Spider-Man Miles Morales | 6 New Suits & Gameplay Breakdown | Boss Fights

Oct 14, 2020
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Spider-man miles morales suits. What's going on guys? RBG here, back with more coverage for Marvel's Spider-Man Miles Morales. And we're literally on the cusp of the game's release. If you were lucky enough to nab the PS5 before the pre-orders were cleaned out you'll have the pleasure of playing the game at its full potential next month. But if you were 1 of the unfortunate guys like myself you'll have to settle for the lesser performing PS4 version. Which I honestly don't have a problem with. I'm greatful that we still have the option to even give our wallets some leeway before we jump into the next console generation. Another thing I'm greatful for is the amount of new info we've been given by Gameinformer which we're gonna talk about today. But moving on VGC says that players can unlock a number of suits as they progress through the game and Game Informer encountered six in its demo, including the 2020 Suit, which is described as “like something from a Deadmau5 concert”. And I think the suit they're referring to is this awesome Cyberpunk outfit. And its already managed to confuse some of the fans. They asked if this suit could be some sort of promotion to CD Projeckt Red's upcoming game CyberPunk 2077. And there are fans who've assumed that this is Insomniac's original design and that Peter will receive a similar suits.
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  • Back with a breakdown to that 🔥🔥🔥 boss battle! Lemme know what you guys think about all the new details.

    RandomBlackGamerRandomBlackGamerMonth ago
    • Sad times on xbox

      Thanks YouThanks YouMonth ago
    • Yes me to

      Halo IgengHalo IgengMonth ago
    • @Fitz Tobias Lol

      Masked AbsentlyMasked AbsentlyMonth ago
    • That would be badass

      purpleguyissanspurpleguyissansMonth ago
    • I wonder if fidelity mode will run at 60 fps on 1080 p

      Bud SpencerBud SpencerMonth ago
  • I don’t like spoilers, but this is the best way to spoil things! I’m glad I found this youtuber.

    Kingsavage Kingsavage4ever on InstagramKingsavage Kingsavage4ever on Instagram27 days ago
  • Best jeux ever

    Félix le destroyeureFélix le destroyeure28 days ago
  • you guys remmeber when we were going crazy and freaking out over the first spiderman game back in 2018

    Omar BhayeOmar Bhaye28 days ago
  • Me too cuz I'm on PS4 and I can't get a PS5 but I'm still grateful I can get the Spider-Man miles on my birthday

    Norma TaverasNorma TaverasMonth ago
  • Peter die

    Javier MartinJavier MartinMonth ago
  • I just realized that miles has shoes over his suit

    Hobo The HenryHobo The HenryMonth ago
  • You know if I get it I’m gonna rock that 2020 suit

    A PersonA PersonMonth ago
  • All I know is if we can’t play in them Chicago red air Jordan’s 1s from the movie we gonna have a problem lol

    trey mooretrey mooreMonth ago
  • I mean for me I still love my play station 4 so I’m still going to play with it but I’m also going to play miles morales so I can’t wait for it also I already finished Spider-Man Ps4 but is such a good game I still play it XD

    Ignacio Manuel AicardiIgnacio Manuel AicardiMonth ago
  • Will spider man miles game be added to Ps4?

    Mohamad BawabMohamad BawabMonth ago
  • Can’t wait for this game and griding for all the suits

    MoneyFireDiamondMoneyFireDiamondMonth ago
  • What was that last clip during his outro of? That looked sick

    SkysterakSkysterakMonth ago
  • I really want the ps5 I'm glad I live in the UK as its coming out November the 19th so it might be good as more stock might come in

    Flameblast73Flameblast73Month ago
  • Hey how are you I’m not sure if you can get the miles morales new suit

    Malek TraboulsyMalek TraboulsyMonth ago
  • pls don't support g2a they have a terrible reputation for severely damaging smaller game developers' income

    N0mad981N0mad981Month ago
  • Pouah the music of the amazing spider-man game 🥵

    PhilippePhilippeMonth ago
  • What's the clip at the very end with Spider-Man Dr Strange and Ironman?

    Travis FarringtonTravis FarringtonMonth ago
  • Looks badass

    X DoomX DoomMonth ago
  • I'd rather go without shoes than some fake jordans, please let me have the og backpack/hoodie suit but barefoot.

    pankpankMonth ago
  • I really hope we get both versions of his into the spider verse costumes like the one with the hood and shorts and his jordans and then the suit he wears at the very end without the hood shorts and sneakers cause I don't want the one he wears before he fully becomes his own spider man so yea I'm hoping those two suits even though technically they are the same suit just one he is wearing a hoodie shorts and his sneakers but yea both are sick looking so hopefully we get both

    TheHazeyGamerTheHazeyGamerMonth ago
  • It’s so good to see Miles Morales become a household name. I read his books when I was 13 years old (24 now) and remember wanting movies and video games of him so bad. As a person of color, I never thought I’d see the day where a black spiderman would not only be accepted, but just as loved as Peter Parker. It’s like a dream come true.

    PeanutMuttPlaysPeanutMuttPlaysMonth ago
  • I need miles morales i just bought spiderman last year for about $20 and the fact that its $49.99 im too broke xd

    TankijiTankijiMonth ago
  • possible co-op?

    Sebastian PerezSebastian PerezMonth ago
  • Swinging animations are amazing

    Debalima ChaudhuriDebalima ChaudhuriMonth ago
  • What game was that at the end

    BurakkuSamuraiBurakkuSamuraiMonth ago
  • samharris

    Некита ФениксНекита ФениксMonth ago
  • They released the crimson cowl suit

    Ben RosenbergBen RosenbergMonth ago
  • Does anyone know where that final clip is from?

    Turrell HarperTurrell HarperMonth ago
  • *casually waits for a second Peter Parker spiderman game* not touching this with a 10ft barge pole, I read miles comic line and it was soooo shit

    Dak VesserDak VesserMonth ago
  • Even though I didn’t get the ps5 I preordered the ultimate edition for it and the launch edition for ps4 my wallet is ready to die but I’m hyped the hell up for this game

    Harrison HolidyHarrison HolidyMonth ago
  • Me literally having a mental breakdown because this game isn’t out

    Icey - IcytorchIcey - IcytorchMonth ago
  • I love how in this game and the other one, the animation is so good that I have to keep reminding myself that I am not watching a Disney Pixar animated movie LOL.

    Ben RederBen RederMonth ago
  • hear me out, a duo multiplayer game mode where you can play as Peter and Miles with your friend and do missions together aside from the main story

    Adam WisemanAdam WisemanMonth ago
  • Check out “Auz WKK” all music platforms if you guys got time! Huge Spiderman fan🕷

    JeremceeJeremceeMonth ago
  • i see where they're going with the whole "miles fucking up" angle. its gonna be a conflict for miles to overcome like "Maybe im not good enough to be you peter" then peter pullin a spiderverse line "Don't do it like me, do it like you" then we get some bad ass sequences hopefully something like the leap of faith where he atones for his mistakes and becomes Miles Morales Spiderman instead of Peter Parker 2

    CaramelCaramelMonth ago
    • @Durag nah man its all good

      CaramelCaramelMonth ago
    • @Caramel sorry mb

      DuragDuragMonth ago
    • @Durag ofc i know tf

      CaramelCaramelMonth ago
    • Yk they making a second spider verse right?

      DuragDuragMonth ago
  • i think this well have better fighting with powers because the suit powers took 5 mins

    cday vcday vMonth ago
  • Like what’s up danger?

    Creed BrattonCreed BrattonMonth ago
  • Just stumbled upon your channel, definitely subbing, really enjoyed the video

    Bragdon_7Bragdon_7Month ago
  • whats that last clip with ironman from?

    Nas ThornNas ThornMonth ago
    • Marvel Realm of Champions

      RandomBlackGamerRandomBlackGamerMonth ago
  • I loved the first game. I will also be getting this on PS4 and I'm very pleased I can.

    Building on a Budget ModelsBuilding on a Budget ModelsMonth ago
  • The 2020 suit came from a variant cover of a comic.

    DarkEater77DarkEater77Month ago
  • I want to see venom eventually in this or another game they’ll make The last game had a hint of seeing venom in the epilogue And I want to see what’s going on with yuri because idk what happened with her in the dlc with the hammerhead dude

    hi peeps • 100 decades agohi peeps • 100 decades agoMonth ago

    Cap TayCap TayMonth ago
  • i wonder when we will get 8k 120 fps with raytracing

    DeadlightDeadlightMonth ago
  • Miles is like a crowd control spidey

    James HarvinJames HarvinMonth ago
  • What’s that dope scene from at 10:20?

    Aboutreika91Aboutreika91Month ago
    • Marvel Realm of Champions

      RandomBlackGamerRandomBlackGamerMonth ago
  • what game is that at the end of the video?

    Mohammed SharafMohammed SharafMonth ago
    • Marvel Realm of Champions

      RandomBlackGamerRandomBlackGamerMonth ago
  • i cant wait to buy it for mi ps4 pro

    Vivaan Rai 's fun videosVivaan Rai 's fun videosMonth ago
  • I want a suit with an opposite color pallet imagine how cool that would be

    blu the chirping missileblu the chirping missileMonth ago
    • Nah it would just look like peters

      DuragDuragMonth ago
  • What game is that @10:20?

    Cameron HolcombeCameron HolcombeMonth ago
  • Unrelated and a little late but is it just me or did anyone else think it was Ben Riley instead of Peter Parker for the initial spider man just on the design of the suit.

    MBPhilip blackMBPhilip blackMonth ago
  • I like the idea of some of these commenters saying online co-op could work. I could see it definitely working especially since the ghost of Tsushima getting the recent update, the newer DC games are going to have drop in drop out online co-op, IDK if avengers had it. But it seems plausible in these times plus I would be Hella cool to play with somebody else or switch between the characters, who knows what if they add a hero pass type of thing introducing new spiders probably Gwen, Silk or Scarlett spider/Kane, spider women just webbing out ideas just not anyone from an alternate universe they can/should save that. Also I'm really excited to play this, since I didn't play the first one and truly can't since they altered the perfect experienced Peter Parker and made him into Tom Holland no disrespect looks like a deepfake but all in all looks great, try not to get spoilt but I'm gonna have to wait since I ain't getting a next gen console for a while priorities. The hype is real. Or the possibility of local split screen co-op that'd be spectacular.

    MBPhilip blackMBPhilip blackMonth ago
  • So freaking Hype!!!!

    Omega SekroOmega SekroMonth ago
  • The new baby face peter will be hard to accept but heh, we can't do shit about so let's wait for Miles's game. Will wait a bit to see if the PS5 have problems (like the PS3/4) at launch. I just hope they will not make Miles a better more powerfull spiderman than Peter like a lot of comics. They should have different abilities to complement each other.

    SecaveSecaveMonth ago
  • Really disappointed in the tinkerer

    JaysoddfutrJaysoddfutrMonth ago
  • i think peter went wit mj i heard that

    itss jajaitss jajaMonth ago

    Bartek SzymanskiBartek SzymanskiMonth ago
  • Just so everyone knows, it's not 4k 60 fps or 4k 30fps. Whole truth, performance mode is 2160 × 1440p at 60 fps, and graphics mode is 4k 30 fps.

    Johnny RJohnny RMonth ago
  • What was the clip at the end? WOAHHHHHHH

    Jobed AlvarezJobed AlvarezMonth ago
  • Ok

    pro Minecraf tpro Minecraf tMonth ago
  • The facts that Miles can jump higher than Peter is lowkey racist lmao

    iAlexiAlexMonth ago
  • I'm so goddamn hyped

    HugioHugioMonth ago
  • 日本人いるかぁぁぁい

    もののぺもののぺMonth ago
  • Lol look at the thumbnail: Wait Miles has an ANDROID

    Jude's GamingJude's GamingMonth ago
  • What if we could play as Miles and Peter?

    Trudi The SmoothieTrudi The SmoothieMonth ago
  • Itse so nice

    Herman KhorshidiHerman KhorshidiMonth ago
  • i cant wait

    Jeremy BennettJeremy BennettMonth ago
  • I saw that miles was on pre-order in Best Buy. But I don't know for Sure

    CubeyCubeyMonth ago
  • I can’t wait for the Jameson interviews he’s gonna be PISSED. I can literally hear his voice “NOT ONE BUT 2 SPIDER-MANS HAVE INFESTED OUR CITY”

    Psycho HugzPsycho HugzMonth ago
  • You should seriously reconsider being sponsored by G2A. What they do is terrible for game developers - read up on them

  • Am I the only one who want replayable missions that have their own optional objectives? Kinda like how R* does their missions

    LeviticusLeviticusMonth ago
  • So my question is can we play as Peter and miles?

    The wandering Assassin LKThe wandering Assassin LKMonth ago
  • Let’s do this one more time

    The Burrito AmigoThe Burrito AmigoMonth ago
  • I'm so upset we won't be seeing him in Jordan 1s 😭

    Bradley WilsonBradley WilsonMonth ago
  • nice choice with the amazing spiderman music

  • What’s the game at the end?

    Ryan TannerRyan TannerMonth ago
  • Couldn’t get a ps5 sadly but I was able to get this game so I can play it on ps4 at least 🙂

    VeXx SpectureVeXx SpectureMonth ago
  • Porqué el título está en español si hablas Inglés?

  • Holy shit

    김정헌김정헌Month ago
  • Also who Is miles? Is he only in the comics because I’ve seen all the spiderman movies. Apart from spider verse is he in that? Is it a multiverse thing? Alternate universe

    TheofficialmalikTheofficialmalikMonth ago
    • @RandomBlackGamer o so he’s not like official as in like a movie based on how he came about? How he got Spider-Man powers etc. As now there’s two Spider-Man’s with the same powers

      TheofficialmalikTheofficialmalikMonth ago
    • Miles has appeared in multiple mediums since his 2011 debut in the Ultimate Spider-Man comics. He made his fist onscreen debut in the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon. Technically the first film he was in was Spider-Man Homecoming where he was briefly mentioned. As far as the Spider-verse story is concerned it is a multiverse story. But as I mention he's part of the Ultimate (Earth 1610) universe which was the most recent universe until it was merged with the Prime Universe to create the current "All New, All Different" Universe.

      RandomBlackGamerRandomBlackGamerMonth ago
  • Why are people just so upset about not able to pre order the new console I mean you can always get it later few months. It’s not the end of the world and neither is it a competition just relax people. Plus if the first ones have issues with them which I’m sure Sony will fix but atleast you can laugh at them people that abused the system.

    TheofficialmalikTheofficialmalikMonth ago
  • Aaah the good old ultimate spiderman the game everyone could play I may have to go back to it.

    R3APERR3APERMonth ago
  • It makes sense that Miles would have a crime app instead of a police radio seeing as how he’s super tech savvy

    Ben FletcherBen FletcherMonth ago
  • The stealth games in Spidey PS4 broke up the game *too* much. They were slow, annoying and somewhat pointless

    Ben FletcherBen FletcherMonth ago
  • It’s scary that we’re going to one day reach a limit for how good graphics are in games

    Ben FletcherBen FletcherMonth ago
    • Not for a long time tho

      JackPicklstonJackPicklstonMonth ago

    Thijsje ijsjeThijsje ijsjeMonth ago
  • I really hope the story's good because we haven't had much luck this year

    Slinging INKSlinging INKMonth ago
  • Bestiale

    marco vigliogliamarco vigliogliaMonth ago
  • Dude. I finally beat the game after I got it 2 YEARS AGO on Black Friday!!!! I ca't wait for this one!!!! 🕷

    Ryan TranRyan TranMonth ago
  • watching videos on this game is like crack I love miles and im extremely excited to play this

    Isaac JeffsIsaac JeffsMonth ago
  • im finna get miles morales on the ps4 cuz im broke ;(

    MikolMikolMonth ago
  • I don't even care that in getting it on ps4 I'm just glad I get to play it at all

    Sir JulienSir JulienMonth ago
  • GR-27

    Lucas FranciaLucas FranciaMonth ago
  • ganke replacing mj in the stealth missions imagine lol

    Musa PirzadaMusa PirzadaMonth ago
  • Since there’s snow in the game I think they will add it on December

    Gael Souza SantosGael Souza SantosMonth ago
  • I just want the Jordan 1 suit man

    KhalKhalMonth ago
  • One thing, I hope this game doesn’t have any sort of multiplayer, trust me I love the idea of being Peter and swinging around the city with my boy miles, and my real life boy, but right now let’s focus on Miles, he deserves his coming to grips story, but spiderman 2 really needs a multiplayer or something holy shit I would love it

    Seve Hynes30Seve Hynes30Month ago
  • Damn miles got an lineup

    pato 360pato 360Month ago
  • I got to know Hammerhead's real name as Joseph *Lorenzini.* Not Martello.

    DaffierNineDaffierNineMonth ago