Godfrey on the COVID-19 Narrative Changing when Blacks Started Dying (Part 4)

May 22, 2020
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Part 5: uskeys.net/watch/1Z6X3HWMlL4-video.html
Part 3: uskeys.net/watch/tqVEeNMNk64-video.html
Part 1: uskeys.net/watch/gkS22JyvXqQ-video.html
In this clip, Godfrey discussed the sobering statistics coming out of South Africa as it relates to HIV. He also talked about France's role in the continued subjugation of (West) African nations. Prompted by French doctors discussing testing out the effects of a COVID-19 vaccine on Africans, Godfrey said he believes powerful Western nations (in addition to China) are trying to recolonize Africa.
Godfrey also railed against police brutality and the sudden shift in concern over the lethality of COVID-19 when Black peoples' mortality rates surged.

  • Facts on France. French government been taking advantage of Africa and many other places for a long time.

    commentcomment11 days ago
  • Notice how he cringed when he said some are good French people 😂

    tricky_97 _tricky_97 _19 days ago
  • Godfrey is the best! and perhabs the most underated comedian on and off stage just my opinion...

    Neo from MatrixNeo from Matrix27 days ago
  • Africa won the 2018 world cup

    Edgar ReyesEdgar ReyesMonth ago
  • Thank You Godfrey, is on Point as always

    Odell Goodman-BeyOdell Goodman-BeyMonth ago
  • Godfrey always make everything about race and a black issue... damn bro...

    FLIGHT1234321FLIGHT1234321Month ago
  • I’m marching for Breonna today. I work with her sister in Houston, Texas. I told my family just encase I go missing like other protesters

    Shelly BeeShelly BeeMonth ago
  • Went right around the topic

    ummm okummm okMonth ago
  • So ironic that the current World Cup champion is France with most of the team bring African French

    John SnowJohn SnowMonth ago
  • Fuck this hits different now

    Quinton nunyaQuinton nunyaMonth ago

    Ronnie McThomasRonnie McThomasMonth ago
  • As an African American woman, living in America, it's hard for me to have sympathy for Africans. Africans are so judgmental against African Americans. I have put down my cape for those who do not respect and accept African Americans. Ijs

    Cri BriCri BriMonth ago
  • There are many videos out there that show the aids virus was created in the labs. And articles that show that the Hiv virus was injected in black people in south Africa all the purpose of depopulating them. Vlad said he dont believe it, but of course it's truth.

    earth and waterearth and waterMonth ago
  • It’s crazy that Godfrey mentioned that black were tired of covid-19, racism, and police killings and 3 days later George Floyd got murdered which started the protest and riots.

    Nigel McCowanNigel McCowanMonth ago
  • How many people do *you know* that has had Covid-19? How many people do you know that have been mistreated by police? Covid ain't never beat my ass, threw me in jail and lied on me. Now where's my milk of magnesia??

    pappagetti 2009pappagetti 2009Month ago
  • "There are 3 types of lies, lies, damn lies and statistics". mark twain

    C BoakyeC BoakyeMonth ago
  • 4:08

    VHSVHSMonth ago
  • Then George Floyd is murdered three days after this is uploaded smh. R.I.P (Rest In Paradise) George Floyd

    NainocardNainocardMonth ago
  • I have to look at the previous Video. Since they're actually associates or friends Vlad should no damn well that Godfrey who is African doesn't Always have to be the spoke person for AIDS in Africa

    Cassandra RevelsCassandra RevelsMonth ago
  • White people were injecting Black South Africans with HIV during Apartheid there is a documentary about it.

    Monze LundaziMonze LundaziMonth ago
  • CV aka hidden agenda aka ID/People tracking aka one world system aka cashless society aka gov control aka read your Bible prophesies!!!

    BBHair1BBHair1Month ago
  • Saimar is a foundation that gave Hiv to people through vaccines bro. It's crazy over here. It's so true vlad. Even during apartheid they used to fuck us up with the tear gas and shit

    Gloria Melane TwahirwaGloria Melane TwahirwaMonth ago
  • Fuck all cops good cops dont stop corrupt cops

    Dark KnightDark KnightMonth ago
  • Well said, Godfrey!

    Chaims HamzaChaims HamzaMonth ago
  • Guess what else is a little bit more difficult than corona virus... guess what..? Police ! Police brutality I don't think we have a masks 🎭 for that one 💯 Godfrey

    YoSAmmYoSAmmMonth ago
  • Fauci of the NIH tried to cover up HIV

    AnonymousAnonymousMonth ago
  • South Africa was working on race germ warfare and wanted to sell there work to the US but the US said they were far behind there own bio warfare? *some white people are immune to HIV*

    AnonymousAnonymousMonth ago
  • “All lives matter.” Yeah, sure..

    Antonio BellamyAntonio BellamyMonth ago
  • It happened in SA the HIV infection by the Botha Government.......There's a documentary too

    SakorabaySakorabayMonth ago

    Timz JoanzTimz JoanzMonth ago
  • Racist losers , time for us to take over this bs country

    Gilgamesh JonesGilgamesh JonesMonth ago
  • People hate us so much , why I wonder

    Gilgamesh JonesGilgamesh JonesMonth ago
  • How sad is it that it was only 6 days ago he was talkin bout the tragic killin of Ahmaud Aubrey, and since then, another tragic unjustified killing has taken place 😔. R.I.P George Floyd✊🏽❤.

    Plata O PlomoPlata O PlomoMonth ago
  • MichaeL Jackson said it They don’t care about us

    stripe801stripe801Month ago
  • Godfrey spreads TRUTH like butter on toast. 💥💥💥

    Heather TEAHeather TEAMonth ago
  • Like American stats regarding Black people are TRUTH. 🤨 Gtfoh

    Heather TEAHeather TEAMonth ago
  • LMAO!!!!! Without Wakoonda and Vibrainium.... EUROPE FALLS!!!! 😂😂😂 Ahmad Robbery lxnched!!!!! 😂😂😂😂 You used to no be such a crybaby qwear, Godfrey! .... JoggER gonna Jog!

    Spaghetti SploitationSpaghetti SploitationMonth ago
  • I'm from South Africa ,the Stats Vlad is saying are true Kwa Zulu Natal being the highest in country. My own Sister is HIV positive

    Donald MahlaseDonald MahlaseMonth ago
  • This comment section is giving unverified information. Question everything

    KBTITAN24KBTITAN24Month ago
  • And now these assholes in Minneapolis murder George Floyd. Smh

    Christina MathisChristina MathisMonth ago
  • Lol 😂

    Jacqueline TuckerJacqueline TuckerMonth ago
  • Always on point!

    Aspirica JamesAspirica JamesMonth ago
  • You can not believe statistics.

  • Always complaining about “racism” and “police brutality.”

    Trail BlazerTrail BlazerMonth ago
    • Seeker of Knowledge is does not.

      Trail BlazerTrail BlazerMonth ago
    • Cuz it still happens lol. Why stop complaining when it still happens.

      The TruthThe TruthMonth ago
  • This sounds like a stand-up comedy routine. LOL

    Michael GomezMichael GomezMonth ago
  • One in 5 women & one in 71 men will be raped at some point in their lives in USA!! 😱

    Miss AmazonMiss AmazonMonth ago
  • Good guy

  • All flights to Africa always with full of white people

    S MarkoS MarkoMonth ago
  • What the helll is the south African government doing about that.

    Megan CampbellMegan CampbellMonth ago
  • Vlad, this is a Godfrey fan live in Johannesburg, South Africa🇿🇦. The part about white supremacists purposefully injecting black South Africans with doses of HIV is very true! I will try and find the link to the videos as an edit later on. But, we all know the apartheid legacy, the spreading of AIDS & the increase of the number specifically in the Black South African community. White people, in fear of God knows what from us, thought it would be a genius idea: instead of giving us our well deserved basic human rights. But to set up medical camps - parading as ‘vaccine parlours’ and all kinds of reasons in black neighborhoods, to only infect them, as a way to counter the resistance the black people had against the then laws. As a result, because of that & litany of underlying socioeconomic & systematic racist reasons, the HIV/AIDS number drastically increases amongst the black community. So, we are not a careless group of people or anything like that & sitting around and spreading AIDS, majority of our black folks here live in intended squalor & neglect. Basically, breeding grounds for the spread of any disease. FYI

    Zikhona NkabiZikhona NkabiMonth ago

    Balozii_ uBÅL0ZiniBalozii_ uBÅL0ZiniMonth ago
  • i agree with godfrey abt the french sh*t but the covid sh*T hell no

    Joshua RaoJoshua RaoMonth ago
  • I love Godfrey , that’s crazy about France! French is one of the dominant languages in Africa

    Chassy BChassy BMonth ago
  • French impression is hilarious!!!😂

    Angelic TroubleMakerAngelic TroubleMakerMonth ago
  • Nigga name is Nasty C!! 🤢

    Angelic TroubleMakerAngelic TroubleMakerMonth ago
  • They switched it to stigmatize blacks in the u.k as well.

    Ry RiloRy RiloMonth ago
  • Check out a old video by wise intelligent called the Globe Holders.smh Idk why certain people acting like they don't know where all of this is coming from Operation Depopulation, That Day Will Come

    Yah Ben YahYah Ben YahMonth ago
  • Vlad gets on my damn nerves...

    MsJellybean1111MsJellybean1111Month ago
  • Wtf is vlad up to now

    Tan LeeTan LeeMonth ago
  • White people have it

    ThaWorldFamous BELLA BALLAThaWorldFamous BELLA BALLAMonth ago
    • There African too.... Shit.. CHARLIZE THERON IS AFRICAN

      ThaWorldFamous BELLA BALLAThaWorldFamous BELLA BALLAMonth ago
  • If they said they would test Covid on Africans trust me they are already doing it

    Zone6ZoneSixZone6ZoneSixMonth ago
  • He protecc He attacc But most importantly... He spittin' FACTS

    G.O.O.D Kid B.U.R.N CityG.O.O.D Kid B.U.R.N CityMonth ago
  • Stop committing crimes and you won’t get shot. Yes, it’s that simple

    Bob SimmonsBob SimmonsMonth ago
    • MsJellybean1111 Go away

      Bob SimmonsBob SimmonsMonth ago
    • Bob Simmons I’m done arguing with a WS. Good night✌🏽.

      MsJellybean1111MsJellybean1111Month ago
    • MsJellybean1111 You’re a fool

      Bob SimmonsBob SimmonsMonth ago
    • Bob Simmons Yes, that’s a fact. If you don’t believe it, you’re in denial.

      MsJellybean1111MsJellybean1111Month ago
    • MsJellybean1111 You don’t really believe that, do you???

      Bob SimmonsBob SimmonsMonth ago
  • which "blacks started dying"?

    MegaAtooMegaAtooMonth ago
  • Godfrey you are speaking truth and yes let Karma come for all of those who do evil against us as Yah's chosen people Ase'

    michael graymichael grayMonth ago
  • GMAB homey

    Michael HarpoleMichael HarpoleMonth ago
  • Godfrey is so woke. Respect to this black man.

    DaveDaveMonth ago
  • If enough ppl ask Vlad to drop the full interview instead of all this weak ass part shit maybe he’ll do it. Why in tf would I want to watch a interview for 5 days in a row part by part. WhT type time you on? I get it. The views and the mf bread but Goddamn Vlad. This shit bout dry dab now

    Kobe Bryant Is the GoatKobe Bryant Is the GoatMonth ago
  • I like how Godfrey demonstrates his knowledge of the African presence in every aspect of the world, including the anthropological studies of the Africa being the birthplace origins of Humanity and evolution.

    Don CannonDon CannonMonth ago
  • A woman on CNN that took data for a company that was involved in taking statistics on Covid 19 deaths just confirmed that they were manipulating Data in Florida and lowering the deaths rates to reopen the city! So why wouldn't they change the race of who was dying more from Covid 19! Put a Black face on!

    Ty SmithTy SmithMonth ago
  • save godrey

    mart sharpemart sharpeMonth ago
  • 5 seconds in “W-WA-WHA-WEL...” 🤨

    Rob DanielsRob DanielsMonth ago
  • Economics change the narrative

    Kayla CampbellKayla CampbellMonth ago
  • What if China is trying to get rid of African people, they are buying alot of land out there, just a thought, don't kill me you tube

    noob pro,addictivenoob pro,addictiveMonth ago
  • Is Godfrey wearing a hairpiece?

    deshaun dozierdeshaun dozierMonth ago
    • Nah, only your bald hat wearing ass needs one of those

      Justin StoneJustin StoneMonth ago
  • Godfrey may be a comedian but he's seriously always on point with what he says. Good interview as always Godfrey and Vlad 👍

  • I think the initial topic was 20 percent of South Africa is HIV positive. Godfrey takes it to police brutality. Nigga stay on topic. Why can't we stop fucking?!!!

    Maddmack8855Maddmack8855Month ago
  • Godfrey right as usual.

    T PattT PattMonth ago
  • Anybody salty over his remarks should check their empathy and do their homework... I know "non racist" who think racist thoughts any time they think of other races 😂😂😂

    thot creationsthot creationsMonth ago
  • Godfrey somehow looks younger here.

    BuckwheatBuckwheatMonth ago