Minecraft Speedrunner VS 4 Hunters REMATCH

Oct 20, 2020
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Minecraft Speedrunner VS 4 Hunters REMATCH. You asked for it. This was even more INSANE than the original.
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We decided to call this series Minecraft Manhunt. This video is a different rendition of it, where there are FOUR hunters instead of just one.
This is a new Minecraft but, 1.16 challenge that we have decided to try. I try to beat the game, while my friend George AND my friend Sapnap AND my friend BadBoyHalo AND my friend Antfrost tries to prevent me from doing it. It's a race, and it's super intense and we had a lot of laughs. I love doing these challenges.
If this video gets 1,000,000 likes we'll do a rematch!
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin

  • hey dream i ship you and gorge

    #cookies gacha life#cookies gacha life3 minutes ago
  • scrolling through the comments and seeing everyone copy and pasting other peoples comments be like :/

    IThinkYouThinkTooMuchOfMeIThinkYouThinkTooMuchOfMe4 minutes ago
  • Um it didn’t give it to me?

    Football KurtzFootball Kurtz9 minutes ago
  • The skills

    Luke ThorntonLuke Thornton16 minutes ago
  • Catching up on everything after leaving the fandom due to toxicity lmao. tHAT LIMBO PLAY WAY GEENUIS

    LollygraduateLollygraduate21 minute ago
  • When Dream laughs, he sounds like parashock x 1000 %

    Lincoln TLincoln T45 minutes ago
  • They talk like there roasting him XD

    Jimithoy jim jim JimJimithoy jim jim JimHour ago
  • my heart at the last few seconds wondering how he is gonna kill the dragon in a half a minute*

    todd ramesartodd ramesarHour ago
  • Gorge is an enderman magnet!!!!!

    Braden FamilyBraden FamilyHour ago
  • Dream is 999 IQ

    Brody OswaltBrody OswaltHour ago
  • C’MERE GEORGE!!!!!

    Eli WarrenEli WarrenHour ago
  • 10 years later: 1 Minecraft Speedrunner VS 99 Hunter

    xsa gdtxsa gdt2 hours ago
  • This is getting out of hand! Now there are 4 of them!

    RobRob2 hours ago
  • The soundtrack on these videos fucking slap

    Jasper LovejoyJasper Lovejoy2 hours ago
  • The Music Tells Everything!

    CrAz3 XondoCrAz3 Xondo3 hours ago
  • SUB TO DREAAMM REEEEEEEEEEE ( why does the view is 34 million view) dream has 13 million sub

    slader 06slader 063 hours ago
  • That nether portal tnt trick was the biggest brain play I’ve literally ever seen

    Escutcheon HomeostasisEscutcheon Homeostasis3 hours ago
  • Ohu dreammmm

    Leonel QuispeLeonel Quispe3 hours ago
  • i just wishhhhhh i saw his face

    Noah CarrascoNoah Carrasco3 hours ago
  • I think we should start a petition for Dream to play on hermitcraft.

    Jay BurgessJay Burgess4 hours ago
  • dream are uever going to do a face revel also your vidoes are amazing

    Angela GreenAngela Green4 hours ago
  • i wanna see dream vs shitass

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  • Music? 27:01

    julie molejulie mole4 hours ago
  • This haves to be my most favorite man hunt video from dream that I seen it’s to good

    Joyce ProutJoyce Prout4 hours ago
  • You in part os temp 1:18

    øŕŕīğčč ģąmëřøŕŕīğčč ģąmëř4 hours ago
  • I rewatched this and realized how well timed the music during the nether roof scene is at 34:24. Maybe not the best, but still awesome Edit: I meant timed with the ender pearl throws and lands

    asian_personasian_person4 hours ago
  • Wow, this is reale cool

    Женя БердинскийЖеня Бердинский4 hours ago
  • do a manhunt with shaders

    MC ClipsMC Clips5 hours ago
  • how like how dreams legand

    Stephan HansonStephan Hanson5 hours ago
  • when dream was trading with the piglins, one of the piglins gave him 1 netherite ingot, and he didn't see it

    Mason HennesseyMason Hennessey5 hours ago
  • It is a new update 🤣🤣🤣

    Lauchus LauchLauchus Lauch5 hours ago
  • Me:hears music at 31 and something Also me:Dream has a plan!

    Emily GarmendiaEmily Garmendia5 hours ago
  • Brasileiros em 0:53 só eu ouvi um caí na ravina ?? 👁👄👁

    Naruteira 37Naruteira 376 hours ago
  • mano tu e foda mano

    Everton FonsecaEverton Fonseca6 hours ago
  • Hunters: *surrounds dream on a mountain* Dream with a boat: $&#* this &%#$ im out

    Thememe KermitThememe Kermit6 hours ago
  • Can I just say You are an inspiration

    Houdini 2Houdini 26 hours ago
  • Hi Dream :)

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  • Dream

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  • these manhunts made me realize how smart Dream is

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  • The perfect juke doesn't exi-- 34:00

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  • The plays ... omg dream is the smartest human being that nether play

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  • eu sei q vcs estão aqui brasileiros...

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  • you are awesome dude

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  • Я один русский который сижу тут?

    GalaxyGalaxy7 hours ago
  • God the trick in which he glitched on top of bedrock was soooo crazy I can’t believe he made this plan all along


    NigelNigel8 hours ago
  • dream bouta get paid fr

    Mnty zyeMnty zye8 hours ago
  • Those 2 flint&steel on that chest, the IRONY

    XarioX BlackHeartXarioX BlackHeart8 hours ago
  • why craft a sword when your not even going to use it you did that on the first episode of the 1 vs 4 and you didn't even use it once

    Lonely PandaLonely Panda8 hours ago
  • af

  • 2:28 making a cobblestone crafting table be like

    yookuyooku8 hours ago
  • I always suscribe

    Leopold SchmaussLeopold Schmauss8 hours ago
  • Very cool

    Gamer GamerLTUGamer GamerLTU8 hours ago
  • enters a temple with 1 heart and 4 hunters, comes out with a full health bar and 3 hunters.

    Max BellMax Bell8 hours ago
  • Sapnap is the Imposter

    Rebecca KniprathRebecca Kniprath8 hours ago
  • 14:46 ah yes, the legendary meme gapple.

    Nalor of the RoughlandsNalor of the Roughlands8 hours ago
  • dream you smart af

  • do minecraft speedrunn with 3 hunters but it will be invisible

    QsA SpytheQsA Spythe8 hours ago
  • renember when he tried to craft a crafting table with cobblestone

    darckense1darckense19 hours ago
  • The subtle Imperial March coming in at about 5:00 just shows Dream's power over the hunters.

    AmAm9 hours ago
  • around 70% of the viewers didn't subscribe.. considering his subscriber base and view counts doesn't this also mean most of the people who subscribe don't end up watching the videos?

    KiSHKiSH9 hours ago
  • I think that dream is like “ if Macaulay Culkin (the kid from home alone) was in 2020”

    Gui CasteloGui Castelo9 hours ago
  • Wait how tf can he build a portal up there if there is the building limit?

    YoloYolo9 hours ago
  • I am subscribed bro!

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  • Minecraft

    Sjejk DjejekekSjejk Djejekek10 hours ago
  • dreams iq over 800

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  • what the name of the song in 34:24??

    Splitter hellSplitter hell10 hours ago
  • How do you do that glitch to get to the top of the nether?

    Graham LewisGraham Lewis11 hours ago
  • Кто русский отзавись!!!

    LOBAN ?LOBAN ?11 hours ago
  • The best moment 33:34

    HipoTubeHipoTube11 hours ago

    Carolina CarvalhoCarolina Carvalho12 hours ago
  • "I don't have to come out" *intense music starts*

    wutisthislolwutisthislol12 hours ago
  • just wow

    Julian De manJulian De man12 hours ago
  • This is by far one of the best minecraft videos ever made - super fun

    jenkinfergison7jenkinfergison713 hours ago
  • Soo intense, good job lel

    Dragzack GamingDragzack Gaming13 hours ago
  • Nobody talking about the enchanted apple

    Sophia LongSophia Long13 hours ago
  • What is the name of the song at 20:00?

    Mathiasfa2 AndersenMathiasfa2 Andersen13 hours ago
  • I love you videos

    Michael KhozaMichael Khoza14 hours ago
  • Dream: Hunters: *OH DREAM COME HERE BOY* me: Bro even If you make your dream come true you would never be that exicted, stop forcing.

    NebulaNebula14 hours ago
  • I love dream

    calebe games procalebe games pro14 hours ago
  • How did they get to him so quickly when he was in the stronghold? Even with coords he was really far

    DrOctowizDrOctowiz14 hours ago
    • It's genuinely surprising how fast you can reach a location when you know exactly where you're going.

      Kieran BoultonKieran Boulton2 hours ago
    • They have a player tracker compass, so they didn't have to search it like dream

      Essie 2007Essie 20079 hours ago
  • Dream you are just epic!!!!!!

  • где руские?

    Алекс ейАлекс ей14 hours ago
  • Does anyone know what song or soundtrack he used at 34:30?

    anderander14 hours ago
  • when brains outplays brawn

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  • Random: wahts you fav anime Random:hunter X hunter Dream: Hunters X speedrunner

    Jordan kurenaiJordan kurenai14 hours ago
  • Ok bringing it back full circle to use the dynamite to blow up the nether portal you placed in limbo to lock the unkillable minions away...I'm dying with laughter and bowing to you at the ingenuity. The only thing I hate about your channel is that the backlog for these hunter battles isn't 1000's of videos long.

    KyleKyle15 hours ago
  • Dream is very best

    kanchana vineela tankalakanchana vineela tankala15 hours ago
  • Nice vidio

    kanchana vineela tankalakanchana vineela tankala15 hours ago
  • Come here George Come here

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  • Therein in the nether portal in from the bedrock

    Florita AgcopraFlorita Agcopra15 hours ago
    • The nether portal is so much bedrock you put all of this when you go it

      Florita AgcopraFlorita Agcopra15 hours ago
  • I I’m VietNam Hello 👏

    Lê ChịLê Chị15 hours ago
  • Dream u almost died there by bbh ur in 2 hearts and bbh just used dirt block and hit u that was so close 14:16 put in slowmow

    Rafael JoshuaRafael Joshua15 hours ago
  • "Trap your friends in the nether" -Sun Tzu's art of war

    Peter MarsellaPeter Marsella15 hours ago
  • Dream is doing many unbelievable things that i didn't know for a couple of years playing minecraft.

    PakamuraPakamura15 hours ago
  • your enemies are funny hahahaha

    Nancy BernardoNancy Bernardo15 hours ago
  • Using the dynamite to mine out the nether was a very smart idea. I am so glad that it backfired and caused a full wipe.

    KyleKyle15 hours ago
  • You just tried tô do a cobblestone crafting talbe lmao

    ツBetto GGツBetto GG15 hours ago
  • Hi, I'm from Vietnam

    Tuấn KiệtTuấn Kiệt16 hours ago
  • dream from the first four seconds: LeAvE mE aLoNe

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