Among Us: The Incredible Story

Sep 14, 2020
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Hi im back with another incredible sotry


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  • Oh my god I didn’t expect it to be trending rn LOL

    ChrisShwaferChrisShwafer3 days ago
    • Well it's true people just point the random fingers

      sdaniels954sdaniels9542 hours ago
    • Please do part 2

      Ricardo GladielRicardo Gladiel7 hours ago
    • ChrisShwafer It’s an amazing piece of art ✨👌

      KeishaKeisha11 hours ago
    • Among us Animation »If Billie Eilish Plays Among Us Thanks İn Advance.:D

      Billie RandomBillie Random12 hours ago
    • Ye

      lego companylego company18 hours ago
  • 0:43 why am i eating brown?

    GamermasterGamermasterHour ago
    • Cus im orange and i have an egg on my head and called "me"

      GamermasterGamermasterHour ago
  • It is The Man Behind The Slaughter

    Vanny الشيخه النشبهVanny الشيخه النشبهHour ago
    • "Damn. This slaps!" I can't bro.

      JoannaJoanna28 minutes ago
  • Oh god oh god! Oh god! 0:26

    Seth JustinSeth JustinHour ago
  • When i get chased by dog 0:17

    fredbear or golden Freddyfredbear or golden FreddyHour ago
  • Yellow was like : Oh sh*t

    Draca Tiktok savage]Draca NiteDragonDraca Tiktok savage]Draca NiteDragonHour ago
  • I am watching rhis video maybe the 5th time.

    DerEduDerEdu2 hours ago
  • Is no one gonna talk about yellow in the intro

    pamelachulitapamelachulita2 hours ago
  • You should get more subscribers than that for the trending power you got

    Chef HachierChef Hachier2 hours ago
  • Cool and funny vid

    Tasgib ChannelTasgib Channel2 hours ago
  • im gonna be real with you. that one piece of meat on the ground actually tasted really good

    InkyInky2 hours ago
  • I followed u on yik tok plus im a boy i just used my moms acouny

    Lora May CadaLora May Cada3 hours ago
    • I mean acount

      Lora May CadaLora May Cada3 hours ago
  • Hmm why did white vote orange if purple was chasing him???

    Daniel RiveraDaniel Rivera3 hours ago
  • Why do you remind me of TTGuy10000

    leonarda carrasquilloleonarda carrasquillo4 hours ago
  • This became even more popular than fight in flight episode 2 :O

    Angel Guillén XDAngel Guillén XD4 hours ago
  • This made me laugh

    Thęgûÿpîggÿ Thât øîñkš ãłøtThęgûÿpîggÿ Thât øîñkš ãłøt4 hours ago
  • this feels like it was made by sr pelo in a way

    Piersplayz YTPiersplayz YT4 hours ago
  • 0:33 purple guy?

    Andrew SiribanAndrew Siriban4 hours ago
  • "Damn. This slaps!" I can't bro.

    M'LadyM'Lady4 hours ago
  • Orange: *Sees the Body* Clicking on Emergency Button After the Meeting...... Orange Eated Brown.... 1 Impostor remains

    Shy Sprout YTShy Sprout YT5 hours ago
  • Why does this feel like a TROC video..

    ElectricPeaPlayzElectricPeaPlayz5 hours ago
  • ayy lmao

    Bryan StarBryan Star5 hours ago
  • Purple is so Hungry he want to eat Yellow Cheese yummy

    N ʕøthįNgʔ༄ Nøvp̫͡•ʔʕʕideoN ʕøthįNgʔ༄ Nøvp̫͡•ʔʕʕideo5 hours ago
  • Purple I should known

    whitewhite5 hours ago
  • es la mas chistosa que e visto XDDDDDDDDDD

  • Who left a chunk of meat here

    the minecraft show 9000the minecraft show 90005 hours ago
  • Only an object show creator would have this good of an animation for something as small as this

    Potato ChildPotato Child5 hours ago
  • i realized that the ID spells out "Baba boye" meme Baba boy

    Gvel LastNameGvel LastName6 hours ago
  • Can tou pls do more of this

    Ezikiel MartinezEzikiel Martinez6 hours ago
  • Damn this slaps!

    Maria LimasMaria Limas6 hours ago
  • the secret word is poka boga

    Фарух СаметовФарух Саметов6 hours ago
  • Eat your egg

    Carina Ann IbañezCarina Ann Ibañez6 hours ago
  • “ I hate doing chores 😡” 2 seconds later *sees dead body* “Who left a chunk of meat here?🤔🤨”

    Brandon ZaragozaBrandon Zaragoza7 hours ago
  • I still wanna know who left a chunk of meat there.

    It’s still just animationsIt’s still just animations7 hours ago
  • 0:10 Who Left the Turkey Here?

    marco leonesmarco leones7 hours ago
  • 0:00 Did anyone see yellows butt at the bottom left? Earlier I saw a comment about that. Anyone noticed?

    Lucy CraftLucy Craft7 hours ago
  • This game would be a good animation fit fo jacknjellify.

    Hamid sayedHamid sayed7 hours ago
  • The struggle of swiping that card

    Art by JMDArt by JMD8 hours ago
  • 0:22 thats a fall guy I know it!

    Shirley TurtleShirley Turtle8 hours ago
  • Brown: White: *Who left a chunk of meat here?*

    BlitzToonsBlitzToons8 hours ago
  • pretty much

    Xander BuckXander Buck8 hours ago
  • Dude please please please make more among us animations i love this

    Xx_dragongame 801Xx_dragongame 8018 hours ago
  • I see F A L L G U Y S

    Nguyễn Thị Anh Thư THCS Chu Văn An-NHNguyễn Thị Anh Thư THCS Chu Văn An-NH8 hours ago
  • bad read = didn’t swipe full way also when he gets scared is foreshadowing to how he dies

    RMD VideosRMD Videos8 hours ago
  • *Of course the imposter is purple guy*

    { Trxxi.e } Gacha Studios{ Trxxi.e } Gacha Studios9 hours ago
  • mm- yum- that meat was delicious- WHITE VENTED I SAW HIM! GUYS ITS WHITE

    Orange CrewmateOrange Crewmate9 hours ago
  • 0:29 is me in admin

    Zubair SherazZubair Sheraz10 hours ago
  • Height: boy Same here man

    Krazyy60Krazyy6010 hours ago
  • Ovo: m dh

    Alice catAlice cat10 hours ago
  • Vermelho jojo: 1 2 fall guy face #^8$/^*$^$*&#4$*$^$($&"*$&$&$&#&

    Alice catAlice cat10 hours ago
  • 0:15 that actually sounded like berd.

    Benjamin CarabajalBenjamin Carabajal10 hours ago

    testtest10 hours ago
  • Oh cool I have the same height as brown :D

    Luca PenaLuca Pena11 hours ago
  • Good job on 1 million views

    JonahsAmazingVideosJonahsAmazingVideos11 hours ago
  • 0:04 That alien be flyin

    Animater-BirdAnimater-Bird11 hours ago
  • Who left a chunk of meat here? I died there

    Timmy AdventuresTimmy Adventures11 hours ago
  • the best Among Us *”SOTRY”* I have ever seen.. Keep it up dud 👍🏻👏🏻

    KeishaKeisha11 hours ago
  • vengo parte de ignacio

    rockert UwUrockert UwU11 hours ago
  • why do I appear as a fall guy

    Red CrewmateRed Crewmate11 hours ago
  • I like that yellow where’s cheese on his head just like if I play among us and my name is CHEESE

    Epic_JackEpic_Jack11 hours ago
  • 0:33 thats my exact character

    Adam JordanAdam Jordan11 hours ago
  • This animation is based on true events. The video:

    RookieTeamRookieTeam12 hours ago
  • incredible lol

    Fatom RussianFatom Russian12 hours ago
  • O god o god

    REDfrog445REDfrog44512 hours ago
  • *Who left a chunk of meat here?*

    Charles CalvinCharles Calvin12 hours ago
  • @mrbrotilizer copied this

    PingupiePingupie12 hours ago
  • I like the part where cheese “bur”

    TheBasicsTheBasics12 hours ago
  • 2020 people goes back to 2018 because it was the best year.

    Pastry The SnakePastry The Snake12 hours ago
  • 0:10 0:43

    ꧁Alexnoob 360꧂꧁Alexnoob 360꧂13 hours ago
  • I love the dora teeth cleaning task !

    The Man Behind The SlaughterThe Man Behind The Slaughter13 hours ago
  • people who want fif 3:where's fif 3. its been so- (that meme died. rip it's been so long 2020-2020. last words:the man behind the slaughter) me:who needs fif when we have this

    a gamer on youtubea gamer on youtube13 hours ago
  • This is not a purple, this is the man behind the slaughter

    silly kiskasilly kiska13 hours ago

    ლLemonSoftლ ;;ლLemonSoftლ ;;13 hours ago
  • This is gold

    - HMS -- HMS -14 hours ago
  • Based on a true story

    Dannyl GAMESDannyl GAMES14 hours ago
  • what fart with the yellow :v

    Noe JulioNoe Julio14 hours ago
  • So funny

    Pratham Tech StudioPratham Tech Studio14 hours ago
  • Orange mouth full ”damn this slaps””huh he would never leave his I’d card here” transitions

    Griffin HanrahanGriffin Hanrahan14 hours ago
  • Wait donke didnt play among us

    djsj dnsjdjsj dnsj14 hours ago
  • Yeah for real who left a chunk of meat there

    Ervin OsmarErvin Osmar14 hours ago
  • White : Literally saw me with brown in admin (Brown kills me) White : It was black. He is faking tasks Brown : Black sus

    Wow wowWow wow14 hours ago
  • I lost it when orange was eating brown 💀

    Big HaleyBig Haley14 hours ago
  • Oh sweet i did it

    Yamill SamuelYamill Samuel14 hours ago
  • 0:00 yellows butt got took out real hard by red

    AnonymAnonym15 hours ago
  • Cuando golpea el blanco al seleste para escapar jajaja😂😂😂

    Gladys MartinezGladys Martinez15 hours ago
  • when imposter gets every 10 sec cooldown on killing

    Doot MCNootDoot MCNoot15 hours ago
  • 1M views wow!

    ROXTAR XDROXTAR XD16 hours ago
  • Are you the One Form kirby amino ?

    Jakob HolzgethanJakob Holzgethan16 hours ago
  • I literally paid 3.44 dollars just to know who are the impostors and they really where the real impostors xd

    Good DoggoGood Doggo16 hours ago

    Vilmer AnderssonVilmer Andersson16 hours ago
  • Wow your animations are the best new sub bro

    Martín GutiérrezMartín Gutiérrez17 hours ago
  • XD why would he eat it

    Angel CubaAngel Cuba17 hours ago
  • Very funny

    Danial Ishak MathiasDanial Ishak Mathias17 hours ago
  • Me: Hmmmm.... The art style looks fimiliar... Me: **Looking at the channel carefully** Me: **gasp** BFB!? *BFB!?*

    Íţ’š Ñüģġėť¡¡¡!Íţ’š Ñüģġėť¡¡¡!17 hours ago
  • “Damn this slaps”

    Sphinx’s SpellSphinx’s Spell17 hours ago
  • I’ve been playing this game on and off with my friends for 2 years so it’s so weird seeing it get so popular lol

    MrMarcoMrMarco17 hours ago
  • Congrats on a million views!!!!

    LieutenantFamicomLieutenantFamicom17 hours ago
  • Umm I've made a song using among us sounds from this video, I've credited you in the description hope it's cool with u :)

    GEO A.MGEO A.M17 hours ago
  • finally some god dang reonizations

    X Destroyer AnimationsX Destroyer Animations18 hours ago
  • Congrets on 1 million

    100Twist The third100Twist The third18 hours ago