Ellen Takes Driving School Students for a Ride

May 22, 2020
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Having a driver’s license is a privilege, not a right, but everyone has the right to learn how to drive... and Ellen has the right to help them learn in her own special way.

  • So this was humor

    Akio AslanAkio AslanMonth ago
  • At certain times, it looked like the car only had one working headlight.

    Kat BowlKat BowlMonth ago
  • OMG! Ellen

    Always goAlways goMonth ago
  • 😂😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂😂

    Melanie BaileyMelanie BaileyMonth ago
  • Waste of eggs😂😂😂

    Gaming NationGaming NationMonth ago
  • I'm single look at

  • Gold content

    Elvis 198Elvis 198Month ago
  • That was awesome! Great job Ellen!

    dragonladyhs75dragonladyhs75Month ago
  • lol. i would love to ride in a car with ellen she's so funny.

    Erika McCrearyErika McCrearyMonth ago
  • this is hhhhhhahahahahahahahhah

    Gapsong 56Gapsong 56Month ago
  • She’s so fake and rude

    Jorge Del SaltoJorge Del SaltoMonth ago
    • You’re so uneducated. You’re believing lies. FYI-She’s profiting off of you trolling her channel. Idiot.

      Leah The Woman In CamoLeah The Woman In CamoMonth ago
  • I’m trying for my license as a partially blind adult driver after covid. Ellen should definitely be my instructor. 😂😭

    MyssRyssaMyssRyssaMonth ago
  • It’s funny seeing Ellen driving something besides a Porsche. That’s the joke 😂

    Ryley PRyley PMonth ago
  • You look so much better with longer hair

    Suzy PhalinSuzy PhalinMonth ago
  • Boa noite, um belo vídeo muito divertido e sensacional..Bom esse vídeo.

    jose ap santosjose ap santosMonth ago
  • Ellen with long hair...hmmm

    Elaina McClellandElaina McClellandMonth ago
  • Ellen is just pure Awesome!! Shes like a great loopy antidepressant 🤣

    Aaron GarciaAaron GarciaMonth ago
  • (≧▽≦)

    stevin johnstevin johnMonth ago
  • 4:24 Ellen is doing good. seconds later... Oh nvm 😂

    Jessica DemersJessica DemersMonth ago
  • This is the funniest video Ellen I have seen xxxCarmel

    Carmel CartyCarmel CartyMonth ago
  • Loooool, Ellen, ALSO teach me how to drive like that ok ?! 🤪🤣 waiting for you.. 😎 Nobody else can teach me REALLY !! 😫😭

    KatieKatieMonth ago
  • I love you Ellen you're excellent

    Ismail BoudadIsmail BoudadMonth ago
  • Love you Ellen♥️♥️

    Kaelyn HainesKaelyn HainesMonth ago
  • Hey Ellen..can I have a shout out please....😊😊❤🍷

    CorkCorkMonth ago
  • Ellen you so funny

    EL Family Of StarsEL Family Of StarsMonth ago
  • Ellen must have turned vegan later right? She's eating the dairy products without any mention of it being vegan.

    Kritika MittalKritika MittalMonth ago
    • Doesn’t matter what she eats.

      Leah The Woman In CamoLeah The Woman In CamoMonth ago
  • What is on ad you saw while watching this video If you didn’t have any, do do you have a USkeys channel if so, I, I will subscribe You read that wrong

    Zoe ReddZoe ReddMonth ago
  • Adopt me ellen... i love u

    Pankaj's Easy Living.Pankaj's Easy Living.Month ago
  • Thank you so much 👍🏼❤️🤩🤣 I laugh sooo much 👍🏼🤗🤣❤️

    Gitte Enjoying foodGitte Enjoying foodMonth ago
  • Ellen who give you , your license . Pharmacist

    Mickyas TesfayeMickyas TesfayeMonth ago
  • NO baby chicks were hurt in the making of this video... 🤔🤔 Geez they must go through thousands of eggs 🤣🤣🤣

    SunshineJanet OfficialSunshineJanet OfficialMonth ago
  • Wow I enjoy watching u Ellen I love u Ellen

    Jennifer FreedomJennifer FreedomMonth ago
  • If you love Ellen like this comment

    Nikita GareyNikita GareyMonth ago
  • The opposite of the correct way to drive

    kyla sheltonkyla sheltonMonth ago
  • 😂😂😂i loveeee this

    lisa walshlisa walshMonth ago
  • I stall can not all the time

    MrNikkimaxineMrNikkimaxineMonth ago
  • Love from Nepal🥰

    Aliza NeupaneAliza NeupaneMonth ago
  • Love Ellen

    tavia warnertavia warnerMonth ago
  • I have been watching the Ellen show for SO many YEARS now! I legitimately grew up on this show 😭💖 and I have always absolutely loved it!!! I love you ellen!!!!!!

    Amber BlazezAmber BlazezMonth ago
    • Ok thx u love u 2️⃣ 💗

      u khan Dreamu khan DreamMonth ago
  • I do miss the time when she can do things outside of the studio like this. Now she would be recognized by most people.

    Rex WatsonRex WatsonMonth ago
  • Public relations to change her true image

    Penguino505Penguino505Month ago
  • Ex for how not to drive

    Liz ReviewsLiz ReviewsMonth ago
  • Lol

    ios egirlios egirlMonth ago
  • This is the funniest video of Ellen I have seen

    Alyssa VidalAlyssa VidalMonth ago
  • I ❤ Ellen

    Laura SchindlerLaura SchindlerMonth ago
  • Early

    Cheyanne RobloxCheyanne RobloxMonth ago
  • :0

    univerxse dxviluniverxse dxvilMonth ago
  • Noti gang🔥

    Carlos RCarlos RMonth ago
  • To be completely honest I wouldn’t want Ellen Degeners be my driving instructor

    Elise ScottElise ScottMonth ago
    • You must be boring. 🙄 This video is for entertainment purposes. Don’t be so boring.

      Leah The Woman In CamoLeah The Woman In CamoMonth ago
  • Hahaha ❤️❤️

    Mick YusufuMick YusufuMonth ago
  • The guy in the back tho

    Mariel OlivierMariel OlivierMonth ago
    • lol... Andy

      cedar515cedar515Month ago
  • My wish is to meet Ellen one day I love her Biggest fan from Africa. ♡

    user 3user 3Month ago
    • @Amazing Aku ✌

      senrose octaviasenrose octaviaMonth ago
    • @senrose octavia 🤘

      Amazing AkuAmazing AkuMonth ago
    • @Amazing Aku same from Malaysia😍

      senrose octaviasenrose octaviaMonth ago
    • @R S Massey yayyyy👻

      Amazing AkuAmazing AkuMonth ago
    • Aku me too

      R S MasseyR S MasseyMonth ago
  • That driving instructor must have had a heart attack at the end there 😂

    Zera VermillionZera VermillionMonth ago
  • Hi Ellen

    Harish KumarHarish KumarMonth ago
    • Bobs vegena

      604NewCityOfAngels604NewCityOfAngelsMonth ago
  • Omg😂 Who gave you a license?!?!😂 I do not jealous on those kids😂 You are the best Ellen❤

    Adi KrispineAdi KrispineMonth ago
    • Single

  • 29th comment. 7 mins late. 1073rd view

    Wild AlphaWild AlphaMonth ago
  • I have watched Ellen for years and im a teen I love your videos Ellen but I miss the Kevin the cashier played by Adam

    Lawsofstuff HiLawsofstuff HiMonth ago
  • Nice (I hope you are doing well!)

    1 Sub before 2021 - Super Avesome Experiments1 Sub before 2021 - Super Avesome ExperimentsMonth ago
  • Hey Ellen❤️ I love you, and I look up to you. I admire you so much. And you were right this whole time...Be kind to each other...And look where we are today. You are hilarious and you make sense. It’s so rare to find someone who makes you laugh without roasting someone. You were, are and will be the change maker, who we young people look upto. Lots love from India...And I can’t wait to meet you in person on your show😍🥰❤️🥳💓 Kunal🌈

    • @Platypuff I'd be surprised if it were all true.

      Kat BowlKat BowlMonth ago
    • You'd be surprised to find out the type of person she actually is and from how people say she's actually mean who have worked with her.

      PlatypuffPlatypuffMonth ago
    • I love her so much. I will also eat nuts (as o have nut allergy) and drive at same time like my idol. Also, honk all the time, just like my idol Ellen 😇😇😇😜😜😜. You will do it too na?

      Un1que Arch3rUn1que Arch3rMonth ago
  • Roadd Trippp

    IPlayGames DudeIPlayGames DudeMonth ago
  • I miss these days 😂❤️🥺

    Alex .MAlex .MMonth ago
    • Vino sitas Ik Im it’s saying I miss those days

      Alex .MAlex .MMonth ago
    • she has no more energy left. its sad to see her prime days.

      Vino sitasVino sitasMonth ago
  • So basically anything wrong is good. Gotcha

    Bri ZiliakBri ZiliakMonth ago
  • Her voice never change 😂

    fam livesfam livesMonth ago
  • Hi

    xyv_sheldine Saintjustexyv_sheldine SaintjusteMonth ago
  • Early i love you xx

    Bianca BowdenBianca BowdenMonth ago
  • Hi

    Raquel Diaz RodriguezRaquel Diaz RodriguezMonth ago
  • Ah.. she looks soo young :)

    Maaryah MirzaMaaryah MirzaMonth ago
    • She still looks young

      Brileyyy BrooksssBrileyyy BrooksssMonth ago
  • Ellen is the 🐐

    Travon WoodsTravon WoodsMonth ago
  • Love you xx

    Nikita GareyNikita GareyMonth ago
  • made now and 64 likes bruther

    Reema TariqReema TariqMonth ago
  • I love your hair Ellen

    Tate RoweTate RoweMonth ago
  • Early I love you Ellen you are my favourite tv host you are so kind and funny I love you yay I spelled you name right love you

    Hehe I’m only humanHehe I’m only humanMonth ago
  • If Ellen likes this comment

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  • hellor

    Margarita CosculluelaMargarita CosculluelaMonth ago
  • 14th

    Darth - Pok3Darth - Pok3Month ago
  • I remember watching Ellen show

    Sherquetta IngramSherquetta IngramMonth ago
    • And then she crashed as a talk show host

      Techno PotatoTechno PotatoMonth ago
    • same

      abdirahman ahmedabdirahman ahmedMonth ago
  • Ohhh hahahaa

    Ahrem COVERAhrem COVERMonth ago
  • nice Ellen

    abdirahman ahmedabdirahman ahmedMonth ago
  • “Who else clicked and went straight to the comments?📵” 🌬-(ɪ'ᴍ sᴜʙʙɪɴɢ ᴛᴏ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏᴏɴᴇ ᴡʜᴏ sᴜʙs ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇ ᴡɪᴛʜ ɴᴏᴛɪғs)🍿🍭

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