Prepare To Drop | Halo: The Master Chief Collection - Halo 3: ODST

Sep 14, 2020
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Halo 3: ODST is arriving on PC as the fifth installment of Halo: The Master Chief Collection on September 22nd. Now optimized for PC, experience the fully remastered campaign and fight to survive as long as you can in a freshly updated version of ODST's Firefight!
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  • I love this game. Probably my favorite halo, shoot me we’re I stand 💁🏻‍♂️

    scylent K.scylent K.18 minutes ago
  • fart bomb

    lordshogun11lordshogun112 hours ago
  • Check your mouths, find your chairs, and get SET for a combat drop

    Arran RetzlaffArran Retzlaff2 hours ago
  • Correct me if im wrong but in some novels after the game rookie dies. Sad to hear about it. Rip rookie

    iiDemonnDiiDemonnD3 hours ago
  • The nostalgia almost killed me... Holy crap. Can't wait to play this remastered!

    Matt WagsMatt Wags3 hours ago
  • We see the Rookies Helmet and later on after the war that same helmet will have a bullet hole cuz of the innies

    Odst soldierOdst soldier3 hours ago
  • Where we droppin bois?

    cool jeff Lopezcool jeff Lopez3 hours ago
  • Thought it was a remastered version

    NovaNova4 hours ago
  • The music....

    Epic PersonEpic Person4 hours ago
  • Long have I waited, for firefight to come home.

    Mushhood AhmedMushhood Ahmed5 hours ago
  • Why do I have this uneasy feeling about Halo Infinite?

    JussainwuturthinknJussainwuturthinkn6 hours ago
  • well that was boring

  • HYPE

    AA7 hours ago
  • I wish they had Blur create the animation

    Schäfer G.Schäfer G.7 hours ago
  • Unpopular Opinion: Halo 3:ODST is my favorite halo

    slayerofnight33slayerofnight337 hours ago
  • Now All I need is Gears of War

    Lobser MahnLobser Mahn7 hours ago
  • We are green! And very, VERY mean!

    Ryan MitchellRyan Mitchell7 hours ago

    Blue_dude48Blue_dude487 hours ago
  • If you dont tear up to remastered Deference for Darkness, there's something wrong with you, chief.

    AcidsugarzzAcidsugarzz8 hours ago
  • When ODST gets lit up on the last screen with the last notes of the piano... Very nice.

    CdrChaosCdrChaos9 hours ago
  • Gotta love the jazz

    John FhfJohn Fhf9 hours ago

    ThatssosketchyThatssosketchy11 hours ago
  • Its always sad remembering (spoilers) that Rookie Dies in the books. Can you imagine if instead of Buck (love Buck but just go with me here) it was Rookie that Join Osiris the only human any fans actually was okay to replace Master Chief with. How they could have built him up with 5 finally giving him a canon voice but be like MC where he barly talks. We barly no anything about him he would have been such a good character to have. Bungie had 2 characters that would have been prefect to replace MC down the line and they killed them both. MC is gonna have to step down soon he is gonna get to old super solider experiments dont halt aging as we seen

  • If only Jah was here to see this..

    Alexander BarreraAlexander Barrera12 hours ago
  • We're dropping into hell, time to grow a pair

    l vl v12 hours ago
  • You should make it free

    Abraham LopezAbraham Lopez12 hours ago
  • Stoked for Halo! I hope the online campaign is far better than the other games. Halo 3 campaign online is so laggy it's unplayable.

    Eric GiesbrechtEric Giesbrecht12 hours ago
  • This is just what we need when going into another lockdown. It has the chilled out vibes to it. ODST is basically therapy and will match the mood for us folks in the Northern Hemisphere who will be going into winter. Cold and dark nights and rain. Just what we need. Well played 343.

    KINGatLIFEKINGatLIFE12 hours ago
  • That sax gives me chills. Well done you bastards.

    PassingoutthepiecesPassingoutthepieces13 hours ago
  • I remember those good times.

    Carlos Adrián Ramos lugoCarlos Adrián Ramos lugo15 hours ago
  • Yes. Been waiting and it’s time to play be back in a couple hours...

    YonderTitan 261YonderTitan 26116 hours ago
  • Just like the old days :’)

    braynt castellanosbraynt castellanos18 hours ago
  • The trailer is here to make us remember that the OST was a masterpiece Can't wait to play this game on PC

    Yaël ParaYaël Para21 hour ago
  • This was my first halo game... so this hits different

    john villarealjohn villareal23 hours ago
  • THE ROOKIE Occupied city center 6 hours after drop

    bofooit gojobofooit gojoDay ago
  • ost @ 0:03 anyone?

    Vishal GuptaVishal GuptaDay ago
    • prepare to drop

      a snowman that talksa snowman that talks18 hours ago
  • I have to wait until the weekend to play. So much work....

    The SwarmThe SwarmDay ago
  • Playing this on co op on Xbox one really eats your frames.

    BluE Is hyperBluE Is hyperDay ago
    • the big halo 3.

      bofooit gojobofooit gojoDay ago
  • The atmosphere, aesethic and music is in this game is the best out of all of em imo.

    DosingBrickDosingBrickDay ago
  • If they are gonna remaster a halo game please remaster ODST

    Dr MuffinDr MuffinDay ago
  • you can literally make a battle royal with ODST troops and call it training. im not even joking lmao

    MuffleMuffleDay ago
  • Those first few notes of Deference of Darkness will always send a rush of cool nostalgic energy down my spine.

    C. S. MatlockC. S. MatlockDay ago
  • Shouldn’t all your effort be making halo infinite better since you guys literally delayed your main franchise for a next gen console rather than wasting time on games that already came out?

    sssweetnessssssweetnesssDay ago
  • My pp hard

    claming 27claming 27Day ago
  • Y’all didn’t need to hurt me like that

    Q-TipQ-TipDay ago
  • Where we dropping bois

    Jacob HernandezJacob HernandezDay ago
  • Feet first into Hell

    Sir SirSir SirDay ago
  • God damn, beautiful.. If the heavens fell, we'd have these angels.

    Joey BearrunnerJoey BearrunnerDay ago
  • halo infinite was supposed to come out the same day as halo 4 on pc because its nothing compared to the other games on pc just a theory

    Gerardo AlonsoGerardo AlonsoDay ago
  • i am a simple man. i hear ODST music, i like.

    Mr. Samuel WoodwardMr. Samuel WoodwardDay ago
  • I think Bungie should just take the title back 343 just keeps butchering the franchise and the decent parts they can only remaster rather then come up with something on their own.

    J.J.Day ago
    • isnt jospeh staten overseeing the development for halo infinite? that already sounds good enough.

      MuffleMuffleDay ago
    • Bungie won't do any better

      Jorge CordovaJorge CordovaDay ago
  • 0:54 AAAAAAAA

    Fernando Herrera GarzaFernando Herrera GarzaDay ago
  • Loved the soundtrack to this game, truly had an amazing feel to it compared to the other games. Did a better job in my opinion of telling the gritty details of events glossed over by the big halo 3.

    Josh BoucherJosh BoucherDay ago
  • Anyone got an estimate for Halo 4's release?

    Deep InsideDeep InsideDay ago
  • RIP the sleepy Rookie

    Christopher DoubiagoChristopher DoubiagoDay ago
  • Once the piano played... literal goosebumps Also, anyone else feel like some deep saucy radio host voice is about to welcome all you lovers out there to another Friday night love song request at the end? No? Just me? Okay 🚶

    Lucas JLucas JDay ago
  • "Your momma never loved you. And she dresses you funny!" - Mickey, IWHBYD.

    Umbra LuxUmbra LuxDay ago
  • Fuckin goosebumps man...

    random editsrandom editsDay ago
  • MCC is now completed on PC! No more games to add. Not one.

    Mostly PixelsMostly PixelsDay ago
  • Still taking credit for others work.

    Project ZellProject ZellDay ago
  • Please tell me y'all are working on a ODST battle royale. Dropping in on a drop pod would literally be amazing

    Armando OcanaArmando OcanaDay ago
  • Release Date-2009 it has been so long since it came out and I still love playing this game every now and then, the music baffles me by how great it fits it's story and design. Oof that piano tune around 0:50 and sax solo track insert what a nice duo ending.

    Hollow SirensHollow SirensDay ago
  • the Noir style was just thats creativity...miss bungie.

    AndyAndyDay ago
  • I wish we could have a city combat with Killzone Atmospheric vibes and halo elements, Darker and Sadder Halo

    Frost ThorneFrost ThorneDay ago
  • Those smooth Jazz themes whilst patrolling the streets sending those Covvie SOBs on the great journey have come back FULL FORCE

    Gareth GingellGareth GingellDay ago
  • 126 dislikes are from the covenant in new Mombasa

  • Now pc players can share the wondeful universe of halo and also they will get halo infinite halo is being able to play on mobile to wow xbox you´ve finnaly proven yourelf worthy

    Gaming with Matteo FrancoGaming with Matteo FrancoDay ago
  • Almost shed a tear

    Matthew qwsMatthew qwsDay ago
  • Man that game was legit!

    JMan 127JMan 127Day ago
  • Soo hyped bro on thrusday ima play odst firefight with my friends

    Sarah SmithSarah SmithDay ago
  • Difference from darkness.

    Spider-ManSpider-ManDay ago
  • So hyped to play Odst again

    KedoHDKedoHDDay ago
  • September 22nd first day of fall I see what you did there.

    Emperor CinderEmperor CinderDay ago
  • We need a remastered halo 3 and halo 3 odst

    Jotaro KujoJotaro KujoDay ago
  • Yeah but when are you finally going to bring split screen play to PC???

    Bill ByfieldBill ByfieldDay ago
  • you like jazz?

    The LOLThe LOLDay ago
  • Sad rookie dies in the books

    Scoper 128Scoper 128Day ago
  • God this game needs to be remastered. Note: really love Buck in this game but hate how they made him in Halo 5

    zijuiy wttuyzijuiy wttuyDay ago
  • Is it finally out? I’ve been waiting for this all summer!

    Epic MickeyEpic Mickey2 days ago
  • Only thing I hated about this game that it wasn’t longer. I loved exploring the city at night especially when it rained with the jazz in the background

    santiago murosantiago muro2 days ago

      zijuiy wttuyzijuiy wttuyDay ago
  • Awesome, ive never played odst. Cant wait.

    Kal ElKal El2 days ago
  • I waited for odst

    Mohamed IdrisMohamed Idris2 days ago
  • Yyyyes

    Mohamed IdrisMohamed Idris2 days ago
  • So when is it coming out you lazy fucks? Release date???

    G ManG Man2 days ago
    • September 22

      Lonewolf360Lonewolf360Day ago
  • Nice story👍...keep continue on making new one

  • Dunno if the cinematic would be cool like that halo game where Avery's look became more badass. Even if it's the Epilogue to be animated like that would be more amazing.

    Sleeping MoonSleeping Moon2 days ago
  • My favorite was always ODST. I felt much more immersed in the boots of the Rookie than chief, just barely surviving in a Covenant ridden New Mombasa. This my get me to buy the MCC on steam.

    JM ed1090JM ed10902 days ago
  • I love this game

    Drew914Drew9142 days ago
  • Dude that music❤️

    Joe BJoe B2 days ago
  • You know the music, time to dance

    Francisco MedinaFrancisco Medina2 days ago
  • Now I finally have a reason to get it on PC.

    SmoothTurtleSmoothTurtle2 days ago
  • I love this game. It was one of the main reasons i started playing the saxophone.

    BOBCAT DKBOBCAT DK2 days ago
  • YES

    Rando GamingRando Gaming2 days ago
  • ODST piano got a whole different vibe to the songs

    Samuel DiazSamuel Diaz2 days ago
  • Fun lore fact: Out of all the ODST's that dropped with Alpha Nine (which is the name of the squad this game is focused on, in case you didn't know) out of the UNSC Say My Name, only Alpha Nine survived. The rest were all KIA when the Prophet of Regrets flagship jumped to slip space over New Mombasa

    OwnedGolem 9751OwnedGolem 97512 days ago

    R MR M2 days ago
  • OMG!!!!

    Cristobal AguirreCristobal Aguirre2 days ago
  • September 22nd. Prepare to Drop once more.

    *REDACTED**REDACTED*2 days ago
  • Soon in the future our troops will be like odst if not odst

    stephen peelstephen peel2 days ago
  • Too bad 343 won’t fix co-op : /

    NehmeeNehmee2 days ago
    • Urbanmech agreed, me and my friend refunded halo 3 so quick after how broken the co-op was

      NehmeeNehmee2 days ago
    • 343 is a shit rookie studio, I honestly think they should've kept Bungie

      UrbanmechUrbanmech2 days ago