Gilead Sciences Confirms Breakthrough In Anti-COVID Drug Remdesivir

Apr 29, 2020
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In a critical announcement that brings hope to millions around the world, Gilead Sciences, which is in the midst of critical Phase 3 trials of the drug Remdesivir in coronavirus patients, said that a breakthrough has been achieved. In Left, Right and Centre, we speak to Dr. Syra Madad, a Pathogens Expert on the reliability of this drug and whether this drug is the cure the world is looking for. We also speak to KT Rama Rao, the working President of TRS, on how Telangana is fighting the highly contagious coronavirus.
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  • Financial Times today July 1st: Gilead Sciences to charge government US $2,340 for remdesivir. A U.K. report states that Liverpool University research shows that a ten day course costs $9.32 to manufacture, that includes a ‘fair profit’.

    TO NOTO NO7 days ago
  • Besides that, Gilead is government backed so idk if you cab really trust it lol

    David BarrozoDavid Barrozo2 months ago
  • Why to mislead people? what the heck... Just do some research and figure it out what it is .... Nonsense media...

    chrischris2 months ago
    • Why don't you point out what they lying instead of saying without single things which they lied

      Ngiplong NGIPLONGNgiplong NGIPLONG2 months ago
  • The indian people living here Madagascar are fine. thank you COVID ORGANICS made in madagascar. covid19 remedies.

    MadagasikarAid okMadagasikarAid ok2 months ago
  • Itna jaldi na aane waala vaccine ye fact ke basis par bol raha hu. sabse tez 4 saal me vaccine develop karne ka record h visvas na ho toh chek kar lena Google pe kitna time laga h diseases ki vaccine develop karne me. Agar jaldi bane toh kisi miracle se kam nahi hoga.

    Arun KumarArun Kumar2 months ago
    • Google scholar....

      Priyatosh SharmaPriyatosh Sharma2 months ago
  • remdesivir plus Flagyl. To make the balance Inner and Outer

    ghazi kutbighazi kutbi2 months ago
  • Kindly don't spread false hope, the drug has not been successful, it has only shown what enzyme can be blocked, the US is jumpy cause Oxford and India are minting another vaccine, to be supplied at smaller price

    a ska sk2 months ago
  • While there are multiple trials going on with anti-virals some will surely succeed. But the viruses are known to mutate so it will be difficult, also the affordability remains a big question.

    Arupendra DasArupendra Das2 months ago
  • It is very much costly medicine,gilead known for positive article even failing in news paper like BBC ,new york post.WHO post medicine is failed in 1st trial.

    Shravan WadhwaShravan Wadhwa2 months ago
  • Yes, Coronavirus vaccine is very much needed to have and face severe Economy meltdown. God bless us all, Amin.

    AdamFazbicAdamFazbic2 months ago
  • Surprising that India is still unaware of the dangers of this.

    NKSK PVTNKSK PVT2 months ago
  • Nidhi Razdan aged 10 years in the past year lol 😂

    Bobby KnucklesBobby Knuckles2 months ago
    • What ?

      Mehra surajMehra suraj2 months ago
    • Modi effect!

      ritwik rritwik r2 months ago
  • But people are saying remdesivir is marketed by Bill Gates and he is the one who donates much of his fortune to who And the main thing said is they it is the expensive alternative of chloroquine with similar results why so?

    Jashan Jot SinghJashan Jot Singh2 months ago
  • Nidhi Gandhi razdan lol

    gmwizzgmwizz2 months ago
  • Yeh now we can work . Good NeWS.

    Deepak ChauhanDeepak Chauhan2 months ago
  • I strongly condemn when we already have cow mutra vaccine. You are aunty-Indian.

    Kurmi NachleKurmi Nachle2 months ago
  • Love NDTV great channel number one NDTV

    Yunus ShaikhYunus Shaikh2 months ago
  • Remdesivir administered initially cures covid is fake this is another stunt by WHO

    habib khanhabib khan2 months ago
  • Alhumduilla jay hind jay maharashtra

    Yunus ShaikhYunus Shaikh2 months ago
  • Mam not millions of people actually billions of people

    Apoorv VermaApoorv Verma2 months ago
  • Good analysis.... I love to hear ndtv.... All the team members I salute u.

    shahrukh khanshahrukh khan2 months ago
  • In 1918 Spanish influenza, bird flu, swine flu & SARS ....till date no permanent vaccine has invented so far..... COVID19 will take a long time to have it's permanent sure shot vaccine, can be temporary medications for time being. The fact is no one has found out whether it's man made biological war weapon or natural....

    Suhel VanjiSuhel Vanji2 months ago
  • cost of medicine for 10 days treatment in America 1000 dollar and in China 230 dollar

    Agastaya TyagiAgastaya Tyagi2 months ago
  • remdesivir medicine failed in first trial

    Agastaya TyagiAgastaya Tyagi2 months ago
  • जो भी सुंदर सी आंखें यह कमेंट देख रही है भगवान उसको कोरोना वायरस से बचा लेना 🙎🙎🔱🔱🚩🚩🙏🙏🙆🙆

    Rural MeenaRural Meena2 months ago
    • thank u

      Afroj jackAfroj jack2 months ago
  • Just don't trust any Covid-19 vaccine. It'll do you more harm than good. It'll make the body more susceptible to all kinds of disorders in the future.

    aguagu2 months ago
    • Please! This is horseshit

      MazMaz2 months ago
  • Finally I can go to college now

    unknown personunknown person2 months ago
    • Not if you are dead or Suffering from any of the sideeffects of the vaccine lolol

      David BarrozoDavid Barrozo2 months ago
    • @sharfi shaikhi 😁

      ramya malakondaiahramya malakondaiah2 months ago
    • U can't go dear till the vaccine is not ready near u r medical store

      sharfi shaikhisharfi shaikhi2 months ago
  • So that means Delhi gujrat Mumbai since they are red zone so they will never opn

    pink pearlpink pearl2 months ago

    Lal Topi ComedyLal Topi Comedy2 months ago
  • Well I dont believe it anymore all these companies are in competition every one saying the same thing so who to trust which medicine 🤔

    pink pearlpink pearl2 months ago
    • @You & Me haha goodone 😂

      Food is GoodFood is Good2 months ago
    • To Zee news par believe karle? 🤔

      You & MeYou & Me2 months ago
  • I hope 🤞 it’s not fake news!!!

    Zubair AhmedZubair Ahmed2 months ago
  • Covid 19 ko marne liye strong alcohol medicine💊 banawo, jisse insaan bhi bacha rahe aur corona bhi mar jaaye WS Goa

    Write ScreenWrite Screen2 months ago
    • Write Screen fenny!!

      Jashan Jot SinghJashan Jot Singh2 months ago
  • I always believed this channel

    Sohan LalSohan Lal2 months ago
  • How many of you believe it?

    Valentine HoggValentine Hogg2 months ago
    • I dont many

      pink pearlpink pearl2 months ago
  • Good news !!

    amil naseemamil naseem2 months ago