Michael and Angela Break Up because she sneaky | 90 Day Fiancé

Oct 15, 2020
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Michael and Angela Break Up because | 90 Day Fiancé. Michael and Angela talk about all the issues in their relationship on the Tell All. Angela and Michael Get Married and Divorced | 90 Day Fiance. Angel and michael drama is getting out of control. We figure out Michael has been using angela in order to go to America because he has always wanted to see where yourwetsock grew up. The number 1 youtuber in the world Yourwetsock doesn't miss shots.
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  • There are so many well-groomed, good-looking women of mature age. She is not one of them, not even in 1%. Instead of looking for problems in him, she should quit smoking, lose weight, and do something about oxidant-burned hair. 'Karen', get over it and take care of yourself.

    Dorota BytomDorota Bytom12 hours ago
  • Michael has to have the lowest self esteem in the world.

    Connor Dusty HickoryConnor Dusty Hickory20 hours ago
  • Woooo that intro

    Hannah LoveHannah LoveDay ago
  • If he wants a child, and he knew she can’t give him a child, why did he marry her then . Of course he married her for a visa typically Nigerians .

    Naa AkuaNaa AkuaDay ago
  • Angela is the definition of Trailer Trash. Michael is way too classy for this Angelo, yes Angelo bcs she acts like a dude. Disgusting. Michael run...

    MariMari2 days ago
  • Angela is mad because she is not going to change anything to meet him halfway cause she is the one who has to wear the pants. Control freak.

    MattMatt2 days ago
  • I really wish this title wasn't clickbait. Micheal deserves somebody who actually gives a shit about him. Her should join my corps Edit:Even my corps will give this dude more freedom than this bitch Comment #2: You know when you get called out by colt you fucked up

    Mark GrangeMark Grange2 days ago
  • Angela is like a big ol' bowl of macaroni and cheese, with a Walmart sticker on the side, and an eagle sitting on the top

    MGAE EeeeMGAE Eeee2 days ago
  • I'm so sick of Angela because of her abusive attitude towards Michael. She's disgusting..

    Debra LockhartDebra Lockhart2 days ago
  • I think there was major racism to why the majority of them ganged up on Michael. I use to like Elizabeth and Andre and now I don't. And the show host was antagonizing him by asking stereotypical questions like "will you get another wife?" Yet these people are defending Angela because she is American. American or not. Manners over nationality is what I choose. Angela has no class, is disrespectful to her husband, and disrespectful to her mother in law. If she was Black, they would call her "ghetto". But literally that is what she is, a white Medea yet she is held to a high regard by the other couples. And treated better despite her lack of manners.

    meepmeep95meepmeep953 days ago
  • Angela is straight hood!

    Paula CreightonPaula Creighton3 days ago
  • You are hilarious love the comment taking 🤪😝😜

    ShayleeShaylee3 days ago
  • If she did cheat then all I can say is hell yeahhhh!!!!! Proud of you about damn time. He was a womanizer from the get cmon now.

    J ViewzzJ Viewzz4 days ago
  • Angela, yes everyone knows you are American, but guess what, you chose a Nigerian for a husband. You went to Nigeria to marry him. You the one spending your money and time on him. He ain't spending on you. So when you say some of the hot air, that comes out of your mouth. You just come of as a joke, coz everyone is laughing at the ignorance and arrogance. And if im the immigration officer watching and listening to what you say n do. I believe Michael is best staying back in his mother land, coz I don't believe he would be safe coming to USA with your temper and Character. And Michael if you know what's best for you stay home my brother over here, you might end up in the jail for nothing. USA is not like Nigeria, my brother. I honestly like you both, but stay in your respective countries for your safety Michael. Or Angela move to Nigeria.

    Catherine FrancisCatherine Francis4 days ago
  • Old hag!

    Losana GavidiLosana Gavidi4 days ago
  • He knew the outcome she cannot make kids

    Lillian LouisyLillian Louisy5 days ago
  • I m an American I m an American...i m so fed up listening to this!! Go find an American and leave poor Michael alone you whale!!!

    EliEli6 days ago
  • Michael run my guy...this woman horrible....you are deserving of better💕

    Samantha JohnsonSamantha Johnson6 days ago
  • So, does it mean an American wife does not respect her husband, even if the husband is an American too? 🤷🏽‍♀️🤔

    folasade solabifolasade solabi6 days ago
  • As a soon to be baby stripper it’s not about us it’s about the guy. What the hell do you look like paying another bitch yo give you a lap dance?? Larissa is right we only care about the money but the guy only cares about having a young pretty fat ass grind on his bulge!!! It’s the principle and purpose behind it that’s why she’s upset. She’s not upset at the stripper for hustling, she’s upset at a married man for partaking in single bachelor/bachelorette activities 🤷🏼‍♀️ sorry something should be left behind once you enter the married/serious relationship life (Yes I’m aware Michael didn’t get one but I get why she’s pissed lmaoo but at the same time why go to a strip club if you don’t want ya man hoein out. No offense guys but a good amount of y’all LACK self control)

    BleachedBrownSugarBabeBleachedBrownSugarBabe6 days ago
  • Michael need start wrong look for used scammed for anything kind front America beacuse he wont take fully public which that he had first ex wife with bring two children with him because behind not know that Angela which find he still look for the stripper club with two women hoe cheat first ex wife plan soon divorced on him then but Michael still lair not honest front his parents beacuse casue Angela have self problem with anger and 🚬 not good healthy ..he self which best right match his 31 yrs old have more children THAN Angela 55 yrs old have 6 kid growing and great children in texas

    Tran TalleyTran Talley7 days ago
  • you are full of shit and make no sense

    mike eveansmike eveans7 days ago
  • I swear the way you do her voice i laught soooo hard my kids are looking at me like 🤷🏻‍♀️😳

    Roxanne BrunetRoxanne Brunet7 days ago
  • Why did she go to a strip club anyway then?

    Theresa DyckmanTheresa Dyckman7 days ago
  • OMG. Angela wants her cake and I eat it too. Micheal get out now. We all know she's on her weight loss venture. It's too bad there is not a diet for her big mouth. Michael, You can do better. Please dont allow this woman to disgrace your dignity. Do not accept the verbal abuse she throws at you. Good luck. You're gonna need it.

    Connie Spicer BenfieldConnie Spicer Benfield7 days ago
  • Shes just nasty yall. Obnoxious, loud mouth, liar, thinks she's all that but she's useless. Too old to be acting like a 16 yo girl. Grow TF up already.

    medic sturchmedic sturch7 days ago
  • Wait so why is Angela wearing a mask wrong in her own home?

    Kaliegh KerichenkoKaliegh Kerichenko7 days ago
  • Let's not bash the American culture. Women are equal here. We share responsibilities with our mates and we demand equàl rights for ALL walks of life. Not saying there is still more work to do because there is.... BUT the USA CULTURE LIES IN OUR FREEDOM AND OUR "OPTIONS".

    Jade maJade ma7 days ago
  • Is it possible to 54 age women who give birth to a baby, maybe not ?????

    Crazy PathanCrazy Pathan8 days ago
  • I just LOVE watching you! But you need to be on MORE! And your brother is hysterical too! Since having to stay home, your keep me laughing in such a dire time....

    Bullydog LoverBullydog Lover8 days ago
  • Ángela Trump

    Miguel OrregoMiguel Orrego8 days ago
  • I deff want you to host,👏👏👏

    Cleo VintoraCleo Vintora8 days ago
  • Yes hire you!!🤣🤣

    Cleo VintoraCleo Vintora8 days ago
  • Juba the hutt🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

    Cleo VintoraCleo Vintora8 days ago
  • At this point I do not feel sorry for Michael!

    Andrea’s BlackfirstAndrea’s Blackfirst8 days ago
  • Who's twin bed is that though? Lol I hope not yours

    Dee A.Dee A.8 days ago
  • She's too much...Micheal she used you for the show...count your loses and move on...you are young

    Leslie StewartLeslie Stewart9 days ago
  • What is up with the stupid half- assed attempt of Angela wearing a mask? As a med tech, she knows if you don't have your nose covered, you're not wearing a mask! Plus she is on the computer! Who is she "protecting"? She is so bizarre, I can't begin to comprehend what Michael sees in her. She is a train wreck!

    Barbara AndersonBarbara Anderson9 days ago
  • Watching season 3 of Happily ever after, they all ganging up on Mohammed and Anfisa, like they don’t deserve to be in US and stuff like that. I don’t understand what it is with thinking that US is some sorta of supreme country. I am a green card holder myself and I came here on 90 day, my husband’s family treating me same horrible way and my sister in law told me I should be greatfull to be in this country where her grandfather’s fought for people freedom.

    Lilia MatthiaeLilia Matthiae10 days ago
  • If you think all african families are that bad like "you need to be submissive" you are wrong. My husband is african and when we fight his family is always very sweet to me and screams at him. Like his mom is the sweetest person on earth but God forbid my husband makes me upset she becomes the personification if a banshee and rips him a new one. One time he asked his mom "Do you want her to be my husband and me to be her wife? Because she is always right to you!" And his mom told him "I don't care what you think. I like this woman, i don't like anyone else, so if she leaves you because you make her upset, don't plan on coming back home because I am not opening the door for you if she is not there with you". I am even sorry for my husband and avoid telling his mom and sisters when we fight because they really tear him apart and he is so mortified that i just try to solve the problem without involving them. That being said I always liked angela, but this time I am pretty upset at how he handled the whole thing. Her husband clearly likes big girls (many african men do, including mine, who is opposed to me loosing weight on my hips because he loves big hips and thighs) so she doesn't need a weight loss surgery. She agreed to having a child and now she is pulling back. She needs to use that money to give her husband a child. I married my husband and started trying immediately as it was his wish and i got pregnant after one year and now we have a 2 year old together. I mean... I am pretty meek as a person, but if you run me the wrong way and you go out of your way to piss me off i am going to explode and scream while crying my eyes out. That is how I am, and me and my husband fight for petty things and always make up, but in some major fights i had to call his family to put some sense into him cause he is stubborn and can't see reason sometimes. It always worked. Those people are the best bunch i have met in my whole life. I can really not pay back all they have done for me

    Irene RandazzoIrene Randazzo10 days ago
  • My take is that she seems to be telling people that women in the United States of America treat American men like shit .

  • If Angela was a man and treated a woman how she treats Michael, she would be in jail.

    Stella FStella F10 days ago
  • Why is she wearing that thing on her face? That's not just a mask isn't it?

    jelly beansjelly beans11 days ago
  • Agree this couple is a car wreck and Angela is abusive. But seriously, guys, do not gawk at other women when you are with your lady. It is flat out rude. Unless you don't care if your lady gawks at other guys. Something for people to discuss and agree about. Angela clearly has self esteem issues. And Michael's aunt needs to STFU. None of her business. I do think Michael deserves better treatment. He's incredibly patient.

    Dianna TDianna T11 days ago
  • Wow, who would want a person who’s that out of control with her behavior in public, so just imagine when she’s in private how she would treat her man in the relationship?! Can you spell “NARCISSIST”?

    Miguel Mena-TorresMiguel Mena-Torres11 days ago
  • She's TRASH

    chello Manriquezchello Manriquez11 days ago
  • Omg I freaking love you channel my phone died so I’m on my moms account but she subscribed because why not

    Sherri WilliamsSherri Williams11 days ago
  • Angela is a 62 year old toddler. As soon as Michael get that greencard I PROMISE you he will leave that toxic marriage

    Monel RMonel R12 days ago
  • Ok correct me if im wrong... but when I was learning about the human reproduction, women at a certain age can no longer have children..... did Michael not know that? I mean.... come on.... there are even younger women that have a hard time having children.

    ChefRondaEChefRondaE12 days ago
  • New subscriber here. Idk how I ended up here but I absolutely love this page 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


    Carmela HammerCarmela Hammer13 days ago
  • angela hast no good manner at all! arrogant and very dominant old Lady!

    Carmela HammerCarmela Hammer13 days ago
  • Who is the ugly cartoon he mentioned regarding Angela

    K.R VinodK.R Vinod13 days ago
  • Angela an colty get together you won't spoil a pair.

    Rish ClementRish Clement13 days ago
  • Colt tlc get rid of him.ugh

    Rish ClementRish Clement13 days ago
  • Listen Angela... Americans are great people. and they are polite and well mannered. So dont make being American an excuse for being obnoxious, a liar and a bully

    Kalpana ShresthaKalpana Shrestha14 days ago
  • Michael is weak and let's himself be abused

    Brenda CarterBrenda Carter15 days ago
  • Michael has no backbone! Angela is completely toxic and abusive! Just image the fresh hell he's going to be in living in the U.S. in the house she owns.🤦‍♀️

    Patricia FerrazasPatricia Ferrazas15 days ago
  • Angela will never give Michael a child, she never had that 8n her mind(she told him that she had cancer just to make him feel bad for her an then he can still marry her~ that was only a fairy tale~) Angela never wants to have more kids. Since the beggining of their relashionship I knew that a& I feel so sorry for Michael. That what she make( a big show & sceam bad words to him) poor guy!😢. He's realy nice/ respectful person

    Adi MenaAdi Mena15 days ago
  • 30 seconds to Mars the kill, such a classic ❤

    Anime lover1603Anime lover160315 days ago
  • This woman is mad, she is creating a bad name for American women

    SBH ShembeSBH Shembe15 days ago
  • Michael is so desparate for the green

    Pfano MukhodobwanePfano Mukhodobwane15 days ago
  • Halo I'm from Malaysia wau women lick ds not good

    Rosnah AhmadRosnah Ahmad16 days ago
  • She is so toxic

    Kourtney WKourtney W16 days ago
  • Does that mean you don't respect your significant other?...these are two different cultures.

    Jay KayJay Kay16 days ago
  • You’re in Vegas, me too now lol... yeah, Angela is way too insecure and she’s verbally abusive to Michael... they are super fun to watch though lol 😂

    Jennifer LangleyJennifer Langley16 days ago
  • Omg ! Yourwetsock you’re very brave saying all this BUT it is EVERYTHING that people wanna say but DARE NOT ! Lmao just hope that you never bump into Angela the hun ,because SHE WILL HAVE YOU IN A HEADLOCK IN 0.3 SECONDS FLAT ,LMAO great video by the way ..

    Vb1953Vb195317 days ago
  • You should host, everything you said about Angela and Michael are so true, she is making that man really work for that green card I couldn't wouldnt want one that bad

    Shannon HoganShannon Hogan17 days ago
  • Bad match period! Culture shape who you are, values, belief!

    Mkey WMkey W17 days ago
  • If Michael wanted a woman to live by his culture not an American woman.

    Jean MiehmJean Miehm18 days ago
  • I would rather go to the gulag than anywhere with angela.

    lpipmplpipmp18 days ago
  • Coltee got no room to talk abt Michael smh

    dubbydubby18 days ago
  • Shes too old; and what is her ghetto attitude about. Shes so un appealing, manly and not womanly, too much on charge and bossy. Wow thats why shes single in her late 5os. How many kids by how many men. Wow. Just staying

    Jennifer RenzJennifer Renz18 days ago
  • Nah. She didnt look that good. A woman her age should not dress the way she does. It looks just wrong

    Jennifer RenzJennifer Renz18 days ago
  • Bitch you’re at a strip club....what man is not going too stare at it!!!

    Deanna RobinsonDeanna Robinson19 days ago
  • That woman is monstrous.

    Jenny MagidsonJenny Magidson19 days ago
  • Angela will NEVER get a man she’s a freaking mess

    LizLiz19 days ago
  • I fuck with you lol these be spot on 🤣

    Rena CamilleRena Camille19 days ago
  • Omg you made my day .....freaking love this show!!! #1 u tube channel!!!!!

    Janele GutierrezJanele Gutierrez20 days ago
  • Angela is so damn abusive. Why is this allowed?

    Nick GurNick Gur20 days ago
  • You are my favorite even though your singing sucks lol ✌🔥🇺🇲

    Nick GurNick Gur20 days ago
  • I just don’t get this Angela is horrible with her mouth and she needs to leave that young man alone and he needs his head checked she’s so disrespectful to his culture she’s trashy

    Brenda WilsonBrenda Wilson20 days ago
  • WTF!!! Am done, Micheal come back to us Micheal my man come to us.

    Priscilla MawetePriscilla Mawete20 days ago

    ectasy66ectasy6620 days ago
  • She wasn't meaning submissive in a controlling way, people have taken that word Submissive the wrong way. It means RESPECTFUL AT MOST...WE NEED TO SEE ANOTHER HOSTESS PLEASEEEEE!!!!

    ectasy66ectasy6620 days ago
  • What's Angela instagram i would like to see more of her she's funny I love her

    zulema anaidazulema anaida20 days ago
  • Angela is the pure meaning of trash

    klhaudia Letoklhaudia Leto21 day ago
  • The first time I watched a ‘Wet Sock’ video, I was sure it would be my last, but you’re starting to grow on me. I also appreciate that you put down money for Cameos, etc, because I would never do so. I’m also very sarcastic, so there’s that!

    K TownK Town21 day ago
  • Angela is indeed a toxic woman; and Michael must be stupid to put himself into this.

    B4BESSB4BESS21 day ago
  • So, true. Everyone with a brain is on Michael side..

    B4BESSB4BESS22 days ago
  • Thank you, young man for coming to Michael's aide. I wish Michael can just for a second tell Angela off.

    B4BESSB4BESS22 days ago
  • Why is she wearing a mask in front of her laptop 🤣🤣🤣🤣 wtf?

    Michaela MotoiMichaela Motoi22 days ago
  • Angela is nuttier than squirrel 💩

    TheDjcobra2001TheDjcobra200122 days ago
  • He only behaving calm because he wants a greencard stay at your country an keep your balls

    Golda FosterGolda Foster22 days ago
  • Michael call me 😏😉😘 you don't need her

    Jazmine CantuJazmine Cantu22 days ago
  • I want to know why was they at a Strip club in the 1st place the night before their wedding she don't like him around other women and talking to other women they should have had nice romantic dinner at a nice restaurant and had a couple of drinks at bar or at the restaurant and gone home to have romantic bedroom time alone

    Debby GravesDebby Graves23 days ago
  • Eh totally disagree with you. White people are individualistic people where as Africans are a collectivist culture. Angela is in the wrong, she doesn’t want to respect her husband or her culture and his family but she wants him to respect her and look after her grandchildren. Wtf 2020 or not! Family and culture is very important in African culture. He should just move on!!! That Angela is a disaster

    atalasa salesaatalasa salesa23 days ago
  • Angela there's nothing but trash

    Barbara RomeoBarbara Romeo23 days ago
  • Never ever listen to guys who still lives with his mom and send dick pics to other women then plays the victim when caught, yeah im pointing at colt.

    ThunderKnight Lvl. 666ThunderKnight Lvl. 66623 days ago
  • I like Angela, she makes me laugh 😊

    Riri NadaRiri Nada23 days ago