The Fighter and The Kid - Episode 566: Mike Catherwood and Stevie Blue Eyes

May 22, 2020
235 438 Views

Mike Catherwood and Stevie Blue Eyes join Brendan and Bryan in studio for Episode 566 of The Fighter and The Kid. They talk about Bryan’s show getting cancelled, Charlamagne Tha God’s interview with Joe Biden, muscle cars, Mike Tyson, and much more!

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  • well pure economics has nothing to do with running a business. Pure economics is applied mathematics to create models and trust me, they are well aware of the simplistic assumptions they make in each model but you can't really model a market with billions of independent actors without simplification. You may think this stays in the bubble of academia but most of these successful economists design policies and run Central Banks that will lead the entire economy.

    Denis CascinoDenis Cascino5 days ago
  • Can someone just explain to me what they mean by juice

    Brandon HallBrandon Hall28 days ago
  • would you pay to see this? (spotify)

    Wil WilsonWil WilsonMonth ago
  • who spilt the pancake mix on the table?

    Wil WilsonWil WilsonMonth ago
  • They should rename the podcast to “Bryan and Bren: The COVID Experience. STFU already about COVID!!

    amaestas76amaestas76Month ago
  • 0:15, 9:48, 12:40, 33:15, 46:13, 50:16, 1:06:50, 1:08:16, 1:11:07, 1:17:38 (kinda), 1:18:46, 1:18:51, 1:21:00 (gotta be the worst one). and these are just him interrupting Brian. Brian literally shakes his head and frowns after each one just about. there's so many small ones too. i don't think i got every one. come on, brendan.

    PatrickPatrickMonth ago
  • 01:26:44 01:17:51 01:02:05

    Onita BuffumOnita BuffumMonth ago
  • Why all the hate for Brendan? Quit bitching and go listen to Call Her Daddy. I like hearing what everyone has to say.

    Austin StullAustin StullMonth ago
  • I wonder if Brendan is gay

    Jim JohnsonJim JohnsonMonth ago
  • Thats what you get for buying a Toyota callen 🤣👎

    Jake RusselJake RusselMonth ago
  • Kat is ready to get Pipper Pierred

    luk3dawgnastyluk3dawgnastyMonth ago
  • Brenda "Don't mean to cut you off but going to anyway" Shlaub

    James HartJames HartMonth ago
  • I ❤ u guys

    Overthinker PodcastOverthinker PodcastMonth ago
  • Come on Brendan stop the interruptions man. Also Mike just said his wife looks like her, can you not mock her looks. wtf

    kevin s.kevin s.Month ago
  • That twerp Mike Catherwood is starting to win me over.

  • Mike Catherwood is a G

    Rob StasRob StasMonth ago
  • And what exactly did Brandon do to all of you commenters personally I don’t get it why everyone hates him so much I mean he was a fighter who hooked up with Rhonda Rowzee he has a successful podcast so I don’t get it is that why they’re mad he’s not doing anything really serious if he talks over people I’m pretty sure everybody in the comment section has talked over people so what’s the issue everybody else seems like they’re talking over each other can’t figure it out why the personal heat

    Robert LibertyRobert LibertyMonth ago
  • How is Brendan famous?

    DavidDavidMonth ago
  • Geez Louise so much bitching in the comments.

    KungFuAsianYeaKungFuAsianYeaMonth ago
  • Idk but isin jail for 2 months and I was sick 3/4 of my time!

    Alex DavisAlex DavisMonth ago
  • Specialized

    Chris WhiteChris WhiteMonth ago
  • Brendan's a "one upper" and is why he cuts everyone off with one of his stories or some other shit. Love big brown but got damn man.. its getting bad!

    kris richkris richMonth ago
  • Hey that dude is gonna blow your motor Brenda.

    thank you for listeningthank you for listeningMonth ago
  • Their political opinions are so cringeworthy. It's starting to get annoying, every episode is Brendan and Callen talking politics out their ass.

    Gavin kGavin kMonth ago
  • All time Interruption Champ. Brendan > Bert

    Brandon BoykinBrandon BoykinMonth ago
  • Check the numbers on 2nd wave 1918-1920 influenza death numbers. More than double the 1st wave total deaths. Partly because people didn't take it seriously enough. And for you health nuts that think they are immune system superman, look up: cytokine explosion...."dangerous immune overreaction in healthy individuals. In those cases, the body is overloaded with cytokines leading to severe inflammation and the fatal buildup of fluid in the lungs."

    GhigsterGhigsterMonth ago
  • Lol @ Brendan calling Bryan's son gay when he's never not been the gayest man in the room

    Cody ElfordCody ElfordMonth ago
  • Couldn't finish this schaub was way to annoying with the interruptions

    chris glynnchris glynnMonth ago
  • The circles the guy in the white hat has to run to not give Republicans credit for being on the right side, no pun intended. Is ridiculous we are simple. Freedom of speech freedom to bear arms freedom to protect yourself freedom of religion freedom of life thuss no baby should be killed in the room.

    Alvaro Vargas bang-wutangAlvaro Vargas bang-wutangMonth ago
  • Cool, cool. Let’s devalue expertise so that the opinions of loud idiots sitting on red lazy-boys are held in equal regard to subject matter experts.

    chronocidechronocideMonth ago
  • Listening to these guys wax intellectual on history and politics is the worst.

    chronocidechronocideMonth ago
  • 11:48 ish. Callen’s reaction to Brendan.

    Susana SunshineSusana SunshineMonth ago
  • I wish they Stevie talk; he has an interesting story.

    Jack GoldbergJack GoldbergMonth ago
  • i love how they are talking about joe biden basically gatekeeping all black people then that big dumbass in the corner does the same thing.

    Tray WilliamsTray WilliamsMonth ago
  • I wish Brandon would let Brian talk a lot more during the shows. He thinks cutting him off and shutting him down is funny🤨

    TheAbizzle2TheAbizzle2Month ago
  • I called it exactly, that Brian's show would only do 2 seasons. And these guys talked him up to saying his show was the greatest thing since sliced bread.

    D. AlmeidaD. AlmeidaMonth ago
  • Tsss! Hey Brendan.. zip it!

    Elliott GarciaElliott GarciaMonth ago
  • I would love to hear what Mike Catherwood and Stevie Blue Eyes think instead of Schaubs last-read article

    Chris MulivanuChris MulivanuMonth ago
  • I'm 45 minutes into it, and i have no idea what everyone in the comments are talking about... Great podcast!

    Ryan WellsRyan WellsMonth ago
  • Every comment is the same thing. Youd think these people would have something better to do with there life then complain in the comments about something they dont have to watch.

    Kalabe LeggeKalabe LeggeMonth ago
  • question for you tfatk employee doing social media account analysis; what do YOU think is contributing to the decline of the show? comment back, it would be cool to get a dialog going with this thing.

    Nicholas KramasNicholas KramasMonth ago
  • The leftists are slowly making the U.S into Sweden. Jantelagen, don't flaunt wealth and prosperity, don't think you have more value than any other etc.

    John SmithJohn SmithMonth ago
  • You guys need to get Michael Franceze on this former mafia dude

    Josh EllernamanJosh EllernamanMonth ago
  • Brendan's dressed in classic hypebeast attire

    Big Brain Alert! PodcastBig Brain Alert! PodcastMonth ago
  • Can we get a petition to limit Brendan's word count per episode? All the credit in the world to him for starting successful businesses but we get it after hearing about it for 20% of each episode since January. Just take a breath and let the people talk who your audience wants to hear

    Trademark Aerial ProductionsTrademark Aerial ProductionsMonth ago
  • I love you Bryan, keep your head up. Love the show, great guests. 🙏🏻❤️☮️🌏

    Paul NewmanPaul NewmanMonth ago
  • How much do you think they get paid for the podcast?

    jesse blackjesse blackMonth ago
  • Indefinite duration for alimony payments is a complete joke.

    Rhett BurgessRhett BurgessMonth ago
  • I'm a fan of brendan, but he has to stop saying that his gt2 rs is the fastest car on the nurburgrin! That record got broken by the lamborghini aventador svj on july 2018. So he's been saying the wrong thing during the whole year...he really needs to check on the fact on some of the stuff he says...

    Dan ZhangDan ZhangMonth ago
  • Brendan really has no self awareness. I think he got knocked autistic

    The YonkoThe YonkoMonth ago
  • I wished this dude with the stupid hat would stfu. He talks like a recovering addict. They are so annoying

    Avery CardosiaAvery CardosiaMonth ago
  • Mike has camel toe

  • Bryan, first of all how do you miss a $7000 add on that’s printed on the purchase agreement?? Also you can easily cancel your extended warranty on the Prius. Just call the number on the bottom of the warranty contract so you don’t even have to deal with the dealership again. Hit me up, I work in a dealership and can help you with that if you’d like...

    Sean E CashSean E CashMonth ago
  • wish callen would do a show with ANYONE else

    Jonathan TaylorJonathan TaylorMonth ago
  • I haven't listened to TFATK in 2 years or so. After reading the comments it looks like nothings changed.

    Turkey's NestTurkey's NestMonth ago
  • That blue eyes guy has NO personality wow

    James The SecondJames The SecondMonth ago
  • Chinnypie, on behalf of every single listener, can you please tell Brendan to let guests and Bryan talk before stuttering and spitting into the mic?

    Paul Salibe Jr.Paul Salibe Jr.Month ago
  • "99.8% chance of being 100% fine" -Callen

    Mike CoburnMike CoburnMonth ago
  • Hey can Brendan interrupt others a little more? its my fav part of the podcast

    Luis PerielLuis PerielMonth ago
  • there wasnt a doubt in my mind that Stevie Blue Eyes was the dude on the right

    Dane ByfieldDane ByfieldMonth ago
  • See you guys in Houston on Thursday !

    Jett RadfordJett RadfordMonth ago
  • Compared dudes wife to jeremiah watkins. Comedy gold dasflatearthMonth ago

    David BélairDavid BélairMonth ago
  • mike, the reason everything is so vague is pretty obvious, it's because this thing is essentially the flu but these news media companies need to keep the views rolling in so they keep reporting very vague news that sounds bad but not terrible. this thing is more communicable than the flu but has a lower mortality rate, so it about equals out with the flu. basically, just treat it like the flu, try to be safe and if you feel sick stay away from others... other than that, get on with your life because this whole corona thing has just been a massive overreaction. im actually fine with it being an overreaction as well, but once we realized what this was, we should have reverted the lockdown. it's hard to do though when the media keeps things very vague and keeps you wondering if anything will change. basically the news outlets trapped mike in their cycle of bullshit.

    SincereDoperSincereDoperMonth ago
  • Yo brendan takin bit killer jones to new heights

    SeniorActivo69SeniorActivo69Month ago
  • First off I have to tip my hat to Bryan Callen. He is so patient, relaxed, humble and no ego. Especially when putting up with the big meat head of a pleb. Who keeps interrupting everyone.

    G Sting DingalingG Sting DingalingMonth ago
  • Stevie looks ON...haha

    Tyler CurtisTyler CurtisMonth ago
  • Brendan is always drinking or pushing the drinks.

    Hampton Inn DebaryHampton Inn DebaryMonth ago
  • I love listening to the podcast just to hear Mr Swollen talk over the guests when they go to tell an interesting story. Bryan gave Stevie the lay-up to speak about prison, drugs and being a pornstar and Schwab blocked him like Rodman in his prime.

    Jake McLeanJake McLeanMonth ago
  • Brendan shut up please. Dont you get tired of interrupting people?

    fox foxfoxfox foxfoxMonth ago
  • Brendan big fan but WTF let your guest talk.

    Hugo MendozaHugo MendozaMonth ago
  • This show would be better without Brendan.

    Braden ChapmanBraden ChapmanMonth ago

    Jack ///M240iJack ///M240iMonth ago
  • Let me guess what they talk about: Masks are stupid. Governor of California is an idiot. Coronavirus isnt a big deal lets all go back to work. Brendan saw a rattlesnake. Mountain Bikes. Liberals are stupid and they want everybody to go broke. Brendan interrupts while saying “my bad B”.

    Brendan LakeBrendan LakeMonth ago
  • I’ve noticed more and more lately I have to turn this off halfway through... Brendan is ruining the show. STFU for once dude...

    Tyler PaulTyler PaulMonth ago
  • Dick brendan!!!!! ( hey Mike I know your sober, would it be weird to drink in front of you????) Yes!!!!! It's fucked up.

    D. boyD. boyMonth ago
  • Mike is a dummy, there's no professors in good schools without experience... Went to a top school, pretty much all my professors had a successful side hustle, even after retiring

    Spider-mananaSpider-mananaMonth ago
  • Tf Brian you don’t know what a hellcat Is come on man

    Myles SobryMyles SobryMonth ago
  • This bro Mike Catherwood was cool the first time not long ago but the second and now the third is too much. If we wanted to hear him speak constantly about nothing very interesting or authoritative we’d listen to his podcast. Brendans on his joint too hard cause he’s someone to whine about lockdown with.

    Jay AnonJay AnonMonth ago
  • Watching Brendan "lead" a conversation is like watching Jamarcus Russell play QB. Somebody bench this overpaid fool

    quinton quarentinoquinton quarentinoMonth ago