours ago
  • sub to ian the piano boss

    Ian The piano bossIan The piano bossDay ago
  • you are funny

    ella cordreyella cordreyDay ago
  • 18:31 I laughed to this part 27 TIMES!!! 😅😂🤣

    ChickenBoy & FunChickenBoy & Fun2 days ago
  • 15:30 bottom right corner of the screen

    JunkyYTJunkyYT2 days ago
  • Jeff at the end is like puss in boots

    PacaBrawlStarsPacaBrawlStars2 days ago
  • When Jeff played the guitar 😂😂😂

    Tilden StockwellTilden Stockwell2 days ago
  • 13:35 perfect circle 1/10

    reddragon S101reddragon S1013 days ago
  • This shows how in great full thay are Smh

    Jeremy HipshurJeremy Hipshur3 days ago
  • Jeff has the funnest songs ever

    jeremy ortizjeremy ortiz4 days ago
  • I love how Jeff said date over at 14:20 like he wasn't the one making it terrible

    Jaycelie StewartJaycelie Stewart5 days ago
  • Congrats Jeffrey

    Mark VerraMark Verra6 days ago
  • In the first date Jillian acted like Jeff’s parent

  • Yes La La La

    AddieI love your YouTube channel ReichAddieI love your YouTube channel Reich7 days ago
  • Jeff and Chris when they got the good dates are Simps

    Evan LaMuraEvan LaMura7 days ago
  • My sisters name is Jillian

    Janet SmithJanet Smith8 days ago
  • I was eating an egg mic muffin when you handed her the one in the bag

    Janet SmithJanet Smith8 days ago
  • ‘They have a big backyard

    MemebossMemeboss8 days ago
  • This is the straightest vid i have ever seen

    MarvelicousMarvelicous8 days ago
  • I didn’t know Jeffrey could play the guitar

    Wolverine ZaWolverine Za8 days ago
  • Damn Jeff can play like a Mexican And THAT WAS FUNNY

    Riley AyalaRiley Ayala8 days ago
  • jeff and julian

    cameron mitchellcameron mitchell9 days ago
  • 18:29 LOL ole

    Brenten JarosikBrenten Jarosik9 days ago
  • Me

    Rozina AurangzebRozina Aurangzeb10 days ago
  • I was waiting for jillian to hit Jeffery with a stick and a plate 🤣

    AlyssaAlyssa10 days ago
  • i feel so bad for everyone in this video

    xhalo YTxhalo YT10 days ago
  • The only people who liked this video were all the 10 year olds who thought this was true

    UrsioYTUrsioYT11 days ago
    • Shut up dude.

      CaptainKillCaptainKill9 days ago
  • Rrrrrrrrr

    PabloLivesOn 26PabloLivesOn 2611 days ago

    Jeff DeffJeff Deff12 days ago
  • I loved the guitar

    John de VisscherJohn de Visscher12 days ago
  • 18:30 the best part

    Mozambique HereMozambique Here12 days ago
  • Look at the dog

    Cooper MarshallCooper Marshall12 days ago
  • Me

    Jessica SanfordJessica Sanford12 days ago
  • Did anyone noticed that rob didn’t give Em a very fancy date

    The LnLsThe LnLs14 days ago
  • Why is Jeff me everyday😂

    Philosiraptor 2.0Philosiraptor 2.014 days ago
  • “I will *END* you and I am *NOT* joking” -Julian

    Jason RyanJason Ryan14 days ago
    • It's Jillian FFS

      CaptainKillCaptainKill9 days ago
  • Man Jeff is good a the guitar

    Claire NwanaziaClaire Nwanazia14 days ago

    Claire NwanaziaClaire Nwanazia14 days ago
  • Jeff: i play you song😂

    Yolo GamerYolo Gamer15 days ago
  • People get like for the weirdest thing so.. My friend is named.. p i n e a p p l e

    De NgDe Ng15 days ago
  • We have got jeffreys full name now

    Kickin'ItKickin'It15 days ago
  • Never knew Jeff played guitar

    Little VidsLittle Vids15 days ago
  • If this ever happens to me I will dump his ass

    Arianna GormanArianna Gorman15 days ago
  • When are you going to get married this is future me two days it’s not two weeks

    Jenna BrownJenna Brown15 days ago
  • Jill: okay but use your manners Jeff: *proceeds to bury his face in the pizza*

    Snowflake the VulpixSnowflake the Vulpix15 days ago
  • Did Emily and Rob really break up?

    Wild GirlWild Girl15 days ago
  • U guys are da best to me ٩( ᐛ )( ᐖ )۶٩( ᐛ )( ᐖ )۶٩( ᐛ )( ᐖ )۶and da dangie babes

    Keila EscobarKeila Escobar15 days ago
  • Jeffrey u are good at guitar🎸🎸

    Keila EscobarKeila Escobar15 days ago
  • 11:11

    Teal Phoenix StudiosTeal Phoenix Studios16 days ago
    • What?

      CaptainKillCaptainKill9 days ago
  • M

    Hudson BanksHudson Banks16 days ago
  • 18:10 I almost died of laughter. Love you Dangie Bros.

    YaBoi ThunderYaBoi Thunder17 days ago
  • Dis anyone see Jillian she did the middle finger

    Lorena OchoaLorena Ochoa17 days ago
  • Ok but like Jeff is good at playing the guitar

    Gabriela MartinezGabriela Martinez17 days ago
  • Me

    Minecraft ServerMinecraft Server17 days ago
  • Who else is watching this wishing they had a significant other

    RAT4 lifeRAT4 life18 days ago
  • 14:06 lmao I died

    kalyssa parteekalyssa partee18 days ago
  • Jeff makes me laugh so hard 😂

    Ariel ReveloAriel Revelo20 days ago
  • i feel like Rob's girlfriend is pure

    Jose Beast 2510Jose Beast 251021 day ago
    • Ex girlfriend

      Preston GarveyPreston Garvey19 days ago
  • dude the date with warzone part got me laughing for like a minute because I'm playing warzone right now

    fear postfear post21 day ago
  • Me

    Scott HardyScott Hardy22 days ago
  • Jeff’s dog was like wtf is dis man doing

    Parker WebbParker Webb22 days ago
  • Lol I’m dieing of laughter of Jeff’s date

    XxAcexXXxAcexX22 days ago
  • Can I say simp

    Jusael CarrionJusael Carrion22 days ago
  • She literally just flipped me off

    Grayson PlayzGrayson Playz22 days ago
  • Bruh I’m going to get diabetes because of all this cuteness🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

    TakedaTakeda22 days ago
  • Rob did not get to do his last date?

    Clipz_powerClipz_power23 days ago
  • Jillian: Jeffrey. James. don't you dare I will end you.

    Kayla KrollKayla Kroll23 days ago
  • 13:52... the look on Jeffreys's dog tells me that the dog is trying to take Jillian from him... :)

    LANAI LESLANAI LES24 days ago
  • 1:09 Ryan: How long have you been together? Emily: Long enough. Me: Yikes I don't think that was a joke now they are broken up :(

    James Bowden ClassicsJames Bowden Classics25 days ago
  • I want to watch the video of J and J weeding

    MR. MRMR. MR25 days ago
  • Who else is here after Rob and Em broke up?

    Reyna Camacho • 40 years agoReyna Camacho • 40 years ago25 days ago
  • e ERMMmmMMm

    ChaosQChaosQ25 days ago
  • The title:took girlfriends on terrible dates My mind:took terrible girlfriends on terrible dates

    Isabella PockevichIsabella Pockevich25 days ago
  • Why was Jeff was actually good at guitar 😂😂

    Isla RothIsla Roth26 days ago
  • I love your videos ❤️ ❤️

    Ann KuriakoseAnn Kuriakose27 days ago
  • 18:31 uhm...... *slow clap* *2 mins later, me thinks about it* Also me: 😂 Edit: I also replay that over and over

    Alicorn VicAlicorn Vic27 days ago
  • 18:30 I can stop watching this part😂

    Ricky FlameRicky Flame27 days ago
  • So cringe 😬 I Like it

    Ricky FlameRicky Flame27 days ago
  • My brother watched ur nemis videos

    Stacie ThomasStacie Thomas27 days ago
  • Me

    Vegeta PrinceVegeta Prince28 days ago
  • By far one of the funniest videos I’ve seen

    Skull AndonSkull Andon28 days ago
  • I’m still waiting for Robs Really good date

    FortbiteV4 YTFortbiteV4 YT28 days ago
  • Yougiysaresososoosom📞and🎥callmepliiiiiiiiiise

    Randy MohammedRandy Mohammed29 days ago
  • 10:56

    EasierMeerKat 17EasierMeerKat 1729 days ago
  • .

    Ƒ1re on ExpoƑ1re on Expo29 days ago
  • Ever vid of dangiebros with there wife’s and girlfriends it’s a bad video

    baddavid 99baddavid 9929 days ago
  • I am ready for jeff and jillian to get married as well and also for jeff to teach jillian to play guitar because I also play guitar

    canadianwinshotcanadianwinshot29 days ago
  • Jeff is a god at guitar

    Dat gaming DudeDat gaming Dude29 days ago
  • jeff and jillian are why I subscribed and to see there wedding

    The vlog and Theater kidThe vlog and Theater kidMonth ago
  • Me why is Jeffrey at Chris and Emily date Jeff pop up I laughed

    Ramon ArreagaRamon ArreagaMonth ago
  • Robert my name is also Robert and when you drank all the water I made the sound of your caricature in fortnight drinking a mini position.

    Bob ClarkBob ClarkMonth ago
  • 18:29 jeff with the guitar

    MrDeath LTUMrDeath LTUMonth ago
  • Rob is nub I am 12 and I have been with my girl for 2 years

    Potter heads unitePotter heads uniteMonth ago
  • gg guitar playen JEEFF!!!!

    thunder gamesthunder gamesMonth ago
  • Ok but Jill used his middle name that’s when you know she’s serious

  • What song did Jeff play on guitar

    Keegan McVayKeegan McVayMonth ago
  • I Wish I Have A Girlfriend

    Ruzzel AntonioRuzzel AntonioMonth ago
  • Chris: you wearing flip-flops Gf: ya? Chris: ok 🤣😂🤣😂

    Sarah CameronSarah CameronMonth ago