Ellen and Cardi B Play '5 Second Rule'

Apr 19, 2018
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Breakout rapper Cardi B didn't hold back as she and Ellen played a round of "5 Second Rule."

  • Cardi should of said 'not drug men' at 1:52

    Lara ForbesLara Forbes3 hours ago
  • Its soo funny and cute how ellen is treating cardi like a baby!😃😂 *Edit* : there are 3.4k comments, if you find this one you are an absolute legend!

    Daniel EzulikeDaniel Ezulike7 days ago
  • 1:22 tho.

    Josiah HayesJosiah Hayes9 days ago
  • cardi is the lady, next to zendaya ofcourse. zen is the queen but cardi is on her way

    Nandini SinglaNandini Singla12 days ago
  • How rich do you want to be... “Ellen, what are three things you wish you owned but don’t” Ellen: ummmmmmm

    Toni LutonToni Luton13 days ago
  • Cardi b won good

    Abraham NgotauAbraham Ngotau21 day ago
  • She talked to Anna fairs probably cuz of the break up

    Tom SiebertTom Siebert26 days ago
  • Cardy b hair

    celebritycelebrity26 days ago
  • Moist is sexy yassss

    Jus MeJus Me26 days ago
  • omg I'm dead😭😭😂😂 she's so funny

    selena fanboyselena fanboy27 days ago
  • What was censored?

    Joshua GeorgeJoshua GeorgeMonth ago
  • Cardi b is sooooo smart....

    na nana naMonth ago
  • l knew cardi wana win

    music player. Kerrymusic player. KerryMonth ago

    Please dont subscribe idgafPlease dont subscribe idgafMonth ago
  • 1:06 me being a Omb fan “Cha-cha bingos”😂

    Brianna_alyceBrianna_alyceMonth ago
  • I wanna see cardi b and Nikki do this oh my god imagine the fights

    Heartbroken_gachaloveHeartbroken_gachaloveMonth ago
  • When ur a celebrity there’s nothing left to on ur bucket list

    Xx_kikiplayz_xXXx_kikiplayz_xXMonth ago
  • Soy yo 🙄 o esta se traba al hablar 🤔😂

    ken ruizken ruizMonth ago
  • Watermelon and melons😂😂😂

    Ace QueenAce QueenMonth ago
  • I like Cardi B and Ellen's friendship

    imalonelybitch lalalaimalonelybitch lalalaMonth ago
  • After years of watching Ellen, hearing all the recent reports of people who have been on the show or worked with her talk about her not so nice side, watching her now, I see more of the snarky lil slide comments more than before. You can tell when she isnt as thrilled with some guest as others and kind of rushes through it....

    Mistie FMistie FMonth ago
  • three things wish she owned ,thats obvious mane😅

    Anish GurungAnish Gurung2 months ago
  • I never knew Cardi B had blonde hair.

    RxsesAreRedRxsesAreRed2 months ago
  • She left the comment on

    Theater GirlTheater Girl2 months ago
  • Ellen and Jojo Siwa lol

    Charlie BabyCharlie Baby2 months ago
  • 1:28 my dream is to be like that 😂 😂 😂

    S MHS MH2 months ago
  • Cardi is cute

    Snow BetsySnow Betsy2 months ago
  • How does chocolate make you laugh

    Princess LeelahPrincess Leelah2 months ago
  • Cardi love u !!!!!!!!!

    Saumya BhuyareSaumya Bhuyare2 months ago
  • If I was there: "What makes you laugh?" Me: topkook and bottomtae

    omfg stfuomfg stfu2 months ago
  • Ellen 62 cardi 30 somthin

    Sophia gacha life 123 hahaSophia gacha life 123 haha2 months ago
  • 1:27 "Oh!" When Ellen discovered she has everything she wants

    Yisroel WeissYisroel Weiss2 months ago
  • When u have lots money 💴 u have a confidence that’s show on your personality

    Larimon KharumnuidLarimon Kharumnuid2 months ago
  • 😂😂

    Angelo RanchesAngelo Ranches2 months ago
  • I love you cardi

    Cash CashCash Cash2 months ago
  • Awesome 🌹

    Avalon MuredoAvalon Muredo2 months ago
  • I love you Ellen please I beg you to please invite me to the show after lockdown

    Jessica KalubaJessica Kaluba2 months ago
  • Cardi: and um... EAT CHICKEN WINGS

    Mickey_Mouse 8Mickey_Mouse 82 months ago
  • 2:20 Cardi name three things that make you laugh Money,chocolate and pen*s 🤣🤣🤣

    sasa bonesasa bone3 months ago
  • ♥♥♥♥

    Tina SaldaTina Salda3 months ago
  • The way she says category: cat-a-gory

    Adrian CiurdașAdrian Ciurdaș3 months ago
  • 1:25 It didn't just mean money. There are many things more important than money that were in Ellen's mind

    Mohammad ShahidiMohammad Shahidi3 months ago
  • The first case Ellen looses...

    Valeri IlievValeri Iliev3 months ago
  • Looks like elllen owns everything she wants Mission: watching youtube to save humanity subject:corona Advise:stay safe haha pray for the recovery and safety of the people who are infected and pray for its cure.

    Izayoi SakamakiIzayoi Sakamaki3 months ago
  • L don’t say that when am l,superide CARDI B

    AK - 04MJ - Sheridan Park PS (1328)AK - 04MJ - Sheridan Park PS (1328)3 months ago
  • Cardi B sucks

    Abdiwahid AliAbdiwahid Ali3 months ago
    • She also swallows

      Joseph NievesJoseph Nieves2 months ago
  • "What are three things you wish you owned, but dont?" "...Oh."

    It's DaphneIt's Daphne3 months ago
  • What makes cardi b laugh..?

    Ari PlayZAri PlayZ3 months ago
  • If u don't love Cardi youre not loving anything

    Geo TorresGeo Torres3 months ago
  • Caranavirusssssss

    Milagros VillalbaMilagros Villalba3 months ago
  • tortus

    Melaton 1nMelaton 1n3 months ago
  • Cardi is dangerously Charming

    a Kiewhuoa Kiewhuo3 months ago
  • bruh

    Atomic SamuraiAtomic Samurai3 months ago
  • Ellen.what does the three things u wish u had but u dont

  • 0:29 🤣

    xMoonWolfxxMoonWolfx4 months ago
  • Money , chocolate and .... ?!!! Oh , boy I'm definitely going to heaven

    علاء العلفيعلاء العلفي4 months ago
  • Moist remided me of ethan dolan 😂

    maria diabmaria diab4 months ago
  • 1:22 rich people problems smh

    Asad KhanAsad Khan4 months ago
  • I love cardy b

  • When Ellen realized she essentially has everything and can get it if needed is what I wanna be when I grow up!

    shakima reidshakima reid4 months ago
  • 😂

    Aishaaa BAishaaa B4 months ago
  • 0:44 “nut”

    Clownery LuvClownery Luv4 months ago
  • Cardi funnny as hell😭😭😭😭😭😭

    tyeasha braceytyeasha bracey4 months ago
  • I was literally thinking of moist when Cardi B said it lol

    Bianca VersolatoBianca Versolato4 months ago
  • Eat chicken wings 😂

    Emily WiebelEmily Wiebel4 months ago
  • 1:26 when u too rich

    MAYBE-crazykidMAYBE-crazykid4 months ago
  • she could have said literally anything. i mean she doesn't own everything she could have said:- a country the white house the moon the sun or anythinggg😂

    ReDcHiLLiReDcHiLLi4 months ago
    • Maybe because she doesn't want any of those

      Abisola AriyoAbisola Ariyo4 months ago
  • ”Cardi B’s Invasion of Privacy can be screened everywhere” Me: Wait wuut?

    Sami MaatiSami Maati5 months ago
  • Okuuuuurt

    Luiza CarneiroLuiza Carneiro5 months ago
  • man i love cardi😂😂😂

    GᴀᴄʜᴀʜᴏʟɪᴄシGᴀᴄʜᴀʜᴏʟɪᴄシ5 months ago
  • I just realised how funny cardi b is 😂

    Chin Strap Of FatChin Strap Of Fat5 months ago
  • 🤣🤣

    Lakhwinder SinghLakhwinder Singh5 months ago
  • Ok when Ellen was naming things that sound nasty the really isn't I was like moist! And then boom cardi said it 😂 0:51

    Grace WilsGrace Wils5 months ago
  • Ellen call me as well I’m from Nepal

    Mehersa SharmaMehersa Sharma5 months ago
  • Cardi did better than Sofia Vegara😂😂

    Kayden MosesKayden Moses5 months ago
  • Ellen I can't believe she just didn't start naming country's. 😂😂😂

    JewelJewel5 months ago
  • 1:11, what and watermelon, melon, guys??

    Duy AnhDuy Anh5 months ago
  • I'm starting to wonder if cardi didn't have brain damage before

    Kjneathery68 NeatheryKjneathery68 Neathery5 months ago
  • Twitch: What are 3 things you wish you owned but don’t? Ellen: UH UH OH 😂😂*realizes she own everything she wants*

    Mercedes HernandezMercedes Hernandez5 months ago
  • I love you ellen

    Samira starsSamira stars5 months ago