Homeowner who pulled gun on protesters: I was a victim of a mob

Jul 1, 2020
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Mark McCloskey, a St. Louis homeowner who brandished a weapon while demonstrators were outside his house, tells CNN's Chris Cuomo that his "life has been ruined" since a video of the incident surfaced online.
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  • Cuomo sinks lower then a whale turd. and for him to sit there and look at the same video of people ON THEIR lawn yelling and screaming and point at the same time. Standing face on to both him and his wife.... NOT WALKING PAST THEIR HOUSE... again Cuomo sinks lower then a whale turd ! Chris @5:20 "do you actually have proof of them approaching your house" .. Watch the video douche canal.. They broke through an iron gate, came off the private street and 30 plus feet into their lawn approaching the house. Did I say Cuomo is lower then a whale turd??

    Joseph SmithJoseph Smith7 hours ago
  • Cuomo, they broke through his property gate which was invasion of private property The guy has a right to brandish a weapon which is the 2nd Amendment right to do so in order to warn them off the property. It isn't about what the President or what the media misconstrued his image as another example of Black Lives matter. This is about the guy who was victimized by lawless people breaking through their property just to protest inside their property which is a crime to destroy someone's gate only to gain entry..

    Ant ClerfontAnt Clerfont14 hours ago
  • Terrorism supporters

    Peyer MuyaPeyer Muya19 hours ago
  • False news

    Peyer MuyaPeyer Muya19 hours ago
  • Shame on you CNN(100% CNN is China National Network). CNN=evil CCP making fake news.

    BillBillDay ago
  • Chris Cuomo looks like he’s in his 70s..

    Freddy BFreddy BDay ago
  • I'm liking this video in support of Mr. McCloskey, not CNN

    Edward LiEdward Li2 days ago
  • I’m black and if that many people came to my home like that, threatening me, I’m having a nice little shooting practice. I’m being fr

    Gab PeterGab Peter2 days ago
  • "I stipulate that they went through the gate." Learn meanings of words before you become a host for CNN!

    Qing YangQing Yang3 days ago
  • The National Museum of African-American History and Culture believes that the following are “values of white dominance”: “politeness”, “hard work”, “logic and rationality”, “self-reliance”, and “private property”. See its “chart of whiteness” here: tinyurl.com/IsHardWorkWhite

    Qing YangQing Yang3 days ago
  • Dang chris has a really punchable face

    yurmum gayyurmum gay4 days ago
  • CNN is the mouth piece of the anti America mob!...that's why you're the most hated name in fake news!

    Gary SongerGary Songer4 days ago
  • Disgusting! Do not call people melanin challenged just because they have pale skin! Being a bit pale is not a disease! All skin tones are beautiful!

    Gold GoldenGold Golden5 days ago
  • Good job don’t let cnn control the Narrative

    Gustavo RodriguezGustavo Rodriguez5 days ago
  • I’m black and to be honest hearing this I understand why he did this now. Also to be fair the couple could have and in my option should have stayed in there home armed. But the protesters should not have broke down the private security gate. And seeing a crowd like this I would have been afraid also but would not go outside to meet the mob. At the end of the day they had a right to stand there ground and thank god no one got hurt but it was not smart to go outside like that.

    Move AdvisorMove Advisor6 days ago
    • That's why they had a locked gate. How far should you let someone walk through your front door before they need to be confronted?

      Larry WLarry WDay ago
  • What Chris is trying to point out is when you accuse someone of assault, you need to be able to prove it. At this point, there is nothing to prove anything this man is saying. If there were hundreds of terrorists breaking down his gate and threatening to kill him and burn down his home, they would have done it. Two people with guns would not have stopped "hundreds of terrorists" whose intention were to attack him and burn down his home. We have had centuries of people like him embellishing and fabricating stories when they relate to Block people. Moreover, if he was a lawyer who fought for equal rights for Black people, he would have been standing out there cheering on the protesters or had some kind of sign in his yard that showed support for Black lives as many other people do. When asked whether he had proof (surveillance) of protesters on his property, he became agitated and refused to answer a yes or no question. This man is a liar and Chris Cuomo just proved it!

    Gail BeckerGail Becker7 days ago
  • The lawyer seems loaded on booze

    Peter HortonPeter Horton7 days ago
  • This is the worst take from CNN I have ever seen.

    Jonathan BucciJonathan Bucci8 days ago
  • Come break down my gate and the last thing you will see is a flash

    brave one thanksbrave one thanks8 days ago
  • This is utter BS

    Man of CultureMan of Culture9 days ago
  • The terrorist would had killed that family if they did not defend themselves

    Jacques PasquinelJacques Pasquinel10 days ago

    Kello oneoneKello oneone10 days ago
  • White, black, yellow, red...if you're an American this is why the 2nd amendment is a beautiful thing. This wasn't a race thing...it was a right to protect what's your. If you display potential force, you likely won't have to use it.

    Dustin WyattDustin Wyatt10 days ago
  • Not legal to protest in a residential naborhood or break through a private gate dumb ass

    Hon KennyHon Kenny11 days ago
  • No, no your supposed to have let them burn your house kill your dog and probably harm you or else your a racist

    Hector VazquezHector Vazquez12 days ago
    • Of course...why wouldn't you just back down and let this "cult" take over.

      Christine BrewerChristine Brewer12 days ago
  • you knew not to come on the clinton news network!!!

    Luis AvilaLuis Avila12 days ago
    • They just want to sway the situation. This cult broke into his private neighborhood, that was gated..until they break it down. Disgusting that he has to defend himself on his own property.

      Christine BrewerChristine Brewer12 days ago

    jonas Marliquejonas Marlique12 days ago
  • CNN the fake news our teachers force us to watch cause they are there only viewers.

    James BJames B13 days ago
  • Chris Cuomo is such a klootviool.

    DDV1983LSDDV1983LS14 days ago
  • Cant wait to see this coward in a jail sell. Him AND his wife. Bye bye coward.

    jeremy burchjeremy burch14 days ago
  • Absolute garbage...

    Jamie CadmanJamie Cadman14 days ago
  • Nothing happened because he was prepared for combat. 2 thumbs up, sir. Insurgents.

    Sherri GaskinSherri Gaskin14 days ago
  • This is ridiculous. He wouldn't even let him speak. Obviously they didn't come closer cause he had a gun and they did break down his gate so why wouldn't they go in his house? It's not like they were just passing through his property. I'm neither republican nor democrat. I'm in the middle and this is terrible. No matter what side your on you should be able to see this is wrong.

    NCDProductionsNCDProductions14 days ago
  • Get some pit bulls at let them loose on thieves

    monica englandmonica england14 days ago
  • Everybody pool party at comos

    monica englandmonica england14 days ago
  • Anyone in their position or situation would do the same. They had every right to defend themselves and their property. Chris cuomo would do the same.

    ramesh anandramesh anand15 days ago
  • CNN's station in Atlanta was trashed...and they still have NOT changed their minds about trespassing on private property? Of course not.

    Alex CarusoAlex Caruso16 days ago

    Jacob Alef a TavJacob Alef a Tav16 days ago
  • Weeded out all the Voters!Biden2020 thank you Missouri.

    rich ernestrich ernest16 days ago
  • CNN...truly the leaders in manipulated news.

    Aly MacAly Mac16 days ago
  • He was within his rights but a real hero would have shot them

    dicki doolittledicki doolittle16 days ago
  • A peaceful protest that broke into a private property.. that don’t make sense. I used to think Chris was a cool but now shame on you sir.

    LookMad 671Green thumbLookMad 671Green thumb16 days ago
  • Think the counsel should have stayed home,this guy for this...!

    Qhawe ProtectionQhawe Protection17 days ago
  • Wow, CNN IS BULL, CNN guy is full of it. Dude people can see what your trying to do.

    VlogitroyVlogitroy17 days ago
  • On how many different levels was Fredo a moron and completely inappropriate during this "interview"? Misrepresents, asks loaded questions, expects a private citizen to speak for the president. "That's a completely ridiculous statement" This man showed great restraint. That's putting it nicely. If that was ME on the show and I was asked those same ridiculous questions, my response would be "Fredo, you are a effing moron!" Hey Fredo, if you love those thugs so much, invite them to YOUR neighborhood! You're fine with them breaking down gates and intimidating your family and neighborhood, right? No? Why not? Idiot. (smh)

    joez203joez20318 days ago
  • Cuomo should lose his job

    Ty BiswangerTy Biswanger18 days ago
  • Cuomo was just dead wrong on his shot gun interview..if you want to call it a INTERVIEW...He is just a wanna be idiot..and he is not good at being that..Sick man

    Tommy ModestoTommy Modesto19 days ago
  • This is the moment I lost what respect I had to CNN. Now with the fiery but mostly peaceful protests, CNN is a JOKE

    TheHulkbuster13TheHulkbuster1319 days ago
  • Loool. North Korean Public Broadcasting displays more journalistic integrity

    Stefan KnezovicStefan Knezovic19 days ago
  • I guess Chris would rather 300 people break into his property than be called Fredo.

    Change ReceptionChange Reception19 days ago
  • "The Media is NOT your friend" Chris "Fredo" Cuomo 2020

    Change ReceptionChange Reception19 days ago
  • Look at what CNN are doing again seriously they need shut down with all their shit reporting.

    ItsFrankieItsFrankie19 days ago
  • That was pathetic.

    Mike LazzaraMike Lazzara20 days ago

    OmarOmar20 days ago
  • uskeys.net/watch/40WCnYolMhg-video.html RACIST JOE BIDEN uskeys.net/watch/PZCBbpac3zs-video.html Cris Cuomo hates female sexual assult accusers

    Jason JubbJason Jubb21 day ago
  • done with CNN this is Ridiculous 😂

    Fire ContentFire Content21 day ago
  • It’s say when u know how people fell about 99 percent of stuff based on if they like trump or not

    Lee SheltonLee Shelton21 day ago
    • Oops i meant sad. Ole sleepy mike I guess they will call me lol

      Lee SheltonLee Shelton21 day ago
  • If was a private road going through a rich neighborhood they helped pay for and built. I don’t see anyone in anyone’s yard and he asked if they approached his house and by his reaction u can tell that nobody approached his home. It’s basically the same thing as us poor people pointing a gun at someone in the street in front of there house passing by U can call it trespassing but it don’t mean it is. U can call it terrorism but that don’t mean that’s what it was heck he could have said they held his dog down and beat it but it wouldn’t mean that it really happened. This guy is obviously willing to bend the truth he is a lawyer

    Lee SheltonLee Shelton21 day ago
  • If a person is scared of a mob to the point of bringing out guns. why are they outside running there mouths? Seems to me they would stay inside by the window and watch out then if someone gets close with malicious intent then tell them they are about to be shot. At least then u didn’t go out and incite violence urself and it gives u a chance to see if people are just being loud because it is a crowd a protest of angry people who are tired of being killed and if they do decide to approach ur house then wave a gun not as they are walking down the road. You paid to keep them out and off ur street for years now they got in and by god u are going to show them who’s boss on rich prick avenue and show them ur guns and threaten them with the same violence they are protesting if I was out there protesting and someone started waving a gun around that would make me say some threatening stuff to and mr sir with the gun we learned the most basic rule in life as a kid. Treat others like u want to be treated. If u went out and had no intention of causing violence u just wanted to protest and someone threatened u and ur family with a gun I’m sure u would threaten them back. Regardless of what was said while they put the protest together u didn’t know until after u threatened them with a gun. And his lawyer taking about we all need to keep hearing blm and u can tell he is one of those who would say to there pals I’m sick of hearing about black Lives Matter. Y’all are for sure racist Get em Chris Cuomo

    Lee SheltonLee Shelton21 day ago
  • I wish Chris would run for president. Him and his brother speak from the heart and I have never seen Chris not be fair. I’ll fist fight someone over talking shit about Chris.

    Lee SheltonLee Shelton21 day ago
    • You maam, are silly, how does he make any sense? The dude was well within his rights , if you have an angry mob, break down you’re gate , walk up to your house, threaten to kill you and ur family, to burn ur house down, so you protect it well within ur rights, but nope that makes you the bad guy? Please show me how you think that douche Chris is right.

      PrimeTimePrimeTime20 days ago
  • We don’t have representation for black lives matter, these are clearly three Democrats and the confronter is now a former democrat his business as an injury lawyer is over one can tell when this guy lies

    vy walkvy walk21 day ago
  • They were marching to the mayors house. It was not his gate. It was the subdivision gate. Clearly his wife walked to the protesters and waved a gun. This is clear. The front door is way away from the street. The woman clearly confronted protesters with a gun. If she were afraid she should have stayed on the porch. You are a clear liar. You don’t have proof. You are lying

    vy walkvy walk21 day ago
  • I am wondering what this man will say when protesters break CNN headquarter?

    Ken KmcKen Kmc22 days ago
  • In 2013, the synagogue placed beehives along the wall to produce honey for Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. One morning they found the hives destroyed and all the bees dead. Mark McCloskey had taken an ax or sledgehammer to them. His issue? The fence between them sat six inches inside the McCloskey’s property line. The hives were his to wreck. “He could have picked up the phone and said, ‘Hey, those beehives are on my property,’ and we would have happily moved them,” said Talve. She said children at the synagogue wept when they heard the news of the hives. The synagogue maintains raised bed gardens on its property that supply some 2,000 pounds of fresh produce to a local food pantry, as well as pear, fig and apple trees. “We were going to have our own apples and honey for Rosh Hashanah!” she said. She said the McCloskeys didn’t contact the temple at all before lashing out. Instead, McCloskey left a note threatening to sue the synagogue for damages if the shattered hives were not removed at once. These people aren't just bullies. They are evil assholes.

    JustAGuyJustAGuy22 days ago
  • Anyone up for some peaceful protesting inside Chris's house?

    Triston LaCrossTriston LaCross22 days ago
  • Oh my cnn is such garbage. The questions were just made up out of his ass

    Hawaii's MercenaryHawaii's Mercenary22 days ago
  • 9:12 he had a hands up don’t shoot shirt so he was a anti police protester. does that mean that rioters with shirts like this does this mean they share the same ideals of all of blm?

    KERNAlKERNAl23 days ago
  • You dont point guns at unarmed people sorry that guy needs to be arrested

    G33 WIZZZG33 WIZZZ23 days ago
  • It's CNN I mean c'mon give the roided out NY Dem governor's brother a break...its like the old national enquirer where they were just so insanely ridiculous like Bat Boy found! headlines that u just laugh...trust me go tear down Chris or his brother's private gates and threaten to kill em you'll have guns on you in 5 seconds...Chris doesn't ACTUALLY believe what he's saying its just the comedy news network and he gets paid alot and steroids aint cheap

    John HaysJohn Hays23 days ago
  • CNN hate the USA

    Vicky VikingVicky Viking23 days ago
  • they destroyed the private gate. CNN tell the correct story

    Tangie SupportTangie Support24 days ago
  • I pray someday an angry mob surrounds your ass and lets see how you feel!

    Big DaddyBig Daddy24 days ago
  • Useless Fredo trying to outsmart an attorney

    Brothers PinkowskiBrothers Pinkowski24 days ago
  • The Govenor says he's going to pardon them, so what is the point of prosecuting these two people.

    SS25 days ago
  • I’m thinking about what if someone were to go find Fredo’s house so they can see if he defends his property. I’m curious. Just a thought.

    jpgjpg25 days ago
  • Of course CNN being the fake news that it is tries to attack this man’s right to defend himself

    jpgjpg25 days ago
  • Cuomo needs his ass kicked. I volunteer.

    Matt KingMatt King25 days ago
  • This is exactly what Doc Rivers is frustrated about... These childish white supremacy weapons of war wielding criminals crying wolf.. The Rittenhouse children who travel through cities far from their homes to gun down and murder protesters and claim to be victims.... Society can't continue to accept the "Emmert Tilling" of people to be excused with a false claim of fear and self defence... This man was vile and insulting and threatening protesters.... Suddenly hrs later he is on TV claiming "fear" exercising "white victim Hood" its madness..

    S NS N25 days ago
  • So where is the ending of this video? Why is it gone...

    Chuckie SniderChuckie Snider26 days ago
  • "I want to talk about not having a right, but whether or not something is right, first." Okay then. How about - Is it right to enter onto somesone else's property that is not your own and destroy their personal property, (the gate). Oh, not to mention make death threats and other threats to life and property.

    Eli SmithEli Smith26 days ago
  • I wonder if Chris would let them all burn his house and kill his dog if they waltzed up his driveway after breaking down his front gate? Yeah, go ahead, oh you're BLM protesters? Perfect, that exempts you from criminal activity, so go right ahead.

    Eli SmithEli Smith26 days ago
  • Shame on Chris Cuomo!! Just twisting and manipulating to push a certain agenda

    Erika DuPondErika DuPond26 days ago
  • What a bunch of BS! Guido is still pedaling lies and that couple had every right to defend their home. They were NOT peaceful by any means, they in fact were armed to the teeth and were wearing body armor. CNN is Fake News! Californians who stand with Trump!

    KerriKerri27 days ago
  • This CNN reporter is so biased and unfair, this is just unbelievable how bad the news media is becoming. Mr. Mark McCloskey had every right to stand his ground, in fact, he was quite tame in his manor, he held a gun to protect his and his wife's lives as well as his residence. That is our right as Americans. He was on his property and had every right to handle this the way he did CNN should be ashamed of their reporting and this reporter on this subject. I am disappointed in CNN. #CNN

    Mark CameronMark Cameron27 days ago
  • Chris Cuomo has the liberal brain which consists of arrogance and feces.

    22Danibelle22Danibelle28 days ago
  • SHAME on YOU CNN FOR your complete LIES! We are fed up with you AMERICA hating, LYING, CORRUPTION! Those people were being threatened in their homes! They were chanting that they were going to rape Mrs. Mcloskey. I DON"T CARE WHAT RACE YOU ARE NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO COME TO YOUR HOME AND THREATEN YOU. America does NOT WANT THE SOCIALISM OF THE CORRUPT Democratic Party!! TRUMP 2020!!!

    Susan C.Susan C.28 days ago
  • Fr tho I’m really disgusted with cuomo on how he treated him

    Victor Gallego-AnyiVictor Gallego-Anyi28 days ago
  • Fredo: I'm just looking at the video... You can't look at a video when you have your head up your ass as far as you do.

    generalbarrygeneralbarry28 days ago
  • Well how did you manage to get in my property in the first place? And I’m African American.

    x Krx Kr28 days ago
  • Somebody needs to burn down the cnn HQ

    ChilliSauceChilliSauce28 days ago
  • 9:40 what a bunch of nonsense if, the RNC proves that

    Nicolas T-RNicolas T-R28 days ago
  • trump 2020

    Karma GyalpoKarma Gyalpo28 days ago
  • That couple were enjoying the ''power'' of branding arms. They weren't terrorized. trump will take care of them. They were his guests tonight at the RNC convention. They were ''utilized'' on television.

    ElisaElisa29 days ago
  • Aside from being stupid, is his lawyer drunk?

    Chuck SwaimChuck Swaim29 days ago

    lefebre27lefebre2729 days ago
  • They only had their guns to protect their family and home? Advice: Go get some flamethrowers and let shit even try to get real. Those radical protesters will all be running back to their bedrooms in mommy’s basement.

    P.M. PattersonP.M. Patterson29 days ago
  • They are bullies. Read this. A congregation’s beehives encroached on their property by about 6” and rather than contact the congregation and ask them to move them, they smashed them. forward.com/news/national/453183/the-rabbi-who-is-neighbor-to-mark-and-patricia-mccloskey-speaks-out-they/?fbclid=IwAR16gmT2MzpBUth9Q9W6KsREdna6z5x5yudkYRTYPmJZN89xzxTMsVJ0NaM

    babichevibabichevi29 days ago
  • I won’t write it in letters because it gets automatically flagged and erased. This couple are typically rich RN

    LouisbbLouisbb29 days ago

    I-T iyah manI-T iyah man29 days ago
  • Rioters, not protesters. They literally said we are gonna kill you, your dog, and take and burn down your home.

    lushin burllushin burl29 days ago