Mar 5, 2020
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Baby's first fashion show, thanks to sugar daddy Dior, @Christian Dior. From fitting in my look, to fitting in Paris... thank you for watching this french fry cry out of disbelief. Here, is my documented dream.
Lived a dream a the Dior Fall-Winter 2020-2021 Ready-to-Wear Show. Thank you. Super sexy set thanks to @Hotel Plaza Athenee! Thank you for putting me up in your tower.
Videographers: My Parisian Prince, Paul-Henry Thiard
Editor: My bro Roe, Mark C. Roe
Produced by Westbrook Media (and Lil' Liza)
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This life has been a whirlwind... Blessed to live in the same time as you. Thank you for riding this wave of a life with me.
All my love always,

  • If I met Liza I already know I would leave thinking she’s the nicest most gorgeous person everrrr!!

    Jasmine MaddisonJasmine MaddisonHour ago
  • This year has been so crazy, we're extra thankful for our subscribers and community here on USkeys ❤️ What are you thankful for this year?

  • She may be a small woman, but she has a really big personality💗❤️

    Pavle SundericPavle Sunderic3 hours ago
  • Aaahhh when she saw the tower...

    Icarus FallsIcarus FallsDay ago
  • I LOVE LIZA BUT the way i dream of what if david was with her through it all too 🥺

    o Icca1019 oo Icca1019 o3 days ago
  • seeing how grateful and humble she is for being here even though she already has so much os just so pure..

    Kevina AnspaughKevina Anspaugh5 days ago
  • this was funny

    vvrtavvrta5 days ago
  • Me: doing nothing Kids from my school: 10:01

    Gv CanabangGv Canabang5 days ago
  • Girl the height difference between Liza and Karlie is crazy 😂

    everything is so rosyeverything is so rosy6 days ago
  • I’m new here in 2020 I saw her in movie but I didn’t know that she’s a comedian. I can’t close my mouth anymore. I slept 4 am last night watching her videos, I can’t get enough of her. Kevin Hart was my favorite now Liza I’m addicted to Liza’s and her ex videos.

    Princess Jesus my lifePrincess Jesus my life6 days ago
  • Eu vou escrever em português mesmo, porque meu inglês não é tão bom assim. A Liza me faz acreditar em mim genuinamente. Tão feliz em ter uma alma tão preciosa como ídolo.

    Emilly.Emilly.7 days ago
  • why was it so emotional

    Vibha HebbarVibha Hebbar7 days ago
  • No pun intended but at 3:04 when she acted like a private school student she reminded me of "Paris" from Gilmore Girls

    Katelyn PoagKatelyn Poag7 days ago
  • A “thats what she said” joke but in italics so its ~fancy~ lmfao

    zahra zarqaazahra zarqaa8 days ago
  • she is the most wholesome and adorable living being in the world i love her

    Koko UrbanKoko Urban8 days ago
  • She isnt afraid to be herself and crack jokes that can end up being embarassing if these "successful" people dont find them funny. She manages to make everybody enjoy her company smh. She and David are both beautiful people, theyve come so far in life but theyre both still so so so humble

    sush zsush z9 days ago
  • I LOVE the title lmao 😂

    sush zsush z9 days ago
  • Random woman on a balcony: Liza: woah that,s a big bitch

    CHICKENSTRIPS!!!!!!!!!!CHICKENSTRIPS!!!!!!!!!!10 days ago
  • My type of people love fashion

  • Bless you, Liza Koshy, you sweet insane woman.

    E.A. PasztorE.A. Pasztor11 days ago
  • Wow you are Elisabeth!

    Razina SubbaRazina Subba11 days ago
  • Idk why u felt like crying...I want a life like that🥺good for her

    A strangerA stranger11 days ago
  • Where’s the muffins at ? ! 😂😂🤣😂

    The Queen Marilyn ChannelThe Queen Marilyn Channel12 days ago
  • I love the third I think it’s like a rose gold or pinkish color that’s something I’d wear. I love that asthetic I much

    Konnie BKonnie B12 days ago
  • I feel like she’ll be the really cool aunt in the family that spoils all her nieces and nephews with expensive cool stuff, is that just me?

    Christina mantlChristina mantl12 days ago
  • how did liza went from a vine girl to paris fasion week i need to learn things from her

    Sssnipary 1Sssnipary 112 days ago
  • me literally crying at the end...

    Izabelle PielaIzabelle Piela12 days ago
  • I love that liza had come so far! Look all grown up in and drowing in dior at paris

    Erich Ellen MaeErich Ellen Mae14 days ago
  • I love the fact that I'm just as tall/short as her but she looks much better in her clothes than I ever will

  • This woman deserves all of her success, well deserve being - I love her spirit - she just gained a follower in me.

    Louis BaptisteLouis Baptiste15 days ago
  • Literally why French hate American's. Eesh.

    Ashley Marie StackAshley Marie Stack15 days ago
  • David Dobrik watching this: 👁👄👁

    David JohnDavid John16 days ago
  • 10:08 why does she sound EXACTLY like drew Barrymore!! I am freaking out!!

    Herbert HussyHerbert Hussy16 days ago
  • Je l'adooore !!! 😂😂😭⚡🥰

    bebechipie31bebechipie3116 days ago
  • Thank youuu)) sooo cute

    Doc. HumanDoc. Human17 days ago

    Elena SalvatoreElena Salvatore17 days ago
  • 2:46

    daniel cbddaniel cbd17 days ago
  • I think I'll rewatch this for the rest of my life

    Sunepinla JamirSunepinla Jamir17 days ago
  • *I thought i saw the philippine flag, i guess it wasn't the philippine flag.*

    huhkdog Vlogshuhkdog Vlogs18 days ago
  • After watching this I want to be Liza Koshy's best Friend.

    Tiara lizTiara liz18 days ago
  • Idk why i cant stop smiling😂

    nanel smmnanel smm19 days ago
  • the people around her who have no idea just makes everything more funnier.

    Shannon WilliamsonShannon Williamson20 days ago
  • 11:13 omg JAJA😂😂

    Ary SalinasAry Salinas21 day ago

    Caleigh CatapanoCaleigh Catapano22 days ago
  • 3:59 is too damn cute

    Lyanna WinterLyanna Winter22 days ago
  • She's cute as a button 😌

    Kara GranadosKara Granados22 days ago

    H20good4lifeH20good4life23 days ago
  • 10:02 , wow. what a fucking icon.

    astrid rastrid r24 days ago
  • I love you..

    D a s aD a s a25 days ago
  • Wow amazing I love u Liza

    Taren Rae JamesTaren Rae James26 days ago
  • Ju suis enTRAN du vlogging

    Ma’ayaniMa’ayani26 days ago
  • You’re so much fun to watch! Have fun in life and make great memories. They’ll be all you have when you’re old. 😂

    Faith WalkerFaith Walker28 days ago

    MismisckMismisck28 days ago
  • You are such a beautiful human being. In the world we are living in, your presence is a gift :)

    Malaurie B.Malaurie B.28 days ago
  • Liza being the most awkward around French people: *wholesome AF 🥺*

    random hoomanrandom hooman28 days ago
  • I love heard you speak french, you accent is not bad 😄

    prisciprisci28 days ago
  • Why does this make me want to watch Rugrats in Paris lmao

    Emma OnekEmma Onek28 days ago
  • When Liza said what happend is her pants are on backs

    Alice EhlenbachAlice Ehlenbach29 days ago
  • She be famous

    Maja BogdandyMaja Bogdandy29 days ago
  • Liza us such a mood lol

    なに?!なに?!なに?!なに?!29 days ago
  • Why so pretty, Liza ?

    Isha KashyapIsha KashyapMonth ago
  • There's this cute expression she gets and then kinda looks like Cardi B lol

    Evan DanielleEvan DanielleMonth ago
  • 5:53 🥰

    Jennifer WonJennifer WonMonth ago
  • The clothes could of been way better, the dresses were lovely on Liza

    Ashaan MahaAshaan MahaMonth ago
  • I luv how she sounds like a different person when she says "I cant see toronto from the Eiffel Tower

    Raiiinbow XRaiiinbow XMonth ago
  • 12:45 Exactly what she said to James Charles at the 2019 Met Gala

    B t S B a EB t S B a EMonth ago
  • I love this girl!!! It's so crazy and funny

    Cello RafaCello RafaMonth ago
  • Shes kinda like cardi b or is my imagination?

    subs kpopsubs kpopMonth ago
  • when i see liza between all these models, she reminds me of my auelita cause of her hight ;)

    Chris BilleterChris BilleterMonth ago
  • 17:00 dude really looked at her said oop then crossed the street

    Alyssa EvAlyssa EvMonth ago
  • "JE SUIS ENTRAIN DU VLOGGING" Ι'm deaaaad giiiiirl hahahhaha

    Νέκταρ νέκταρΝέκταρ νέκταρMonth ago
  • The ending was so cute and pure ✨🤍

    Jacob MoralesJacob MoralesMonth ago
  • I loved the ending🥺🥺

    mathildamathildaMonth ago
  • She can’t stop being a clown and yet everybody takes her seriously, she is my new role model , happy and true to herself 🙌🔥

    soniaustraliesoniaustralieMonth ago
  • That ending was probably one of the best things I’ve seen in a while

    Candy1 GirlCandy1 GirlMonth ago
  • I never seen anybody been so excited to see the Eiffel Tower, I swear it’s emotional for the little French girl I am 🥺❤️

    Camille HavartCamille HavartMonth ago
  • Im high right now and *too much structure, you lose yourself*

    Steven DalloesinghSteven DalloesinghMonth ago
  • She honestly sounded like somebody that was actually getting married in French like in the French movies and I loved it I watch this video like 50 times already and for some reason I haven’t commented

    Mz SupaflyebossMz SupaflyebossMonth ago
  • I feel so jelly

    Sophia RosserSophia RosserMonth ago
  • I always dream to go to Paris. Waaaahhh the eiffel tower gives me the feels~

    Nikol de GuzmanNikol de GuzmanMonth ago
  • I love how even though she’s moving on to such HUGE projects, she’s still the same genuine and honest person from before 🥺🥺

    Hazel momrouyHazel momrouyMonth ago
  • I don't think Liza realizes how stunning she is

    Emilee McgovneyEmilee McgovneyMonth ago
  • only she can do dad jokes and i genuinely laugh my ass off

    MorganMorganMonth ago
  • Hiiiiii

    Naomi DavisNaomi DavisMonth ago
  • She needs to be in a spy movie 🎥

    Kavya WrightKavya WrightMonth ago
  • I’m so happy this got to happen to you Liza. You out of anyone deserves this, keep reaching for the starts baby girl 💞

    Fernanda HernandezFernanda HernandezMonth ago
  • Im so proud of this little brown girl

    Adi 137Adi 137Month ago
  • I love how Liza is still trying to be super relatable

    Valentina PazosValentina PazosMonth ago
  • i refuse to accept your name is elizabeth, after ALL THIS TIME

    Sonny StarSonny StarMonth ago
  • Erm, was this Emily in Paris’s inspiration?

    Zhong JingZhong JingMonth ago
  • She’s so precious and cute, i love her so much

    Frida AnderssonFrida AnderssonMonth ago
  • How cute u are luv ya from Algeria 🇩🇿♥️

    ran iaran iaMonth ago
  • Youre so beautiful

    Chadizzle TVChadizzle TVMonth ago
  • I feel so inspired watching this. I wanted to cry with her 🥺🤍

    Kally KapealKally KapealMonth ago
  • Liza looks beautiful wearing elegant dresses 😍

    Vhanessa ChuaVhanessa ChuaMonth ago

    Elena VandermeuseElena VandermeuseMonth ago
  • This is exactly how I felt when I had the opportunity to go to Europe, France was a dream come true 😭

    Brea GordonBrea GordonMonth ago
  • That ending was AWESOME!! And it truly looked like a 1950s or early 60's film with your outfit and all...💝🤗💵

    priscilla pinzaspriscilla pinzasMonth ago
  • Liza is just so comfy with herself it's enviable!! I wished I could go to France for a fashion show TOOO!!!

    priscilla pinzaspriscilla pinzasMonth ago
  • Sorry but the final scene was everything AND I AM TOTTALLLLYYYY HERE FOR IT YAAAAAAAHHHSSS!!!!!

    Nassan SousaNassan SousaMonth ago