St. Louis man who went viral defending his property speaks out on 'Tucker'

Jun 30, 2020
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Prosecutor takes aim at St. Louis couple Mark and Patricia McCloskey for defending their home during a protest. #FoxNews #Tucker
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  • I guess the left BLM think it's perfectly fine to brake into peoples homes and make threats just because they have money and they are white. This is what happened to Cambodia, where violent mobs killed millions of people who had money and an education and put their children to work in the fields. These rioters BLM people especially, are paid mobs and they should all be arrested.

    Lovely GardenLovely Garden56 minutes ago
  • Good on them.

    Claudia marianiClaudia mariani2 hours ago
  • America has to continue with Republican Resistance. 👍

    N4RVE 22N4RVE 2210 hours ago
  • Gardner is a criminal herself.

    Bullseye BillBullseye Bill14 hours ago
  • We need more Americans like this one.

    Bullseye BillBullseye Bill15 hours ago
  • If the couple was black would she still have used the same laws to bring charges?

    Natalie ioriNatalie iori16 hours ago
  • "peaceful protesters" that tore down an IRON gate....and were ON private property....?....and the man protecting his family and property is in the wrong?....thats INSANE

    GreekRageGreekRageDay ago
  • For our 2nd Amendment 🇺🇸T🇺🇸R🇺🇸U🇺🇸M🇺🇸P🇺🇸. 2020 Voting in person God bless America 🙏🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸

    Antonio RinconAntonio RinconDay ago
  • Hey's time for you to walk off into the sunset.

    Al chabetaAl chabetaDay ago
  • I'm switching my gun's action to automatic real quick.

    Nehemiah Smith-StubbsNehemiah Smith-StubbsDay ago
  • The social media was biased with this couple. God Bless them x

    Mavis BorbonMavis BorbonDay ago
  • BLACK WATER Will Rise Again..

    Patrick TrinidadPatrick TrinidadDay ago
  • what the hell! "I will do all my power to prosecute them" from what?? protecting my family and property from the TRESPASSING mob.. come on!!! you can do better than that.. once the mob enter the private property they already breaks the law.. such a shame.. if i had the property that big.. i'll put a sign saying: NO TRESPASSING PRIVATE PROPERTY TRESPASSERS WILL BE SHOT, SURVIVORS WILL BE SHOT AGAIN! ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK! What if the prosecutors house is entered by those mobs, Hmmh! what will she do??

    Patrick TrinidadPatrick TrinidadDay ago
  • I bought me a A2 AR to salute these fine peoples right to keep in bare arms.

    DurrtyBuckDurrtyBuckDay ago
  • They exercised the right they have, nothing is wrong!

    hhputubehhputubeDay ago
  • Once you broke down my fence, you're automatically in my house.

    Steven NeelySteven NeelyDay ago
  • How is it that this woman is still a DA? She needs to be 🔥. This DA is mixed-up like a mixed green salad

    Steven NeelySteven NeelyDay ago
  • He had every right to defend his home, they walked through a gate onto his property they were trespassing they should have been shot because i would have done that regardless of their skin color you break into my property after all the crap the news had been showing deadly actions by "protestors" dang right I would have been emptying some clips!

    JohnJohnDay ago
  • Get yourselves some doberman pinschers. About 4-6. Maybe even 10. These people have absolutely nothing to do. Idol hands; the workshop for the devil 😈

    Steven NeelySteven NeelyDay ago
  • This wasn't supposed to happened until y'all Americans released the movie *"The Purge."*

  • Why did they bust thru his gate?

    Waji SaleemWaji Saleem2 days ago
  • Those protestors were on private property, they had every right to defend that property thanks to the 2nd amendment.

    Colton LesterColton Lester2 days ago
  • I’m with them all the way but his dumbass wife shouldn’t be point the gun so carelessly like that

    Christian JimenezChristian Jimenez2 days ago
  • Try breaking into a home where non-white people live. Good luck surviving it.

    Denes KellnerDenes Kellner2 days ago
  • u know ammo is expencive so no warning shots

    Hector MataHector Mata2 days ago
  • What's happening in America? Are you heading towards Anarchy? Looks like so,God save America from these left cabals! I couldn't believe what I am seeing, resembles some city deep inside Sub Saharan Africa...

    Mithun SharmaMithun Sharma2 days ago
  • I'm speechless

    Julius CesarJulius Cesar2 days ago
  • Ok I’m convinced (some) protestors are the biggest scum of the earth.

    Chase MurphyChase Murphy2 days ago
  • Crazy

    Matthew MasonMatthew Mason2 days ago
  • A peaceful protest is standing in one place waving a sign. This is no protest.

    Gordan DanielGordan Daniel2 days ago
  • Can we all just admit one thing, he pulls off pink really well!

    Ivan RenovIvan Renov2 days ago
  • Im German.....Wy are you Americans so Divided? Its crazy. And sad.

    Evan MatthiaEvan Matthia2 days ago
    • Ideologies.

      DurrtyBuckDurrtyBuckDay ago
  • "peaceful" destroys a fence gate to private property then proceeds to threaten your life. " peaceful"

    Zyncez ZyncezZyncez Zyncez2 days ago
  • I've read an interview from this DA and she's point blank racist and man hater. She assumes that she, as a black woman, is down at the bitter end of the world and no other has it worst than black women. Therefore she is fighting the good fight and all other are racists. That someone like that has a role in the justice system is just disgusting, and that is something you only see in common law countries. The rest of the world has DA attorneys that are bound by law, not ideologies and much less political goals! It's absolutely terrifying that someone can break into my own house and I am the one prosecuted for trying to scare them away before they arm me! Ludacris!

    aibandidosaibandidos2 days ago
  • Pretty sure this couple are characters from GTA: Vice City

    Matthew McCabeMatthew McCabe2 days ago
  • It’s crazy how they say cops are the bad ones in 2019 27 black men were killed by cops 47 whites were killed by cops and 89 cops were killed by armed criminals. Sh!t doesn’t add up

    Jordan PowersJordan Powers3 days ago
  • Then why the hell are we tolerating her booter her the f*** out

    79 Monte79 Monte3 days ago
  • What peace

    Eric NorrisEric Norris3 days ago
  • why is this such news ?? they were at their own house and holding a gun, while defending against terrorists/vandalists, they didnt point the gun at anyone, also didnt shoot, so they are good

    ProSpectProSpect3 days ago
  • If was in trumps shoes I'll call in the military to deal with that that and coup d'tat the democrats to save the people from these criminals

    OpGhost 77GOpGhost 77G3 days ago
  • why did you not shoot them why???

    Νικος ΠαπαδακηςΝικος Παπαδακης3 days ago
  • This woman is delusional

    ChrisChris3 days ago
  • I haven't much but I have GOD on my side and they are damm right to protect themselves from some people breaking into their property.

    Paul O'CallaghanPaul O'Callaghan3 days ago
  • So, let me understand this situation. People break into someone's house. The home owners stand up for themselves. The black prosecutor wants to place the home owners on criminal charges for violating a "peace full" protest? Imagine if this was a black home owner! Racism has a double standard wow!

    Poet VillanuevaPoet Villanueva3 days ago
  • Why didn't these two "Folk Heroes" call the police - since they feared for their lives. Who leaves the safety of their home to go outdoors were the danger is located?

    Steel HereSteel Here3 days ago
    • well the police is minutes away from them, how long they will wait until they protect themselves

      raven aceletraven acelet3 days ago
  • Theyre being prosecuted???? All they did was stand on their property with their gun? Is that illegal?

    Alexa WermuthAlexa Wermuth3 days ago
    • No.

      The DoooThe DoooDay ago
  • So anyway I started blasting

    Hisoka MarrowHisoka Marrow3 days ago
  • well done i would have done the same

    o moo mo4 days ago
  • On a side note,awesome home

    Shawn RazakShawn Razak4 days ago
  • Mfs stole land gold diamonds Oil in so much more 🤔

    Tony BlackTony Black4 days ago
  • Why we need a Ar-15 with 30 round magazine? Your answer are in this clip.

    Miguel AntonioMiguel Antonio4 days ago
  • The St Louis mob should have all been jailed for what they have done to that home . She is just a dangerous bad fart of wind .maybe a lighter to her backside would makemake a difference.. He has a legitiamate right to shoot trespassers after due warning.

    Kevin KlingnerKevin Klingner4 days ago
  • Trump 2020!

    WS NonatoWS Nonato4 days ago
  • All i have to say is if you have to cover your face in a protest dont call it peacefull

    BraulioxDifyBraulioxDify4 days ago
  • people should not be punished if they are protecting their own lives and their property

    UnknownUnknown4 days ago
  • I’d have shot the cunts get yourself a machine gun

    Daryl RuseDaryl Ruse4 days ago
  • If they didn’t have that gun it would have went different remember that when Biden comes for our guns and now there passing laws where if we protest they can take our voting right don’t be trick by the two party system both parties want our guns

    Dee OnreallDee Onreall4 days ago
  • This couple showed slot of patient’s!!!! 🤨

    Ted WazonekTed Wazonek4 days ago
  • lets hold people actually displaying their rights as Americans accountable, but we can't hold people destroying the city and looting and rioting accountable. (prosecutor's logic) so stupid.

    Jackson HarrisJackson Harris4 days ago
  • 4:00 dude, I would have gone "Purge" on those MFs.

    Mahendra BaahubaliMahendra Baahubali4 days ago
  • Good for them, but omg, by the way they hold those weapons they have no idea how to use them.

    Mahendra BaahubaliMahendra Baahubali4 days ago
  • Going on someone’s property is trespassing why didn’t she address that. How is that peaceful?

    a7xnathan1a7xnathan14 days ago
    • Bc it doesn’t fit her narrative, and she would have to admit the wrong doings of Antifa.

      Natalie ioriNatalie iori16 hours ago
  • What scares me is when this happens to a man or woman who feels like they've got nothing to lose. What will happen? They might lose it.

    Eric HanhauserEric Hanhauser4 days ago
  • I applaud that! I would have shot couple warning shots.

    first gen. dresfirst gen. dres4 days ago
  • I see WHITE people walking through his gate... Not black people🤦🏻‍♂️🤔

    Zu The KingZu The King5 days ago
  • Some people, man.

    WattDrivefiveWattDrivefive5 days ago
  • TrumpE says it's all fake news America has never been better or more united And it's all the Mexican's fault just keep Building The Wall that Mexico has already paid for 🤔 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣

    Roy MoralesRoy Morales5 days ago
  • This is what happens when you have so many rights and freedom you do whatever tf you want.

    M41A-V AWVM41A-V AWV5 days ago
  • It's OK to be violent in a mob if your blacker than the ace of spades

    Craig DCraig D5 days ago
  • "peaceful protestors" who broke their gates and definitely would, we all know that, get into the house. Oh right I should sit quietly because it's BLM holy movement and any illegal activity like braking into someone's house is justified 👍

    Чесночный ТрольЧесночный Троль5 days ago
  • BLM bidens losers mob should be stop ... wheres american christian morals and doctrines.... wow crazy american today ... well democrazy ...😆😆😆😆😆😆😅☺😊😀😀😁😁😂😃😄😄😆😆😆

    ferdinand ricoteferdinand ricote5 days ago
  • Ow I saw tons of people making fun of them on Instagram, however what's wrong with trying to protect your home?

    Чесночный ТрольЧесночный Троль5 days ago
  • He had the right to shoot those looters because they were trying to ransack his home

    Allen RupintaAllen Rupinta5 days ago
  • Why does she look like the female version of Beetlejuice

    Church ChickenChurch Chicken5 days ago
  • Wow. So we cant defend our home now? Because its unlawful? And the lawful thing to do is to let them in and have it their way and pray they dont hurt you? Wow. That prosecutor is dumb and the people supporting her are just evil.

    Clint joseph CatacutanClint joseph Catacutan5 days ago
  • I feel he would have been in his right to shoot some of those assholes

    Joseph ChaparroJoseph Chaparro5 days ago
  • I cant find where the peaceful protest is at?

    MultiNacho28MultiNacho285 days ago
  • Omg

    Jarred 333 other channelJarred 333 other channel5 days ago
  • This was sad, the poor man and his wife.

    elwa diaelwa dia5 days ago
  • The McCluskey's should be given a medal because they have every right to defend themselves. That's why we have our 2nd amendment rights and that gives every American citizen those rights. Shame on those that think that this couple is racist boulder dash. Don't see any racism here because it's a case of protecting life/property.

    Anna GladdenAnna Gladden6 days ago
  • Private security disappears so they come packing and ready for war. Americans for sure

    VedySneakyYTVedySneakyYT6 days ago
  • Oh no....spittle. 300 in his yard? Come on....

    VedySneakyYTVedySneakyYT6 days ago
  • Peaceful protester they broke in this mans property,,, this Democrat politician are dangerous

    mike johnsmike johns6 days ago
  • Isn’t it self defense.

    Crispy GeorgeCrispy George6 days ago
  • Should have killed a few of them

    Tracy l SpikerTracy l Spiker6 days ago
  • Are you kidding me? He has the right to defend his home from trespassers, doesn't matter if they're protesting or not

    Samuel RadfordSamuel Radford6 days ago
  • They should of shot every single one of them empty the whole clip.

    The DonThe Don6 days ago
  • somebody pissed off Tony Montana

    matthias •matthias •6 days ago
  • Why do some videos have the comments turned off

    Ali ShaAli Sha6 days ago
  • CNN:Crazy man pull out gun on peaceful peotestors

    Polar BearPolar Bear6 days ago
  • As an American having successfully escaped to Europe, I am stunned to see the tens of thousands of Americans fleeing their homeland and vowing never to return. It is sad, more than anything, really.

    Frank FaragoFrank Farago6 days ago
  • Boycott Fox News!!!

    Hartford HuntHartford Hunt6 days ago
    • Why?

      NightsPhenom712NightsPhenom7126 days ago
  • If they were ever convicted Trump would immediately pardon them. Of that I have no doubt.

    Mike HuntMike Hunt6 days ago
  • I don’t know if I missed it or what but can someone explain why the mob came to their house in the first place and what they were mad about?

    Cody LinCody Lin6 days ago

    Robert WalkerRobert Walker7 days ago
  • If it's on their property... they should have just shot them all

    ImnotfuckinunderagedImnotfuckinunderaged7 days ago
  • Look man if you have any knowledge of st louis we got a lot of violent crime, I have no idea how our local government will take the side of the terrorists causing more violent crimes, causing more deaths.

    MamodokodMamodokod7 days ago
  • As a guy who lives in st louis they broke into, broke down a gated fence, a private community to go riot on the mayor's private home and those 2 are the ones vilified. I feel bad for them.

    MamodokodMamodokod7 days ago
  • I agree with defending your house. Juuuust a bit uncomfortable with the muzzle sweeping....They were absolutely reckless with it if you see the footage...If they were to shoot someone accidentally or even so much as accidentally pull the trigger...

    Agent TorpedoAgent Torpedo7 days ago
  • The McCloskeys were just about to play real life COD zombies 🧟‍♂️

    Jerad PJerad P7 days ago