NBA "He's Not Human" MOMENTS

Apr 8, 2020
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NBA "He's Not Human" MOMENTS highlights some of the craziest plays in NBA History. It includes displays of insane athleticism and difficult shots from players such as Stephen Curry, LeBron James, Giannis Antetokounmpo and many more!
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  • Who do you guys think would win in a dunk contest...Zach Lavine or Zion Williamson

    KingSwishKingSwish6 months ago
    • zack lavine he got ups

      the noob Mixttthe noob Mixtt15 days ago
    • zach lavine

      MysteriousgxmesMysteriousgxmes16 days ago
    • Zl

      Firas AtiehFiras Atieh17 days ago
    • @Parker Rost waffle Zion wouldn't be nervous hes just not as good as zach lavine

      ZackIsChadyZackIsChady21 day ago
    • Kerry Howard plenty of people who lived in the jordan era still watch basketball and if u we’re a real bulls fan u would still know about them in that case u would know lavine is an astounding dunker and in the next couple of years he will probably become the best dunker of all time. Just how curry want clarified the best ever shooter for a little while. People wanted to know if he was really the best shooter. They can’t make that assumption immediately. Now that steph has been in the league for a good amount of time, people r aware that curry is easily the best shooter. Also as Zion keeps getting better and training more, he will get a better vertical and make him a better dunker. Which means if Zion keeps going and lays back on the injuries he will have a possibility at that title of the best dunker of all time.

      Bigfoot MermaidBigfoot Mermaid24 days ago

    Deon RileyDeon Riley2 hours ago
  • A rookie zion made a 7 foot dwight a joke.... howards shit af

    Jeswin AnilJeswin Anil13 hours ago
  • This dude's literally at risk of injuring himself if he jumps too high wtf 😂💀

    Jake the dogJake the dog16 hours ago
  • jamario Moon inhuman rebound, Ricky Davis Putback andShannon Brown block anyone?

    CoopercrackCoopercrack3 days ago
  • Half the plays had gasol missing and then a great plY happening

    Sebastian NiskerSebastian Nisker3 days ago
  • It’s funny because Tracy McGrady actually went to my church 😂

    Carlos SerranoCarlos Serrano4 days ago
  • That Kawhi Leonard steal was just a bad pass, it was 3 Raptors there

    h lacyh lacy4 days ago
  • 6:28 "What are you flexing at dude, you're down 1000 points"

    Africano BlackaldoAfricano Blackaldo4 days ago
  • 4:09 my guy literally took flight 🔥

    JayenchyJayenchy5 days ago
  • 5:15 Demar DeRozan. The ultimate demonstration of transition offense right here.

    Liam WeckerleLiam Weckerle5 days ago
  • 1:14 phenomenal call by the ref. Would definitely choose him to officiate finals

    Liam WeckerleLiam Weckerle5 days ago
  • they’re humans with long wingspan

    Hawaiki TattersallHawaiki Tattersall6 days ago
  • Westbrook is underappreciated

    Jimmy TweedaleJimmy Tweedale6 days ago
  • 안녕하십니까 각종 커뮤니티 / 미드 / 웹툰 다양한 스포츠 컨텐츠 분석 / 예상 자료 최대!!! 정보 공유 구글에서 gbct77777 검색 많은 참석 부탁드립니다.

    Ted MikeTed Mike7 days ago
  • JJ's reaction at 9:30 is my favorite

    RagnarNidhoggrRagnarNidhoggr8 days ago
  • 3:04 Zion vert is CRAZZYYYYYY

    Darth PainDarth Pain9 days ago
  • If J R Smith was human, he probably would have known what the score was.

    M SM S9 days ago
  • Chris Paul is just getting embarrassed 😭😭😭

    Mazeyar MoeiniMazeyar Moeini9 days ago
  • constant smile in this video

    Remi ABADIERemi ABADIE11 days ago
  • Nah nah nah Russel Westbrook is fully human mans getting like 12 points each game 😂😂😂😂

    Gifted skillzGifted skillz11 days ago
  • How does jr smith have 4?

    Rielly MonaghanRielly Monaghan12 days ago
  • 7:58 Kilyan Mbappe was a basketball player too! 🤭

    ChristianDivaniChristianDivani12 days ago
    • Ok Christian

      Otto KeffOtto Keff12 days ago
  • 0:17 now thats a football move

    joshxmenjoshxmen12 days ago
  • JR. Smith in denver was lethal must of been that denver bud

    Chris RhinehartChris Rhinehart13 days ago
  • 4:09 Quickest I've seen a crowd go from "oh" to "OHHHHHHHHH!!!!"

    Aarush KAarush K15 days ago
  • is no one gonna talk about gerald green's vert??? 8:18

    1. Thou Shant Lewd Kaori1. Thou Shant Lewd Kaori15 days ago
  • I've only ever seen Jordan and James dunk from the free throw line, have you ever shot a free throw in a game? Well put defenders into the equation and jump from that spot, dunking the fuckin ball.

    RileyRiley15 days ago
  • I swear tmac had on the shoes from like mike in that final minute. Dude could not miss. Didn’t matter what you did, he wasn’t missing

    FatmanJonesTVFatmanJonesTV15 days ago
  • J.R Smith today* 😮

    George Anne RizaldoGeorge Anne Rizaldo16 days ago
  • Shaq watching rn am i a joke to you

    mrbeast fanmrbeast fan16 days ago

    Chelsey WeeksChelsey Weeks16 days ago
  • 1:23 INSANE

    Mustafa PehlivanMustafa Pehlivan16 days ago
  • Is he a human!

    タコスダマスカスタコスダマスカス17 days ago
  • How is Vince jumping over an international player in the olympics not included?

    Juan CastroJuan Castro17 days ago
  • IDK why the Giannis highlights don't impress me.

    Juan CastroJuan Castro17 days ago
  • サムネのカワイがスヌープドッグにしか見えない

    雪村雪村18 days ago
  • 🏀🧨

    eXtreme OfficialeXtreme Official19 days ago
  • D

    loungedragonloungedragon19 days ago
  • But you see Jamal Murray layup vs the lakers though 😳👀

    Adrian MeadowsAdrian Meadows20 days ago
  • 1:25 that westbrook dunk cold asff

    flxrvnflxrvn20 days ago
  • Galing

    Kari hdvu KungKari hdvu Kung20 days ago
  • Lots of guys can put there head to the rim....that is totally human...misleading title, ohhh wait, never mind, its LeBron.

    TeknakillTeknakill21 day ago
  • Top 5 best in game dunk in history @8:20. Even the oppositions bench went crazy!

    Jimmie WillJimmie Will21 day ago
  • Oh,these are just lit ass moments.

    antonia miltonantonia milton23 days ago
  • Everytime a compilation includes dunking I immediately know Giannis is gonna be the main focus💀

    Jay CampbellJay Campbell24 days ago
    • Fax

      Anjeeeloo GamingAnjeeeloo Gaming23 days ago
  • J.R Smith is either the best or the worst player on the floor... just depends on the day.

    Jon CodaJon Coda24 days ago

    Detroit PistonsDetroit Pistons24 days ago
  • 1:35 referee with white hair be so pumped up from westbrooks beast dunk

    Leave a LikeLeave a Like25 days ago
  • 8:33 It's for me, my repeat boton

    Lil MetroLil Metro25 days ago
  • Repent from your sins and accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior!! So that you may receive the free gift of eternal life.

  • Should have more lebron highlights

    Carl VargasCarl Vargas26 days ago
  • One things for sure James harden didn't mean to play defense

    pipito manalotopipito manaloto27 days ago
  • 詹姆斯那个、跳得真高、肩膀几乎平筐

    りゅうしっきりゅうしっき28 days ago
  • 🔥

    Chan -XChan -X28 days ago
  • Kawhi got his ankles broke the steal by accident

    Youssef KhattabYoussef Khattab29 days ago
  • Jams is king, Jordon is god.

    jack chenjack chenMonth ago
  • 7:34 my guy roarin and shit

    BucksBucksMonth ago
  • I have a theory that Lebron and Zion are cyborgs from the future who are aimed at the domination of humanity.

    Michael MachupaMichael MachupaMonth ago
  • 1:32 westbrook had dropped a nuclear bomb.

    Top Awesome videoTop Awesome videoMonth ago
  • Tracey was so good man

    Lobster ButterLobster ButterMonth ago
  • I wish they wouldn’t use the “mama there goes that man” reference that shit was from a rape case. Deadass

    Lobster ButterLobster ButterMonth ago
  • Yanis will provide us with some great highlight next year, but far away from Milwaukee

    Lobster ButterLobster ButterMonth ago
  • Jr is so good man dude was In this 3 tiMes he’s a beast

    Lobster ButterLobster ButterMonth ago
  • Jr. Smith had some jaw-dropping plays like savage, but he is also often out of his mind on the court...

    C BrantC BrantMonth ago
  • No Kobe?

    Sige KaholSige KaholMonth ago
  • Zion

    Shavell ColemanShavell ColemanMonth ago
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    aguda ibrahimaguda ibrahimMonth ago
  • The last one Not Human is GOD

    阿C学长阿C学长Month ago
  • I would say that mcgrady game is still one of the best come back in history next one was the one with Reggie miller surprising it's not in this video but check it out when you have a chance you will love it

    GolvelliusGolvelliusMonth ago
  • Reggie millers 8 points in under 10 seconds wasn’t on this??

    AndyAndyMonth ago
  • J.J.’s reaction to Jackson’s put-back dunk was great lmaoo

    FadeZFadeZMonth ago
  • The 2nd one. Kawhi just slipped right?

    Sheina Ivory HaoSheina Ivory HaoMonth ago
  • Brotha, SMH 🤦🏽‍♂️ you’re missing both dunks by LeBron James. 1. When he jumped over an entire human being when he was with the Miami Heat. 2. When he posterized Jason Terry in the Playoff with the Heat as well. And I believe that was a elimination game also.

    Chuk MorrisChuk MorrisMonth ago
  • Geez la weez, the air Lebron James has at 0:46 is freaking UNBELIEVABLE!!! #KingJames #HisAirness

    Chuk MorrisChuk MorrisMonth ago
  • Shaq... Destroying boards.. now thats not human.. thats Shaq

    Denia BiñalonDenia BiñalonMonth ago
  • 9:54 this was Brilliant

    Tima collTima collMonth ago
  • That Shumpert put back dunk is still one of the most electric in game dunks I’ve ever seen

    Davey3131Davey3131Month ago
  • 0:22 Plot Twist: The guy got his ankles broken but got lucky and managed to catch the ball while falling

    1 Sub before 2021?1 Sub before 2021?Month ago
  • zach

    Dohnte MeyersDohnte MeyersMonth ago
  • i love jj reddicks expression

    Bob TheBadGamerBob TheBadGamerMonth ago
  • 0:29 I don't think that was a play, I think he just fell over

    CynicalString56CynicalString56Month ago
  • Plot title: Giannis and few other guys being Savage

    Arif ShroudArif ShroudMonth ago
  • i wish these type of videos would also have some Vincent Carter clips? i mean A LOT of his dunks are INSANE

    KukuKukuMonth ago
  • You should make one of these with plays by legends.

    Ryndan RileyRyndan RileyMonth ago
  • Lol is he in shock or just showing off when lebron doesn’t have to run back on offense after that block

    Chris PeaseChris PeaseMonth ago
  • Jajajajajajaja The Harden not human play!!

  • ohh how I miss Stu Lantz commentating for the Lakers and Kobe for years. especially him and Chick Hearn. RIP Mamba. RIP Chick

    Joe TaylorJoe TaylorMonth ago
  • Jr Smith is dat u?

    YouTube FanYouTube FanMonth ago
  • 2:14 lady in the back on her phone not even paying attention smh

    Terrance ShawTerrance ShawMonth ago
  • 1:51 we all knew that was coming or maybe some didnt

    Mr. ArmanMr. ArmanMonth ago
  • Zach Lavin idiots

    Danrey Ud-ulonDanrey Ud-ulonMonth ago
  • Stupid title

    Patrick SobbPatrick SobbMonth ago
  • The rockets bench reaction to Gerald green’s alley oop is priceless 😂

    Luis ZLuis ZMonth ago
  • Jr. smith dunk🐐

    rafael valenciarafael valenciaMonth ago
  • giannis does not even jump that high hes just 7 feet tall

    Nicholas.PNicholas.P2 months ago
  • They are pro atheletes in true sense😱

    Rahul ParasharRahul Parashar2 months ago
  • Let's call it what it is it's the LeBron and Giannis aren't human show

    Tyler Lappegard-DavisTyler Lappegard-Davis2 months ago
  • 9:56 Are we Okay ? I guess we are. >.>

    Robert JohnnyRobert Johnny2 months ago
  • I don’t know if y’all realize how much Westbrook’s hand must have hurt after that dunk😂

    Lando1413 _Lando1413 _2 months ago