5 Scary Videos That Cause Anxiety

Jun 29, 2020
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This top 5 of scary videos that cause anxiety could trigger a freakout, so be careful while watching. Haunted dolls that can move objects on command, scary creatures caught underwater, shadow person sightings all over haunted houses, and a supernatural location in Taiwan? And EVEN MORE scary videos!
So if you like suspenseful and mysterious videos that cause anxiety then this is the top 5 list for you. Check back soon for more creepy videos because Chills adds new creepy top countdown lists four days a week. This video was narrated by Chills’ cousin.
tele.mix / Instagram
oathkeeperofidaho / TikTok
capt_paranormal2 / TikTok
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
jdgehlert (pond5.com)

  • This video was narrated by my cousin.

    ChillsChillsMonth ago
    • Why??

      Addie -Addie -17 hours ago
    • yummy lettuce.. ya want some?

      Fluffy LizardFluffy LizardDay ago
    • I thought you but puberty but with instead a deeper voice you got a higher voice.

      ImJustCursed JenniferImJustCursed Jennifer8 days ago
    • I thought chills went thru puberty lol

      Eddie BeeEddie Bee9 days ago
    • I was gonna say

      Zoe SundetZoe Sundet10 days ago
  • On the first video of their scaffold Builders that's a normal scaffold building job

    Eduardo AlanizEduardo AlanizDay ago
  • Omg chills did you lost your voice?!

    red kidred kid2 days ago
  • There's no way OSHA approves of that first one.

    CatisrecklessCatisreckless3 days ago
  • what the actual f*ck!!!!!!! you just give my body shivers in the first video f*ck!!!!

    chris gamboachris gamboa3 days ago
  • This all involves

    Erik ChamaguaErik Chamagua3 days ago
  • You’re not Chills!!

    The BadgerThe Badger4 days ago
  • 13:24 Calls a Boa, a snake. 🤦‍♀️

    oggy jackoggy jack4 days ago
  • #5 was WAY TOO LONG!!! I thought I was going to be sick!

    E. RuthlessE. Ruthless6 days ago
  • That snake isn't an anaconda, its a python.

    Chloe CornettChloe Cornett7 days ago
  • I hate chills cuz they repeat themselves over and over and over and over

    AbsentpopcornAbsentpopcorn7 days ago
  • Is this value brand chills

    AsdfAsdf7 days ago
  • at 10:07 the guy itself seems like a ghost to me

    Tushar sinhaTushar sinha7 days ago
  • Number 5 got my heart beating a little bit

    Alberto RodriguezAlberto Rodriguez8 days ago
  • At number five i wonder if that rope at the end is a... beacause that looks like a hang-man knot... sSOoOOOoOooO

    J AJ A9 days ago
  • But what’s in the left corner of 12:02

    Nehemiah WhitehurstNehemiah Whitehurst9 days ago
  • they didnt hit the ground to high

    Duolingo OwlDuolingo Owl9 days ago
  • I kind of like it in chills voice imo, but it was a good video though.

    Mawk3yMawk3y10 days ago
  • 17:02 : when a ghost gets *angy*

    ship queen Chānship queen Chān11 days ago
  • This is so much better when you mute it.

    Peter noPeter no11 days ago
  • 👈dark shadow.

    Mozart YTMozart YT12 days ago
  • 99% of comments about his cousin's narration . 1% of comments about the video .

    AkatsukiAkatsuki12 days ago

    Terry CommanderTerry Commander12 days ago
  • We really spent what feels like 3mins watching the first video on repeat and now it's just annoying

    Majestic ChajesticMajestic Chajestic13 days ago
  • They are hunting a snake for food. Or it could be killing people in their home.

    Brianna B.Brianna B.13 days ago
  • Me at the first video: WHAT THE HECK

    kidztabz wisneskikidztabz wisneski13 days ago
  • I think it’s rlly funny that he tries to fooll us in the first video? They have a rope on 🙄

    Mel plays Animal crossing!Mel plays Animal crossing!13 days ago
  • Welp I never got scared :)

    Gacha AleeahGacha Aleeah13 days ago
  • They will rap the rope around them so they can release there harness clamps to climb up the ladder part of the stagging setup so if they fall or slip there still attached to the rope under there armpits.

    Raul MedinaRaul Medina14 days ago
  • Please ask your cousin to pronounce the word "especially" properly!!!! He pronounces it "expecially"! There is no X in that word! Makes him sound dumb, lol!!!🤣👍🏼

    Karen GibsonKaren Gibson14 days ago
  • 13:31 Perhaps food.

    shortsniper132shortsniper13214 days ago
  • Oathkeeper? So, he is already a hateful sumbitch, so he's bringing that onto himself.

    Coastie StacieCoastie Stacie14 days ago
  • 3:55 Tokoyami lost his control over Dark shadow again

    Ashta HondaAshta Honda14 days ago
  • I once was on top of a crane.I didn’t have any kind of fear, i just loved it. The next day i asked my cousin if we could go back but he said no, he told me he was scared🙄

    Sorin IacoblevSorin Iacoblev15 days ago
  • Cool

    Mark LoMark Lo15 days ago
  • All so called ghosts of the past are nothing more than demons. Even the 'good ones' are simply demons masquerading as angels of light. Their goal is to make you open up to them so they can possess you. It's the same with aliens.

    DKilluminati2k15DKilluminati2k1515 days ago
  • Bruh that scary voice runs in the family for real if you have a sister ask her to narrate.

    Fall'enFall'en15 days ago

    Craig Dean HockenhullCraig Dean Hockenhull16 days ago
  • They’re feeding their village lol

    PuLsE LoxcPuLsE Loxc16 days ago
  • Heavy: i fear no man, but 5, it SCARES me

    Moto MotoMoto Moto16 days ago
  • My dad does something similar to the first vid

    slenda kidslenda kid16 days ago
  • Why he sound different

    Zachary B RombergerZachary B Romberger16 days ago
  • 0:19 my mom filmed that she was there

    Nippal 0kNippal 0k17 days ago
  • Those triangular brackets those two guys were standing on were what was Gona be tied to that rope.. one side first and then the next.. the metal poles that come straight down from the ledge which the horizontal poles are connected to have small triangular brackets that stick out at the sides and the horizontal poles have corresponding triangular hooks that sit into the brackets and that’s what keeps them connected.. well that’s what the men stand on.. then when the boards and the large brackets that the boards were sitting on are taken away the men will use the the small triangular brackets that the horizontal poles sit into to stand on and as each horizontal pole is disconnected they will move up to the next level where the last horizontal pole was and stand on the brackets and so on till there back up over the ledge. Sorry for the long explanation but the narrator asked😂😂😂

    Anthony LambeAnthony Lambe17 days ago
  • I can tell its not you

    Ryan CasperRyan Casper17 days ago
  • ㅓㅛㅂㅠㅇㅠㅁㅓㄷㅇㅛ

    erisha Bautistaerisha Bautista17 days ago
  • Chills cause anxiety me has anxiety video gets rid of it

    undead gamersundead gamers17 days ago
  • 1st video was a joke, your cousin knows nothing about scaffolding or how its structured 😂😂

    lil swingerslil swingers17 days ago
  • His voice sound so calm

    Karen ThaiKaren Thai18 days ago
  • Seriously?! OathkeeperofIdaho huh?! I'm in Idaho2!!!

    Lisa C.Lisa C.18 days ago
  • Bro wat happened to his voice??!!!!!!! Doesn’t sound like chills😑

    Jo Da goatJo Da goat18 days ago
  • The first video... they are tied off with a harness

    Mikey GMikey G18 days ago
  • You know what would of been really scary in the river , if they pulled out a Papua New Guinean person that would of been really terrifying seeing that people from New Guinea are on the other side of the world .

    kieran franeykieran franey18 days ago
  • new actor nice

    111roach111roach18 days ago
  • Number 5 gave me ruthless anxiety.

    HunterHunter19 days ago
  • I thought his voice changed until I seen the comment

    Lil ValhallaLil Valhalla19 days ago
  • I think I do use the rope in the first video is to hang themselves just kidding I have no idea so yeah

    Kannen SmithKannen Smith20 days ago
  • At 10:04 in the left wimeow u cam see a head

    Chikain WhingChikain Whing20 days ago
  • there are some weird people who like to eat snakes and thats probably the reason why those three guys pulled out a snake

    MSD ShaikhMSD Shaikh20 days ago
  • Number 5 Video Is The Reason Why I Will NEVER Work In Construction.

    Jose SalinasJose Salinas20 days ago
  • rick and mardon mardon:IM GONNA FALL

    Earlene KeyesEarlene Keyes20 days ago
  • The one with the shandaller there is another one behind the camera look at the 1st one and you will see lights

    Brecken JohnsonBrecken Johnson20 days ago
  • They’re going to eat the snake. I think the video is from Vietnam I saw on Top Gear once snake is a delicacy in Vietnam

    Parves KoyesParves Koyes21 day ago
  • I like your new accent

    PerfectPitch CoursePerfectPitch Course21 day ago
  • In number 2 I think its so they can feed the village, the snake would have a lot of meat to it and maybe they use the skin for other things? that is my best guess

    tasha Angelltasha Angell21 day ago
  • The snake must had been dinner.

    Lance ValenzuelaLance Valenzuela21 day ago
  • Bruh why is he taking forever to explain

    Jesse PerezJesse Perez21 day ago
  • I'd pay to see a chills family party

    Vincenzo AmbrogioVincenzo Ambrogio22 days ago
  • One of these were from tik tok. This is bullshit

    HiHowAreYouHiHowAreYou22 days ago
  • yawn

    furryfurry22 days ago
  • * me casually getting anxious after watching the first one * now time to be careful for the rest of my life :')

    PhizyPhizerPhizyPhizer23 days ago
  • *voice like chills* “why do you have to talk so mmuucchh” I’m so sorry I’m just bored

    Josh RossJosh Ross23 days ago
  • is this voice hereditary?? jeez..

    It'sMarlonHereIt'sMarlonHere23 days ago
  • You really need tom learn more about the world. Snake hunters exist across it ...

    Daniel PearsonDaniel Pearson23 days ago
  • Mmmmm snake dinner

    Eva PaulEva Paul23 days ago
  • Number 4 the only way for him to have hiding behind the couch is if he was super skinny cause the bike was way to close it should have moved

    Chelsea jChelsea j24 days ago
  • The 3 guy with a snake is from phillipines they are hunting snake to sell it bro thats very common here thats called 'sawa'

    Xmo LalagardaXmo Lalagarda24 days ago
  • It took me 2.5 minutes to realize it wasn’t the usual person narrating 😂

    Scarlett OpalsisterScarlett Opalsister24 days ago
    • @jonathan delvalle I’m changing it when I start my USkeys channel, but it’s going to take awhile.

      Scarlett OpalsisterScarlett Opalsister23 days ago
    • And it took me 1 second looking at your pfp to realize you're a socialist 😂

      jonathan delvallejonathan delvalle23 days ago
  • 60 😔 fet

    lesean Rocklesean Rock25 days ago
  • Why hunt for the snake , it’s done nothing to them , it was likely just protecting its home . THEY came into the snakes habitat not the other way round

    Cece BezuidenhoutCece Bezuidenhout25 days ago
  • 🤣

    Jakie OsegueraJakie Oseguera25 days ago
  • I work construction and those scaffolds in the first clip are 100% osha regulation scaffolds. Granted there is probably a safer way to take them apart but sometime you just gotta do what the job asks for in the safest way possible... the scaffold is securely bolted in at the top if they fell they would be safe until rescue arrived

    emilio garciaemilio garcia25 days ago
  • OH $*^! OH MY $*&%&(#$@& GOD!!

    Tracy RobertsTracy Roberts25 days ago
  • Who tf are you

    Game_s Game_sGame_s Game_s25 days ago
  • i think that was an anaconda

    goosy goose the 1#goosy goose the 1#25 days ago
  • Lol this guy never did roofing or construction

    juveniles stylezjuveniles stylez25 days ago
  • I believed it until they went to the toilets, then I knew they were taking the piss.

    edilcanidaledilcanidal26 days ago
  • When they where in the water they hooked a andconda there a delicacy and a nuisance

    jacob lidwelljacob lidwell26 days ago
  • Only thing that spiked any anxiety was the background (heights) in the first one and it barely spiked

    Angel ClintonAngel Clinton26 days ago
  • Lol comment on a job you’ve never done, never were trained to do. I’ve seen a lot in my day watching my dad and his company work construction. Most likely that dust was from the work they had been doing that day. Lol

    Rusty LeAnnRusty LeAnn26 days ago
    • I mean, it still looks scary

      ArtisticallyArtistically22 days ago
  • #5 has safe gear.

    Justin Trainman FarrellJustin Trainman Farrell26 days ago
  • In the first clip, the guys are literally strapped in, mate.

    Mr. NightMr. Night26 days ago
  • I love softball softball

  • Ok nvm I want chills voice please not this

    angry lolbitangry lolbit26 days ago
  • 3:30 i think they clip their harness onto that before they climb up

    Mitchy MitchMitchy Mitch27 days ago
  • Hol up 8:04 says it was on the 24th of December my birthday is on the 23 of December and my friends birthday is on the 24th on December

    Lester CrestLester Crest27 days ago
  • Your voice is weird

    Anthony AlexanderAnthony Alexander27 days ago
  • How in the actual fck does this narrator sound as monotone as Chills?!

    PrincessMaggotPrincessMaggot27 days ago
  • Believe it or not, demons, jinn, and even orcs exist . Just not in the way you expect.

    Saad KoolSaad Kool27 days ago
  • the only thing that gave me anxiety was how he kept replaying small clips from number 5...

    Jasmine GJasmine G27 days ago