Reacting to James Charles Impressions!

Nov 20, 2020
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HI SISTERS! In today's video, I reacted to people doing James Charles Impressions. I announced a contest on Tik Tok asking my followers to do their best impression for $1000 and the chance to be in today's video and the responses were... interesting. Enjoy!
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EDITOR: Ryan Allen
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

  • did you see the noitifacaton on james phone it was tinder

    Lataya WallaceLataya Wallace32 minutes ago
  • 6:13 Well he judged too early lmao

    Edrhiz SerranoEdrhiz Serrano45 minutes ago
  • I saw Tik tok and the best one copy and paste Ur best I sisters!!

    gacha Simpsongacha SimpsonHour ago
  • 2:25 well.... They did sadly.

    CSN_JuiceCSN_JuiceHour ago
  • I know he is youtube

    tau triskeliontau triskelion2 hours ago
  • James Charles: Hi sisters! Me: hello brothers!😅

  • In 3rd Grade I Had A Frisnd Who Is OBSESSED With James Charles And Someone Told Me To Look Up What He Wore On Coachella The Friend Said Dont And I Did And Told Her We Stopped Being Friends We Are Now In 4th Grade And Best Friends And I Love James Charles Now LOL

    N̶o̶r̶a̶ M̶o̶o̶n̶シN̶o̶r̶a̶ M̶o̶o̶n̶シ2 hours ago
  • I saw a dude that won that sounded just like you he hooked it up on a video and then he just did that

    Jasmine McGheeJasmine McGhee3 hours ago
  • Mah dood got copyrights

    - Mꨄcha - UwU - Chan - テディ・チャン- Mꨄcha - UwU - Chan - テディ・チャン3 hours ago
  • I was literally on my Phone scrolling from Tik Tock and I noticed this dude said he act like James Charles even though he edit and then I checked the channel he was not there so I think he edit and he was lying

    Live TVLive TV4 hours ago
  • Dude i love you

    ・Lìly Gønë・・Lìly Gønë・4 hours ago
  • The dog is hilarious

    Luna JakovLuna Jakov5 hours ago
  • I love your hair its amazing :)

    Bayah RatiganBayah Ratigan6 hours ago
  • That went from woooooowww to 😟😤😤😤😤

    Isobella AnumIsobella Anum7 hours ago
  • Me:watches "hi sisters" for 1 hour me again:-sees james charles saying hi sisters- me:-gets flashbacks-

    Kirsten Rou GamesKirsten Rou Games7 hours ago
  • Did anybody noticed that almost every body took james charles audio sorry if i spoiled 😅

    Mayra GarciaMayra Garcia8 hours ago
  • Everyone in the comments are just simps lol

    GroGu AstleyGroGu Astley8 hours ago
    • Uhm no-

      ꧁ bbyxwolfie ꧂꧁ bbyxwolfie ꧂7 hours ago
  • The secong one litterly sound like benny from instant influencer not kidding i was thinking the same

    Manahil MalikManahil Malik9 hours ago
  • H I S I S T E R S H I !

    authinxxauthinxx9 hours ago
  • I am sister shook 😂

    • ii . L ø š ę r . ii •• ii . L ø š ę r . ii •10 hours ago

  • also I love ur vids James keep doing what ur doing :)

    Rocky's Beats and FunRocky's Beats and Fun10 hours ago
  • sorry but i restarted the vid twice only to not hear the first impression twice

    Rocky's Beats and FunRocky's Beats and Fun10 hours ago

    Mercedes ShevMercedes Shev10 hours ago
  • That was not horrible, was so accurate 😂

    MøntallaMøntalla11 hours ago
  • 4:21 he sings so good! 😯 😮

    Ava 990Ava 99011 hours ago
  • Hi sister hi sisters hi sisters hi sisters

    Aiden LaoAiden Lao13 hours ago
  • 0:48 first time he said dude!

    I’m kinda high rn NO CAPI’m kinda high rn NO CAP13 hours ago
  • The guy that said he worked at startbucks was faking he made a video about it.

    play accplay acc13 hours ago
  • HI SISTER you inspired me to make my first youtube video! I tried eating 6 SPICY noodle packets and I would love it if you watched thx!🔥

    Taylor TarverTaylor Tarver13 hours ago
  • Yep

    London McIntyreLondon McIntyre14 hours ago

    Karolinka KarolinkaKarolinka Karolinka14 hours ago
  • anyone else see the tinder notification at the end 👀

    Ashlynn ExumAshlynn Exum14 hours ago
  • I've been playing escape from James

    Mandy YoungMandy Young14 hours ago
  • The audio cuts off listening to the first couple videos

    Jordan BrantleyJordan Brantley14 hours ago
  • It went MUTE

    Toadoroki Fan girlToadoroki Fan girl14 hours ago
  • That guy was faking he made a video about it sister

    Serenity _stary chanSerenity _stary chan14 hours ago
  • someone edit it

    _Lisa malaeqa__Lisa malaeqa_14 hours ago
  • OH MY GOD the Starbucks guy

    Rosalie ArnoRosalie Arno15 hours ago
  • Shishters is so funny 🤣🤣🤣

    Abrielle EstacioAbrielle Estacio15 hours ago
  • Did the audio cut out for a sec for anyone else???

    Ruby JaneRuby Jane16 hours ago
    • James got copyrighted

      Hobbes AtticusHobbes Atticus16 hours ago
  • shhohohohohohohohohohohohohohohoohoohohohoohore james

    Dewan AlaminDewan Alamin16 hours ago
  • Could you here at 2:09 in the vid

    Jasmyn AhoJasmyn Aho16 hours ago
    • I could not

      Margaret BarrettMargaret Barrett14 hours ago
  • Well you don’t know who I am talking about

    Marilyn BalanonMarilyn Balanon16 hours ago
  • But this is how most of the time comical impresonations work. It is supposed to be exaggerated a caricature

    prettyfarfromOKprettyfarfromOK16 hours ago
  • WOW

    Adalynn Cole-ballAdalynn Cole-ball16 hours ago
  • Sjgzhxbeus skevenuagdb skagvsjdysvgshsghsyaghhgsnsbsgshvshsbsvshsvsgznfjsgacsjdhsvhgacdkfhbshdjjdndjdusgsjjdbshauhxbshdjdjbdjfjejejajjdjjdhdbwbhzhzjsjsjhsbsjjajjsjsjajajajsjdhjajajsjajajqkqajajajajshdhdbdjdjjahahskdjebhddjjdbebejshdbsjwshshdhbejsjsusgsbwjhsgsvsbwjjshwhwhshhehdhdbbsbdbddbdbbwksjudhdh

    Pam FrangedakisPam Frangedakis17 hours ago
  • Love the "Bring me a little water silveeeeee!"

    Gryffindor GirlGryffindor Girl17 hours ago
  • Schishters made me laugh so loud

    Sienna LordSienna Lord17 hours ago
  • The thumbnail literally looked like that person was going to kill someone no offence xD

    unicorn loverunicorn lover17 hours ago
  • Little does everyone one know that he just-

    EllieBear PlayzEllieBear Playz17 hours ago
  • Idk why but I think #2 sound like him the most but idk 🤷‍♀️

    fati banana slitfati banana slit17 hours ago
  • Hi James Charles

    Gary MainprizeGary Mainprize17 hours ago
  • Im newwww to you annt dahs mi first videos to you and hiiiii siters😅

    Anjeza PrenajAnjeza Prenaj17 hours ago
  • The tiktok is the one that you said it was good

    peach lemonypeach lemony18 hours ago
  • X

    amber botesamber botes18 hours ago
  • Its dougmar ;-;

    peach lemonypeach lemony18 hours ago
  • He has a youtube channel

    peach lemonypeach lemony18 hours ago
  • Hi

    meenakshi panikameenakshi panika18 hours ago
  • The first one ".................aa"

    Nagito KomaedaNagito Komaeda18 hours ago
  • Just me that can’t hear the second one ?

    Freya-louise CairnsFreya-louise Cairns18 hours ago
  • teachers saying you had a bad grade: 1:08

    Light HazardLight Hazard18 hours ago
  • That fat dude u can hear he has a video on in the back💯💯💯try hard... Future James like: Hi🖐️schsister's😂

    FaZe DaNiFaZe DaNi19 hours ago
  • James: hi sisters Me- hi sister😃 Few mins later me: he ain't a sister though 😑but still😊

    Barna ChatterjeeBarna Chatterjee19 hours ago
  • I love the part where they say hi sisters

    GooBoi MiffyGooBoi Miffy20 hours ago
  • But not that guy who worked at Starbucks

    Friends BestFriends Best20 hours ago
  • Tik tok

    khiA'asia vs Jeremiah vs AryiahkhiA'asia vs Jeremiah vs Aryiah21 hour ago
  • Til tok

    khiA'asia vs Jeremiah vs AryiahkhiA'asia vs Jeremiah vs Aryiah21 hour ago
  • I seen it on time tok

    khiA'asia vs Jeremiah vs AryiahkhiA'asia vs Jeremiah vs Aryiah21 hour ago
  • james charles what is that thumbnail

    theodore 9theodore 921 hour ago

    yxxnieyxxnie21 hour ago
  • 00:00 hi sisters I: aaaah Hahah I love you

    Alessandra VecserdiAlessandra Vecserdi22 hours ago
  • Dude good job almost 30m

    Obsessed HermioneObsessed Hermione22 hours ago
  • WHO came here after dougs videos?

    Raz Ghafour Pr5aRaz Ghafour Pr5a22 hours ago
  • Now I started saying shore whenever I talk to my bestie

    Simplyyx BrynnSimplyyx Brynn23 hours ago

    Molly FloydMolly FloydDay ago
  • There was a audio cut I freaked out that how am going to watch video but then it can whack and I was like bruh

    Usha SinhaUsha SinhaDay ago
  • It cut of In some or is it my WiFi Bc I went back a bunch and it still did oh well

    SendEaRose .PancakesSendEaRose .PancakesDay ago
  • Jk lol

    Savathry UthrapathySavathry UthrapathyDay ago
  • James Charles I like a girl but he is a boy yuck

    Savathry UthrapathySavathry UthrapathyDay ago
  • Not the tinder notification

    Ducky LPSDucky LPSDay ago
  • Did the audio cut out in the beginning for anyone else;-;

    Gacha MoonGacha MoonDay ago

    x ģãčhä ļişa xx ģãčhä ļişa xDay ago
  • why so many ads???

    Caroline MendezCaroline MendezDay ago
  • JaMeS yOu GoT cOpYrIGhted LoL

    TikTok UnicornTikTok UnicornDay ago
  • Clicked faster than james could say shore... james: shore

    allie Traasallie TraasDay ago
  • They r good u r hurt don't lie

    Soorya PriyaSoorya PriyaDay ago
  • 2:10 did everyone’s audio cut out?

    Bella Bros TilingBella Bros TilingDay ago
    • Lmao

      Fishy Theo 4uFishy Theo 4uDay ago
    • He got copy righted

      Fishy Theo 4uFishy Theo 4uDay ago
  • I think number 2 not 3 but

    Emma RogersEmma RogersDay ago
  • Are you marshmallow

    Aubree WatsonAubree WatsonDay ago
    • Lmao

      Fishy Theo 4uFishy Theo 4uDay ago
  • Why are there SsHsoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooou

    Zoe GilmoyrZoe GilmoyrDay ago
  • The dog tiktok impression of james the dog is so cute..its also funny?

  • Eh

    Faith JohnsonFaith JohnsonDay ago
  • James I Love You

    Alee KAlee KDay ago
  • Like to included

    Jayleigh HatcherJayleigh HatcherDay ago
  • i love your makeup i wish i could be that good and i want your palet

    Ariella kilpatrickAriella kilpatrickDay ago
  • Tye sound got cur pit at the boom boom boom

    AddyLand ROBLOXAddyLand ROBLOXDay ago
  • At like 2:07 did the sound go out for y’all and then come back in about 10-15 seconds. Or is my phone just messed up.

    Jill KornJill KornDay ago
    • He got copyrighted

      Hobbes AtticusHobbes AtticusDay ago
  • this is my frst vid of watching james charles

    Aaron MarquezAaron MarquezDay ago
  • Poor Matt

    BabybushYTBabybushYTDay ago