Outgrowing Your Underwear Is Devastating. Kendra Cunningham- Full Special

May 21, 2020
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  • THIS HONEYPIE *ROCKS MY WORLD!!!!!!!!!!* GOTCHA........ 1.22/23/2021

    Howard FortyfiveHoward FortyfiveDay ago
  • Real Boston Accent

    DensetsuDensetsu10 days ago
  • 3:55 My mom does the EXACT same thing! She is 67 or 68 and just got a new TV from Samsung that has Bixby in it which is like the cheap version of Alexa. She will ask it the craziest questions but then gets sad when Bixby doesn't know any answer.

    Katie KaboomKatie Kaboom16 days ago
  • Very humorous 😂😂😂😂

    Eleanor BertuchEleanor Bertuch18 days ago
  • She's comfortable on stage, just not very funny. But how do you work on that??? (Meaning, it can't be done).

    KpxUrz5745KpxUrz574521 day ago
    • I find men funnier usually but this lady isn't as bad as most of the women comedians I have seen.

      Katie KaboomKatie Kaboom16 days ago
  • Wow,i find her to so hot. I love her humor and her honesty.She is fun.

    The Awakening HeardThe Awakening Heard21 day ago
  • she's pretty good. I like her. 🐰🎸🎶✨

    Jack the RabbitJack the Rabbit21 day ago
  • Responding only to the headline. You may not know this but men in general are very happy to outgrow their underwear.

    Jesus Is KingJesus Is King21 day ago
  • Outgrew underwear this year. Yikes

    Sally StegeSally Stege25 days ago
    • Me too. Actually last year.

      Katie KaboomKatie Kaboom16 days ago
  • Very funny!!!

    Sally StegeSally Stege25 days ago
  • Very funny! 🤣🤣🤣

    Cindilu VohsenCindilu Vohsen26 days ago
  • Thank you so much for uploading this video. It is helping me to get through the pandemic!

    Roger SledzRoger Sledz26 days ago
  • Masks PROTECT YOU and people around you!

    Roger SledzRoger Sledz26 days ago
    • I am extremely immunosuppressed (that is more than just immunocompromised) because of transplant medications I have to take. Yes I just got a new kidney (transplant) Dec 20th 2020. Covid-19 scares me more than ever now because of my immune system and because I had already had to be intubated 2 years ago (or was it 3).

      Katie KaboomKatie Kaboom16 days ago
  • Nice body

    Truck TaxiTruck TaxiMonth ago
  • OMG......She is HILARIOUS. I'm dying. hahahah. my spirit animal

    Kelly LynnKelly LynnMonth ago
  • Nix the laugh track....not needed!

    Larry CarterLarry CarterMonth ago
  • Not when you're 6

    Declan McGuinnessDeclan McGuinnessMonth ago
  • shes hilarious!

    Dela JayDela JayMonth ago

    Susan HoweSusan HoweMonth ago
  • Shallow people on here not saying how attractive she is nice booty

    Damon MillerDamon MillerMonth ago
  • She's hilarious 😂

    **Month ago
  • I watch my weight constantly, to make sure it never goes down!!

    Monique WMonique WMonth ago
  • Loved the accent, very cute and funny, loved it

    David GressnerDavid GressnerMonth ago
  • I really like that jacket

    monkeynumber ninemonkeynumber nine2 months ago
  • Pretty nice!

    Dadisalive AndwellDadisalive Andwell2 months ago
  • I can't believe that I've not seen this comic before, she's awesome! I laughed so loud I'm pretty sure that I woke my neighbours up!

    Honey TrapHoney Trap2 months ago
  • Hilarious! A great set, thank you.

    Caroline RCaroline R2 months ago
  • The best!!!

    Kieran BlakeKieran Blake2 months ago
  • Not a lot of female comics are brave enough to have a delivery like this. Wish some of us could have been there and given the laughs she deserved.

    Naya -Naya -2 months ago
  • She sounds so hilarious :)

    Josh WarrenJosh Warren2 months ago
  • I hate hearing that there aren't any funny female comics. Some dipshits actually go as far to say that they are incapable of being funny (Christopher Hitchens). Don't get me wrong, there are definitely unfunny female comics (Looking at you Amy Schumer). But there are TONS of hilarious female comics. Kendra is one of them.

    A EA E2 months ago
    • Amy schumer is the worst

      monkeynumber ninemonkeynumber nine2 months ago
  • the chicken wing sauce on the bra joke took me out.

    Jamiela HarrisJamiela Harris2 months ago
  • Beautiful and hilarious

    Blount FarmsBlount Farms2 months ago
  • Doesn't she remind you of the girl from orange is the new black? The one with the freckles that had that day-loop series.

    Mohamed Mustafa E. M. MohamedMohamed Mustafa E. M. Mohamed3 months ago
  • She is great! Loving her comedy!

    Denise HopkinsDenise Hopkins3 months ago
  • She is great.

    Al EvelandAl Eveland3 months ago
  • I generally don't like women comedians. However, she's decent.

    Earle MorganEarle Morgan3 months ago
  • Her material was good. Her delivery was bad. The reason the audience didn't laugh is due to her timing. She was obviously going for the dead pan comedy routine but she rushed the good jokes and dragged out the bad ones. A few times when both her jokes and timing landed simultaneously, the audience reacted. However, I think the reason it was lukewarm was bc they were already conditioned that she'd be off & running so they'd not have the time to put much effort into it without missing half of her next joke.

    Sage The RageSage The Rage3 months ago
  • Hilarious

    brenda flemingbrenda fleming3 months ago
  • Smart and funny. She is gold.

    MusicguyMusicguy3 months ago
  • Omg can’t stand her accent

    Hillary HicksHillary Hicks3 months ago
  • She's hilarious. Has her own comedic style.

    jessicka Lushjessicka Lush3 months ago
  • She was too good!! 👍So so audience. Come to bay area ca after the pandemic!

    MsAMsA3 months ago
  • I think you’re so funny Kendra! Keep it up.

    Leekshika pinnamneniLeekshika pinnamneni3 months ago
  • "Working out to maintain chubby" should be on a t-shirt.

    Mother of EveMother of Eve4 months ago
  • OMG!!

    Sharaud The SkyWriterSharaud The SkyWriter4 months ago
  • Lmfao... Omg she will make a great wife...

    Derrick LopezDerrick Lopez4 months ago
  • Forget the yoga went and got a bacon egg and cheese!

    jewelleryaddictjewelleryaddict4 months ago
  • First joke about having kids....no way this chick isn't post menapausal (spelling). If she hasn't had a kid yet she ain't getting one of her own.

    Bbearhug ThomasBbearhug Thomas4 months ago
  • I love Kendra. Always hilarious

    Veronica GarzaVeronica Garza4 months ago
  • Great, kept me engaged the whole time, pretty funny

    Tanya GTanya G4 months ago
  • Purple pants! Love her mom! Yard sales! (Me) Stomach tumor!! LOL

    BarbieBarbie4 months ago
  • Awesome!!! Can't wait for the next one.

    Shirley BosticShirley Bostic4 months ago
  • Very funny! Too savvy for the Utah crowd. I'm from NY and can totally empathize with the jerk sandwich bit. lol. I wish people would stop crashing my autonomy - it's annoying. Related to waaay too much of this. Thanks Kendra!

    Cat MonkeyCat Monkey4 months ago
  • the only “healthy “ criticism i have is that kendra’s jokes overwhelmingly dealt with food. i for one, felt satiated after just a few. all puns expressly disclaimed.

    barkup atreebarkup atree4 months ago
  • Your not chubby your perfect.

    Rusty ApplingRusty Appling4 months ago
  • Your not chubby your gourgious

    Rusty ApplingRusty Appling4 months ago
  • I don't think this audience is as smart as her comedy.

    Levi JohnsonLevi Johnson4 months ago
  • This lady is totally amazing and hilarious! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Levi JohnsonLevi Johnson4 months ago
  • Delightful

    Kit's picsKit's pics4 months ago
  • She sneaks her genius wit into the act in such an unexpected way!🤩

    NikolaiNikolai4 months ago
  • My new favorite comedian! Hysterical!!!

    Kim simpson-rosenfieldKim simpson-rosenfield4 months ago
  • LOL

    VV4 months ago
  • If she would work on being more energetic and excited / happy, I think it would be much funnier. She kinda just talks monotone and doesnt really laugh much. Delivery is everything in comedy. If she would just change her energy I think she could be really good. :3

    RSN: Agriculture: #1 Rank in Castle WarsRSN: Agriculture: #1 Rank in Castle Wars4 months ago
  • Great show. Regarding her quest to find a man, I think her perfect husband was probably 10 years in the past

    Hunter KillerHunter Killer4 months ago
  • She’s a natural!!!!

    Laura MarcacciLaura Marcacci5 months ago
  • She's funny...

    Dave DufourDave Dufour5 months ago
  • Made bacon egg and habanero Jack on everything bagels this morning

    Hirsch nopeHirsch nope5 months ago
  • She is hilarious

    Hirsch nopeHirsch nope5 months ago
  • she has the exact same energy as susie from marvelous mrs.maisel

    brunabruna5 months ago
  • Is this audience on Thorazine? She’s hilarious & their laughs are under-rating her comedy.

    Stephanie HaleyStephanie Haley5 months ago
    • She’s in Mormon country. Not a lot of promiscuous drinkers in that crowd...

      Kaylina BurchKaylina Burch18 days ago
    • Maybe she's performing in an empty room, and they're using a CoVid laugh track?

      NoMoNeYiZaTioNNoMoNeYiZaTioN3 months ago
    • If they’re not laughing that loud then she’s not that funny. Laughter is involuntary. If you have to make yourself laugh louder it’s not that funny.

      Rickter ERickter E4 months ago
    • I thought the same thing. She was candid & hilarious. Maybe it was too much for Provo. Lol

      Spiritisalive1Spiritisalive14 months ago
  • No8

    Rokke WarrenRokke Warren5 months ago
  • love her!!

    rebecca Honeycuttrebecca Honeycutt5 months ago
  • They should put Kathleen Madigan on Drybar, ouu and Jim Gaffigan

    Victor ReidVictor Reid5 months ago
  • She's Great! Loved it! 🤣🤣🤣

    L C1L C15 months ago
  • A bowling trophy 💐😅😅

    N HN H5 months ago
  • Wow ... you deserve a larger audience. Brilliant! Thanks for the smiles :) God Bless

    Go Smooth Go LightGo Smooth Go Light5 months ago
  • LOVE HER!! She's hysterical, more Kendra please!

    Casey Dunn's Comedy GarbageCasey Dunn's Comedy Garbage5 months ago
  • Ayeee, I knew her accent sounded like home. 😂

    ᄋdumplingᄋᄋdumplingᄋ5 months ago
    • Exactly! As she was describing her mother's driving out of the way, I was thinking, "Okay, Congress St. Mm-hmm, around the rotary. Sure. I know where you're going."

      Amie TedeschiAmie Tedeschi27 days ago
  • She's WICKED funny

    vitozeporvitozepor5 months ago
  • When you get around to the Birmingham area I'd love to do buffalo wings whicha...

    Tony ColwellTony Colwell5 months ago
  • Probably my favorite comic here!

    Jory MillsJory Mills5 months ago
  • That accent is fabulous.

    Dominique ParnellDominique Parnell5 months ago
  • I’m in love again. She is wonderful, and could possibly be the woman of my dreams. Beautiful, funny, and a perfect point of view on life. Yummy 😋

    Johnny Seward JrJohnny Seward Jr5 months ago
  • Good laugh! 😂

    Dan WillhiteDan Willhite5 months ago
  • She's likeable, but the repetition of the jokes like 3 jokes about her mom that basically underline the same funny-once point. It could just be that her content isn't that funny to me personally. I gave it almost 11 minutes before I gave up. I respect the craft, getting up on stage and holding an audience for an hour is no small feat. Perhaps she will fine tune her material. I wish her the best.

    Bruce BurnsBruce Burns5 months ago
  • You can tell she has a beautiful soul... Very good at her art too, a natural.

    Jëss ?????Jëss ?????5 months ago
  • I like her She is so funny

    Lovely FlowerLovely Flower5 months ago
  • That was almost funny keep trying your getting closer 🙄🤔😔😒

    Daniel BaileyDaniel Bailey5 months ago
  • Kendra you are very funny

    Patty AaronPatty Aaron5 months ago
  • That was hilarious

    Keltic FuryKeltic Fury5 months ago
  • Xxxxxxxfbb.

    patricia winklerpatricia winkler5 months ago
  • Very solid set!

    Esan F.Esan F.5 months ago
  • She's sexual safe around me. Or anything else. She'll see my back while walking away.

    Common Sense500Common Sense5005 months ago
  • I like her voice and her smile.

    Zachary SweetZachary Sweet5 months ago
  • She's a nice, consistent chuckle. I appreciate that kind of comic.

    Asha LuAsha Lu5 months ago
    • Right? I really enjoyed her passive-aggressive sarcasm and fake clueless-ness.

  • Outgrowing my underwear was humiliating lol! :) You are adorable.................... don't have kids!! You won't be fun and cute anymore lol.

    Paulina UndurragaPaulina Undurraga5 months ago
  • CcShe is very much like Kathleen Madigan 👍

    Brian BudayBrian Buday5 months ago
  • I'm enjoying her. I wish she would 'stay in the bit' a little longer. She gets momentum then stops. One set up, one punch line leaves me hanging.

    JC CockerJC Cocker5 months ago
  • OMG I might be your whiskey love child we could totally be friends!

    ImNtSick ImNtWellImNtSick ImNtWell5 months ago