Conan Catches Jordan Schlansky Coming In Late - CONAN on TBS

Aug 7, 2013
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Conan investigates why Jordan rolls in past noon and discovers his creepy morning routines. More CONAN @
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  • All of Conan’s remotes are fcking hilarious. Really cured my depression!

    dman2159dman21598 hours ago
  • 4:59 I took a sip of water at the worst possible time 😂💀

    T SchmiedT SchmiedDay ago
  • I like that the espresso machine has moved into Jordan’s office.

    CateCateDay ago
    • That guy is a ticking time 💣, a crossbreed between Norman Bates & J. Phoenix's Joker...Conan better stop humiliating him before it's too late...

      R jamR jam16 minutes ago
  • Omfg u both are sooooo awesome!! Pure comedic gold!! ❤️🇨🇦....🔥 - Jordan is sooo great and Conan u been on fire forever!! I love watching u 2! 👏😂😂🎉🎉🔥🔥❤️❤️🤣🤣

    Kristi KozKristi Koz6 days ago
  • finally I found out what his job is.... it is written on his shirt! (4:47)

    Heronix-ArtsHeronix-Arts6 days ago
  • mcjuggernuggets

    trista martelltrista martell7 days ago
  • Clorox! He might See the future = today

    박상언박상언8 days ago
  • No fing way he shaved his face either. He has 5 o'clock shadow at 12:50

    LibertasLibertas10 days ago
  • Gordon is jacked. But living and working in Hollywood will do that to you. It's amazing how many people I have seen in movies and TV just out and about in Santa Monica and other places. My 2 kids were babtized at the Santa Monica Catholic Church. We flew in from Dallas for this. Then we went to lunch at the pier while the priest went surfing. No joke. Crazy place.

    Col William NOYDBCol William NOYDB10 days ago
  • slow day? you have to pick on your employees? I would take you to HR and call the state labor board, all this for a few laughs..

    Jack GilbertJack Gilbert12 days ago
  • This was the first Jordan scetch that I saw

    Ragnar Már JónssonRagnar Már Jónsson13 days ago
  • "Well, I woke up, I immediately had a protein shake, I'm experimenting with oats and whey, then I prepared my body in various ways" - There is an idea of a Jordan Schlansky. Some kind of abstraction.

    Erlins BachErlins Bach15 days ago
  • " I've worked for a living" 😂 just spewed pepsi all over the coffee table😂😂😂

    Mastiff MamaMastiff Mama18 days ago
  • Gotta love the bottle label "Sick Burn" at 3:58

    ChrisChris19 days ago
  • I watch this every Friday.

    Onan. OOnan. O19 days ago
    • Respect.

      Alex DiazAlex Diaz19 days ago
  • There is no way this isn't at least a partial persona

    Eliel PakkalaEliel Pakkala20 days ago
  • i have watched this before, but I was thinking what's behind the shirt, and then Conan told him to take off his shirts. lol :p

    freaker126freaker12620 days ago
  • this made me uncomfortable, i side with jordan, conan just sounds like an insane capitalist dictator :( its not funny, like imagine this actually happening to you. the way that jordan handled it is nothing short of incredible in my opinion

    Devin CrockettDevin Crockett21 day ago
    • They do all that for fun, no need to take any side.

      Sakata AdityaSakata Aditya7 days ago
  • That is one depressing office. 😂

    Lina AbdulazizLina Abdulaziz21 day ago
  • 9:30am. Would be nice

    The Washington RedskinsThe Washington Redskins22 days ago
  • He made this man punch in like the 80s lmaooooooo

    Wade GuttWade Gutt23 days ago
  • I can't believe that this video was uploaded 7 years ago. Time goes fast

    Bart AussiBart Aussi23 days ago
  • Let’s show our appreciation and respect for COVID-19 frontline heroes. Please use or to purchase an Appreciation Bracelet. We are together, Let's rise up!

    manith warnasuriyamanith warnasuriya23 days ago
  • Jordan Schlansky is the real life Patrick Bateman.

    Bill HalbertBill Halbert25 days ago
  • He almost broke character when he said "experimenting with oats and whey" XD

    Norman LaddleSchnitzelNorman LaddleSchnitzel26 days ago
  • Jordan looks so much younger here. I guess it was almost ten years ago.

    drumrboynoiddrumrboynoid27 days ago
  • Jordan is shredded

    Christopher ChicasChristopher Chicas29 days ago
  • "In case he ever makes a friend" lol, conan so rude

    Jen AJen A29 days ago
  • this guy is the bloody best mate

    my mum hates memy mum hates meMonth ago
  • Straight up thought Jordan was Chris Messina

    KatieKatieMonth ago
  • Jordan reminds me of Spock.

    Chris PChris PMonth ago
  • 9 am....oh and they’ll never appreciate it.

    S PS PMonth ago
  • #CocoforTrump2020

    OptimusX51OptimusX51Month ago
  • What is jandori anyway?

    Astri AzhariAstri AzhariMonth ago
  • This is funny, but it's completely fake just to generate views and revenue.

    TomTuckerTomTuckerMonth ago
    • No its not. You clearly haven't watched this show regularly.

      Alex DiazAlex Diaz19 days ago
    • Just like everything else on tv

      Soshi12005Soshi1200529 days ago
  • went here right after Conan DIY

    kylevyrel97kylevyrel97Month ago
  • I know that Conan is married to a woman, but why do I feel a sexual tension between them...? 😂😅

    Ioana *Ioana *Month ago
    • Conan ones sad "I been with chicks, dudes, etc" . He is bisexual

      Johnny AxonJohnny Axon26 days ago
    • @TokyoAnime Studios I've noticed the way conan sometimes bites his lip when jordan's speacking. I guess its a harmless 'bromance', the way will and hannibal's relationship was, if you whatched the show.

      Ioana *Ioana *28 days ago
    • I ask myself the same question...

      TokyoAnime StudiosTokyoAnime StudiosMonth ago
  • Too good. I would have fired & kicked him out of the building.

    Twinstars NZTwinstars NZMonth ago
  • I prepare my body *Reggie intensifies*

    Tengen Toppa: Gurren LagannTengen Toppa: Gurren LagannMonth ago
  • This is how nerds bully each other.

    Arvin BuenaaguaArvin BuenaaguaMonth ago
  • "Does this look like this look like the office of someone who's afraid of germs?" Things people said before COVID.

    Reverend GamingReverend GamingMonth ago
  • Co ass**##le nan😂

    rahul nairrahul nairMonth ago
  • Back here after the Conan DIY....😁😁😁

    Matt The KingMatt The KingMonth ago
  • Halfway through the video I found out that I couldn't watch this at the library xD

    whddnjs wjswhddnjs wjsMonth ago
  • Plzzzz Conan Plzzzzzzz more of this! Iv watched them all i need more!!!

    Semir TesnjakSemir TesnjakMonth ago
  • Gotcha ....

    Teresita UyTeresita UyMonth ago
  • People, this is scripted. Stop taking it for something it’s not

    AndrewsAndrewsMonth ago
  • hey at least you are making into work.

    depurasangre86depurasangre86Month ago
  • I love how Conan keeps stressing "he's a real human being" because otherwise we would forget

    E S EE S EMonth ago
  • Conan: you're not making any eye contact. Jordan: why would I? 😂

    Radu MPRadu MPMonth ago
  • Man, I want a friend like Jordan. In fact, he could be my father.

    Karlus TMKarlus TMMonth ago
  • 1:53 Conan is applying gel into a Lavazza manual. Amusing if it's intentional!

    lifthrasiirlifthrasiirMonth ago
  • Did you guys see the sign that says fake italian man? Lol

    Yoseph dwi SeptiantoYoseph dwi SeptiantoMonth ago
  • 1:41 You laughed at him 7 years ago... Bet you feel silly now, with Covid-19

    Bilal AslamBilal AslamMonth ago
  • 哈,黃种世界眼战狼,儿童真怕,,,小龍家也怕,,,??。

    柳岑焉柳岑焉Month ago
  • Is your intention to donate these to a children’s orphanage? Undecided.

    OzOzMonth ago
  • To my great shame, I have the same pepper grinder.

    masterofallgoonsmasterofallgoonsMonth ago
  • Oh magic mike$ secret police suck welcome to the jungle with hurricanes and earthy quakes of your babies @sodapoppin on twitch freedom of speech is 1

    Robert LustRobert LustMonth ago
  • Is this a horse outside but aviators on that Schlitz

    Robert LustRobert LustMonth ago
  • Who else came back here after the DIY Conan fan compilation? 😆

    GGMonth ago
    • DSP Historical Society How can anyone see my photo? The thumbnail is miniscule haha

      GGMonth ago
    • Yup, I had to come back for some reason after watching that.

      Karlus TMKarlus TMMonth ago
  • What is cupling😅?

    Kime TaduKime TaduMonth ago
  • 2020 quarantine sent me here

    BibiBoshBibiBoshMonth ago
  • Classic. I'm back here after the fan-made quarantine versions lol

    Sahcel EstoperesSahcel EstoperesMonth ago
  • Who came here after the cartoon version of it.😂

    matt timmatt timMonth ago
    • #MeToo

      Karlus TMKarlus TMMonth ago
    • Over here

      Juan ZorrillaJuan ZorrillaMonth ago
    • Me!!

      Maham AbbasiMaham AbbasiMonth ago
  • Face don't match the body

    lil Tisha girlganglil Tisha girlgangMonth ago
  • I love how the coffee machine is now actually IN his office

    MoboMoboMonth ago
  • Damn Jordan looks good.

    Alex RomanovAlex RomanovMonth ago
  • jordan schlansky one cranky fake italian LOL

    Kam PriscillaKam PriscillaMonth ago
  • He low key sounds like David Blaine.

    Henry RHenry RMonth ago
  • 7:25 I first note the mood of hour and then check the time of day.

    Caleb StreichCaleb StreichMonth ago
  • Tired of these bolt drink commercials!!!! They will never be Gatorade!!!!!!!

    S PS PMonth ago
  • They put the time card in wrong I needs to go horizontally

    Hunter VHunter VMonth ago
    • It depends actually on the design of the card

      Amsyar WanAmsyar WanMonth ago
  • ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    Guadalupe ZepedaGuadalupe ZepedaMonth ago
  • looks like bryan callen

    D’Angelo PadillaD’Angelo PadillaMonth ago
  • i just farted

    fliskofliskoMonth ago
  • #JordanSchlansky is awesome

    Laurence RosasLaurence RosasMonth ago
  • At 8:30 , look behind Jordan...

    Oswald AmoahOswald AmoahMonth ago
  • 5.3k people are experimenting with oats and whey

    AceAceMonth ago
  • Oh, I thought this was new and that he just never learned his lesson lol.

    Brad MillerBrad MillerMonth ago
  • 4:57 , this is the moment that will haunt Jordan until his grave. When the mortician will prepare his body in various ways, for the last time

    Danye Jones didn't kill himself.Danye Jones didn't kill himself.Month ago
  • We all wish we had a friend like Jordan.

    Father Gabriel StokesFather Gabriel StokesMonth ago
  • Watching in 2020......wishing I had that container of Clorox wipes.

    janedoe41276janedoe41276Month ago
  • This guy is the new Larry Bud Melmin

    Ayesha de QueirozAyesha de QueirozMonth ago
  • I still don't understand why this would be considered funny.

    Victoria JenkinsVictoria JenkinsMonth ago
    • Victoria Jenkins then why are you watching 😂

      Oliver MetcalfeOliver MetcalfeMonth ago
  • Saw this about a year ago and loved it. Now I'm watching during COVID pandemic and thinking "Oooh a container of Clorox!!!"

    Mary SmithMary SmithMonth ago
  • If I didn't know any better I'd say Jordan is a real extraterrestrial learning how to become human.

    DannyDannyMonth ago
  • I'd love to see a show with Aubrey Plaza and Jordan Schlansky 😂

    Sabrina ibasSabrina ibasMonth ago
    • Your mind is naughty in various ways

      Siddhant kumarSiddhant kumarMonth ago
  • the real question is, does he still comes in late on Friday?

    Cho KoonCho KoonMonth ago
    • *come

      AceAceMonth ago
  • does anyone actually thinks this is funny?

    Laurenz BaumgartnerLaurenz BaumgartnerMonth ago
  • Its not real

    Crazy SteveCrazy SteveMonth ago
  • "Then I prepared my body, in various ways..."

    Daniel ColageoDaniel ColageoMonth ago
  • Best character they created

    MattMattMonth ago
  • Not my first time here.

    Ruguoser LiegiseRuguoser LiegiseMonth ago
  • Jordan is kinda hot

    Bufford AngBufford AngMonth ago
    • Very hot

      Nqobile MgqubaNqobile MgqubaMonth ago
  • Jordan Schlansky vs Karl Pilkington vs Rich Evans?

    Reid RosebrockReid RosebrockMonth ago
  • 4:58 the most iconic line ever

    VAVAMonth ago
  • Nice burn

    LogicLogicMonth ago
  • If monotone was someone, Jordan would be that person.

    johnthegreek1980johnthegreek1980Month ago
  • 44rRRRrRCrBR

    Roberts ZandavsRoberts ZandavsMonth ago
  • Of course this guy comes in late every friday look at his body he clearly works out on friday the most.

    Yousef OdehYousef OdehMonth ago