Oct 28, 2020
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Friends in the Video
Moo Snuckel:

  • Moo: Its a child! (Lied but somehow predicts the ghost) Terroriser: NOT COOL! NOT COOL! Ghost: *was a child * Terroriser: Oh...Sorry Moo!

    Gud_BoiGud_Boi17 hours ago
  • 10:15

    ASSASSIN199998ASSASSIN1999982 days ago
  • 16:24 lmao that’s how you hunt ghosts XD

    StandBySkyStandBySky2 days ago
  • 18:51 I have never heard moo scream this much before

    Kevin LKevin L3 days ago
  • I love how Brian is in this terrifying situation yet the music is so happy lmfao

    Zoey VanDevevnterZoey VanDevevnter4 days ago
  • I bout peed from laughing so hard when moo's daughter brought him a snikers hahaha and they got freaked out

    wendigo among uswendigo among us4 days ago

    Spencer VanOchtenSpencer VanOchten8 days ago
  • He said Papa Johns and my dad is ordering the same atm.. wtf 😂

    _ 13ear_ 13ear8 days ago

      _ 13ear_ 13ear8 days ago
  • 18:52 monke

    SySy12 days ago
  • 5:05 she buried them in the septic tank with her husband lol. Also through the spririt box you can hear her say faintly...I didn't kill my husband

    deathking 4119deathking 411913 days ago
  • “Why is Hitler on the wall” Brian 2020

    Alex AndersonAlex Anderson13 days ago
  • 3:02 omg lol, he had to relieve some stress

    Alex AndersonAlex Anderson13 days ago
  • no ones talking about how brock is so soft and wholesome with his daughter but with terroriser, vanoss, wildcat, and all them he is so like- not soft but he is really wholesome

    rxse. clxxdrxse. clxxd14 days ago
  • It sounds like Brock is saying "NOGLA" when he sees the hand prints on the door.

    Owen DentonOwen Denton14 days ago
  • Brain: We all got massive testacles Vanosss character: I.... Nevermind

    Owen DentonOwen Denton14 days ago
  • Brain should’ve grabbed the Pringle’s can

    Employedprawn06Employedprawn0614 days ago
  • bon jovi

    Jazmin OrozcoJazmin Orozco15 days ago
  • I fucking lost it when he did the temp gag. That shit made me drool I was laughing so hard.

    KlixfateKlixfate19 days ago
  • WHY IS HITLER ON THE WALL As a polish subscriber I'll allow it

    JoePhenoixGamingJoePhenoixGaming24 days ago
  • Poor Brock was terrified :(

    Accalia Womilla Strawberry McFluffykinsAccalia Womilla Strawberry McFluffykins24 days ago
  • Hey brian did you know caral basken was on dancing with the stars and got out the second or 3 week

    StorysgamingStorysgaming24 days ago
  • A smudge stick a bundle of Sage...

    Midnight Howler2Midnight Howler226 days ago
  • I click z- video. Brian: "Okay. Velcome to.." Clicks to Full Screen- accidentally clicks to outro ..Shave muh balls~

    Alma RazoAlma Razo27 days ago
  • Is no one going to talk about how Vanoss sounds so scared at 3:24 it’s so sad

    Giorno giovaana PpGiorno giovaana Pp29 days ago
  • Opens basment "I got some Candy"

    Ace UserAce UserMonth ago
  • I thought this guy was Irish not German

    Lone WolfLone WolfMonth ago
  • 9:51 XD

    El Tigre 98El Tigre 98Month ago
  • Random question Brian would you be willing to on a stream or for a video play the mafia trilogy i feel like you'd have a good input and voices of course.

    intheshadows428intheshadows428Month ago
  • Tip: You need to light the smudge stick in the room where the ghost is

    CarnoGODCarnoGODMonth ago
  • I love how he said that last I don’t know

    Mr. OutletsMr. OutletsMonth ago
  • I’m from the Pacific Northwest

    JackMaker VGJackMaker VGMonth ago
  • When Moo said he heard something I thought he was gonna have his daughter whisper or something right then. That would've been hilarious

    Simone MercerSimone MercerMonth ago
  • We need more lol

    SaphPlayzSaphPlayzMonth ago
  • That one cut to when Brian has his hand in front of his face scared me

    Rocket man 2096Rocket man 2096Month ago
  • please do more of that game

    ryan harbinsonryan harbinsonMonth ago
  • Calls himself a badass, then heads back to the truck immediately after being scared. What a wimp.

    ryaku5ryaku5Month ago
  • why does he sound like serge off beverly hills cop 3 at the start

    Hill LotHill LotMonth ago
  • Just Moo saying "honey, you gotta go upstairs" to his daughter is ❤️😂

    Omarys TorresOmarys TorresMonth ago
  • they need to get Basically to do this

    Phoebe WatsonPhoebe WatsonMonth ago
  • let’s be honest in the intro , he sounds like richthofen explaining multiple universes

    skylar simpsonskylar simpsonMonth ago
  • Please do more of this

    Dalton HallDalton HallMonth ago
  • 9:51 Moo’s daughter makes her appearance known in spooky house! XD

    alexjswabs45alexjswabs45Month ago
  • MiniMoo: Imma be a good girl and bring dad a snickers! Moo: aw how sweet! Brian: has a mini heart attack

    TurtleObsessedTurtleObsessedMonth ago
  • Ok but did anyone get the Aliens reference?

    Colby LindColby LindMonth ago
  • Anyone else think Brian should play this game with the Irish lads

    Mister RedMister RedMonth ago
  • 18:50 .... That scream. lmao

    Cyber SparkCyber SparkMonth ago
  • The exit dab reminded me of Vanoss' dab elbow lol

    Jack BSneakJack BSneakMonth ago
  • 9:50 to 10:20

    ASSASSIN199998ASSASSIN199998Month ago
  • What VR set does he have?

    Zanko 2Zanko 2Month ago
  • Nobody: Moo daughter: i got some candy Freak outmode engaged

    Silver ClawSilver ClawMonth ago
  • 10:16💀💀💀💀💀

    Jäger BigspookyJäger BigspookyMonth ago
  • I actually understand Brian's reaction to the sudden Moo child speaking. I've been jumpscared by little kids after watching horror games before

    Foxy The PirateFoxy The PirateMonth ago
  • Please play this a bit more, not too much but a bit more as this is funnier than hell.

    Active EntropyActive EntropyMonth ago
  • 10:31 ALLAH

    Dr. BrightDr. BrightMonth ago
  • i feel moo's pain i hit my hand on a fan every time i wake up

    MultiMultiMonth ago
  • Love your content Bryan !

    AtillaAtillaMonth ago
  • I dont blame you Bryan. I would be too

    Aspien GirlAspien GirlMonth ago
  • This was a really good video. Please do more

    SamiSamiMonth ago
  • Mogę*

    marcin koteckimarcin koteckiMonth ago
  • Mote

    marcin koteckimarcin koteckiMonth ago
  • Finally, the one person to scare Brian is Moo's Daughter.

    Vegito946 The DracoslayerVegito946 The DracoslayerMonth ago
  • 5:36 how does hello turn into help and adult?

    BettrThnURBettrThnURMonth ago
  • Brock last word: aHHHhhH! AhH! aHh! aHH! AHH! ahh! AHHHHHH!! *DEAD*

    Night OwlNight OwlMonth ago
  • Rictofen ended up in the wrong game 🤣🤣

    Eren AliEren AliMonth ago
  • Play five nights at freddy’s vr

    Tuntuber 21Tuntuber 21Month ago
  • They don't even realize it was actually Carol Anderson XD Nvm, love ya guys! (from a fan's point of view)

    StarryGirl 14StarryGirl 14Month ago
  • Carol Baskin killed her husband

    The Lit Owl Fish 123The Lit Owl Fish 123Month ago
  • I can't believe it I have been watching this guy's since I was 6 and now I'm 14 they still make me laugh af

    BuNNyf1uffy GamingBuNNyf1uffy GamingMonth ago
  • Vanoss in VR when?

    Yandere _ PainfallYandere _ PainfallMonth ago
  • Moo's screams are golden from AHHH!! pause AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Zn4rfZn4rfMonth ago
  • Someone needs to animate 12:40 i think it would be hilarious

    Dylan HoffmanDylan HoffmanMonth ago
  • My new motto.. “GET PAID AND GET LAID.”

    DayConDayConMonth ago
  • Different background music during the hunting suspense could really help. The comical orchestration doesn't help the mood. Overall great video though!

    Justin SampsonJustin SampsonMonth ago
  • Why is venoss so short

    Simba. sLSimba. sLMonth ago
  • You guys.i ed!

    Karimba LeofasaKarimba LeofasaMonth ago
  • it was good til the dabbing

    Zehilewolf Reviews and moreZehilewolf Reviews and moreMonth ago
  • Idk if anyone has said but your body clips through the door sometimes so you can still die even if the door is closed

    Marty BowmanMarty BowmanMonth ago
  • Okay in the beginning when Brain was explaining everything, Did anyone else got TFS Hellsing vibes?

    Elemental ArrowElemental ArrowMonth ago
  • YO We got the same headset its so nice to see someone who dosen't use one of the quests

    Kuma ThaBearKuma ThaBearMonth ago
  • I love how moo is so sweet and calm with his daughter, he's so soft with her ugh

    CeciCeciMonth ago
  • Tbh i was expecting a much bigger scare but even then it was cute to hear moos daughter sneak in just to give him candy lol

    FMJ RavenFMJ RavenMonth ago
  • Moo’s scream made me piss myself aahahhahahahahaha

    Tres EscuetaTres EscuetaMonth ago
  • I love this video please post more

    Phil WarnerPhil WarnerMonth ago
  • Ghost hunting school Cool

    CMPLXCMPLXMonth ago
  • "We get paid, we get laid, we sniff some cocaine, we have a party" I miss those days... lmao.

    Myssuh MorganMyssuh MorganMonth ago
  • 9:51 Poor Brian getting a panic attack almost by Moo's daughter 😂😂😂 Damn I definitely love her sneaking into her Moo's office lol

    Victoria1676Victoria1676Month ago
  • I loved the way how you acted in the beginning because I was laughing so hard.

    Ferny CampoyFerny CampoyMonth ago
  • The Paranormal Action Squad should investigate.

    ZentikZentikMonth ago
  • Theres a map you get chesd by a demon

    Oswal ClausOswal ClausMonth ago
  • This video was so funny it just made everyones day

    Geovanni AyalaGeovanni AyalaMonth ago
  • I don't even know who this is... All I know is that he records with Vanoss and Moo all the time.

    Namrek IstosNamrek IstosMonth ago
  • I didn’t know we were learning ghost hunting from Professor Von Kriplespac

    SepticSoldier13SepticSoldier13Month ago
  • Yessss you convinced the boys to play! Even vanoss this is very exciting!

    Megami ProMegami ProMonth ago
  • Brian if you want to know you have to watch your friend die on a cam that’s how to witness a something

    SlayVodSlayVodMonth ago
  • Am I the only one that got so scared when the ghost came through the laundry room

    Mjay KingMjay KingMonth ago
  • Dude you were amazing in this gameplay session 😂😂 Please keep up with the vibe 👌🏽👌🏽 On Moo’s video your character and the hand movements made the whole experience 😂😂

    Nicolas AlviarezNicolas AlviarezMonth ago
  • People hate brian for shit. And it moght be for gud reason but he just wants to have fun and be himself and its amazing and cool

    Taking the LTaking the LMonth ago
  • Love this

    Luis OrtizLuis OrtizMonth ago
  • I looked at the name of the video, it’s not carol it’s her husband and the cat she fed her husband to

    Aidan ThomasAidan ThomasMonth ago
  • Imagine if someone could play the ghost... Now imagine that some one was SeaNanners

    RedRam IpsenRedRam IpsenMonth ago