Outgrowing Your Underwear Is Devastating. Kendra Cunningham- Full Special

May 21, 2020
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  • Funny lady plus she kinda hot.

    Daniel PriestDaniel Priest6 hours ago
  • High quality woman right there...

    jjhack3rjjhack3r5 days ago
  • Another victim of the exercise trap. If only more people knew that losing weight is at least 80% diet if not 90%. Exercise is great but it's such a small portion of what matters. You know there exists food that tastes really good and is also healthy. You can eat just as much and be in better shape without losing any flavour or amount of food, but it just takes a little more effort to go after the healthier delicious food since it's less common than standard fast food. Mexican is a great option. Beef and beans and cheese and chicken and guacamole and all that stuff is super healthy and really good too.

    sirgalliumsirgallium6 days ago
  • Love this accent. She doesn’t hide it and makes it authentic! Good job!

    Magnet Soldier CephasMagnet Soldier Cephas12 days ago
  • She has fantastic engagement. A terrific sense of humor. Fantastic delivery. This woman truly tickled me. I really was delighted to hear her humor.

    AoudhubillahiAoudhubillahi13 days ago
  • She sounds like a female Peter Griffin 😂

    Kenny BlazeKenny Blaze14 days ago
  • Goodlooking set of childbearing hips!

    Emitt EvansEmitt Evans16 days ago
  • when you need canned laugh for stand up...

    C DC D16 days ago
  • Holy advertisements batman!!! That was a lot in one video!!!

    Ian BakerIan Baker18 days ago
  • Kendra you're sexy just the way you are...no homo

    Chantell PatrickChantell Patrick18 days ago
  • I would die for this woman .And she would kill me after finding out ,that to verify that i'm really rich ,She had to download this videogame ...

    Single Player GamingSingle Player Gaming19 days ago
  • Lmao- wouldn't it be awesome if she married that guy who was laughing really loud at her jokes. Or just a guy who had came to one of her shows?

    Marie JonesMarie Jones20 days ago
  • i love it

    Lovey OchiLovey Ochi25 days ago
  • 02:30 16:29 27:25

    Stevie ForanStevie Foran26 days ago
  • Such a funny storyteller. I love her!

    Jackie AndrewsJackie Andrews27 days ago
  • Her talk is too slow for a comedic performance. I had no patience to listen to the very end.

    Mircea MoldovanMircea Moldovan27 days ago
  • She's got serious charisma. She should make a TV show with her crazy mum! Very loveable characters.

    Blahblahblah BlahBlahblahblah Blah28 days ago
  • Hilarious but it must take a lot of discipline to remain single without children. I know im 41 but you know you dont want to make any mistakes the older you get the harder it gets in the process of elimination. you end up eliminating yourself in the end is it worth it? Heck yeah! LOL

    ClanMack 4JChristClanMack 4JChrist29 days ago
  • I love her voice and accent.

    AyoLouAyoLou29 days ago
  • She’s wonderful and very funny!! Idk why she has a problem with her weight it looks good !!

    Queen SumoQueen Sumo29 days ago
  • I love this comic - down to earth and very funny and the added bonus of being easy on the eyes

    D MedinaD Medina29 days ago
  • She’s gorgeous and so funny!

    NuLyteTVNuLyteTVMonth ago
  • I cried. I Cried!! She is so funny! 🤣🤣🤣

    Barbara GentileBarbara GentileMonth ago
  • I love a good sarcastic comic. She was excellent! Great show. 🤗

    Karin Lynne KucakKarin Lynne KucakMonth ago
  • Wow, this channel has some astounding talent!

    Joe MortonJoe MortonMonth ago
  • The BAND "The Who" should sue the World Health Organization for besmirching their vibe & reputation.

    * * * * ** * * * *Month ago
  • Being 50yrs old, I know I'm going to have to give up my thongs soon, but it's going to be a fight.

    Bobbie RobinsonBobbie RobinsonMonth ago
  • I dig the deadpan - the accent 😊 all adds to everything she's doing just genuine and intelligent - I could tell the audience probably missed a couple things, cause she's so quick witted 😎 niiiice

    ummeiguessummeiguessMonth ago
  • Talk smack to bratty kids. And if they kick you, throw the kid at the parents. Adults have every right to defend themselves against untrained little gremlins.

    The Watchful HunterThe Watchful HunterMonth ago
  • Gonna be honest here... probably the best female comedian I’ve heard in a very long time. Her delivery was on point and very easy to relate to.

    Anton MotykoAnton MotykoMonth ago
    • I'm going to say definitely the funniest I've ever heard!

      Blahblahblah BlahBlahblahblah Blah28 days ago
  • The cranky bartending jokes were so funny. The STD of tips 🤣... "It's a nosey jerk sandwich, your mother made it for me." (I'm gonna use that one!) 😂

    WhatAWorldWhatAWorldMonth ago
  • That was really hilarious.

    Mike PardyMike PardyMonth ago
  • I would marry you. You look great.

    Andy FerrerasAndy FerrerasMonth ago
  • Funny, but this felt more like therapy .... but not for us

    WeeemRCBWeeemRCBMonth ago
  • Wow, a female comedian that doesn’t just bring up politics and their hatred of white men, quality 👌

    Michael LemastersMichael LemastersMonth ago
    • Another White man who can’t stop himself from being the judge of her as a woman, ugh

      Esther B.Esther B.Month ago
    • Ariana Moxie Loving or white men since they're ppl - like everybody else - and ppl are funny *not sure why we need to evaluate her comedy based on what's between her legs, or if she talks about human beings like every other comic* *what a weird comment*

      ummeiguessummeiguessMonth ago
    • I don't understand what's wrong with women joking about politics? There's hardly a funnier topic.

      Ariana Moxie LovingAriana Moxie LovingMonth ago
  • I can understand why nobody wanted to fertilize them eggs :( Still very funny though. Just nothing to "fertilize"...

    XxMrRoachxXXxMrRoachxXMonth ago
  • I was like, I’ll take it from here. Lol!

    Diana FebruaryDiana FebruaryMonth ago
  • I was like I don’t wanna go everybody hates me and my back hurts

    Diana FebruaryDiana FebruaryMonth ago
  • Lol 🤣😂She is truly funny. Very much enjoyed her stand up and look forward to watching more

    JessicaJessicaMonth ago
  • 'If you haven't tried them yet, don't bother'

    Bella FloraBella FloraMonth ago
  • "Cuz stupid starts early" 🤣 Truth!

    AverageCountryGirl NikkiAverageCountryGirl NikkiMonth ago
  • She can make a joke about anything ! So creative !

    C BC BMonth ago
  • I guess from the comments here, this is for people who don't like good comedy. She was awful.

    jeremy toutainjeremy toutainMonth ago
    • Maybe you're too young. Or stupid.

      Cathy JonesCathy JonesMonth ago
  • jeez adds almost every minute. good comic sucks with so many interruptions.

    NakedRiderNakedRiderMonth ago
  • When she told the joke about taking a dump on a priest I thought, "TOO SOON!" She is right about the "Tri-lateral Commission" being run by George Soros, a much younger Hillary Clinton (but not THAT one), Bigfoot (wearing small shoes) and Willie Nelson's dentist. That said, I do NOT agree sir!

    billhillardbillhillardMonth ago
    • "When she told the joke about taking a dump on a priest I thought, "TOO SOON!" She is right about the "Tri-lateral Commission" being run by George Soros, a much younger Hillary Clinton (but not THAT one), Bigfoot (wearing small shoes) and Willie Nelson's dentist. That said, I do NOT agree sir!" ******Are those comedy bits now missing? Didn't hear them. Couldn't find them! Making fun of USkeys's not-so-secret agenda not allowed I guess? Anyone know the time stamp on those comedy bits?

      * * * * ** * * * *Month ago
  • I think the sauce on the bra day and the buffalo chicken finger day were the same day.

    Debora FiuzaDebora FiuzaMonth ago
    • Those words strung together, sound like they came from a crazy person.

      Covid 1984Covid 1984Month ago
  • I feel like she is much funnier than the audience gives her credit for; well-planned jokes, great surprises. She has a very fresh take and is very relatable

    Jimi KelleyJimi KelleyMonth ago
    • They’re a little scared because she mentioned single mothers and alcohol

      Esther B.Esther B.Month ago
  • "I'm single...but I can explain." 😊

    Daniel OrozcoDaniel OrozcoMonth ago
    • The better comment would be "but I'm flexible." ♥ ♥ ♥

      Pink SnapperPink Snapper24 days ago
  • ...hey Kendra, how YOU doin'??? 🤣

    R MarsdenR MarsdenMonth ago
  • She’s super funny 😁

    JhopeIsMySugaJhopeIsMySugaMonth ago
  • Love her timing! Would love to watch her set live!😄👍😘

    Natalie OtsapNatalie OtsapMonth ago
  • Great comedian. Rare find.

    Random RoyceRandom RoyceMonth ago
  • If she still needs a husband, I volunteer as tribute. This woman is MIGHTY thicc

    ValiasticeValiasticeMonth ago
  • "I don't know what trash is, so I'm going to let the general public decide" 🤣🤣🤣

    The PresenceThe PresenceMonth ago
  • She's brilliant! I feel relief when I identify with her and when I don't...

    AllEarsImAllEarsImMonth ago
  • 31:20 Yep, there are no more SPED identification markers as adults. They don't just disappear; they grow into adults.

    melvina628melvina628Month ago
  • Haha, she was funny, and I really liked her subtle accent. Even with the outgrown underwear she is very pretty and witty, and I would ask her hand in marriage! Still available?

    AlmaMata BoyAlmaMata BoyMonth ago
    • this is not Outlander besides nor is she pregnant.

      inter peterinter peterMonth ago
  • So, I watch a TON of stand-up, like... too much, honestly... and I haven't seen anyone this funny in a long time. Fantastic work! You are an artist indeed.

    Sugar PlumSugar PlumMonth ago
    • Are you sure you watch a lot of standup?

      JonathanLitJonathanLitMonth ago
    • Check out Brian Regan

      born2xlr8 yepborn2xlr8 yepMonth ago
  • 19:25 I had something similar happen to me. I was in the supermarket grabbing a cold drink after a 10 mile hike and the woman behind me and I struck a conversation waiting for the line to move and she commented on me looking all sweaty and tired. I told her I just walked ten miles and she offered to give me a lift home. Like people don't walk for recreational activity anymore? You walk because you don't have a car.

    John BeckerJohn BeckerMonth ago
    • @Carla Austin We are blessed to be walking by choice, as opposed to by necessity. That lady was being kind. Bless her for offering, and bless all those who would love, love, love to have someone care enough to offer them a ride. Peace to All

      * * * * ** * * * *Month ago
    • Boy do I identify with this.

      Carla AustinCarla AustinMonth ago
  • Wow!

    Edison J AbahurireEdison J AbahurireMonth ago
  • I loved Kendra's set. Every time she mentioned a yard sale, I simultaneously cracked up at the objectivity of what trash is and longed to get a yacht. Surely, I'm not the only one, who heard "yacht sale" a couple times

    Alevtina ShermanAlevtina ShermanMonth ago
    • Thank you, because I had to look up the meaning of objectivity. Never seen in a sentence.

      BBMonth ago
    • ...its the coast like Jaws from 75!!! ...its in daa yaaad, not too faa from da caa!!! 🤣🤣🤣

      R MarsdenR MarsdenMonth ago
    • Lol...I heard yacht sale too!! 😅 It's her Boston/New York accent🤭

      Jackie HughesJackie HughesMonth ago
  • Funny very funny.

    St JoSt JoMonth ago
  • I LOVE her!

    Karla PSKarla PSMonth ago
  • Good stuff. Had to stop after 3 ads in 12 minutes though... OK, make that 4 ads in 15 minutes. You're a funny lady though, Kendra.

    Eugene SaintEugene SaintMonth ago
  • Funny af.

    Jeff LiconaJeff LiconaMonth ago
  • Ok - she's my new best friend.

    Delora SledgeDelora SledgeMonth ago
  • Hi

    Lokesea MarianoLokesea MarianoMonth ago
    • @Genevieve Kaiser sup

      Covid 1984Covid 1984Month ago
    • What up

      Genevieve KaiserGenevieve KaiserMonth ago
  • Absolutely hilarious!!

    Beth LastBeth LastMonth ago
  • Love her accent! Not sure why I do. I just do. 😉 😁

  • I enjoyed the way she delivers her jokes - she was great all through!

    WolfieWolfieMonth ago
    • @JaMarvelous jmar662601 yeah. Horizontal is good. LOL ♥ ♥ ♥ but for real, she is sexy. A bit older than me, but her sense of humor, take on life, and understanding MORE than make allowance for it. ♥

      Pink SnapperPink Snapper24 days ago
    • I enjoyed her delivery. I like a laid back kind of woman

      JaMarvelous jmar662601JaMarvelous jmar662601Month ago
    • Yep, she's very funny. I can see her becoming legendary.

      melvina628melvina628Month ago
  • Loved the nosey jerk sandwich joke 😆

    Lisa LouraLisa LouraMonth ago

    Steve GoodeSteve GoodeMonth ago
  • Laughed when she said," I'm going to need see your 6th grade report card.... cuz stupid starts early!"🤣🤣 I like her, she's funny!

    Amanda BurkhalterAmanda BurkhalterMonth ago

    hendo19742hendo19742Month ago
    • That's how skynet starts lolz.

      Jemie BridgesJemie BridgesMonth ago
  • or don't get fat... NOVEL IDEA

    Robert WarnerRobert WarnerMonth ago
  • She's wonderful!

    JediSiouxsieJediSiouxsieMonth ago
  • She was pretty funny. Her act got a little dark half way through an sad. Lost me lol. But she was a good comic.

    Trey BernTrey BernMonth ago
  • Shes hilarious, and shes single?!

    Bryan BokserBryan BokserMonth ago
  • VERY solid show!!!

    Todd DexterTodd DexterMonth ago
  • i tap this bbw bonus she is funny as well

    bluenoiserbluenoiserMonth ago
    • Oh good. The mystery of whether or not you wanted to have sex with this lady was starting to keep me up at night.

      I am not Sean LockI am not Sean LockMonth ago