Custom $10,000 Shoes For James Charles!! 👟🎨 ft. James Charles (Giveaway)

Feb 10, 2020
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Hope you enjoyed! Make sure to enter the huge iPhone 11s giveaway! Thanks for watching:)
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    • ZHC

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    • Did everything hope I win

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    • done my guy

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      idk lolidk lol14 days ago
  • ur work is amazing keep going ur the best utuber and tiktoker

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  • ?

    Ola MariOla Mari25 minutes ago
  • James Charles:are u kidding(in a squeaky voice)

    ivica bolančaivica bolanča26 minutes ago
  • Frikin love customized videos!

    Lacy DevoreLacy Devore37 minutes ago
  • ZHC:*Giving free iphones,tesla and other but... me:How about his phone

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  • I hope i win my dream phone

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  • Yay sisters!!!

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  • His reaction made my heart sing

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  • I love you guys ! Btw I would love to win a phone im subscribed

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  • Hope I can win I follow it USkeys channel and Instagram

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  • Good video ZHC👍❤️ Come on, you guys have seen my name😀😉😂

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  • Yhhh never gonna win :(

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  • i need one i'm stuck on 6s, love your videos

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  • Awww, this was so nice, zhc you are such a nice, creative person, keep being you!:) (The iPhone 11’s custom at the end turned out amazing!.)

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  • I subscribed and followed you’re intstergre

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  • i want the shoes wtf:(☹

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  • Wow that so cool

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  • Your face when you hugged him at the end

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  • James Charles is a ghei

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  • Doooone❤️ my instagram is Ines.besirevic

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  • U literally are an artist like dudeee ive watch many video like this

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  • I do this pls im winn ZNC and James Plsssss

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  • ZHC is so great he has such a talent in drawing he does all these giveaways for us and it’s crazy!!!but most people don’t realize that it is helping people to the giveaways can get you a better job because you don’t necessarily have to have an electronics but it helps you stay in contact with your work or if you need help so ZHC I hope you know you are soooo talented and you have a gift I just hope I win though.

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  • I really want to win giveaways but I can’t because I don’t have insta

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  • Please get me one I am such a fan of James Charles And I really want iPhone 11

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  • this is how many times james charles said "omg" HSHSHAHAH 👇🏻

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  • guess how many OMG james charles says

    Coub MeCoub Me2 hours ago
  • can anyone guess how many times he said “ omg / oh my god!” !?!??

    Abby and Aaron LeonaAbby and Aaron Leona2 hours ago
  • How many times did james charles says ohmygoooOooood

    Yan_ yanYan_ yan2 hours ago
  • I think that man is gey

    guri asatianiguri asatiani2 hours ago
  • Lucky bro

    Viral SatyaViral Satya2 hours ago
  • Well my mom said I can’t have instagram but can I have the phone? I subbed to both

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  • Nice Video

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  • CEO of OMG!

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  • You should paint his pallet and give it to him! Just a thought

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  • I want fo like you

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  • What is the colour name pleas

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  • I mean why don't you bye an IPhone 11 pro max for you and only for others

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  • Hoping that i can win this💜

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  • How lucky james☹️

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  • Soo i have a question its just make me feel dizzy the question is how many times did james charles say "OMG"

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  • After wait for it there was a add lol

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  • I want to win smth, but I live in Russia👌

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  • I did it! I hope I win the giveaway!

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  • I feel so bad for you spending all that money

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  • I want that bag

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  • We're did u get all ur maney

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  • Done

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  • Omg how cooool!!

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  • He said hi sisters

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  • This is how many times did James Charles said ''oh my god''

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  • Looking like a SISTER SNACK!!!

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  • He has an IPhone XS max Hes buying IPhone 11 for everybody

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  • you deserve a subscribe for all the hard work and creativity!!!

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  • *zhc pulls something out* james charles: !!!oHmYgOdDd!!!

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  • Cool bags

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