Drew Kicks Off Her First Show with Her Charlie's Angels Sisters Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu

Sep 14, 2020
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Drew reunites with Charlie's Angels co-stars and real-life besties, Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu, to reminisce about their movies, discuss their 20-year-long friendship and to figure out who is receiving the lost video messages Drew keeps sending them.
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Drew Kicks Off Her First Show with Her Charlie's Angels Sisters Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu

  • You guys your movie are amazing

    Muan PiMuan Pi52 minutes ago
  • This is super awkward.

    Bobby ZhangBobby ZhangHour ago
  • I just watched Charlie's Angel's again recently. 🤗🤗🤗

    Amanda BrownAmanda BrownHour ago
  • I didnt know I needed this!!! thanks so much you guys!!! Love you all!!! Just amazing memories with you and your movies😍🙏🏻❤

    Jackie N.Jackie N.2 hours ago
  • I am so hooked with Charlie's Angels that my first email address & usernames are like an agent name, which I'm still using now 🤣

    jane alavejane alave3 hours ago
  • 😝I love them so much!💋friendship is one of the best gifts in life!✌️😚

    Gregori GuerraGregori Guerra5 hours ago
  • icons

    Andy DAndy D5 hours ago
  • Pretty cool camera work!

    S BS B7 hours ago
  • It’s impossible not to subscribe to your channel. Your segments are just amazing ❤️❤️❤️

    Sashika AzaliaSashika Azalia8 hours ago
  • Fun fact.. Lucy’s part was originally offered to Lauryn hill she said no.. than Aaliyah but she was too young.. though they would’ve been beyond amazing from my community (I honestly wish they had a fourth Angel that was black) I love Lucy

    B MOOREB MOORE8 hours ago
  • I’m so down with the positivity on this show!!

    G EastmanG Eastman8 hours ago
  • The only Angels I want to see, The new one was cringe!

    TeganTegan9 hours ago
  • Drew and Cameron looks like pure lovely souls in Hollywood (well Cameron quit) that’s something really good.

    Gama GgGama Gg11 hours ago
  • ❤💜💙

    Aidee CarmenAidee Carmen12 hours ago
  • Everyone looks amazing ❤

    Roimata WrigleyRoimata Wrigley13 hours ago
  • Drew's set is so cool. It doesn't give you weird vibes at all, it feels real.

    cryforthemooncryforthemoon13 hours ago
  • Best Charlies Angels'❤️

    Alex PanferovAlex Panferov15 hours ago
  • Like the interview, but who dressed them? Maybe it was planned.

    Bunny DavenportBunny Davenport15 hours ago
  • This is the biggest TV talk show disaster ever to be seen.

    KingofCommentsKingofComments17 hours ago
  • i never realized that drew talks so slow...

    Ativiseth PhinAtiviseth Phin18 hours ago
  • I just watched Charles Angels last night and then discovered Drew Barrymore's show! Soooooo happy for her and the guests are super supportive and encouraging. Love it!

    Heather JHeather J19 hours ago
  • That is one ugly dress she is wearing.

    winston smithwinston smith21 hour ago
  • Tom Green isn't funny in the least. Only stupid liberals find him funny.

    winston smithwinston smith21 hour ago
  • Only the gayest of all people watch this show. I bet my life that it will not last 2 months.

    winston smithwinston smith21 hour ago
  • Lucy. Damn.

    moresnaremoresnare21 hour ago
  • Lucy lu has not aged at all omg

    Amber JamesAmber James21 hour ago
  • I love ur charlies angels, its so girly n fun, i enjoy n watch it couple of times, im so glad that the friendship si real

    MM EarleneMM Earlene21 hour ago
  • They don’t even hug?

    Thiago Maia NepomucenoThiago Maia Nepomuceno21 hour ago
  • Why are the chairs sooooooo far away!!!!!!!! It is sooooooo weird!!!!!!!

    Thiago Maia NepomucenoThiago Maia Nepomuceno21 hour ago
  • Loved this ❤

    Leoni WardLeoni Ward23 hours ago
  • Girls look gorgeous ❤ but Lucy Liu... does she ever age? 😍 She looks like 20 years ago

    1miller i1miller i23 hours ago
  • I grew up with this version of Charlie's Angels and seeing them all back together and so happy and knowing how they want to live their life is so INSPIRATIONAL it made me teary (>___

    EdokkothefoolEdokkothefoolDay ago
  • Damn, Lucy did not age much. Asian don't raisin huh? 😀

    Feyd RauthaFeyd RauthaDay ago
  • The whole time cameron wasn't even there??? Are you kidding me?

    Nathan AlgrenNathan AlgrenDay ago
  • Interview was soooo cold and fake 😍😍. I love you Drew, but fake, fake

    Desiree KingDesiree KingDay ago
  • I actually really like this format. No audience makes these convos seem so much more intimate. I like just seeing Drew talk to people from her life and chat with them. I think she’d do well as the host of some kind of sit down 1 on 1 type series!

    Beenou1001Beenou1001Day ago
  • i was wondering the whole time, why doesn’t lucy really look at cameron? or only sits towards drew? she doesn’t like her? and it made me kinda sad bc i love the both and at the end i was like ahhh no wonder xD lol

    N mikaN mikaDay ago
  • Watching this reunion reminds me how much I miss seeing them in movies! All 3 are so immensely talented and so deserving of roles; it’s a shame Hollywood would rather invest in trashy one note starlets like Kristin Stewart and Scarlett Johansson instead of these industry vets :(

    divashalo 24divashalo 24Day ago
  • Just to clear up the confusion, there have been FOUR versions of Charlie's Angels, with 15 Angels overall: - The original 1976-81 TV series that originally starred Farrah Fawcett, Kate Jackson & Jaclyn Smith (and later Cheryl Ladd, Shelley Hack, & Tanya Roberts) - The 2000s film series w/ Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz & Lucy Liu - The short lived 2011 TV series that starred Minka Kelly, Annie Ilonzeh & Rachael Taylor - The 2019 movie w/ Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, & Ella Balinska

    Lamont SmallsLamont SmallsDay ago
  • The real Charlie's Angels.

    Drumphater HairEballsDrumphater HairEballsDay ago
  • Just rewatched Charlie’s Angels today for my birthday. One of my favorite movies! Watching this was a perfect surprise ❤️

    Jennifer LopezJennifer LopezDay ago
  • *Wow Drew Barrymore; Good to see the Charley's Angel's back together again! Will y'all make another film soon?*

    D.J. Nichols ComedyD.J. Nichols ComedyDay ago
  • That trick at the end got me!!!! 😂💜

    Brady HirdBrady HirdDay ago
  • I think this show is really good but I hate to see the “social distancing” its awkward how far apart everyone is sitting. Hug your friends and hug your quest we are humans and we need to be connected to other humans.

    Crystal SCrystal SDay ago
  • Who thought this would be a good idea? This is horrible

    Joy GoodwinJoy GoodwinDay ago
  • the first Charlie's Angels movie was released in 2000... all three of them barely aged after 20 years

    Lizzie's LukasLizzie's LukasDay ago
  • Drew, your show makes me just SMILE and LAUGH! You are such a beautiful, soulful, cosmic gem!!! You display authentic, poetic emotions, and that is just what we all need right now. This episode literally inspired me to send my bestie a short video telling her how much I love her! We love you Drew! Thank you! Soooooo happy you finally have your own show. xoxo

    BrookeBrookeDay ago
  • Cameron Díaz ..... Que mujer tan hermosa what a beautiful woman I miss seeing You i'm movies

    Daniel OchoaDaniel OchoaDay ago
  • Lucy went to my middle school i.s 145 in queens , the teachers never shut up about the fact a Charlie's angle used to go there

    Mary JaneMary JaneDay ago
  • Kate, Jaclyn, Farrah and Cheryl___ forever my Angels

    Mickey BMickey BDay ago
  • I just have one question for Lucy! What's the name of the cream? Cause you're just aging backwards girl!

    Sara SasimeSara SasimeDay ago
  • That's CRAZY that Cameron isn't really there!!!

    Disabled DabberDisabled DabberDay ago
  • Drew is just sending random people videos this in AMAZING!!!!

    Disabled DabberDisabled DabberDay ago
  • I LOVED by Charlie's Angels dvd as a girl!

    84Juliet8484Juliet84Day ago
  • Why are the chairs 3,927,560 miles away from each other ... it looks so stupid!

    ꧁Virtually Me꧂꧁Virtually Me꧂Day ago
  • And girl power kicking butt yeah xx

    Kim WilliamsKim WilliamsDay ago
  • Great video guys funny stories 😂 got to say Charlie's angels you ladies was my favourite angels xxx

    Kim WilliamsKim WilliamsDay ago
  • wait why are all the chairs so far apart? lol

    brandname101brandname101Day ago
  • They all look so great. 😍❤️❤️❤️ this is really cool🥰

    2 stah2 stahDay ago
  • Oh my goodness!!!! IM IN LOVE WITH THIS!

    Cactus_SquirrelCactus_SquirrelDay ago
  • Omg man Lucy Liu is still so Damn Beautiful 😍 My Favorite Angel ❤️

    AnthonyAnthonyDay ago
  • Happy Anniversary to the 3 lovely ladies who did Charlie's Angels!

    BooBop1987BooBop1987Day ago
  • Drew is so pure and endearing she touches my heart 🙏💛

    Violet MoonViolet MoonDay ago
  • No audience?

    Cheryl SheaCheryl SheaDay ago
  • No wonder why she looked bigger (Cameron Diaz) look at her chair, looks bigger, at first I tough maybe is a different type of chair or the camera was on her way, anyways... GREAT SHOW!

    Kitzia AcostaKitzia AcostaDay ago
  • This is like my childhood like fave trio movie. This is amazing ♥️

    Balbi Francesca PYBalbi Francesca PYDay ago
  • Drew, reunion movie pls.

    Jeric NaborJeric NaborDay ago
  • This is one of the best thing that happened in 2020 ✨

    Step AlfonsoStep AlfonsoDay ago
  • Good Morning Angels.... love the new show. 👏🏽👏🏻👏🏽

    Dis FamiliaDis FamiliaDay ago
  • Social distancing, six people clapping. Boooo 2020

    Marcia HamMarcia HamDay ago
  • Drew is such a class act. I absolutely love her and love how she genuinely loves the people around her.

    L R ML R MDay ago
  • There is something so nostalgic about Drew’s show. I was in jr. high and high school when a lot of these movies were popular. I want to have a weekend where I just binge watch early 2000’s movies now!

    taylor clarktaylor clarkDay ago
  • Omg can you make Charles angel again🙌🏻🤗🤗🤗

    Resse LeeResse LeeDay ago
  • 90s babies be lying if they’ll say this Charlie’s Angels haven’t been a part of their childhood. Cause it has been on mine, I would still be watching it once I see it on tv, it doesn’t age.

    Mai A.Mai A.2 days ago
  • Team LCD

    adrian sannyuadrian sannyu2 days ago
  • You gurls are the most my favorite Angels!!! Please make a sequel that y'all involved in the movie, Please I beggin' youu 😢😢

    Jossie CrushJossie Crush2 days ago
  • The asian genes coming out

    Binbin WasloBinbin Waslo2 days ago
  • I can't believe I missed this live!!!

    Gregory HarvardGregory Harvard2 days ago
  • So high cooked me

    Chyna KayChyna Kay2 days ago
  • Yessss.... my favourite angels!

    Seohyun YuyuSeohyun Yuyu2 days ago
  • I'm scared that this show is going to be drew talking through most of the interviews...

    Anthony StojanovskiAnthony Stojanovski2 days ago
  • I smiled ear to ear throughout this whole video 😩❤️

    Amber RiveraAmber Rivera2 days ago
  • The editing on this show is so choppy though

    Dawny KDawny K2 days ago
  • Where tf is the fashion police? Arrest Drew.

    Inezz MullinsInezz Mullins2 days ago
  • OMG..this awesome.. tears seeing you three again

    chinny cabutechinny cabute2 days ago
  • In 2020 talk shows have become scream-across-the-room shows.

    Stephanie MStephanie M2 days ago
    • TED Talks.

      Tamzin BradyTamzin BradyDay ago
  • Ya all some Sheroes! Good to see 💌

    remembereasyfulremembereasyful2 days ago
  • Drew doesn't let the others speak, awful

    SuperBruno666SuperBruno6662 days ago
  • I'd give my left leg to have a friendship like this

    Hey it's KimHey it's Kim2 days ago
  • 😭♥️ *The BEST ANGELS* please can we do a sequel, one more film.

    Justin SJustin S2 days ago
  • Made a movie, Wow. Reality must really suck! Had to drink a lot of wine to enjoy this segment. hahahahah

    Yahseq GooklerYahseq Gookler2 days ago
  • 👆🏼😇🙏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🦋 💥⚡️⚡️⚡️

    Fusionation RestoredFusionation Restored2 days ago
  • Omg Lucy os like the same 20 years ago. Look soooo Young

    chercocorchercocor2 days ago
  • I˙ve been to all your weddings lol

    Damn 070Damn 0702 days ago
  • Beautiful souls💕

    Sarah LancasterSarah Lancaster2 days ago
  • All together again wow these girls are amazing they make me proud to be a female

    Annette CuthbertsonAnnette Cuthbertson2 days ago
  • Am I the only one that feels a little bit uncomfortable due to the distance between the couches? They are so far away from each other. I feel it creates a feeling of distance and detachment. I don't know. It's just weird.

    Manuel EnriqueManuel Enrique2 days ago
    • @Kel y Bee me neither lol

      Manuel EnriqueManuel EnriqueDay ago
    • @Manuel Enrique I think they did it so us watching wouldn't know that they had a surprise at the end. It worked. I, for certain had no idea that Cameron wasn't there.

      Kel y BeeKel y BeeDay ago
    • @Kel y Bee Yeah but Cameron Diaz wasn't even there. Her image could have been put closer to the others...maybe?

      Manuel EnriqueManuel EnriqueDay ago
    • Social distancing vs. COVID.

      Kel y BeeKel y BeeDay ago
  • I couldn't stop smiling!

    T0nyT0ny2 days ago
  • I enjoy the show the one thing it makes me uncomfortable is the guests sitting so far away. I hope she invites Busy Phillips over.

    Steeven HydeSteeven Hyde2 days ago
  • they all look amazing and are fun to watch together reminisce

    CookingwithloveCookingwithlove2 days ago