Why Millions Of Potatoes Are Being Thrown Away During The Pandemic | Big Business

Jun 28, 2020
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Potato farmers in Idaho and Montana are destroying millions of potatoes. Restaurant closures because of the COVID-19 pandemic caused a glut, and now, billions of pounds of potatoes are stuck in the supply chain. It's caused unprecedented financial losses, food waste, and emotional turmoil for farmers whose livelihood depends on their crops.
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Why Millions Of Potatoes Are Being Thrown Away During The Pandemic | Big Business

  • I kind of want them to grow together and make one giant Super potato

    Bland StanBland Stan17 minutes ago
  • The story of every one of these covid-19 videos is that our current business supply chain sucks

    jackson chenjackson chen27 minutes ago
  • Drop those potato to Yemen..don't drop bomb.

    Bern KohBern Koh50 minutes ago
  • Just send the potatoes to the starving. Example YEMEN

    Siew Kit LeeSiew Kit LeeHour ago
  • Instead of throwing it, give it to the one in need. It can help alleviate world hunger

    Aeth ProximaAeth ProximaHour ago
  • Sad day, farmers losing their crops while at the same time, millions are starving worldwide. Funny, elites like Bill Gates, The Clintons, and many others have "charity foundations" and always talk about helping the poor, all bullshit. These assholes could have bought these potatoes and distributed them worldwide, but no, the elites are more concerned with taking over the world and their child trafficking business. Trump is against these assholes, why didn't he buy the potatoes, greed I guess, at least he's not involved in their sickening business. If Trump doesn't get these sick "people", hopefully karma will, and they'll all pay the ultimate price, slow torture followed by slow death followed by burning for eternity in hell. FTG.

    JL LaradeJL LaradeHour ago
  • surely donate them into charities

    jörgenjörgenHour ago
  • i commented a long paragraph and now i cant find it... hmmm

    welcome to walmartwelcome to walmartHour ago
  • I'm just thinking what African kids feelin,

    ThePotterThePotter2 hours ago
  • Instead of throwing them away give the large homeless population of America food like make French Fries and give them away

    nadir kianinadir kiani3 hours ago
  • Poor Glados

    iam Spammeriam Spammer3 hours ago
  • Yo y don't they just send it to Yemen

    Your MomYour Mom3 hours ago
  • just cannot donate them? instead of this stupidity

    Erie MoraErie Mora3 hours ago
  • Sigh... I don't even want to comment a knowledgeable comment.

    Warm CobraWarm Cobra3 hours ago
  • why does the thumbnail look like toy story's ending scene

    H3rmann_FegeleinH3rmann_Fegelein4 hours ago
  • If one can invest on dumping it as waste... y not send across the length and breadth of country and continent to feed people ...who can't afford food or lost job.

    Sonal KesarwaniSonal Kesarwani4 hours ago
  • effective capitalism, effectively destroys food while other people are starving. I love capitalism!!

    ИлюшкаИлюшка4 hours ago
  • So restaurants are the #1 food waste?

    Raymond LoRaymond Lo4 hours ago
  • Does this mean there won't be anymore french fries at McDonald's?? 😭

    Silent Killer-bf5Silent Killer-bf54 hours ago
  • So many chips. 😭

    Joey PoppyseedJoey Poppyseed4 hours ago
  • When they learn to have storage farms and cold starage...playing with efforts and capital of people run by circumstances

    Xing XungXing Xung5 hours ago
  • Capitalism Absurd

    marvin silvermanmarvin silverman5 hours ago
  • Wow, there was no way at all to get any of this to the hungry people in need?

    LaAnn WLaAnn W5 hours ago
  • I wonder if you could send them overseas as food aid and write it off🤔

    Kewl FroeinweizerKewl Froeinweizer5 hours ago

    Sanjib ChakrabortySanjib Chakraborty6 hours ago
  • Export to other country instead of wasting food

    Kartik MandaviaKartik Mandavia6 hours ago
  • And the MN. city that was destroyed by riots asked for 16 Million dollars to take care of a 500 million dollar problem. Meanwhile, back at the Farm, the whole system is out of kilter.

    Douglas CrosbyDouglas Crosby6 hours ago
  • BRO THEY COULD GIVE IT TO A STARVING COUNTRY SUCH AS YEMEN????? bro can yall tell me how stupid the country ,America stupid is?

    Xai Tea KhaiXai Tea Khai6 hours ago
  • Just sell to poor

    Kartik MandaviaKartik Mandavia6 hours ago
  • India me pune me tho 60/rs kg bik raha hai

    DevOps EngineerDevOps Engineer6 hours ago
  • And Yemen is eating leaves? Come on.

    Kimberly ChitandoKimberly Chitando6 hours ago
  • Bruh send it to the ppl who need it

    keith Mahatamachaikeith Mahatamachai6 hours ago
  • What bout the homeless ppl 😩😩

    Evette JEvette J6 hours ago
  • Bring those to south africa.....we need them in our sphatlos

    Lesedi Artistic_chefLesedi Artistic_chef6 hours ago
  • Everybody laughing at the potatoes being poured in a whole but anybody who has left a potato for too long in his house knows whats about to happen.

    James UltronJames Ultron7 hours ago
  • My gf cry seeing this, she gives me a lot of love but she loves potatoes even more.

    Yggdrasill4Yggdrasill47 hours ago
  • Sounds pretty dumb.

    Kevin KleinKevin Klein8 hours ago
  • 🚨FAMINE COMING.... 😔

    GAIN LABSGAIN LABS8 hours ago
  • That hurts me a lot I love potatoes

    H0t D0gsH0t D0gs8 hours ago
  • that's really unfortunate .. i can eat potatoes all day instead of rice and bread ..

    Makk C.Makk C.8 hours ago
  • So this how we make America great.

    04041991nai104041991nai110 hours ago
  • Yo ship the potatoes to me I will eat it don't waste food

    Lincoln WikipediaLincoln Wikipedia10 hours ago
  • If you're idea is "just send them to hungry people" call your political reps and get them to pay for the transportation, these farmers can't afford it

    Average Joe78Average Joe7811 hours ago
  • Jacksepticeye must have been crying watching this

    NoobishSurEnder.NoobishSurEnder.11 hours ago
  • Jacksepticeye must have been crying watching this

    NoobishSurEnder.NoobishSurEnder.11 hours ago
  • The Russians would very much love to convert this into non perishable vodka

    Jeremy HontalbaJeremy Hontalba11 hours ago
  • what a waste..... they would rather discard than donate? instead of expensing for disposal why not expense for transporting to countries in need...?

    pogitopogito11 hours ago
  • Very sad

    motty kmotty k11 hours ago
  • Couldn't they have given it away or something? There are so many people in America hungry right now 😣😣😣

    Sheyka LoganSheyka Logan12 hours ago
  • make vodka from those potates and sell as sanitizer

    Chandra BalaChandra Bala12 hours ago
  • Donate the potatoes to 3rd world countries...

    Real TalkReal Talk12 hours ago
  • Ways to overcome this is to use it as animal feed, donate it to homeless, the hungry, and put it to good use. What a waste!

    Anthony TurniniAnthony Turnini12 hours ago
  • Technoblade intensifies

    Kirill lastnameKirill lastname13 hours ago
  • They're destroying the food chains and middle class... what is in the works in reality?

    manny floresmanny flores13 hours ago
  • Just make potato chips and donate rest to some third world and just charge them shipping and cover your costs and it's a win win for temp solution until supply chain is fixed.

    working2Bselfsufficientworking2Bselfsufficient14 hours ago
  • You can make a lot of bio gas with that potato and sell it or store and use it.. it will cost less then what it will cost for you to hire big machines to dig and discard them..

    Vinaya ROCKSVinaya ROCKS14 hours ago
  • My Irish family are turning in their graves over this.

    ZERKZERK14 hours ago
  • Cut out the stupid middle man and sell direct to the citizens.

    Clark RichardsClark Richards14 hours ago
  • They could’ve made good decision by sending food to starving and poor countries. These videos makes my blood boil

    Saeed Al ObeidliSaeed Al Obeidli14 hours ago
  • Let me save you some time, it’s because no one is buying it

    Jake MccainJake Mccain14 hours ago
  • bruh give them to me I'll eat them and sell like 3 potatoes that are left

    FlyteFlyte15 hours ago
  • This is literally straight out of Grapes of Wrath

    Uvaldo PalomaresUvaldo Palomares15 hours ago
  • The government needs to bail out all these farmers and everyone that's been horribly affected by the coronavirus because this will cause an even worse economic crisis in a few years

    joey .kjoey .k15 hours ago
  • Why sosaety is so stupied

    Scalamaster ElectrosScalamaster Electros15 hours ago
  • Bout time to do another farm aide, somebody call Willie.

    Frankie TeagueFrankie Teague16 hours ago
  • Put them on trains and planes, and just maybe a few less people will die of famine.

    D-BombD-Bomb16 hours ago
  • Simple send it to poor and needy people... trust me nothing is wasted in this world... it's just your choice

    Parvez EParvez E17 hours ago
  • Why they not donate the potato?

    gijrij asdasgijrij asdas17 hours ago
  • They couldn't donate it? Wow, tvey couldn't even give it away

    Mauricio MeridaMauricio Merida18 hours ago
  • Besides dumping the potatoes why they don't used for different purposes or better donate to those who need......

    Sangi- jirelSangi- jirel18 hours ago
  • It could have easily been sent to 3rd world countries as a donation.

    Mohammed AbubakerMohammed Abubaker18 hours ago
  • Give it to the people who dont have food to eat

    MJ HeartMJ Heart18 hours ago
  • He could have gave the potatoes to the needy people. The people who don't get even one meal a day. Its so selfish. 😨😨😠👎

    Rishabh GuptaRishabh Gupta18 hours ago
  • True American's my God bless them

    Christopher MayChristopher May18 hours ago
  • Just send to poor people please

    Nara PrajaNara Praja18 hours ago
  • God please for give us 🙏

    Christopher MayChristopher May19 hours ago
  • Wait so my iq dropped by 50 so the farmers throw it all away just because they ran out of customers? dont give a middle finger in the comments, im not even half in the video

    MozunMozun19 hours ago
  • Ay yo isnt this the scene from toy story 3?

    Choxolet yoChoxolet yo20 hours ago
  • What a monumental waste of food! People are losing their jobs left right and centre and would be more than grateful to put food on the table! Smh

    Kweku 7123Kweku 712320 hours ago
  • Use this potatoes to make ethanol fuel by turning starch into alcohol

    md shahbuddinmd shahbuddin20 hours ago