NBA "Immoral" Actions From Fans

Jan 14, 2018
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These fans should be banned for LIFE!!!
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  • 7:50

    jussjashinjussjashinHour ago
  • Oh my gosh 7:52 MAN GOT POPPED

    TNTWWE7848TNTWWE78488 hours ago
  • That guy got bodied by the mascot....yikes

    hi im mimichi im mimic8 hours ago
  • Did they catch the goon that threw the grenade? That’s attempted murder right?

    First LastFirst Last10 hours ago
  • I get that you have to toss someone for throwing shit on the court, but freedom of speech should apply to NBA fans in the stands also, players just need thicker skin. I mean Westbrook getting Rondo's brother thrown out of west-semis this year is another example of how over-protected and hyper-sensitive these players are nowadays. smh.

    Elegant ToiletElegant Toilet11 hours ago
  • Where is that beat from??

    2Liive2Liive21 hour ago
  • Nba suks.

    EdEd22 hours ago
  • That can't be a real grenade, the shrapnel would have flew everywhere and the dude would have lost more then a few fingers. It was probably an M80 or some flashbang

    I hurt feelingsI hurt feelingsDay ago
  • "I'll fix this" -covid 19

    I hurt feelingsI hurt feelingsDay ago
  • 7:72 best clip

    Esmeralda GTantiEsmeralda GTantiDay ago
  • The fan vs the mascot was scripted lol funny thi

    Héctor AbarcaHéctor AbarcaDay ago
  • Who TF brings a grenade to a basketball game?

    Johnny SuedeJohnny SuedeDay ago
  • At 10:09 in the background, I found the guy with the whistle

    samuel davorensamuel davorenDay ago
    • If u clearly see, that's not a whistle

      Antonio CollazoAntonio Collazo4 hours ago
  • "grenade"

    Jordin BrookingJordin BrookingDay ago
  • Imagine paying for a ticket just to get bullied by a mascot and getting kicked out.

    cezzcezzDay ago
  • how was the mallace at the pallace not here

    Bailey SutherlandBailey SutherlandDay ago
  • i think the players deserve shits like these..they're just bigheaded people who don't give a shit about their me..

    airkunaairkuna2 days ago
  • 6:45 LOL Lebron

    Xingrui GuoXingrui Guo2 days ago
  • I woulda said that whatever teams games would be suspended for two or three weeks

    Michael HaneyMichael Haney2 days ago
  • the mascot is my hero

    craig mackssj3craig mackssj32 days ago
  • that women calling Lebron a pussy ass bitch is the best clip

    CG TacticonusCG Tacticonus2 days ago
  • Mormon scumbags

    Cheer_ BroCheer_ Bro2 days ago
  • is this madden 20 or not? my man went full on hit stick mode 7:50

    Jabari KinaraJabari Kinara2 days ago
  • mama literally picked up the grenade, and brought it closer to the benches, if he would’ve left it on the floor, it wouldn’t have costed him two fingers

    Joe ConleyJoe Conley3 days ago
  • The Grenade was a bit to much.... You are no longer considered a fan... Your considered 5-10 years... If you lucky.

    datanyc004datanyc0043 days ago
  • The Laker's supporter who said "fuck you" lmao, I kinda feel him sometimes.

    drink your milkdrink your milk3 days ago
  • 1:02 just gonna leave this here

    ReaperLeoNid350ReaperLeoNid3503 days ago
  • Dude some of these proves how soft people are in the nba

    Zach BippertZach Bippert3 days ago
  • the first guy why was kicked out???? there are a lot of people saying stuff

    Enrique gutiérrezEnrique gutiérrez4 days ago
  • Bro who’s the mascot? Brian Urlacher

    Benjamin LubagBenjamin Lubag4 days ago
  • unbearable

    eatmywordseatmywords4 days ago
  • that last video is so dumb. I doubt the security guard knowingly sacrificed himself to pick up a live grenade. he had no idea what it was. also he didn't "save countless lives" there's like 15 people in the blast range and they're stunned but unharmed. looks like a stun grenade. stun grenades don't kill people but yeah if you're holding it you might lose so me fingers.

    Jimothy SnookerJimothy Snooker4 days ago
  • banned for life and jumped in the parking lot for throwing a bottle on the court. how would you feel if someone had tripped and cause a career ending injury? they should be fined as well. when they ban the sale of alcoholic beverages because of just you... you really gonna get your ass beat

    Jimothy SnookerJimothy Snooker4 days ago
  • At least he didn't look at it near his face

    elana stammelana stamm4 days ago
  • And thus the Bubble was created

    Air EspenillaAir Espenilla4 days ago
  • Some notes on the last clip, by an Israeli: It wasn't a proper gernade, it was a large firecracker. Still dangerous though, especially indoors. The security guard later said he thought it was toilet paper, that's why he grabbed it and ran with it into the crowd. The guy who threw the firecracker got 3 years in prison for it.

    TutKatanTutKatan4 days ago
  • video should be 1/4 the length

    David MorgensenDavid Morgensen4 days ago
  • We're over here worried about bottles and whistles. Foreign b-ball games dropping grenades n shit!

    thurmeezthurmeez4 days ago
  • 1 beer needs 58 towels?

    Daniel CrannageDaniel Crannage5 days ago
  • 6:10 all right, which one of you swinging dicks didn't call the girl back?

    Robert PalinRobert Palin5 days ago
  • oh no, someone used a flash to take a picture. Get serious.

    Robert PalinRobert Palin5 days ago
  • I like the never-ending reminders that James Harden sucks.

    MarklarMarklar5 days ago
    • What happen? I'm confused with the fan what he do?

      Jose GorillaJose Gorilla4 days ago
  • I dont have to watch my mouth sir this is America and I have a freedom of speech a right given to me that you can not take away from me.. Sorry if I dont like wht i got to say but that's life..

    Nicholas RameyNicholas Ramey5 days ago
  • 6:53 that girl is fucking racist

    ric. breezyric. breezy5 days ago
  • rick roll 0:58

    Taintsnorkeler 4Taintsnorkeler 45 days ago
  • The last one was sad 😭

    Akil AgbogbeAkil Agbogbe5 days ago
  • Jazz mascot is about that life

    Nick LevesqueNick Levesque5 days ago
  • this why there should be video cam every where forget the privacy.

    Ruth AshRuth Ash5 days ago
  • That one lady yelling at Lebron wasn’t immoral, it was fucking funny Also, the guy that got decked by the mascot at least had the right idea, if I’m gonna get escorted out, I’m going to get my money’s worth lol

    Enazmi SeyEnazmi Sey6 days ago
  • fuck jazz mascot

    LD BLRLD BLR6 days ago
  • These distractions are getting more crazier. First fake fights with mascots, whistles, and now grenades. Thats dedication.

    Andy's evil twinAndy's evil twin6 days ago
  • Whats wrong with a camera flash? 3:16

    Caramel_RxseCaramel_Rxse6 days ago
  • 1:00 every one in the stands and everyone watching gets rick rolled

    Ryan BadirRyan Badir6 days ago
  • Klay: *dayumm*

    Paige MoloneyPaige Moloney6 days ago
  • 7:54 Holy crap, Is that man a mascot or a frickin NFL Linebacker.

    PerhabolosYTPerhabolosYT6 days ago
  • BLM...GTFO of Pro Sports

    Harry KuheimHarry Kuheim6 days ago
  • 5:54 "I'm not as think as you drunk I am"

    forjuniorgolfersforjuniorgolfers6 days ago
  • The Jazz mascot gain 1,000,000,000 fans after that 7:52

    Brady FlickingerBrady Flickinger7 days ago
  • Watched the whole video to watch curry get socked in the face, wtf

    Donald Williams JrDonald Williams Jr7 days ago
  • someone really threw a grenade at an NBA game, like wtf?

    Inderdeep BhogalInderdeep Bhogal7 days ago
  • guys should be able to jeer at players, fuck you isnt anything they dont hear every night. try tellin drake or spike lee to get fucked out of the game, yeah right

    Jordan YoxJordan Yox7 days ago
  • Normal fans: you suck, your trash, take a seat Israel fans: “Allahu akbar”💥💣

    KVNG_QUANKVNG_QUAN7 days ago
  • That gernade guard is certainly no richard jewel

    tom servotom servo7 days ago
  • OK I'm definitely going to be in the minority here but unless I heard it wrong......the girl that asked LeBron how it feels to be a......? If LeBron was honest with himself he would have laughed if he heard her ask one of his friend that......i mean unless being a young guy has changed since I was young

    tom servotom servo7 days ago
  • These are "Immoral" actions from the fans? Meanwhile in football stadiums across Europe, Latin America and Africa... :D

    Лукаш КошарекЛукаш Кошарек8 days ago
  • I kind of wanted lebron to answer that question, thats a legitimate question🤔

    Rafael -Rafael -8 days ago
  • The old guy with Westbrook made my day lol

    Rafael -Rafael -8 days ago
  • Announcer: who’s gonna rat out? 69: he did it

    I DRAW COMIX And stuffI DRAW COMIX And stuff8 days ago
    • I see that stolen comment

      FierciLLFierciLL3 days ago
  • They are mostly white gals n boys doing this. While a good batch of them are already idiots or ignorant, drinking triples it. This includes some of the white commentators, as one of them seemed to be in the defense of the thrown object........

    Wallace GentryWallace Gentry8 days ago
  • Btw the Grenade was like a stun grenade but bcuz his hand was literally grabbing onto it he lost his 2 fingers but ye big up my guy

    Bigjoshy98Bigjoshy988 days ago
  • that's not a good fan throwing a grenade during the game. Not all the heroes wearing cape. Sometimes they are just watching good basketball. He saves so many life. Salute for you!

    Hiro NageHiro Nage8 days ago
  • Anyone know what was said to Klay?

    The Great PapyrusThe Great Papyrus8 days ago
  • Seriously fans yelling at players get ejected.. That is ridiculous.

    Michelle LockeMichelle Locke8 days ago
  • I jjst realized this was immoral, all this time, I thought it was immortal and was ready for heart melting fans, woops xD

    QuackQuack8 days ago
  • Why players get so mad at insults, if I made millions, one of the elite athletes in the world, living the dream, say whatever you want cause you just jealous

    Scott PersonScott Person8 days ago
  • A grenade ??? You telling me this man picked up a grenade around a thousand people and he was the only injury and it was just two finger ??? Idkkkkkkkk

    B-Dubs EagleB-Dubs Eagle9 days ago
  • I will say, insofar as trolling goes, the whistle thing is pretty fucking high calibre.. Kinda hard not to love that guy tbh

    PravdaPravda9 days ago
  • 6:50 I couldn't be as cool as le bron He is the best

    Karthik VupputuriKarthik Vupputuri9 days ago
  • rip kobe

    VarsityVarsity9 days ago
  • Bruh that dude shoulda just jumped on it instead of running towards the fans lmao

    Blake BertenBlake Berten9 days ago
  • I wish we knew what buddy said to clay Thompson

    Brent SeniorBrent Senior9 days ago
  • 3:45 is that the yeah kid in the yellow shirt

    The Theories of LifeThe Theories of Life9 days ago
  • 1:01 get rick rolled

    John BenderJohn Bender9 days ago
  • 0:29 why she look like a karen😭😭😭

    Slassh2MuchSlassh2Much9 days ago
  • 9:58 u can see the whistle lol

    Agimat ProductionsAgimat Productions9 days ago
  • "LEBRON YOU A BITCH" *Lebron and guard hears that* "I'm sorry...." What a fucking coward

    Bakary DembéléBakary Dembélé9 days ago
  • 7:53 are we just going to ignore this beautiful hit stick from the (I assume) Jazz mascot??? The person behind the costume needs to seriously try their hand at football.....

    RLBLaneyRLBLaney9 days ago
  • 11:05 an enraged fan throws a WHAT

    Arkham TacoArkham Taco9 days ago
  • 4:47 i live westbrook’s face when he turns his head 😂😂😂

    Cheerio ManCheerio Man9 days ago
    • Cheerio Man what happened with the lady in the first one

      Chubby BunnyChubby Bunny9 days ago
  • That fight with the Jazz mascot was staged.

    PepsolmanPepsolman10 days ago
  • Wow what a brave Security guard! What a Hero!

    SweeetClarissaSweeetClarissa10 days ago
  • That mascot needs to get a raise

    Deveki CambridgeDeveki Cambridge10 days ago
  • Idk why but 7:39 feels like set up for many reasons.

    Ayyyngel M2Ayyyngel M210 days ago
  • A grenade really , why would they do that

    ROHANROHAN10 days ago
  • Jazz mascot wasn’t having none of that

  • kobe i miss him

    AnthonygodAnthonygod11 days ago
  • NBA sucks fuck NBA🖕🖕

    Deana RupeDeana Rupe12 days ago
  • You can her never gonna give you up at 1:00

    bom-boibom-boi12 days ago
    • Boobie butt

      PainPain11 days ago
    • Fart booty

      PainPain11 days ago
  • Announcer: “Who’s gonna rat it out??” 69: He did it

    Julio GuzmanJulio Guzman12 days ago
    • Your 2 years late buddy

      scoutscout18 hours ago
    • Julio Guzman 69?

      Chubby BunnyChubby Bunny9 days ago
  • the old man pullung the finger come on man why would you do that

    Sebastian TupinoSebastian Tupino12 days ago