Call of Duty®: Warzone - Verdansk Air Trailer

Jun 30, 2020
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Pack your bags and call your squad-you're about to go on the vacation of a lifetime. #WelcomeToWarzone
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  • Call of duty ❤️

    Ayan MarshmelloAyan Marshmello12 hours ago
  • Who was flying the plane after he jumped out?

    PyroPlazmaPyroPlazma13 hours ago
  • Modern camping sim sometimes warfare hey here's an idea make some operators that aren't mongaloids

    Nev FlanaganNev Flanagan22 hours ago
  • *when i equip the ghost skin* Price: Hey one last thing *soldier* Ghost: DO I LOOK LIKE AN ORDINARY SOLDIER?????????

    JoogleJoogle2 days ago
  • captain price kinda hot ngl😳😳😳

    シ //シ //2 days ago
  • song´s name?

    Christian roZas CabelloChristian roZas Cabello3 days ago
  • At least we know who actually rides the plane...

    Z DROPSZ DROPS3 days ago
  • Just make the whole Verdansk a Rumble map

    Fajar PoncoFajar Ponco4 days ago
  • That pilot would make a great vpice actor for captain price in modern warfare 2019 😀👍

    9inety6ix • 21 years ago9inety6ix • 21 years ago5 days ago
  • Captain Price: We're flying into my world! Me: you mean war crimes and disobeying rules

    Phantom Captain TimothyPhantom Captain Timothy5 days ago
  • Can someone tell me the song because in bops

    possumdukepossumduke5 days ago
  • The characters that still alive: 1.Alex 2.Captain Price 3.Kyle / Gaz 4.Ghost???

    Roblox and Minecraft playerRoblox and Minecraft player6 days ago
    • We're missing Soap

      Low-Budge FudgeLow-Budge Fudge5 days ago
  • everybody until season 3: im ghost everybody in season 4: im price

    i Dolchii Dolchi6 days ago
  • lol

  • Would be nice for custom warzone matches....but that's never gonna happen

    Mr.SovietMr.Soviet9 days ago
  • br games don't even look like this but wowwww

    Jonso TbhJonso Tbh9 days ago
  • Dear COD Team how can COD Mobile add streak and you can't? You added streaks to Infinite Warfare so please get a streaks team together or patch the Thunder Run so it's just like COD Ghost version. Seriously it be perfect and better then Battlefield 4 if Modern Warfare had this. So one team to patch the Thunder Run so it's like the COD Ghost version.

    SanAnMan 1SanAnMan 110 days ago
  • Plunder games are too short. They end in like 6-7 minutes. Honestly thinking about quitting over this because by the time I really get into the game it goes into overtime. I love plunder but with games this short its just not fun anymore :/

    Hk 4lyfeHk 4lyfe10 days ago
  • مستوى مستوى

    ابو نـ يـٓفـ 511ابو نـ يـٓفـ 51110 days ago
  • When will you start to ban aim cheaters? There's no way to recieve satisfaction from the game for the fair players. It seems that at least half of the players have aimbots.

    PhatPhat10 days ago
  • in bo3 it tells me that I can't join because of different nat

    foxdesert 25foxdesert 2510 days ago
  • How do you buy dlcs for bo4 thats what i really want

    JOKER The sad raccoonJOKER The sad raccoon10 days ago
  • The game would be way more fun if people actually play like they do in the trailers

    ItsCloudyyItsCloudyy11 days ago
  • #CrashBandicoot4onWarzone

    El norteño Feliz MxEl norteño Feliz Mx11 days ago
  • This game is trash, fortnite is better

    Lord FarquaadLord Farquaad11 days ago
    • Hhhhhhhh

      Hgg hGhgHgg hGhg10 days ago
  • Well infinity war will make call of duty ghost 2 2021?

    Angel YamAngel Yam11 days ago
  • Do a crossover with fortnite

    Potato MonsterPotato Monster11 days ago
  • That’s kinda cringe sorry cod

    VovcarinVovcarin11 days ago
  • I hat svivol mod

    batmen bos tenbatmen bos ten11 days ago
  • Fix mw

    batmen bos tenbatmen bos ten11 days ago
  • I want my money back.

    Kevin HutchinsKevin Hutchins11 days ago
  • I like how price smile.

    Rick AstleyRick Astley11 days ago
  • Take a look on my last warzone compilation

    EnzoXblackEnzoXblack12 days ago
  • 0:56 ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh that one 141 shot hits different

    K E BerryK E Berry12 days ago

    ii12 days ago
  • 0:40 how is the plane still going if there’s no driver

    бугмен رجلбугмен رجل12 days ago
  • I m love Call of Duty

    Christian 12 el pro . exeChristian 12 el pro . exe12 days ago
  • Call of duty can you add second player in the next warzone update please.

    Humberto Rodriguez CruzHumberto Rodriguez Cruz12 days ago
  • detalle-rodado

    Vicent Puche TrivinoVicent Puche Trivino13 days ago
  • Cod agricultural warfare

    Nikola TeslaNikola Tesla13 days ago
  • Price what so gaz their

    Erica ThomasErica Thomas13 days ago
  • MW2R multiplayer???

    HJC UKA1HJC UKA113 days ago
  • Anuncia logo o novo jogo tá demorando demais pra quê isso?

    ninjamestreeninjamestree13 days ago
  • That’s great and all but it’s this just looks like normal Warzone. Idek what this updates about. A machine gun and a brick?

    Iss HuugoIss Huugo14 days ago
  • And the mode zombies?????

    Otaku 777Otaku 77714 days ago
    • @Elite Commando yo tampoco

      Otaku 777Otaku 7777 days ago
    • Otaku 777 yo no se si va a poner el mode zombies

      Elite CommandoElite Commando7 days ago
    • @Elite Commando a ahora sí xd si no tiene modo zombie nose si decir si es un call of duty

      Otaku 777Otaku 7777 days ago
    • Otaku 777 yo no se si ay el mode zombies

      Elite CommandoElite Commando7 days ago
    • Hablo español si sabes español dime lo que dijiste porque todavía no se al 100% ingles xd

      Otaku 777Otaku 7777 days ago
  • 0:20 Damascus strela-p????

    코쵸유우코쵸유우14 days ago
  • last update dev error 6065 i cant play, can you fix that???

  • Trash game, probably one of the worst I’ve ever played being honest

    Itzgamer62Itzgamer6214 days ago
    • No valorant is terrible and trash

      3 0330최성운3 0330최성운14 days ago
  • Adding Captain Price as an operator made his character feel less significant and special change my mind

    Professor ProstateProfessor Prostate14 days ago
    • All of the main characters from the storyline including Ghost are operators too. Even though they have history, they are still normal characters just like the other operators. As Alex is a campaign playable character and operator, you don't seem to mention a problem with him. Besides, would you rather not be able to play as Captain Price? I understand though that now any player can be Captain Price but its the same with the other campaign characters too.

      Captain AmericaCaptain America4 days ago
  • Please add a free inspect action

    Don’t question the nameDon’t question the name14 days ago
  • Cod mw needs to nerf the fal

    Nicole BooneNicole Boone14 days ago
  • Will u ever make a version 2 for call of duty black ops 2

    kye gaming983kye gaming98314 days ago
  • Bring back team death-match

    Sergeant DanelartonSergeant Danelarton14 days ago
  • Activision are ak47s taken out the game whenever I find one and pick it up it turns into a different gun

    N ON O15 days ago
  • hi cod! I really wanted this from season 1 of warzone can you add a mafia bundle like a tommy gun or a pssh or a rifle ww2 thanks and bye!

  • You should do a mode for warzone and multiplayer where your friends aren't on your team

    N ON O15 days ago
  • Why is the survival mode only on the play station version and not the xbox version

    Ripped TwoRipped Two15 days ago
  • Hey, Yeah u. Where is Ghost 2 please tell me

    frank botellofrank botello15 days ago
  • Barry sloane isn't act price *HE IS THE PRICE*

    KramoninPUMAKramoninPUMA15 days ago
  • Game Lagger always update Increase *Packet loss 700%*

    Sedey HartrisnoSedey Hartrisno15 days ago
  • Can yall add warzone rumble back again plss

    Tahjir HairstonTahjir Hairston15 days ago

    World AccumElitesWorld AccumElites15 days ago
  • Call of duty mw3 remastered Call of duty black ops 2 remastered Who's with me

    Diary Of AprilDiary Of April15 days ago
  • Actually fix the game

    Gabriel CollodelGabriel Collodel15 days ago
    • Fax man this is probably one of the worst games I’ve ever played

      Itzgamer62Itzgamer6214 days ago
  • Love the game on Xbox but when I play Warzone with PC player’s and PC player’s that hack just make it not fun any more. Console player should only be Xbox and PS4 with controller, using a mouse and keyboard is just not far at all. Oh and changing the field of view on PC but not on console “Not Cool”Love hate game.

    Mark EarpMark Earp16 days ago

    GhostGhost16 days ago
  • Nerf aim assist

    Basim OMBasim OM16 days ago
  • call of duty: modern warfare update christmas 2020

    Jadith SabayJadith Sabay16 days ago
  • call of duty: modern warfare update halloween 2020

    Jadith SabayJadith Sabay16 days ago
  • call of duty: modern warfare 2 2021

    Jadith SabayJadith Sabay16 days ago
  • call of duty: modern warfare 2 remastered multiplayer december 2020

    Jadith SabayJadith Sabay16 days ago
  • call of duty: modern warfare november 2020

    Jadith SabayJadith Sabay16 days ago
  • High graphics that's 4999999 Gegabyte

    Taraz HossainTaraz Hossain16 days ago
  • Can you do it where the max team limit is 5 cause theres 5 players we have

    N ON O16 days ago
  • AC130 ABOVE

    Matthew PalmaMatthew Palma17 days ago
  • Song?

    Daniel MMDaniel MM17 days ago
  • Just wait unti- ( mind blows ) Is that real life price? XD pls bring back soap

    Janet EagleHeartJanet EagleHeart17 days ago
  • In reality all I want is a bo1, bo2 and Gta IV remake.

    BlackflagBlackflag17 days ago
  • Call of duty💩💩💩batlla top

    F1ashF1ash17 days ago
  • Wow

    AHMD KingAHMD King17 days ago

    KoalaBearPupKoalaBearPup18 days ago
    • That dosent mean anything

      Gabriel CollodelGabriel Collodel15 days ago
  • Now, with the leaks about Woods coming to Warzone, imagine Woods and Price in the same room together

    That-One-Mexican 13That-One-Mexican 1318 days ago
  • 128 subscribers 150 would you make 150 plase

  • The time captain price is an actual captain

    Soviet Weeb Gamer 69Soviet Weeb Gamer 6918 days ago
  • Hi,i adore Call of Duty Ghost,Call Of Duty Ghost 2 come out?

    Manuel DDXDManuel DDXD18 days ago
  • Est-ce que ça serait possible que les créateurs de call of Duty avec touts les sous qu'il ce sont fait avec les nous les acheteurs du jeux, bannisses les hackers ou alors s'il voulant pas bougé leur cu la moindre des choses sa serais qu'il nous mettant des crosplay que sa soit nous qui choisis avec qui on veut jouer que sa soit PS4 et Xbox ou que Xbox et PC ou PS4 et PC qu'on puisse choisir, si on active le crosplay on tombe sur des PC hackers Merci Activision !!!!! .

    Grinder GrinderGrinder Grinder18 days ago
  • Anyone else wanna see a live action short video of the whole new crew?

    Logan MurphyLogan Murphy18 days ago
  • Hey I still haven’t got my ghost from the mw2 remastered pack wut do I do

    Captain doggie 1Captain doggie 118 days ago
  • Bring back warzone rumble or We will be forced to battlfield and gta

    Lulu AdnessLulu Adness18 days ago
  • Looks fun. Too bad they took the knee for a Anarchy organization that hides behind racism to justify radical socialism by burning down buildings that black protest has spent their entire lives to build. I don't need to be reminded that one of my favorite games cucked out to a couple angry cancel culture who hide behind racism to justify violence every time I get hit with a loading screen.

    wolf and foxwolf and fox18 days ago
  • Don't forget to thank the bus driver because it is Price

    TritaniumTritanium18 days ago
  • wow

    Corina StaudingerCorina Staudinger18 days ago
  • Give the fennec at least a 60 round mag or make it reload faster

    Mithat BostanciMithat Bostanci18 days ago
  • my storage is like the plane except its going down everytime modern warfare has an update

    gamerorsomethinggamerorsomething18 days ago
  • Shcreiber should be acting as captain prince

    KoalaBearPupKoalaBearPup18 days ago

    47_ Sc0RPioN47_ Sc0RPioN19 days ago
  • When is Mw3 remastered coming out

    Jonathan FinchJonathan Finch19 days ago
  • Captain Price in real life is so cool :))

    Mạnh Mai ĐứcMạnh Mai Đức19 days ago
  • Didn’t know price is a real person

    aeham 88aeham 8819 days ago
  • Trailer: PEW PEW PEW DIE DIE DIE! Reality: Camping in the fire station

    MaxTheMonkeyMaxTheMonkey19 days ago