My Family and Friends React to my Be Happy Music Video | Dixie D'Amelio

Jul 15, 2020
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Hey guys, I had my family and a few friends react to seeing my "Be Happy" music video for the first time. This video is brought to you by Raycon. Go to for 15% off your order! I decided to try the Raycon Earbuds because I was having trouble with my other ones and wanted something new. They ended up fitting in my ear super well, they have a bunch of colors and I just think they look super cool. I’m sure you guys will love them too.
There's some really awesome moments like my mom crying (the entire time), Markell and his hysterical commentary, Griffin being Griffin and Jason Derulo talking to me about his experience in the music business! I hope you all enjoy!

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Music video by Dixie D'Amelio performing be happy. © 2020 DAM FAM RECORDINGS

  • Love it so much!!!👍😄😄

    Savannah RoseSavannah Rose23 minutes ago
  • loved the vid I actually really like it cause I don't like loud music I sing quiet songs anyways loved is keep working hard girl

    Isabella StaceyIsabella Stacey2 hours ago
  • I just loved when your boyfriend said why do you have clothes on and when you said the f word charlies face

    Muhammad YousufMuhammad Yousuf2 hours ago
  • OMG I love this Dixie I’m totally a fan of this!!

    Facts Teller of millionsFacts Teller of millions2 hours ago
  • Her mom's reaction was very cute🤗

    Nephix VerseNephix Verse5 hours ago
  • Griffin: people are gonna think this is about me Everyone: yeah no shit

    Pickle CatPickle Cat7 hours ago
  • i love your song

    Heaven GruberHeaven Gruber8 hours ago
  • God bless remember God love you

    Jemimah McKenzieJemimah McKenzie12 hours ago
  • at 4:49

    Rashid 2k19Rashid 2k1912 hours ago
  • 0:54 I miss them tho low key 🤭😣

    Kaylee GalvanKaylee Galvan12 hours ago
    • And also 1:11

      Kaylee GalvanKaylee Galvan12 hours ago
  • Plot twist she kisses Noah beck and griffin and her breakup

    Kalaylah BanksKalaylah Banks13 hours ago
  • Love dicie

    Agustin RamalloAgustin Ramallo13 hours ago
  • Love you Dixie d'amelio

    Kinley RamseyKinley Ramsey13 hours ago
  • Grithin u broke dixies heart get out of her life stop like shaming her

    Scarly BuildsScarly Builds13 hours ago
  • Video- Sometimes I don't wanna be happy Dixie- Happy AF

    Kryptic KenishaKryptic Kenisha14 hours ago
  • Who is watching this when griffin cheated on dixie with toe picks and the shading song

    JujuJuju14 hours ago
  • Oooooooo Haiiiiiii!

    Angenette WardAngenette Ward14 hours ago
  • Hello

    Pablo ROBLOX GRANNYPablo ROBLOX GRANNY15 hours ago
  • 0:54 why the heck u lying~ why she always lying~ stop with all the lying~

    •YT_JādêXxÍçëdGG••YT_JādêXxÍçëdGG•15 hours ago
  • Who is here when she made the remix and her and noah kissed in it

    Mona RobloxMona Roblox16 hours ago
  • 4:51

    Triplets!Triplets!17 hours ago
  • When I watched it I was like wow she did a AWSOME job at signing and making it good job Dixie!!!!!

  • Charli shocked Also charli am the bi$$h

    PlayStation 254PlayStation 25418 hours ago
  • Jason u have such a kind heart.u gave a beautiful speech.also I love all of ur songs u probably won't see this but I love u so much

    Thalia loves wengie kittycornThalia loves wengie kittycorn18 hours ago
  • Necesito subtitulos en español, alguien más? :(

    Linda Lizeth Ledesma SaavedraLinda Lizeth Ledesma Saavedra18 hours ago
  • Why does it look like her back round is a green screen?

    Thalia loves wengie kittycornThalia loves wengie kittycorn18 hours ago
    • It's actually her house

      Vriddhi SainiVriddhi Saini6 hours ago

    Thalia loves wengie kittycornThalia loves wengie kittycorn19 hours ago
  • Charlie face when Dixie swore 😱

    Georgia ThomassonGeorgia Thomasson19 hours ago
  • Griffins speech was sooooo awkward

    Georgia ThomassonGeorgia Thomasson19 hours ago
  • that was amazing dixie i am a big fan also

    Leslie BelsherLeslie Belsher19 hours ago
  • 👍❤️💙🌈💜🎁💐💝💖🎉🎉🎉🎉🥰🎉🎉🎉🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳💜❤️💙

    Dalal AlyaqoubDalal Alyaqoub20 hours ago
  • cool love your music vid! I just wanna be happy

    Amelia HalpinAmelia Halpin20 hours ago
  • 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    Arasskarim KarimArasskarim Karim21 hour ago
  • I love your voice it’s so pretty 🤗

    Arasskarim KarimArasskarim Karim21 hour ago
  • I love you and i love be happy! I'm italian! I love you hello! Ciao

    Chiara TaronnaChiara Taronna21 hour ago
  • Charle is so much nicer to her family and stuff but the song was the bomb !

    light.up.kitten 19light.up.kitten 1921 hour ago
  • I like how Dixie hugged her mom and then the dad looked and hugged Charlie

    Dawud AbduljebarDawud Abduljebar22 hours ago
  • Quem é do Brasil me segue aqui e curti pra marca presença

    Livia de paula De Sousa SantosLivia de paula De Sousa Santos23 hours ago
  • hi dixie not trying to be rude but charli is jsut introducing herself please dont be mad

    Demi Leila AydallaDemi Leila AydallaDay ago
  • Polska zprawdzam obecność

    Amelkakafelka robloxAmelkakafelka robloxDay ago
  • Your voice is beautiful Dixie

    Arrowverse _Arrowverse _Day ago
  • Love her laugh 😂😃😄😅😆

    Ciyeye tradingCiyeye tradingDay ago
  • I realize that they changing their close

    Ashanti SmithAshanti SmithDay ago
  • That song makes me feel emotional 😢

    Darren WanamakerDarren WanamakerDay ago
  • Damn! This song is so catchy

    Paballo MamaboloPaballo MamaboloDay ago
  • Plot twist:the first person to see this is Dixie

    Universal_xModeツ Im drake cuhUniversal_xModeツ Im drake cuhDay ago
  • Be happy original: is dating Griffin Be happy remix: kisses Noah beck

    S EspinosaS EspinosaDay ago

  • Why you break up with your boyfriend now you have a other boyfriends hes name is noah do you guys know that they kiss with noah at the others song

  • 🇪🇭🇪🇭

    Mohamed mostafaMohamed mostafaDay ago
  • I mean she is talented but not enough to become a pop star srry

    Paolo Gracia sansPaolo Gracia sansDay ago
  • well this didn’t age well

    Carlina TobioCarlina TobioDay ago
  • Charlie reaction to f*****

    Abby RayyzAbby RayyzDay ago
    • Lol...

      Abby RayyzAbby RayyzDay ago
  • Charlie's face😂😂

    Angel LunaAngel LunaDay ago
  • When your sister and your mom and dad is like OMG when you said the F WORD and there like :0 but mom JUST sitting there MOM: idc I say the F WORD all the time like I’m a mother

    Skye HoughtonSkye HoughtonDay ago

    Lucas hengarLucas hengarDay ago
  • Omg I thought this was the remix and when she said boyfriend griffin my mouth freaking dropped

    Bumblbees :3 roblox xDBumblbees :3 roblox xDDay ago
  • you maed me cry so much

    Lily IbarraLily IbarraDay ago
  • Don't swear

    Heather McdonaldHeather McdonaldDay ago
  • Who’s watching this after Noah and Dixie kissed in be happy remix video

  • Imagine Dixie D'amelio and Jason Derulo making a song together! That would be so cool Like if you agree!

    Lulama ChaukeLulama ChaukeDay ago
  • 3:55 ummmmmmmmmmmm

    Mae JawwadMae JawwadDay ago
  • Charli:hears dixie say bad word ~looks at marc ~marc😊:charli😮marc~copys chalri😮~

    Sanjuana RubioSanjuana RubioDay ago
  • Dixie and Charli I love you so much!!!!!!!!!

    shanti vicenteshanti vicenteDay ago
  • Nobody: me: sings Jason Derulos signature come into his songs- JasOn dErUlO

    peachystqrss !peachystqrss !Day ago
  • Heidi hugs dixie Marc have seen this and hug charli 😂😂

    Paula TuchenPaula TuchenDay ago
  • Omg charli is crying :( dixie is incredible

    Emma SlotterEmma SlotterDay ago
  • It's was funny when he saids you were dirty the water was black

    Brittany RamirezBrittany RamirezDay ago
  • :charli shock 4:52 :marc pretends to be shock 4:54 :dixie smiling 4:52 :heidi touching her hair 4:58 :jason nodding his head like 12,456 times 5:00

    Aaliyah ReddAaliyah ReddDay ago
  • Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow

    Sama EhabSama Ehab2 days ago
  • No one: Mum crying😭😭

    Brighty odiaBrighty odia2 days ago
  • Her mom is cute

    Shaikha AlsubaihatShaikha Alsubaihat2 days ago
  • Love your music vid dixie

    Sharon EdwardsSharon Edwards2 days ago

    JR MILJR MIL2 days ago
  • can you teach me this?

    ethan baldwinethan baldwin2 days ago
  • Griffin: Griffin what did you do people watching this after they broke up: GRIFFIN WHAT DID YOU DO??? (no hate to him)

    nanki vachernanki vacher2 days ago
  • Come on no need to feel shy it’s life

    Yewzy gaming Yewzy gamingYewzy gaming Yewzy gaming2 days ago
  • I sorry to say this I not a fan with this song I like your voice I don’t like the song but you have a great voice 😁😁😁

    Jason ThomasJason Thomas2 days ago
  • Dixe raid

    Jai GunaratnaJai Gunaratna2 days ago
  • I love how Griffin is so excited 👁👄👁👌🏼 but he cheated 😕

    シIfremoシIfremo2 days ago
  • No one: Literally no one: Not even the bath tub: Griffin- DaNg YoU wERe DiRty tHe WatEr iS bLacK

    Nour xBrookeNour xBrooke2 days ago
  • Anyone here after the breakup with Griffin

    LizzyLizzy2 days ago
  • after 3 months she’s kissing noah in the new video 🙄🙄🙄🙄

    Samira ElboussairiSamira Elboussairi2 days ago
  • Plis pon subtítulos en español 😁

    Abigaíl Bello PalmaAbigaíl Bello Palma2 days ago
  • Dexi I love you but don't be mean to charli she's your sister

    EUDOXIA valdiviaEUDOXIA valdivia2 days ago
  • 🍥🏈🏀⚽️🏐🏉🎱⛳️🏌🏓🏸🏒🏑🏏🎿⛷🏂⛸🏹🚴🏽⛹🏾

    Sherwin CapaladSherwin Capalad2 days ago
  • Charlie looks jealous of Dixie

    mr flexmr flex2 days ago
  • Dixie is amazingly talented and I literally leveled with that song she is soooo talented and beautiful this is probably this first step for singing career and I´m excited and happy for her.

    Taylor-Marie SmithTaylor-Marie Smith2 days ago
  • 4:53 😂

    ItzRodryy10 ,ItzRodryy10 ,2 days ago
  • 👇🏽here before 1mil gang

    Itsss anniItsss anni2 days ago
  • Hi Dixie

    Jade's WorldJade's World2 days ago
  • Charli did not like when you said bad word

    Emily SquidEmily Squid2 days ago
  • 4:51 so funny

    Helen 08Helen 082 days ago
  • griffins crying rn after the release of the remix

    Joshef MuangJoshef Muang2 days ago
  • Griffin reactings her video, noah is in video😳

    Doğa ÇötokDoğa Çötok2 days ago
  • I love you old song

    Maha SultanMaha Sultan2 days ago
  • 👏👏🍭

    Tiera van ZylTiera van Zyl2 days ago
  • Hi

    Aijah Janelle DavisAijah Janelle Davis2 days ago
  • Hi

    Tiera van ZylTiera van Zyl2 days ago
  • Heidi will never stop crying😂

    Freddie Mercury ProductionsFreddie Mercury Productions2 days ago