Nov 20, 2020
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This Tungsten Cube is pretty much the heaviest 4” cube you can get here on earth. It’s one of the densest elements which makes it insanely weighty for its size. You literally can’t make sense of it when you see it then try to pick it up haha. We’ve been wanting to KO stuff with it at our drop tower for ages so it was epic to finally get it done!
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  • 200,000 likes on this vid and we’ll drop our 300kg solid steel fist on the cube!! 😳🤯

    How RidiculousHow Ridiculous9 days ago
    • 2500 dollars USD without shipping

      BuBba KuShInGToNBuBba KuShInGToN16 hours ago
    • Awesome, that would be cool to see!

      Mike Day ConcreteMike Day ConcreteDay ago
    • I reckon the cube cost $639.39

      Zak PeachZak PeachDay ago
    • Great watching you guys do you do 44 club and rexy face masks they would fly out i reckon.

      Richie EllisRichie Ellis2 days ago
    • 1 million dollars or half of a million I’m guessing

      pizzatime 909pizzatime 9092 days ago
  • It was 5k

    isaac the almightyisaac the almighty3 minutes ago
  • 2.5k$

    gun nerd08gun nerd0817 minutes ago
  • $2,499.99

    Jason CrumJason CrumHour ago
  • Probably cost around $4,400 usd

    Zavier ChapinZavier ChapinHour ago
  • The pavers were so dumb. They used the same setup as literally every karate guy out there. Stack them up on top of each other. Sheesh.

    stacey frazierstacey frazierHour ago
  • "Can I paint my hhaaannnddd?" I melted lol

    LilPeen TLilPeen THour ago
  • Tubgsten tipped giant dart?????

    TheOGMachineTheOGMachineHour ago
  • Was it $442?

    Dil Pickle ChipDil Pickle ChipHour ago
  • This guy sounds like Thurston Howell 😂

    OhmyqwadOhmyqwadHour ago
  • "Rexy needs a lady" ...lets name her Lexy

    Provoke ChaosProvoke Chaos2 hours ago
  • 1267

    chase moberleychase moberley2 hours ago
  • $450 USD

    rachel lovelyrachel lovely2 hours ago
  • Put it on the dart and throw it at a shield

    woodland banditwoodland bandit2 hours ago
  • The cube was 2,499

    Aden ToledoAden Toledo2 hours ago
  • Most annoying 3 people on the planet.

    SPC pittsSPC pitts2 hours ago
  • Primer Hispano!!

    xXGerson DavidXxxXGerson DavidXx3 hours ago
  • 700$

    Wizmtin CreeperWizmtin Creeper3 hours ago
  • Around 3,382 Australian dollars and around 2,500 usd

    vinnie Lopezvinnie Lopez3 hours ago
  • Was that Tiger Woods that said "We'll Pin Ya!" for this video?!!?

    Nightmare RarityNightmare Rarity3 hours ago
  • for a sec i didnt think there was gonna be a shoutout to the 44s

    Brimstone667Brimstone6673 hours ago

    Nathan SpottsNathan Spotts3 hours ago
  • I wager that cube cost about 2000-3000 dollars (USD) And the reason the symbol is W is because Tungsten used to be called Wolframite.

    IzicesIzices3 hours ago
  • Can y'all get a tungsten dart of the same weight? I bet it would go through a crap ton of concrete.

    M FroM Fro3 hours ago
  • Just whack the cube with a hard hammer.

    BM BunchBM Bunch4 hours ago
  • Sick! The glass broke in the aquarium when the cube hit the water!!!!

    Denis CDenis C4 hours ago
  • Going to guess that it's probably molded and maybe ground. I got lots of Tungsten in different shapes and sizes.

    BM BunchBM Bunch4 hours ago
  • makes me wonder how well a sherman at the demo ranch would do agasint it

    Brimstone667Brimstone6674 hours ago
  • Iridium is about 22/g ccm

    Mike KnappMike Knapp4 hours ago
  • That banana though LMAO

    ratrodrob hallratrodrob hall4 hours ago
  • The channel with a lot of droppings.

    Reino GöranssonReino Göransson5 hours ago
  • 175$

    Allen BoydAllen Boyd5 hours ago
  • I know how the green bucket launched up; When the cube hit the blue layer, the pressure of the water shot the blue bucket up, which in turn with the pressured blue water and the fast-moving bucket, the green bucket shot up. (Sry I'm a HUGE science nerd so i couldn't resist :) i love ur vids)

    Conrad KeyesConrad Keyes5 hours ago
  • I need to see you guys drop that cube into a mixture of cornstarch and water.

    William CampbellWilliam Campbell5 hours ago
  • $2,500 US dollars

    Kyle PeronKyle Peron6 hours ago
  • $2,500 USD or $3,424.54 AUD seems like a good round number to guess on

  • Yo mama block

    vendo aguas a 5 lucasvendo aguas a 5 lucas6 hours ago
  • Who's here after watching the DemoRanch video?

    William ShaoWilliam Shao6 hours ago
  • Technically plutonium is heavier....

    CC6 hours ago
  • im guessing 250 to 300 dollers but it doesnt matter because theres gonna be like a million more of these and just like always i wont even get noticed

    BladeMaster9275 GDBladeMaster9275 GD6 hours ago
  • What a waist of time seriously

    jesse rogersjesse rogers6 hours ago
  • E=MC2 brother!!! Amazing mass and energy display for 4 “ square.

    D HansenD Hansen6 hours ago
  • Banana Nike at 3:57

    IvanZivkoIvanZivko7 hours ago
  • 2000

  • $2499 and name it carl

    Matthew BaumanMatthew Bauman7 hours ago
  • Just imagine the Rods From God weapon. Huge tungsten rods dropped from a satellite onto an enemy. There wouldn’t be any explosives on them the damage would come from the kinetic energy. It would be almost as much energy as a small nuclear device.

    You're RightYou're Right7 hours ago
  • $40,000 cube cost

    Bryan SouzaBryan Souza8 hours ago
  • W is the atomic symbol for tungsten.

    Shawn JohnsShawn Johns8 hours ago
  • Make the cube into a dart... a very pointy one!

    TeamYankee2TeamYankee29 hours ago
  • €189 cube

    LuukLuuk9 hours ago
  • $2,499 USD!!...that's a lot of money!

    Bethany WilliamsBethany Williams9 hours ago
  • 8:20 the cutest daughter! :)

    Andreas BengterAndreas Bengter9 hours ago
  • Eh, probably $2,000 to $2,500 that cube cost

    Allison AmbroseAllison Ambrose9 hours ago
  • The KiwiCo link is broken :...(

    Jonathan UnderbergJonathan Underberg9 hours ago
  • These Yum’s are as holes

    Mark WoolenMark Woolen9 hours ago
  • tungsten is wolfram in Latin hence symbol W tungsten is not best suited to this job tungsten is brittle

    WizardNumberNextWizardNumberNext9 hours ago
  • unfortunately this was click bait tungsten is not most dense element densest element is osmium

    WizardNumberNextWizardNumberNext9 hours ago
  • That cube costs around $2,499.00 wtf

    Mr.CatMr.Cat10 hours ago
  • does anyone realize that the cube broke the glass without touching it?

    Metal MasterMetal Master10 hours ago
  • the cube was 2,000 dollars

    Metal MasterMetal Master10 hours ago
  • if you want to scratch the tungsten you need to hit it with ceramic. if you want to break it... um... you need a semi-nuclear bomb.

    Metal MasterMetal Master10 hours ago
  • Technical a cube of depleted Uranium would be denser.

    jbee02jbee0210 hours ago
  • I want to see them drop a big tungsten dart

    jbee02jbee0210 hours ago
  • $2500

    InverseInverse10 hours ago
  • $2,499.00

    KappaKappa11 hours ago
  • tungsten vs 500 body armor

    ICantBelieve ItsButtersICantBelieve ItsButters12 hours ago
  • you should totally name the cube Richard!!!

    John Paul WalkerJohn Paul Walker12 hours ago
  • I'm going to find Rexy a lady. Maybe, the natural history museum might have someone.

    Ailsa NiAilsa Ni12 hours ago
  • Thungsten thor hammer make it happen😉

    WOWOWEL zWOWOWEL z12 hours ago
  • It cost $1,999,999,9999,999,999

    Scooting TurtleScooting Turtle13 hours ago
    • Ailsa Ni What

      Scooting TurtleScooting Turtle10 hours ago
    • Stanford’s daughter is so damn cute.

      Ailsa NiAilsa Ni12 hours ago
  • well, that’s dumb

    jean bonjean bon15 hours ago
  • 🤔 Could the area be tidied up? Remove the grass in the sand etc

    TheCoomerTheCoomer15 hours ago
  • Free

    Lacie ShieldsLacie Shields16 hours ago
  • 2500 USD for the cube

    Brian RollenhagenBrian Rollenhagen16 hours ago
  • what about naming the cube Squeaky

    Squeaky shell999Squeaky shell99917 hours ago
  • The cube must've cost $2,999

    Samuel DomazetovskiSamuel Domazetovski18 hours ago
  • The W is refereeing to the periodic table for tungsten. My guess for that huge heavy cube would be roughly $2500. Viscous video!!!!!

    David GraimDavid Graim18 hours ago
  • £2,813 GBP. $5,070.66 Australian dollars

    Liam BarnesLiam Barnes19 hours ago
  • 1.5 k

    KaMpfAlpaKa MiDKaMpfAlpaKa MiD20 hours ago
  • $2500 usd

    sirohrtmansirohrtman20 hours ago
  • 3500 kangaroo Dollars

    colonel baconcolonel bacon21 hour ago
  • Demolition Ranch got the same tungsten cube and threw every bullet they had at it.... cool video too....

    uno efxuno efx23 hours ago
  • its the fucking allspark

    willwill23 hours ago
  • No I don't care about the aquarium the ikea!!!!!!!!

    I am SamI am Sam23 hours ago
  • Stanford’s daughter is so damn cute.

    Unbearable MakesUnbearable Makes23 hours ago
  • 3,384 Australian dollars for that cube eh? (For the comtest)

    Ty LevesqueTy Levesque23 hours ago
  • hhhmmmm like JUST like the one on Demo ranch

    Nick MasseyNick Massey23 hours ago
  • That cube probably cost around $1900 USD or $3072 AUD

    TheWalkingRedTheWalkingRed23 hours ago
  • If you all make so much from this, invest in a renovation that adds an elevator to the tower. Also maybe a height increase too.

    Will PittsWill PittsDay ago
  • Im guessing that cube cost close to $4700 USD

    Todd FiebranzTodd FiebranzDay ago
  • 900 usd?

    Levi KLevi KDay ago
  • 20.00 dollars

    Clapzzz YTClapzzz YTDay ago
  • “He needs a lady”

    Gigi ClarkGigi ClarkDay ago
  • This vid is an instant classic for me. GAUNSON LOL I’m telling you. I have a degree !!!

    Gigi ClarkGigi ClarkDay ago
  • The pressure had nowhere to go so it went up

    Owen HampsonOwen HampsonDay ago
  • 9:16 Gaunson: He needs a lady. Brontee: *Sadness Noises*

    Luka CecilioLuka CecilioDay ago
  • Tiger woods??

    Adam MontoyaAdam MontoyaDay ago
  • $2,499 AUD

    Jim Was HereJim Was HereDay ago
  • Skipping talks... I came here just to see things being crushed 😂

    Guille Druetta SerranoGuille Druetta SerranoDay ago
  • I think the cube is 1$

    SirFederationSirFederationDay ago