NikkieTutorials' Blackmailer Is CORNERED, Employee Fired Over Accusations

Jan 30, 2020
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An employee of a popular makeup company was fired after accusing NikkieTutorials of being a liar and NikkieTutorials reveals how she found her blackmailer.
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  • If she did it when she's scared, she's brave.

    ᴍᴇᴍᴇ ᴇʀ-ᴍᴇᴍᴇ ᴇʀ-2 days ago
  • Dude people that don’t treat trans people equally makes me sick

    LydiadoesstuffLydiadoesstuff4 days ago
  • I mean the reason why the relationships end is simple. It isnt homophobic or sexist or anything. Simple thing is you arent what they expected. You should definetly tell your partner/potential partner from the jump because it simplifies everything. Reasons vary but mainly it boils down to the simple fact that they weren't looking for this situation, they entered the relationship thinking one thing and got something different.

    II D3ADB1RD IIII D3ADB1RD II5 days ago
  • Anyone ever thought this could've all been a scam? Js. The whole blackmail thing and so on. Just strange.

    Nico's FamNico's Fam6 days ago
  • i think the blackmailer might have something to do with too faced

    JacyJacy6 days ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="451">7:31</a> Didn't Nikkie clearly say in the video to tell your partner as soon as you can? did they not hear that part?

    RueLagoet _MRueLagoet _M7 days ago
  • Ur sexuality isn’t ur personality

    How perfect Are we??How perfect Are we??8 days ago
  • I feel so bad for niki. She did not deserve any of this. She is SO incredibly talented and beautiful. Also people need to think. Say you are standing in a diving board getting ready to jump but then without you knowing someone climbs up and pushes you off. You where not ready for it. I feel for her.

    Lailany CoopersonLailany Cooperson10 days ago
  • That you have to put a disclaimer at the begenning ! internet is getting meanner !

    LilianneLilianne10 days ago
  • nikki is being 100x more mature than her blackmailer

    Runi ThambugalaRuni Thambugala13 days ago
  • I personally haven’t watched her Chanel but she seems like such a sweetheart and a generally kind person

    MindfulnessMindfulness14 days ago
  • If Nikki felt like to tell at that time, she can! I don't know why people are hating her.

    imsohiraimsohira15 days ago
  • Too Faced, I wonder if their owner/CEO is a Gemini

    Cinnabun SugarCinnabun Sugar15 days ago
  • Heyooo, trans dude here. My situation of transitioning is obviously not the same as Nikkie's, but I think Nikkie handled it really well. It may have been weird to tell Dylan so late, but at least she was able to get it out there, bc it really is hard to tell someone you're dating/hoping to date that you're trans. I know I had some problems when I came out as trans when it comes to getting dates.

    Cecil KragnessCecil Kragness15 days ago
  • Jesus Christ people are annoying.

    Laisa hhLaisa hh16 days ago
  • I'm in love w Nikkie. What a wonderful person...

    Laisa hhLaisa hh16 days ago
  • Too faced is full of sus people. Even the owner.

    Laisa hhLaisa hh16 days ago
  • It’s her life and her decisions. No one should have the right to tell her how to live it.

    Marty PicciniMarty Piccini17 days ago
  • It’s a scary world for trans people it really is

    Emma ErikssonEmma Eriksson19 days ago
  • nikkie: i am trans, i have been blackmailed fans, putting on the holy crusade armo and grabbing their claymores: ok sis just point them out and we'll take of them

  • I cried for nikki when I watched that vid & I'm tearing up again now. Can't believe how scared nikki was to share that she really IS a beautiful but scared woman. She's still more girl than many "girls" I know. She didn't need to b so scared about what all us fans thought. We all love her still just as much. U go girl. Love u nikki💞💞💞

    Casey ToivenonCasey Toivenon22 days ago
  • I understand her being scared of coming out......I’m bi and coming out is SO scary?!? Where’s my LGBTQ+ family at???

    Elf on the shelfElf on the shelf25 days ago
    • suh dude

      Aunt MayAunt May13 days ago
  • Too faced seems pretty *two faced*

    My ChannelMy Channel27 days ago
  • A potential love interest is supposed to know what you are from day one!

    justanotherguyjustanotherguyMonth ago
  • Your blackmailer or the blackmailer? What did he want? What was he pressuring you for? Did he try to extort you? Extortion is a crime and if the police were involved they would not need your permission to prosecute, as they should be doing.

    justanotherguyjustanotherguyMonth ago
  • So, who is the blackmailer? That’s why I came to watch this video!

    Jayanthi RJayanthi RMonth ago
  • Your ability to critically analyse situations from various points of view and see all possible outcomes without focusing on your own opinion makes you an ideal person for social work.

    Sarah Louise BrownSarah Louise BrownMonth ago
  • Its non of our business!!!! Plain and simple!!!!

    Beel 858Beel 858Month ago
  • I mean 50k is still a lot of money but when she could have had at least five million dollars because they said that they stood like 10 million dollars or something like she got like kind of scam but I don't know how to she got scammed but like with her own product but didn't get enough money for how much it actually made

    Jodi SilerJodi SilerMonth ago
  • I love how you research A LOT for a topic, even though it's for a "spilling tea video". I don't think it's that kind of video. It's an information that you're sharing along facts. Love it. Thanks.

    LisabrrjLisabrrjMonth ago
  • Humans are f***ing messed up creatures. Imagine hating on someone because they are who they are and have fears jeez

    Julie ChagallJulie ChagallMonth ago
  • Why Lisa did it: jealousy, insecurity, immaturity

    Sam ChoiSam ChoiMonth ago
  • Am I the only person who thinks the collaboration palette looks like something you could buy from Claire's

    Terry PilkeyTerry PilkeyMonth ago
  • What’s the music in the background????

    Karin BKarin BMonth ago
  • guess im not buying two faced anymore. sad, i liked their mascara. any new suggestions?

    Aideena WickstromAideena WickstromMonth ago
  • If Nikkie Didn’t Want to Come Out Yet Thats Her Business. Relationships tho i Feel its Not Fair. Just Like You Would Tell Someone Your Dating if You Have Kids (Which Also Isn’t a Legal Requirement) You Should Tell Them Of Your Transition. If Yall Engaged (Want Kids) && You Didn’t Explain Why You Physiologically Cant Get Pregnant .. Could be Devastating. Much Love to Nikkie tho && I Believe She Should Sue her Blackmailer.

    Myah KMyah KMonth ago
  • Such old phones

    Stay BlessedStay BlessedMonth ago
  • She is so beautiful.

    Dawn PriceDawn PriceMonth ago
  • She’s 6’4.....not surprised

    xtasy rox8797xtasy rox8797Month ago
  • Its there name two faced

    Debby SijiDebby SijiMonth ago
  • Blackmail. It sucks, but going the public way takes all the control away from the blackmailer putting them on blast. So Karmic🌹

    J MJ MMonth ago
  • That's pretty effed.

    Deep State ThrombosisDeep State ThrombosisMonth ago
  • So it wasn’t Lisa? Sooo who was it ?

    LHour001LHour001Month ago
  • Nikki shouldn’t of been hated for coming out transgender because someone had the audacity to blackmail. Blackmailing is bad and can cause some issues with the one being blackmailed. So think twice before doing so.

    SereneWolf studioSereneWolf studioMonth ago
  • This cant just be me! Shane Dawnson gets all the tea.

    Maddie Builds Adopt meMaddie Builds Adopt meMonth ago
  • What's between someone's legs is not your business. It's her life not yours, let her decide what to do please.

    Soumili DasSoumili DasMonth ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="320">5:20</a> she has her face down almost like two faces it's too face you guys

    Chris P BaconChris P BaconMonth ago
  • Toofaced is two-faced

    Chris P BaconChris P BaconMonth ago
  • Umm I honestly thought it was out years ago she was trans

    Chris P BaconChris P BaconMonth ago
  • 💋❤🌈

    Nina Ray TorresNina Ray TorresMonth ago
  • I have alot of too faced products and IDK y I keep buying them I've never been impressed by any of the things I've bought...

    Nikki Garcia - ArmijoNikki Garcia - ArmijoMonth ago
  • the fact that she had to explain that it's still her makes me sick. she shouldn't have to do that. it should be a given.

    Anastasia GermainAnastasia GermainMonth ago
  • To all the people saying that she should've said her boyfriend from the beginning that she was trans. Why? What does that change? She is still the person he fell in love with. What does it matter if she's transgender or not? I've never understood why you should tell someone your transgender. You transitioned so you identify as that gender. If that person loved you before, you being transgender shouldn't matter at all.... PERIOD.

    Live Life CrazyLive Life CrazyMonth ago
  • How was Nikkie being trans such a big secret? She's 6'2 (also reported to be 6'4) and built like a linebacker.

    Angelaine JarrettAngelaine JarrettMonth ago
    • Angelaine Jarrett Wow rude..

      AshleyAshleyMonth ago
  • What I don’t understand is that she felt that the public had a right to know about being trans... we don’t have the right, it’s her life and the public doesn’t need to know if she was born a boy. I don’t care about that, I only care if she can do make up because that’s her job...! We all need to stop worrying about another persons genitals and worry about their personality and their soul...! X

    J HampsJ HampsMonth ago
  • She said it was a guy. I'm confused.

    c ccc ccMonth ago
  • Nicki was aspecting Ellen to kiss her *ss ? There are people in the world who just do their job, Ellen doesn’t own her anything. The passive Aggressive Queen! (The McGrath palette shade Attitude was not a mood for me)

    Lu GioFLu GioFMonth ago
  • These retards saying ' you need to tell your partner you're trans right away ' is a whole-lot of bullcrap, it's actually none of their business, you tell when YOU want too because it's your life, not theirs, what makes it their " right " to know? Because they can't have children? Adopt then, ain't that hard to understand.

    Sarah BeudekerSarah BeudekerMonth ago
  • Perfect name: two faced!!!

    MM KMM KMonth ago
  • Nikkie is so gorgeous...

    Stuart MorrisStuart MorrisMonth ago
  • I really like Nikkie and what happened to her was not ok and disgusting BUT i absolutely agree that if i was dating a transgender person i would like to know very upfront, and it should be like that for anyone and not a surprise further more into the relationship or at a crucial moment and it isnt Transphobia if you dont want to date a transgender; that said Nikkie is so courageous and i cant imagine how hard it was to date for her, she is brave.

    F.R. FF.R. FMonth ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="478">7:58</a> this is not the right Nick Adams lol

    Lula García MárquezLula García MárquezMonth ago
  • It’s isn’t wrong because it isn’t their right to get into other ppls business

    Mika & Amber The KittensMika & Amber The KittensMonth ago
  • no one sees it in the way that, trans women are WOMEN so if someone says they like women and they like Nikki why does it matter that they are trans.

    Zamin MspZamin MspMonth ago
  • Stop using this for publicity PLEASE!!!!

    Sharon Angela XSharon Angela XMonth ago
  • I feel like Nikkie choosing not to out the blackmailer and ruin his life shows much class. I'm honestly impressed with how she's chosen to be the better person in this situation. I've never been a subscriber of hers, but dang I respect this woman so much now.

    Sierra S.Sierra S.Month ago
  • Nobody has the right to decide how Nikki should have handled this situation. I think she did it exactly as she saw fit considering what she was dealing with at the time. Good for you Nikki and I’m glad it’s turning out in your favor.

    Theresa NessrallaTheresa NessrallaMonth ago
  • Really great job on this story.

    N HN HMonth ago
  • Shame on Too Faced. I am a huge supporter of Nikkie!

    Heather LundquistHeather LundquistMonth ago
  • Ik there was something wrong with that "woman"

    King Of The CrowsKing Of The CrowsMonth ago
  • So if there was not this blackmailer, nikkie will never say that she was a transgender why she didn't say that because she was afraid not to success if people knew her past?! What is the reason behind her transgender her mom maybe!?

    Yacine JalilYacine JalilMonth ago
  • Why would it a jobs business to know if you're trans? You shouldn't have to say you're a trans woman. You should be able to say I'm a woman or I'm a man and for that person to be treated as the person they are!

    Jo BlankenshipJo Blankenship2 months ago
  • I knew she was trans when I saw her on glow up

    Gigi LanexGigi Lanex2 months ago
  • Nonsense! Awake for the time is at hand.

    2020 Crabtree2020 Crabtree2 months ago
  • I do think that Nikki should have been up front with her partner before they started dating. By not disclosing, u take their power of choice away. Other than that, I have zero issue with Nikki and wish her nothing but the best. I think we were all shocked, because never in a million years would we have guessed. Kudos to her for the wonderful work she has done to embrace her identity.

    Jessica HubbardJessica Hubbard2 months ago
  • Not that it matters but I have assumed she was trans for years now.

    D HD H2 months ago
  • but Nikkie is so gorgeous, with and without makeup. I think they're just jealous that she's such a sweet, kind and successful queen that is so passionate about her work, that they literally just throw dirt at her for no reason. Nikkie deserves all the love in the world.

    Alex HorowitzAlex Horowitz2 months ago
  • I kinda feel for Jerrod.. my brother is just like his sister ugh

    Atari ArtistryAtari Artistry2 months ago
  • So sad I love Nikki no matter what

    carina riveracarina rivera2 months ago
  • I do like Nikis makeup but I do not agree with her "coming out" as Trans. I see this as clout same as Trisha Paytas uses lgbtq for attention. I do like and respect LGBTQ community, but not ppl who use LGBTQ for attention/clout/feel sorry for.

    Trux UtorTrux Utor2 months ago
    • transphobe

      s h ɪ n b y u w uセイ曖s h ɪ n b y u w uセイ曖Month ago