Custom $10,000 Shoes For James Charles!! πŸ‘ŸπŸŽ¨ ft. James Charles (Giveaway)

Feb 10, 2020
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    ZHCZHC7 months ago
    • ZHC art is soooo cool

      Ella PresswoodElla Presswood3 days ago
    • hi

      Noora AlblooshiNoora Alblooshi6 days ago
    • They are so cool πŸ˜™

      Lucy RennerLucy Renner16 days ago
    • ZHC but l don’t have insta 😭

      Melilena CabreraMelilena Cabrera2 months ago
    • Same

      Say Say's WorldSay Say's World2 months ago
  • I love james

    Ayden PlayzAyden Playz11 hours ago
  • This is how many times James Charles said "OMG!!!!" I I I I I I I V

    Cory'sACERCory'sACERDay ago
  • Yo next thing I customized 10,000 stuff for dream- That would be cool just tell him to film him reacting to the stuff.

    Radyyah ChowdhuryRadyyah ChowdhuryDay ago
  • Only the people who have never won a getaway can like this

    Eton NgEton NgDay ago
  • He Zach king 2.0

    ANONYMOUS 13ANONYMOUS 132 days ago
  • Taco

    SloopesSloopes2 days ago
  • i miss leo in his vids

    Joshua WinstonJoshua Winston2 days ago
  • I'm just waiting for the day he says I'm coming to Jamaica I wold just love to meet him cuz he is the reason I started to do arf

    Tammy FrancisTammy Francis3 days ago
    • Art*

      Tammy FrancisTammy Francis3 days ago
  • im such a big fan

    bby_girl _tbby_girl _t4 days ago
  • did you James is actually a girl tenacity she transgender

    B GamingB Gaming4 days ago
  • the reason this video has 15 million views is cuz, both james and ZHC fans have united lol

    Aaryan PremAaryan Prem4 days ago
  • That guy is soo funny

    gaming lyamgaming lyam4 days ago
  • I hope you used fabric paint on those shoes otherwise thell dry up and be hella crusty

    Natalie RaffenotNatalie Raffenot4 days ago
  • James every second: OMG OMG OMGGGGGG hahahaha i love you James πŸ™‚πŸ’–πŸ‡§πŸ‡·πŸ‡§πŸ‡·πŸ‡§πŸ‡·πŸ‡§πŸ‡· BRAZILL

    Samilly SousaSamilly Sousa5 days ago
  • james: Omg Omg Nobody:

    The Morgan ChannelThe Morgan Channel5 days ago
  • I want to be an artist like ZHC

    AMAY GachaAMAY Gacha5 days ago
  • My brother just asked me to customize his most expensive pair of shoes ;-; I'm terrified

    Ari GachaAri Gacha5 days ago
  • This is fire

    Jasper hJasper h5 days ago
  • You are so sweet all of you are 😍🀩

    Aaron Kellie LockAaron Kellie Lock5 days ago
  • Hi there I would love to see you design an eye glass case πŸ˜… form an hardcore fan of your art

    apoorva singh jamwalapoorva singh jamwal5 days ago
  • How much they say omg 400

    Joker 90xdJoker 90xd6 days ago
  • When James say hi sister! I was like noooooo it's the monster that say hi sister!

    Gil ManaloGil Manalo6 days ago
  • Oh my gosh james is such a great artist

    Jane MJane M6 days ago
  • 4:13 where’s scruchy

    Z will never post againZ will never post again6 days ago

    tiger sharktiger shark6 days ago
  • و

    Noora AlblooshiNoora Alblooshi6 days ago
  • How many oh my god is he saying

    Cleoff JadeCleoff Jade6 days ago
  • this guy have serious $$$$$$$$$ dangggg

    Gabriela Nhicole FerrerGabriela Nhicole Ferrer7 days ago
  • :'3

    Chua Ai ninChua Ai nin7 days ago
  • Who are you Zach king????

    Alicia BurnsAlicia Burns7 days ago
  • My name is on his shirt

    Paris muthuiParis muthui7 days ago
  • The most funny thing that james said is "what did I even do deserve this"

    junimah laimanjunimah laiman7 days ago
  • You are kind

    Anbuchezhian VishruthaAnbuchezhian Vishrutha7 days ago
  • James is more hyperactive than I thought no offense but best reaction

    Shadow GTShadow GT8 days ago
  • They should do art on bags and shoes and I will literally buy them.

    Janelle DiazJanelle Diaz8 days ago
  • God loves you

    CCCraftieSSSCCCraftieSSS8 days ago
  • Idk what James is saying Jsjsjwjkwkwkwjw Lol

    FiaFia8 days ago
  • e

    Matvey FrolovMatvey Frolov8 days ago
  • Don

    Matvey FrolovMatvey Frolov8 days ago
  • did anyone rage when he placed boxes on his macbook?

    tatia kublashvilitatia kublashvili8 days ago
  • dude can i have a ps4

    sree nathsree nath9 days ago
  • I love your chanle

    Daneil MccarnDaneil Mccarn9 days ago
  • πŸ‘‡πŸ»

    Patricia CuaraquePatricia Cuaraque9 days ago
  • πŸ‘‡πŸ»πŸ‘‡πŸ»πŸ‘‡πŸ»πŸ‘‡πŸ»

    Patricia CuaraquePatricia Cuaraque9 days ago
    • πŸ‘‡πŸ»πŸ‘‡πŸ»

      Patricia CuaraquePatricia Cuaraque9 days ago
  • He should do a makeup video inspired by these ideas

    mansi sankhemansi sankhe9 days ago
  • H e y s i s t e r s 😘✌

    Chou SenhuiChou Senhui9 days ago
  • I will do it because I don’t have a one

    Julissa DubonJulissa Dubon10 days ago

    Een!e Meen!e7617 TAKEen!e Meen!e7617 TAK10 days ago
  • i love your l USkeys videos

    Shyenne EdmondShyenne Edmond10 days ago
  • how many times did James Charles say oh my god πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    thelazytrashcanthelazytrashcan10 days ago
  • I knew who is it gonna be when Zach said " hey sisters " lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    thelazytrashcanthelazytrashcan10 days ago
  • Imagine messing up on something like this 😨😨😨

    E gamer GirlE gamer Girl11 days ago
  • I am only just figured out your USkeys channel a few days ago, but I am obsessed with’re sto nice!and you too Michelle, and everyone else.πŸ’–πŸ˜‰β€οΈ

    Marc&Chai SchachterMarc&Chai Schachter11 days ago
  • Zack: DONT TRY THIS AT HOME!!!! Me: **goes outside**

    S AS A11 days ago
  • What is the brand of the markers?

    C.LiuC.Liu11 days ago
  • Aww the ending made my heart melt Zach/ZHC Is the best youtuber ever❀️

    ohnomarthaohnomartha12 days ago
  • Hi

    Raymond_ FullRaymond_ Full12 days ago
  • did you know james charles is actually marshmallow 😱😱

    Awais KarimAwais Karim12 days ago
  • When James Charles was opening the bags and shoes he said oh my god 31 TIMES!!

    A SeyerleA Seyerle12 days ago
  • Love it

    Aaliyah KahaniyaAaliyah Kahaniya13 days ago
  • can you get shoes

    Ma'leek SavaryMa'leek Savary13 days ago
  • LOL

    SwitchXLSwitchXL13 days ago
  • James Charles : Hai Sisters ! Everyone : Hello Brothers!

    Eirian LakeEirian Lake13 days ago
  • 0:08 ZHC : "hi sisters" Me : whaaatt?

    Syakira AuliaSyakira Aulia13 days ago
  • Put James Charles face on it

    Jessica MooreJessica Moore14 days ago
  • πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ–€πŸ–€

    Elida VelozElida Veloz15 days ago
    • πŸ¦„πŸ¦„πŸ’œπŸ’œ

      Elida VelozElida Veloz15 days ago
  • Am I the only one bothered about how he put the last marker the other way in the beginning

    august barkeaugust barke15 days ago
    • Yep

      A A L I A H H E R N A N D E ZA A L I A H H E R N A N D E Z14 days ago
  • I'm in the Philippines I'm your biggest fan

    Arriane LacsonArriane Lacson15 days ago
  • And I'm subscribe

    Arriane LacsonArriane Lacson15 days ago
  • Hey! What kind of markers are you using?

    MelodyYTMelodyYT15 days ago
  • He's wearing nails

    Charanae DentonCharanae Denton16 days ago
  • Me Breaks Phone: and has no phone for two years ZHC breaks phone: reachs right next to him and gets a new one Me again: WUT

    Shaila AlonsoShaila Alonso16 days ago

    BOBA TEABOBA TEA16 days ago
  • That's really nice of you to do that!

    Bunbun_ally BlehBunbun_ally Bleh16 days ago
  • James right after the video:hEy SiStERs

    The actual AvaThe actual Ava17 days ago
  • Hi Son and I want to go to your house I am be your child

    Kenia RodriguezKenia Rodriguez17 days ago
  • πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜Œ Do you want to don’t want to be $100 $1 trillion it’s going on let’s go I got Julian dollars I want to get 1000 out working on a map Amrap you can get your hundred dollars you keep Zoe much of a mess and clothes I wash some clothes cause I like to think because I love my

    Kenia RodriguezKenia Rodriguez17 days ago
  • $1000000000

    Kenia RodriguezKenia Rodriguez17 days ago
  • Nice

    Maricela GomezMaricela Gomez17 days ago
  • You are a really good painter

    Layla OsborneLayla Osborne17 days ago
  • Zach is officially the richest artist

    Tsuyu AsuiTsuyu Asui18 days ago
  • I ❀ the Balenciaga bagpac πŸŽ’πŸ§³

    Krtvi AggarwalKrtvi Aggarwal18 days ago

    Marko AndricMarko Andric18 days ago
  • A posca deve patrocinar ele......☺️🀭

    LΓ­via LawLΓ­via Law18 days ago
  • Who would win turkey or scuncheese

  • This is is how many time James said omg ------->

    Eva_ DivaEva_ Diva18 days ago
  • ZHC: hi sisters James Charles: hAi sIzTeRs

  • The second he said β€œhi sisters” I knew something was up

    Norah WalkerNorah Walker18 days ago
  • ZHC I loooooove your vids

    Brenda CusaniBrenda Cusani18 days ago
    • Like soo much

      Brenda CusaniBrenda Cusani18 days ago
  • Do yuo know james charles is Marshmallow ,

    Alefiyah HardawalaAlefiyah Hardawala18 days ago
  • Please give me a MacBook

    Siddhant ThakurSiddhant Thakur19 days ago
  • Zach: Hey sisters! Me: Are you James Charles Brother or what! And you guys Should have put his face on one of the Bags! Cause than He's GONNA FREAK OUT!!

    Bakugou KatsukiBakugou Katsuki19 days ago
  • I really want a backpack..... lol

    Erin vl0gsErin vl0gs19 days ago
  • πŸ‘’πŸŽ¨β€οΈ

    PewdPewd19 days ago
  • Ion like that look

    _ Fus3_ Fus319 days ago
  • At 3:19 and at 5:24 did he say HE will like It is SHE srry

    samarati sillya'inttysamarati sillya'intty19 days ago
  • I wanna try do some art like zhc style

    Ula UlaUla Ula19 days ago
  • James Charles is like "OH MY GAWD" he is like so surprise XD James said the Oof words

    Gamingwith Foxie UwUGamingwith Foxie UwU19 days ago
  • Omg I am so jealous

    Abby SchmitzAbby Schmitz19 days ago