SCP-035 Possessive Mask (SCP Animation)

Jul 29, 2020
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TheRubber bring you SCP Foundation KETER class object, SCP-035 Animation.
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SCP 035 appears to be a white porcelain comedy mask, although, at times, it will change to tragedy.
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  • Yeah but wait 682 isn't humanoid, sooo.... How would that work??

    erik fenecherik fenech4 minutes ago

    「C H A S E」「C H A S E」19 minutes ago
  • *that moment when your powerful telepathic powers are defeated by a good ol' tin foil hat.

    SolesteamSolesteamHour ago
  • so, No animals have been harmed in the research of this mask

    SolesteamSolesteamHour ago
  • Oh phew the doggies are safe but not us lol.

    leshay conwayleshay conway4 hours ago
  • I wonder if the rubber is from the scp foundation

    Uzimaki NarutoUzimaki Naruto4 hours ago
  • SCP 303 AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Felipe KohaiFelipe Kohai4 hours ago
  • Scientist: *put the scp 035 in Animals* Me:hey that illegal

    Uma vida qualquer de um EggUma vida qualquer de um Egg5 hours ago
  • PUT HIM ON SCP 3000-1

    Strawberry and FloufuuStrawberry and Floufuu7 hours ago
  • The Stone mask in real life

    TheAlmightyPug101TheAlmightyPug1018 hours ago
  • What's SCP 151-d I can't seem to find that one, I'm just finding the painting

    just a britjust a brit8 hours ago
  • put that bitch at the bottom of the sea

    Corey TaylorCorey Taylor8 hours ago
  • scp 035: haha your brain mine Me: haha me have no brain

    christhewebbermainchristhewebbermain8 hours ago
  • Scp 035 : I am the greatest and strongest mask on earth!! Tin foil hat : Im going to ruin this masks whole career

  • Everytime 035 laughs, take a shot.

    SCP 682SCP 6829 hours ago
  • just throw it in #914 on rough and turn the key

    ThegarlicybreadThegarlicybread9 hours ago
  • why not terminating 035? that would be perfect

    Jose GamboaJose Gamboa10 hours ago
  • scp breaking news

    the_ballistic_raccoonthe_ballistic_raccoon10 hours ago
  • I've watched all of ur SCP videos and they're all amazing

    Cris doesn't have coronaCris doesn't have corona11 hours ago

    r rr r12 hours ago
  • Alright but like 99% of the fanarts suck

    Some kid named Liam CSome kid named Liam C12 hours ago
  • Wai- wai- wait- Sooo . . . If I put this on . . Will I finally be smart ?

    StrxwberryMilkStrxwberryMilk12 hours ago
  • he's literally trying to summon something

    Isa AlderaziIsa Alderazi13 hours ago
  • This one was scared me to my core

    Harry DeeHarry Dee14 hours ago
  • I’m voting for scp 3008

    A DiggsA Diggs14 hours ago
  • What is 151-d? I can't seem to find it...

    Ryan SchouweilerRyan Schouweiler14 hours ago
  • Now I can become a vampire

    Jules6280 BRBJules6280 BRB14 hours ago
  • Wonder if they will ever put 035 on 096

    FlourboFlourbo14 hours ago
  • I'm surprised Rubber doesn't have more subscribers

    James PainJames Pain15 hours ago
  • The mask meet scp 035 what u guys think?

    sans skeletonsans skeleton16 hours ago
  • Voting for scp 171, hope the rubber will post scp 171 and 171-b

    Bring back ‘hey guys this is Austin ‘Bring back ‘hey guys this is Austin ‘16 hours ago
  • Scp 999 vs. Scp 035

  • SCP 297,I wanna know what happened,I'm curise. (I can't spell and this is not my USkeys account.)

    CHUN CHU HAN StudentCHUN CHU HAN Student17 hours ago
  • Fucking degenerate

    X DuskAshesX DuskAshes17 hours ago
  • is this a jojo reference?

    Γερασιμος ΚιουρκτσιδηςΓερασιμος Κιουρκτσιδης17 hours ago
  • Uhhhhhh

    juicy boijuicy boi18 hours ago
  • SCP-414 I think would be a really cool video. It's basically a group of masked entity's who talk to apathetic (lazy) humans, making them crave and need human interaction on a daily basis until they start to feel physical hollow and eventually kill themselfs. It's quite a sad SCP but it would be awesome if it could have some light shed upon it, as well as some other lesser known but nonetheless very interesting SCP's.

  • 2:15 what if i put it on a chimps face

    Nothing to see here, just a total piece of shit.Nothing to see here, just a total piece of shit.18 hours ago
  • 3:48 Neither SCP-4715 nor SCP-682 have a humanoid shape.

    1v1 Savaş Simulasyonları1v1 Savaş Simulasyonları19 hours ago
  • Maybe you can make a video about SCP-079 (Old AI) or SCP-1111 (The White Dog)?

    1v1 Savaş Simulasyonları1v1 Savaş Simulasyonları20 hours ago
  • I love how even tho he’s talking about scp, he’s not making it scary ^^

    Its CaramelIts Caramel20 hours ago
  • Can someone do 079?

    AdiskproAdiskpro21 hour ago
    • Yep it's a computer that controls the facility with life and it's an virus I gueiss

      black scracthblack scracth19 hours ago
  • Put dat mask on 106 to corrode it to death

    Chandrashekara MenonChandrashekara Menon22 hours ago
  • god I love these videos, but it is a shame we did not get to hear where SCP-035 was being held? I would assume it would be deep under ground, in a small chamber that way it does not matter if the walls break down & programmed to be moved to a new hole every 10 years or so with the old holes being cleaned & filled back up partially for re-use.....that's just my guess though.

    ResinorResinor22 hours ago
  • Scp-2020-x (The cake maker) Everything this knife slices turns into cake and it looks the same but the inside is cake

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  • Scp-175

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  • Oh my god ur animation is so cute

    DarkDark23 hours ago
  • Kono Dio daa

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  • can you SCP-052, the New York subway time-traveling train

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  • TheRubber is the best underrated for animation i ever seen!

    Hydra OfficialHydra OfficialDay ago
  • Please make a video of scp 053 or scp 963

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  • Why don't they drop it to the sun?

    Hunvokmar 1Hunvokmar 1Day ago
  • 5:27 Wait thats the sound from head soccer wtf!

    Jeune compagnonJeune compagnonDay ago
  • Long horse brought me here

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  • Please do SCP 2521 It's vety interesting.

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  • Wait This isn’t bright side..

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  • How obaut SCP-073

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  • next SCP 073 pls :3 pls :3

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  • Keep going rubber I love your work! Please just make the videos come out more regularly. I know it might be hard I’m just saying I really love your work!

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  • Please do one on scp-1104

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