Craziest NBA Moments of 2019/2020

Dec 17, 2019
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The craziest plays and highlights of the 2019/20 NBA Season so far! (Regular Season and Preseason)
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  • Alex curso dunk champion 2021

    Giuliani DowningGiuliani Downing2 days ago
  • 6:35

    SongCentralSongCentral4 days ago
  • Jazz vs Memphis Tiger

    Solomon ColeSolomon Cole6 days ago
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    Ted MikeTed Mike7 days ago
  • 1:55 lololol

    マラドーナマラドーナ14 days ago
  • bóng chuyền à ?

    Ánh Lê NgọcÁnh Lê Ngọc15 days ago
  • Fun fact: you are not watching this in full screen

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    • Actually I was

      TutuzynTutuzyn16 days ago
  • I bet you max wont pin this

    Emmet ScottEmmet Scott19 days ago
  • 97% do video Lakers 3% outros times que tem estrelas mto boas tambem

    Vitor PramioVitor Pramio20 days ago
  • 3:12 i hate this man’s voice so much

    hauxoncrackkkhauxoncrackkk21 day ago
  • stupid compilation

    Beka TilahunBeka Tilahun23 days ago
  • მოგიტყან დედა

    ZaqutaaZaqutaa23 days ago
  • 0:20 he got dunked on so hard he turned into a ghost

    PBeast 2KPBeast 2K24 days ago
  • Lebron my guy

    Mia BainesMia BainesMonth ago
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  • 1.94

    أخبار كورةأخبار كورةMonth ago
  • Phionex are doing great these days

    LokmαηeLokmαηeMonth ago
  • I'm just here because of LBJ .... 😂

    Deserie DeserieDeserie DeserieMonth ago
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  • 2:48 best play

    Csaw 10Csaw 102 months ago
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  • 2:05 didn't count ..

    Batuhan IşıkBatuhan Işık2 months ago
  • LeBron's first dunk was so hard his hair almost came off

    WingsuiterWingsuiter2 months ago

    Eyram SegbedjiEyram Segbedji2 months ago
  • 1:55 hahahah Just look at the dude celebrating in the background and then the disappointment right after😂😂

    Eris BEris B2 months ago
    • Diei2iei888282800102i3. 2W2QL2MM2 . S . Xmkek3ii22

      evade_ Blazeevade_ Blaze2 months ago
  • Nice

    King Justice GamingKing Justice Gaming2 months ago
  • was waiting for the special effects for each awesome move lool. Sorry koroko no basket brought me here. This is so cool!

    This girl has infired jamsThis girl has infired jams2 months ago
  • Wow what a well composed reel, perfection brother!

    MattejkoMattejko2 months ago
  • We need more lillard

    Supreme GeoSupreme Geo2 months ago
  • the first clip is not a jaw dropping moment it is so overrated its everywhere and it is not good, disliked

    Benjamin BandyBenjamin Bandy2 months ago
  • What if that kyrie shot went in. It would be crazy

    Без имениБез имени2 months ago
  • why put 2020 in the title when this was uploaded in 2019? clickbait much?

    Jack johnsonJack johnson2 months ago
    • Jack johnson it was the 2019 to 2020 season

      Ethan YiEthan Yi2 months ago

    Lex SteeleLex Steele2 months ago
  • Luka doncic it's superb

    Vicky AtmawijayaVicky Atmawijaya2 months ago
  • top

    Niandra Carvalho A.Niandra Carvalho A.2 months ago
  • These commentators are simply brilliant🙌

    Masopha PatrickMasopha Patrick2 months ago
  • 1:00 umm travel ? excuse me ? hello ?

    Equality FreedomEquality Freedom2 months ago
  • This y LeBron is the best

    The Underachieving GamerThe Underachieving Gamer2 months ago
  • my idol lebron james🔥

    Gracio LGracio L2 months ago
  • TervStegen has rather perfected the art of being rooted to the spit while twisting his entire torso around to watch the ball go in.

    Emmanuel EnyinwaEmmanuel Enyinwa3 months ago
  • 1:56 Javonte🤣

    YoungGrizzlyYoungGrizzly3 months ago
  • that harden dunk is already count it just happend that rolls it back looks like it pops out from the ring lol

    Nikuno Speaker boxNikuno Speaker box3 months ago
  • Nd😂

    bekir aydinbekir aydin3 months ago
  • 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

    Gel kris LabisGel kris Labis3 months ago
  • Yooo is no one gonna talk about buddy getting dematerialized on the first clip 😂

    jibri Taylorjibri Taylor3 months ago
  • LeBron rly carried this whole reel still class tho 😂

    Conor KennedyConor Kennedy3 months ago
  • I been on ig so much i tried to double tap to like

    Darren RawlsDarren Rawls3 months ago
  • Caruso is a goat, he just doesn’t get enough credit

    Solo Warrior321Solo Warrior3213 months ago
  • Bruh why is there no Stephen curry shots?

    Tahir zawadTahir zawad3 months ago
  • he did it

    sen kangsen kang3 months ago
  • lol that towards the end every other highlight is against the knicks

    MegaHi2345MegaHi23453 months ago
  • nice bro...nice play

    iMJ sportsiMJ sports3 months ago
  • "The Bald Mamba". I know they mean well, but that's kinda mean.😂

    Rambo CaloyRambo Caloy3 months ago
  • Caruso really got one of the coldest bounces in the whole nba

    Curtis KimCurtis Kim3 months ago
  • If the refs can verify that a 3 was a 3 minutes later then they could’ve and should’ve awarded the Rockets 2 points for that Harden dunk. It’s not that hard.

    Willie SmithWillie Smith3 months ago
  • KING is back

    Justin HungJustin Hung3 months ago

    Роман РезонтовРоман Резонтов3 months ago
  • 4:29

    Loop.Loop.3 months ago
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    2K Swish2K Swish4 months ago
  • Alex caruso 🐐

    Deniz BozkurtDeniz Bozkurt4 months ago
  • I’ll still never understand how that Harden dunk wasn’t counted as a bucket.

    Robin Hall Jr.Robin Hall Jr.4 months ago
  • Low key feel bad for the guy who got dunked on by Lebron in the first clip

    SkullBomberSkullBomber4 months ago
  • I swear i could watch people dunking on each other for hours

    Viva _Viva _4 months ago
  • 5:09 Watch people die inside

    edgyedgy4 months ago
  • Cool vid

    Maxwell LevinMaxwell Levin4 months ago
  • 11:15 furk

    Muhammed ŞtinMuhammed Ştin4 months ago
  • So 2:05 counts right?

    Keith DickKeith Dick4 months ago
  • I love the way you leave the audio going for a second once the next clip starts, really subtle but makes the video much smoother

    Homer SimpsonHomer Simpson4 months ago
  • The king still dunking like crazy

    Dave ToxicDave Toxic4 months ago
  • Bro Tatum push Paul George you can even see it bruhhh

    Paul JPaul J4 months ago
  • "The bald mamba" 💀💀

    Matthew BarbosaMatthew Barbosa4 months ago
  • ja morant is the roty

    Randhika IkraRandhika Ikra4 months ago
  • "From another universe!!"

    ShEiP23ShEiP235 months ago
  • 2:00 this game was ridiculous, rockets get robbed

    TႬპტTႬპტ5 months ago
  • Lebron James the best player in the world . I love him when l watch him l am feeling to be in the of this stadium because of the emotions they

    Amina SarrAmina Sarr5 months ago
    • The best all time

      Amina SarrAmina Sarr5 months ago
  • Xd

  • starting with the king make this video so powerful #GOAT23JAMES💪

    Joy RonsairoJoy Ronsairo5 months ago
  • So you are gonna have ben simmons hitting a wide open three but not Jaylen Brown dunking on lebron?

    kobe bryantkobe bryant5 months ago
  • Kairy Irving jajajajajajaja🦊 1:43

  • I just want to know if anyone had the same amount of highlight(s) as the Raptors (1).

    SkillzFromThe6SkillzFromThe66 months ago
  • 2:15

    ツp8ツp86 months ago
  • .

    LILDBLOK412 GamingLILDBLOK412 Gaming6 months ago
  • this_is great. alright. thank youll alright.

    Mr.charles Lincoln ByronMr.charles Lincoln Byron6 months ago
  • 12:12 Perfect

    fikri AkmALfikri AkmAL6 months ago
  • Lebron is still so good its crazy to think this is year 17

    Trevor SmithTrevor Smith6 months ago
  • Uh...yeah this is what I do in quarantine just re watch ya know...R.I.P Basketball.

    ManiYittManiYitt6 months ago
  • My name is fe4less don't be ubaris

    Lil day FoR ThE wInLil day FoR ThE wIn6 months ago
  • I miss Kobe😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇

    Lil day FoR ThE wInLil day FoR ThE wIn6 months ago
  • 9:35 Jayson Tatum Was not on the 3 pt line...he was made a 2 but they said he made a 3

    The JuiceThe Juice6 months ago
  • Not even gonna lie; this is the first vid I watched from you and it’s way better than everyone else! Everyone else starts with a stupid and annoying sports phone case ad. You dont! You also have a variety of shots. Man you deserve more subs and attention for this work. Keep it up dude. Seriously! I mean seriously great content

    Bounce PlayzBounce Playz6 months ago
  • God i miss basketball man...

    fingersonfire4ghfingersonfire4gh6 months ago
  • 12:08 Just Wow

    Lucas SouzaLucas Souza6 months ago
  • i’m here watching highlights because i miss the nba :((

    Marcel Claudio.Marcel Claudio.7 months ago
  • 666 comments spooky

    MrMILMrMIL7 months ago
  • 1:51 THE KINGS BEAT THE BOSTON CELTICS! I guess it’s really just unheard for the Kings to win

    Luke WaddellLuke Waddell7 months ago
  • 5:17 that’s would’ve been the biggest air ball If he wasn’t there lol

    Erik HernandezzzErik Hernandezzz7 months ago
  • And now it’s canceled

    VRN BANDSVRN BANDS7 months ago
  • We should stop celebrating the step back push off as a highlight. Anyone can push the defender to get open.

    Cam FreeCam Free7 months ago