Making Water Spin Like Magic, LATITY-002

Jul 29, 2020
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Let's review your deepest questions in another "LAst Time I Told You"
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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

  • liking for induction heater pls

    Matthew LindMatthew Lind56 minutes ago
  • Bouusted

    dave davedave daveHour ago
  • Dear electro boom can you do a topic on the marx

    Izak FourieIzak FourieHour ago
  • Hi mehdi... are you from thor family? why you resistant from shocking electric...?

    A K MA K M2 hours ago
  • Ace combat electrosphere? Nah Full bridge electroboom.

    Tucker DennisTucker Dennis2 hours ago
  • I gots an ideas! Why don't you debunk the electric universe theory. These people believe that gravity doesn't exist. Instead they believe that the earth has an electric field that draws objects down. I know it's BS but you will get a lot of hits if you do a video on that.

    DYLAN102001DYLAN1020013 hours ago
  • Ahh I remember watching Sir Mehdi so many years ago and seeing his daughter jokingly bother her dad haha! Beautiful family masha’Allah :)

    Hamza AsifHamza Asif3 hours ago
  • I neeeeeed heeeeelp plz....i need a welding broke

    William Brett TomblinWilliam Brett Tomblin3 hours ago
  • Plot twist: Express VPN is owned by Netflix. They just want to sell you an extra subscription. : *BigThonk* :

    Jorge GomezJorge Gomez3 hours ago
  • You’re family defo hates you

    Yigit cagirir Hd V2Yigit cagirir Hd V24 hours ago
  • Who else is in Kenya and feeling proud ?!?!?

    Yusuf TaibYusuf Taib4 hours ago
  • Got this recommended and am skeptical, part of me thinks its possible and another part of me thinks the effects are highly overstated: Might be interesting for a LATITY-003, but i dont use reddit, so somebody please repost the above link there, thanks in advance!

    suicidal.bananasuicidal.banana6 hours ago
  • Mr. Electroboom! Rectify this:

    Cerebot - MainCerebot - Main6 hours ago
    • Rectify this

      JoannaJoanna4 hours ago
  • World without borders Kaboom?

    Michael Proffit GamesMichael Proffit Games8 hours ago
  • I love you channel! I'm an astronomer and now I'm planning to study electrical engineering! your videos just made me even more sure that this is what I really want to do! Thank you and keep it up lad! Cheers and hugs from Chile

    Ruben San MartinRuben San Martin8 hours ago
  • I am from Sudan and I am studying aeronautical engineering and because of the economic embargo on my country and its classification from the state sponsors of terrorism, I cannot get the appropriate capabilities of innovation and basic tools for work. I hope to help bring the best of the world

    Micro OhmMicro Ohm9 hours ago

    Yosh GuzYosh Guz9 hours ago
  • 8:31

    Lucas vdLLucas vdL9 hours ago
  • Ah damn.. and i was about to imigrant to another country to watch my favorite episode of dora the explorer

    BlackxesBlackxes10 hours ago
  • can u make a gpu ?! 🤔

    yassine naananiyassine naanani10 hours ago
  • You should feel me trying to buy 1€ battery's for 999€ shipping 😂

    Oussama SmainiOussama Smaini11 hours ago
  • سلام من معمولا میبینم فیلماتو خوبیه فیلمات اینه که با پایه ی علمی که داری ساخته میشه و تخیلی یا دروغ نیست و اینکه دخترتم به خودت رفته و نود درصد ژنش ایرانیه و شایدم بیشتر و خدا حفظش کنه و اینکه موفق باشی منم خوشحالم که یه ایرانیه موفق رو میبینم طولانی شد عمدن فارسی نوشتم شاید یه یادو خاطره ای برات بشه

    Sam AbzSam Abz11 hours ago
  • Who tried this in the 2nd grade and knows that water spins

    Rashid KhokharRashid Khokhar13 hours ago
  • Wow!! Mehdi's daughter 😍😍 She's my crush now lol😁😂😂

    Rashedul MamunRashedul Mamun14 hours ago
  • Just by looking at him say hi in the beginning makes me laugh 😂

    JokerJoker14 hours ago
  • 03:58 it's just a redstone clone made out of repeater Note only for minecraft players

    Aditya GurjarAditya Gurjar14 hours ago
  • Damm am soo glad that I'm subscribed to you!!!!

    Aum ThakoreAum Thakore15 hours ago
  • Bro make a video on why AC Voltage battery can't be made,and what is needed to make a AC Voltage battery we don't have

    Aditya BadaraAditya Badara15 hours ago
  • خیلی دوست داشتنی هستی آقا مهدی‌‌ پاینده باشی 😍

    hamid kazemihamid kazemi15 hours ago
  • Rectify this

    vyt maksvvyt maksv15 hours ago
  • Or use xvpn for free like me

    Tyler Oliver UKTyler Oliver UK16 hours ago
  • I'm a Nigerian with basic knowledge in Electricity and i have learned alot from watching your videos as well. 👍🏽👍🏽💪🏾

    OBiFLYOBiFLY16 hours ago
  • Holy crap electrocute has grown up so fast

    CMDR MazeCMDR Maze16 hours ago
  • ( pls explains how it work)

    Vignesh RVignesh R17 hours ago
  • your name is Mehdi and my name is madeeh. That really rhymes. and I love electrical DIY videos. You are my brother but from another mother. may this comment be liked by you

    Madeeh AsadMadeeh Asad18 hours ago
  • I am your biggest fan and keep up with the good work

    Nate DunbarNate Dunbar18 hours ago
  • You are funny i like your video from Nepal I found one video where they generate free electricity and logically it will work i request you to make video on this

    Suraj ShahSuraj Shah18 hours ago
  • Electeoboom I the best buy I've seen. Me : A+ In physics if electeoboom is my physics teacher. Love from India.

  • Please make a video about increasing Wi-Fi range and speed and the physics behind it. A lot of videos out there are not reliable.

    Shawn BlazeShawn Blaze19 hours ago
    • I tried joining your patron but since I'm from India, I couldn't proceed with the payment.

      Shawn BlazeShawn Blaze19 hours ago
  • Could you do fotoelectric demonstration

    july ortjuly ort19 hours ago
  • Lol great video as always.

    Mad ScientistMad Scientist20 hours ago
  • I hope electroboom101 is on the way..

    Vaibhav RajputVaibhav Rajput20 hours ago
  • Mehdi sits with a few LEDs, capacitors and cord extension? Time to turn the volume down a bit.

    Maciej ZałuckiMaciej Załucki21 hour ago
  • Wow oscilloscope is expensive 😢

    Daniel AmoraDaniel Amora21 hour ago
  • Amasing

    Besmir AliajBesmir Aliaj21 hour ago
  • A world world without border ? Ah i see u are pushing ....,.......... COMMUNISM

    Lộc ĐỗLộc Đỗ22 hours ago
  • Don't ground only fo live

    GOWRI SankarGOWRI Sankar22 hours ago
  • Ur child has become tall lol

    GOWRI SankarGOWRI Sankar22 hours ago
  • Let's pray for a world without borders! Great idea when we're trying to stop a virus from spreading. Intelligence 18, Wisdom 3

    CMDR Elton PooleCMDR Elton Poole22 hours ago
  • I wish to get one

    GOWRI SankarGOWRI Sankar22 hours ago
  • Can u please send me a key sight I study eletric stuff from u I am needed one

    GOWRI SankarGOWRI Sankar22 hours ago
  • 9:09 The only potent antioxidant i know is your soothing voice reading it.

    TheGolden MicrophoneTheGolden Microphone23 hours ago
  • 6:25 I've seen this and all the prongs aren't live... They are interchangeable

    The Team PlayerThe Team Player23 hours ago
  • Aww, don't worry about customs Mr electroboom. Here I pay 60% of the cost of product + shipping to get it, unless it surpasses 200 USD in which case I must hire a customs agent to go through all the processing and additional taxes. On a 350 USD buy, I paid an additional 250

    uzesamaXuzesamaX23 hours ago
  • So - if a lightning is about to strike you - and you're quick enough (I heard you can feel the hair raise on the back of your head before the strike comes) - if you Jump right a the moment before it hits you - it will hurt LESS? (I would imagine you would still arc to the ground from your feet even if you're not touching on the moment of impact - but would it hurt less if you could actually pull this off?) Go figure this one out for me people. I am wondering if that would also make your body semi magnetic afterward...

    HonklertonHonklertonDay ago
  • That's Odd. I've had TONS of crap ship to me from many different countries throughout the world. Everything I received I didn't have to pay a single fucking dime from customs. IN fact the only time I do have to worry about customs here in the US is if I am getting something shipped to me that might not be allowed - other than that customs does not charge people here shit. Now when it comes to shipping out of country I don't know. I have never shipped out of country - and I don't know if you have to pay extra for customs in those situations - but I would expect that the costs from shipping would still be the primary cost factor - and customs being insignificant comparatively. GOD BLESS the USA :)

    HonklertonHonklertonDay ago
  • It's nice to see someone from the first world acknowledging the problems most people don't know exist in third world countries. Here in Costa Rica, we have crazy import taxes, specially on "luxury items", like game consoles, cars, entertainment products (toys, boardgames, hobby items, home entertainment electronics, etc). Cars here have a 100% import tax, so they end up costing at least 50% more, sometimes even more, than cars in the US or Europe. A Jeep Gladiator STARTS at $105k, in the US it starts at something like $45k-ish (this is just a quick example, but it's the same for even the cheapest Korean cars). Even things with "low taxes", like PC parts that have a 13% import tax, end up being 50% more than what they are in the US, since unlike cars, many products aren't bought directly from suppliers, but instead from retailers, so we end up having to pay for US retailer profit margin, US sales tax, shipping, import fees, and then another 13% local sales tax, oh, and local seller profit margin too, can't forget about that. This isn't the case with many things, but most non-mainsteam items suffer from extreme price gouging.

    scotianbankscotianbankDay ago
  • ,سلام مهدی جان اولا که باعث افتخار مایی واقعا افتخار میکنم بهت و هیچ وقت از دیدن ویدیوهات سیر نمیشم برادر یه خواهش داشتم ، میشه لطفا یه ویدیو درباره ی گین و فریکونسی و در کل تیون کردن سوند سیستم توی ماشین درست کنی؟؟؟ میدونم این خیلی سطحش پایینه واسه شما ولی من تازه دارم بیزینسمو راه میندازم توی استرالیا در سطخ خیلیییییی کوچک و اگر بشه ک اون سطح و کاور کنی بینهایت کمکم میکنی در هر صورت بهترینها رو واسه شما و خانواده محترم ارزو میکنم دوست عزیز

    EuroMasters AutoEuroMasters AutoDay ago
  • I Love Mehdi Daugher Now Im MGK And Mehdi Make Killshot to mee 🤣🤣🤣 I Love Mehdi Daughter

    HACKER OnlineMeHACKER OnlineMeDay ago
  • 6:26 I have one of those and can confirm that none of the prongs that stick out are live. The top outlet rotates to connect to one of the sets of prongs at a time

    OllAxeOllAxeDay ago
    • I don't know how good of a design it is in other aspects, but it should be fine when used as intended. Maybe something worth doing a teardown of?

      OllAxeOllAxeDay ago