Nuclear Fallout - Keemstar

May 21, 2020
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    h3h3Productionsh3h3ProductionsMonth ago
    • there is so much shit in here he didnt even get to put the pyrocinical story in

      Luqmaan SajadLuqmaan Sajad2 days ago
    • You saved the world from keemstar

      The Masteŕ Ğamer ŠpiroThe Masteŕ Ğamer Špiro17 days ago
    • Remember that guy you defended and you just ignore him so stop using people for you can look good to save your USkeys career

      real hypedxcreal hypedxcMonth ago
    • Ethan I'm no longer to be your fan because you talk about Etika and Keemstar

      Jaden YukiJaden YukiMonth ago
    • No

      Adrian LaceyAdrian LaceyMonth ago
  • I’m glad you let the evidence speak for itself through the editing. Keemstar needs to take responsibility for what he’s done.

    Sebastian 'Maniac' SanchezSebastian 'Maniac' Sanchez11 hours ago
  • honestly i've been a fan for a while but you accuse Keem of dismissing the whole video with one blanket statement when you did the same thing with Gokunaro's video. Honestly I wish the best for you and Hila in the future but you fell off man.

    Derk Jammin'Derk Jammin'22 hours ago
  • Holy shit! In the ego galaxy that is USkeys, Keem is a fucking supernova.

    HinduHillbillyHinduHillbillyDay ago
  • keems kid is probably just as bad as keemstar

    Tactical CringeTactical CringeDay ago
  • To Keemfatstar = "You do not deserve ANYTHING U FAT GNOME" ~Me

    Matt MediaMatt MediaDay ago
  • He's delusional

    Oscar HultOscar Hult2 days ago
  • What’s the music name at 16:50

    HoovyBoiHoovyBoi2 days ago
  • Still waiting for Keem Star fans to post comments against Ethan, but alas it seems Keem Star has no friends

    名字随机名字随机2 days ago
  • Can't believe this Assclown is a father!! The poor kid who's getting raised by him is doomed!

    50,000 Subscribers with NO video challenge50,000 Subscribers with NO video challenge2 days ago
  • Who's rewatching iDubbbz Keemstar Content Cop after this ?

    50,000 Subscribers with NO video challenge50,000 Subscribers with NO video challenge2 days ago
  • Leafy is king

    majestic gingermajestic ginger3 days ago
  • Keemstar’s beard looks like a Japanese chick’s vagina.

  • I dont like cancelling culture but in case of Keemstar please go for it

    All4OneAll4One3 days ago
  • My gold in this life is to look as you in a beanie

    Fernanda MedinaFernanda Medina3 days ago
  • Blows my mind keemstar is such a sociopathic psycho and no one has hospitalized the dude

    Bobby RocheBobby Roche4 days ago
  • Stand with you my guy hope your doing good in these hard times hope your staying safe in these tough times of the rona much love for standing up for those who don't have as much say as you do on this platform

    Nick FlaniganNick Flanigan4 days ago
  • someone needs to beat the shit outta Keemstar fr

    Peter SzatobaPeter Szatoba4 days ago
  • And ps these videos havent been good since 2014

    Chase BChase B4 days ago
  • 2 grown men fighting on USkeys. Who would have thought

    Armando San MiguelArmando San Miguel4 days ago

    Anonymous xAnonymous x4 days ago
  • I would love to see leafy survive in today’s climate.

    LordsIntegrityLordsIntegrity4 days ago
  • Don't be mad at me, but this video is kinda going too fast for me to process 😂

    GodzillaTMNT F.WGodzillaTMNT F.W5 days ago
  • The part when Tony was thanking Ethan, that put a smile on my face

    GodzillaTMNT F.WGodzillaTMNT F.W5 days ago
  • Hahaha I got second hand embarrassment from that sponsorship recap.

    Jacob BowenJacob Bowen5 days ago
  • I wouldn't piss on keem if he was on fire, I`d pour more fuel on him.

    Jay DowgJay Dowg5 days ago
  • Ethan be like: вы думаете, что я вас не переиграю? что я вас не уничтожу? я вас уничтожу.

    schvaschva5 days ago
  • Aren’t you adding on to it by making videos on him tho

    Preston TremainPreston Tremain6 days ago
  • wait i just realised he could have been pinned for suicide

    Alexander StirlingAlexander Stirling6 days ago
  • The pinnacle of pathetic.

    Devin CrawfordDevin Crawford6 days ago
  • Those dislikes are from killer keemstar

    tailsboi75tailsboi756 days ago
  • Imagine if every big youtuber started bashing Keemstar for everything he did. I wonder how that would impact Keemstar and what effect it'd have on his mental health. How would he react?

    GrimLimeGrimLime6 days ago
  • H3H3's reason for going after GFuel aint convincing enough

    Real Day BreakerReal Day Breaker6 days ago
  • And he still gets a million views per video. This shit is straight up depressing.

    Jacob HarrisJacob Harris7 days ago
  • I D O N O T D E S E R V E T H I S H A T E

    FrogladFroglad7 days ago
  • How's he have an audience? *faith in humanity reduced*

    Jack JacksonsonJack Jacksonson7 days ago
  • I am happy with ethan

    David BironDavid Biron7 days ago
  • I think idubbz and h3h3 just need to make one more final video to K.O. Keemstar

    Sid VasquezSid Vasquez7 days ago
  • I regret giving keemstar views

    andrei vasiliuandrei vasiliu7 days ago
  • Tony ❤️❤️

    Mel MoonMel Moon7 days ago
  • God this guy at school must've ruined many kids' child and adulthood. 2 things are for sure: 1- keem is gay and for not accepting that fact, he bullies everyone around. 2- he's the biggest cybercriminal ever. Online bullying should stop. This keem must rotten in box.

    Alliance birthAlliance birth7 days ago
  • H3H3 always doing the right thing and sending love

    Austin FosterAustin Foster7 days ago
  • I don't care how much they try to keep you down Ethan, you're fighting the good fight. Keep going man. Maybe he'll realize that his words have reprucussions. I support you Ethan.

    DuncanDuncan8 days ago
  • Keemstar was born from fallacy

    AmericanlLegendAmericanlLegend8 days ago
  • Anyways Etha's beanie fucking rocks

    ????????????8 days ago
  • KEKW

    Ki4oGodKi4oGod8 days ago
  • For yuo

    sasuke uchihasasuke uchiha9 days ago
  • Anyone else think keem yet again snaked his way out of all of this? Trying to say that the "allegations were fake" the fuck you mean fake dude theres PROOF!!

    Matt LeiseyMatt Leisey9 days ago
  • Bro I remember when fousy tube was going through that keemstar threw himself in faze banks circle just to try and be in the front lines of fousys breakdown just to get first person view of his mental estate

    Angel NavaAngel Nava9 days ago
  • If you think that your life sucks, remember the keemstar's child life.

    Matheus BarrosMatheus Barros10 days ago
  • Keemstar is DISGUSTING! It brings me to tears that a person can be THIS disgusting to other people ESPECIALLY people with mental illnesses and dark thoughts

    Cmrnage 11Cmrnage 1110 days ago
  • Keemstar is trash. Always has been

    One VoiceOne Voice10 days ago
  • Imagine what his kid would be thinking if he heard his news or him talking about suicide. “Let’s get roiiiigghhtt intew tha noos!” Hearing that in its own is so annoying.

    J TJ T10 days ago
  • 7:29

    WyaNeptrWyaNeptr11 days ago
  • I kinda like Ethan good expose vids on Keem he deserve it thx alot(;

    DarkLucarioZig ZagPurpleSkunkDarkLucarioZig ZagPurpleSkunk11 days ago
  • Quality ethan. hearing that innocent old man's response was wonderful

    Nox KoopahNox Koopah11 days ago
  • USkeys beef?

    SheldonSVSheldonSV11 days ago
  • He still has over 5 million subs. What the actual fuck.... I'm so done with this world. Cancel culture is rampant right now and this guy still has a platform 😠

    marinecor23marinecor2311 days ago
  • Keemstar sounds like a super villain

    Kearney RevivalKearney Revival12 days ago
  • somebody gotta put keem star down, the old dying content horse

    Joshua RenderJoshua Render12 days ago
  • Keemstar will definitely reap what he sowed, he ruined many peoples life and their honor and reputation, he will definitely get what he deserves.

    gamehuntergamehunter12 days ago
  • Some would say that internet beefs are stupid and unnecessary but I think this one needed to happen, keemstar needs to be stopped

    jax n coltjax n colt13 days ago
  • "Damn another one got away. You should've drugged her" nice one

    Kroko MezKroko Mez13 days ago
  • The faze dude response to keem was great

    Dklpep DklpepDklpep Dklpep13 days ago
  • There was a French reported in the days of the French Revolution named: Jean-Paul Marat. This guy was some sort of a reporter for revolutionists. What did he do was to name people in his newspaper that was spread wider than food among people. His supporters were mostly radicals and were completely obsessed with Marat. Once somebody was mentioned that person would die by guillotine. It doesn't matter if that person was a thief, killer, bad neighbour. Everyone was killed.

    Adam SzajkoAdam Szajko13 days ago
  • “There where big black guys I was genuinely scared”

    To_Thick_For_ MeTo_Thick_For_ Me13 days ago
  • Why does keemstar get trough every stupid things he does But he blames everyone from their mistakes

    LarpPa 21LarpPa 2113 days ago
  • BeeJarBeeJar14 days ago
  • Ur trash mate 💯

    Ayu shAyu sh14 days ago
  • Ethan, I really appreciate the work that you have put together to potentially stop him or get Keemstar really noticed in the community for what he is and has done. You are a great guy and I hope all the best for you.

    BigBoy_TomBigBoy_Tom14 days ago
  • Garbitch

    WλrPXYZWλrPXYZ15 days ago
  • Keem wears a cap and a fake beard on camera because he's afraid of being bullied by zoomers.

    Sofa KingSofa King15 days ago
  • Also Fousey is a scumbag, don't forget that. I despise Keemstar and hate to say that Fousey series is a nail on the head.

    TT15 days ago
  • Damn i feel those Ethan vibes like back in a day and it seems he came back as an even better content creator

    eXpas04eXpas0415 days ago
  • The MOST ironic part of this whole thing is that from the view of someone who suffers from various mental illnesses, is that keem clearly has some form of narcissistic personality disorder. And is more concerned with how people view him than those very people. Hes paranoid, and he truly believes that people are all the same and can use advice like "just stop being depressed", bc he deals with things by ignoring them, and that they're all against him. He has a small, insular peabrain that doesn't even have the processing power to let him see himself from an outside perspective.

    Nathaniel JohnsonNathaniel Johnson15 days ago
  • Hi Ethan, I love your channel mate have been a long time subscriber, but I wish you didn't monetize these videos I feel this would have made a much larger impact and a big fuck you to Keemstar. otherwise, keep spreading those good vibes bro!

    ShankYOShankYO15 days ago
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    that one funko kidthat one funko kid16 days ago
  • Keemstar is a mad man hurting people

    jhonny Mendozajhonny Mendoza16 days ago
  • Ethan v Keemstar needs to be the next USkeys boxing match 😂

    Jake TaylorJake Taylor16 days ago
  • He looks like Ravindra Jadeja

    deceiver 007deceiver 00716 days ago